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  1. [Tutorial] How to:Script spawn armies(make your own spartacus and hannibal!)
  2. [Tutorial] How-to: Add a background script to your mod
  3. [Tutorial] How-to: Setup your mod to have more than 2 turns per year
  4. [Tutorial] How-to: Let the player make a yes/no choice in a script
  5. [Tutorial] How-to: Block user controls while advice is displayed
  6. [Tutorial] How-to: Use the ui_indicator command
  7. [Tutorial] How-to: Use the play_sound_event command
  8. [Tutorial] How-to: Spawn an army (spawn_army command: a closer look)
  9. [Tutorial] Beginner's Scripting Guide
  10. [Resource] Common Causes of Script CTDs
  11. [Tool] Money Script Generator
  12. [Tool] Script Validator
  13. [Resource] Myth Buster: Cloned Characters
  14. [Tool] Characters Name Creator