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  1. Morrowind:TW
  2. Forum Rules
  3. Movie maker
  4. please bear with me here but...
  5. Important!! please read before posting. (outdated)
  6. Megas Alexandros is Recruiting (RTW, Historical)
  7. BROKEN CRESCENT: Join the Sultan now!
  8. Ran No Jidai Needs You !
  9. Diadochi Total War is recruiting(RTW,Historical)
  10. Narnia Total War, Needs Help !!!!!!!!!
  11. @Mods: Can be closed now.
  12. Roma Surrectum needs you! (RTW)
  13. ● ● ● Help Wanted - The Long Road (TLR) for MTW2 ● ● ●
  14. Help wanted: Harad Total War
  15. Late Roman era historian wanted
  16. Scripter for Punic TW
  17. Justinian TW
  18. Inca - Total War is Recruiting
  19. XENOPHONIA - always on the lookout for translators and voice actors
  20. Memoirs of India needs you!
  21. My offer to help.
  22. Rise of Kings: Help Needed
  23. Have i got a chance?
  24. seleukosart wants to make a game intro
  25. Aragonese-Catalan Banners-Anyone Interested?
  26. The Rookie's Nook (for newbies)
  27. Do you need unit cards doing?
  28. Forming a new group
  29. The Italian Wars: Total War
  30. White City: Total War (Balkans mid 15 cent. mod)
  31. A Canticle For Leibowitz Needs You, all types of modders welcome/begged for
  32. Egypt Total War needs YOU!!
  33. looking for php scripters
  34. Can you create factions?
  35. 3D modeller for a Geisha and Buddhist priest models
  36. Historians needed
  37. Road to Jerusalem modder needed
  38. Units Cards makers needed!
  39. this can be killed, spartan_shame will start a new topic.
  40. Etheldan looking for any mappers
  41. Dawn of War Total War
  42. Offering service
  43. RTR needs an assistant!
  44. TW: Mod Squad - Crescent and Cross needs people
  45. 2d Visual artist/concept artist needed
  46. Italia Invicta and Anno Domini need »you«
  47. Skinner (Texturing) Needed for Clouds Across Europe!
  48. Character Names Project needs a modder
  49. Moddeler/skinner/researcher needed for North America: Total War
  50. Aevum Fidei Needs You!
  51. Need Modeller
  52. Dawn of Kingdoms: 2D Artist Needed for Unit Cards
  53. Rise of Rome Recruitment
  54. -MEDIEVAL CLASSIC- needs you!
  55. One-off help with fader layers.
  56. -=Rise of Rome=- Campaign Mapper
  57. Help for Samurai vs. Knights mod
  58. Rise of Kings Camaign Mapper
  59. Aegyptus: Total War is recruiting
  60. Need Modders....RTRPE 1.9 modding
  61. -ROR- Moddelers Needed
  62. Freelancer (not available for major mods)
  63. Skinner Needed ( and yes and no not for narnia total war )
  64. Wanted: Portuguese Voice Commands for NTW2
  65. People needed
  66. aarrrrghm.
  67. RTR needs beta testers/ coders/ scripters
  68. Skin request
  69. Experienced and hard working people required for ambitious mod
  70. Help please - custom animation
  71. *EC needing modders*
  72. Mapper needed - quick project
  73. Mapper Desprately Needed
  74. Wheel of Time TW needs you!
  75. Kingdoms factions in Grand Campaign
  76. Help wanted for ORNAMENTUM!
  77. Looking to help out with a MOD
  78. Rise of the Caliphate needs you!
  79. Learn to Mod, Mapping
  80. Renaissance: Total War - Help Needed
  81. Join the RTR Legion!
  82. i'm willing to help with a mod
  83. Help Needed for Italian mod
  84. Britannia needs a mapper and skinner!
  86. Need help with .sd files
  87. Norman/Viking Invasion mod for Kingdoms !!HELP WANTED!!
  88. DESPERATELY need graphics guy onee off job
  89. 'The Frontier' is recruting
  90. Voice Actors.
  91. Black Sea:TW Recruits!
  93. Dominion of the Sword
  94. Etheldan Total War recruiting
  95. I Need Beta Testers (For Crusades Campaign)
  97. Medieval Total Realism
  98. DotS needs Skinners/Modellers & mappers! Join us!
  99. Asia ton Barbaron needs YOU!
  100. Modeller needed for Britannia Total War
  102. Modeller or Models needed
  103. Need a challenge?
  104. Modeler/Modelers needed for 18th Century Total War
  105. KH:TTE Needs You!
  106. Rise of Empires mod needs modeller
  107. mapper needed!
  108. Modders needed for THE FRONTIER
  109. Modeler NEEDED!
  110. Illerup minimod is recruiting
  111. Writer/Searcher
  112. WANTED: Building Modellers
  113. --Res Geste Imperia Recruitment--
  114. A person who can add provinces. for.. Narnia Total War
  115. Vexillum imperii!
  116. ::Alexander EB team::
  117. Inheritance: Scripters/Coders needed
  118. Battlemap Building coder for Battles of Asia
  119. Map Slicer Needed (RTW)
  120. I am skinner looking for work
  121. Need some help getting a campaign to work (RTW)
  122. Need modeller for 3-4 models
  123. Expert on Northern wars looking for work
  124. Boztorgai Khan's Medieval Total War II :: MONGOL INVASION PART 1 needs you!
  125. Brisbane Modders
  126. Mapper Needed
  127. Stainless Steel Dark ages sub mod
  128. Need map debugger person
  129. Black Sea: TW needs scripters/modelers/skinners! post to join!
  130. -= Wrath of the Norsemen =- is recruiting
  131. FATW: Video Maker Required
  132. Modders Needed for Absolutum Dominium
  133. Europe Total War need modders
  134. WH: 40K DoW - Modders and Mappers...
  135. inca Total war needs help!
  136. the BOA team needs your help
  137. Pre-recruiting for Duchy of Courland mod (E:TW!)
  138. Strat Map Modeller Wanted
  139. Viking Invasion 2 in need of modeller for specific tasks
  140. (¯`•.{Res Gestae Imperiales: Team Members Needed}.•´¯)
  141. Team member wanted; ''Dragonlance Total War'' (M2TW)
  142. Campaign Map needed
  143. Vexillum Imperii need skinners and modellers
  144. Does a mod need a historian/consultant
  145. Empire Total Realism pre-recruiting
  146. Europa Barbarorum II is recruiting
  147. \Newbie Modder looking for a mod to help with
  148. New Kingdom Egypt: Total War needs modders!
  149. Total War: the King of Kings is recruiting!!!
  150. new mod
  151. I need that someone mods my Battle_Models
  152. Help requested
  153. Ancient Egypt: In need of a mapper to create a base map
  154. Imperium Romanum i need a team
  155. Kingdom of the Scots - Needs a Modeller
  156. My services in music and sound
  157. Ancient Historian for sale...
  158. Seeking New Mod Leader for Valhalla: Total War
  159. Diadochi - Total War is looking for good modders!
  160. Total War: The king of kings mod is looking for SKINNERS and modders!!
  161. Help needed on a new project
  162. Mapper Needed for King of Kings Mod
  163. Modelers needed...
  164. RTW Modeler needed for some light work
  165. Rise of the Caliphate
  166. Mod based in XVIth-XVIIth century - Help needed
  167. Aryth Total war
  168. Vacuus Lux Lucis - Team needed
  169. Team for Victorian Total War - mod for ETW
  170. Here To Offer Our Services
  171. Artist for Romulus warriors
  172. Concept Artist Availeble
  173. Complete Byzantine Units Roster Project still seaks for modeler (M2TW)
  174. I need help with new UI
  175. People needed for a mod about Eragon
  176. Vote for which mod i should do
  177. Eragon Total War needs members!
  178. Mappers needed!!!!
  180. Asia ton Barbaron recruitment
  181. Europe: Total War Mapper
  182. Africa: Total War
  183. Star Wars Total War
  184. Civil War: Octavian's War needs YOU
  185. Modding for pay?
  186. Heroic Team Members Required For Troy: Total War Sequel
  187. Needed for HRR: Modder skilled in UV-mapping
  188. Skinner/Texturers Needed for the Frontier!
  189. Historian wanted...'300' Warlords of Sparta...
  190. 2D artist required
  191. Coders & Modelers needed for Rise of the Caliphate
  192. Open for help.
  193. Searching for Mappers
  194. Mapper needed for Rise of Empires mod
  195. Testers and Animators
  196. Got Nyckelharpa? (or any other Scandinavian music)
  197. Skinners/Artists Desperately needed
  198. -Nations at War are Recruiting-
  199. The chronicles need you
  200. Medieval II Machinima- Modeller and Animator needed
  201. Modeler
  202. Agoniste:Rebirth of the Hellenes is recruiting!
  203. Patria Libera is recruiting...
  204. Need skins for "Age of Hellas"
  205. Need Moddelers for The Emergence of Modern Warfare- 1861
  206. Vartananc: The Battle of the Faiths I need a team
  209. Concept Artist, Modellers, Skinners, Texturers, Researchers needed for Mah gam Azadootyoon
  211. Der Deutsche Ritterorden needs a Historian, Skinner, and Moddeller.
  212. Im a Historian/Picture Drawer in need of work
  213. 1861-TW Recruiting Station (ETW)
  214. Europe Total is searching for modelers and AI scripters
  215. more team members for our mod!!!! (M2)
  216. mapper needed for mythology_tw
  217. NEW MOD: Warcraft Total War NEEDS MEMBERS
  220. Middle Eastern Europe Mod is Recruiting!!!
  221. Historian in search of work
  222. Modeler needed (ETW)
  223. Falcom Total War II : searching a mod leader (M2TW)
  224. East of Rome modellers needed (M2TW)
  226. Concept Artist Needed (ETW)
  227. Amature Historian in search of work
  229. Zuma mod project recruit 3d moddeler (M2TW)
  230. Noob Historian For Hire
  231. Rise of Empires Needs You! (M2TW Kingdoms)
  232. Unit Balance Expert and Gameplay.
  233. Historian/Researcher looking for job!
  234. Modders needed (M2TW)
  235. all types of modders needed for The Empire(TE) (RTW)
  236. Need Modders for Punic Total War (RTW)
  237. Dominion Of The Sword Recruitment Drive (Kingdoms)
  238. no longer required
  239. 2d artist looking for job
  240. Willing to write unit & event descriptions
  241. Modders needed for WW1 mod (M2TW)
  242. Modeller Needed (M2TW)
  243. Agon:Rebirth of the Hellenes is recruiting Skinners/modellers, coders/scripters (Kingdoms)
  244. ATW is recruiting concept artist!
  245. Modeller needed & others (Ruins of Glory TW) RTW:BI
  246. modders looky here!!! (RTW)
  247. Modder's Classifield Ads Reforms to make things easier! (READ THIS)
  248. Very experienced modder with many ears of expercience is looking for a "job"
  249. Skinner Offering Help (RTW)
  250. Animator and modeler needed...by CBUR PROJECT!