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  1. Sgt. Valenzuela's unit modding tutorial
  2. HOW TO - individual units' movement speed
  3. [Tutorial] Blueoran's guide for unit editing
  4. [Resource] == Consolidated “Lost” Units Project ==
  5. Michaila's realistic armor guide/download
  6. [Tutorial] How To: Gloss Files
  7. Carthaginians by maximusminimus
  8. Laca's Numidians - wip
  9. Making units available earlier
  10. SigniferOne's Animations Pack
  11. [Tutorial] RTW Modelling Video Tutorials 1-5 Released
  12. Riczu74_CB_strategic_map_units/ships
  13. [Tutorial] How to edit unit names
  14. Selection of Zhuge's Units
  15. [Tutorial] Creating a new skin using GIMP
  16. [Tutorial] 3DSMax and tool tutorials
  17. [Tutorial] Multiple Bodyguard Units
  18. [Tutorial] Krusoth's Skinning Tutorial
  19. How to easily balance unit statistics
  20. [Tutorial] How CA makes their Unit Cards - wip
  21. [Tutorial] Making Unit Cards with Gimp
  22. [Tutorial] A basic guide to the UVW modifier
  23. [Tutorial] Deleting Alpha Channel parts in 3dsMax renders
  24. [Tutorial] Rendering in 3DS Max
  25. [Tutorial] Basics of Gimp: A short guide to get you started
  26. Spirit of Robs skin/model thread
  27. Adding animations to BI 1.6 (succesfully)
  28. [Tutorial] Adding units
  29. [Tutorial] How to import in 3dsmax
  30. [Tutorial] Photoshop Skinning Tutorials.
  31. [Tutorial] How To: Create Culture Specific Battering Rams
  32. [Resource] Texture Database (Useful for Skinners)
  33. [Tool] DDS Converter 2.0
  34. Allowing unit to attack faster/slower in melee
  35. [Tutorial] Make your own unit cards
  36. [Tool] Xn View : serious Alternative to DDS Converter ?
  37. [Tutorial] Adding a unit to BI - my 300 spartan unit
  38. [Tutorial] How to change unit size
  39. [Tutorial] Unit editing in 3DS Max
  40. [Tutorial] Helmet Creation In 3DS Max
  41. [Tutorial] How to dismount/mount a unit
  42. [Tutorial] The Complete EDU Guide
  43. [Tutorial] The complete descr_model_battle Guide
  44. [Tutorial] UNITS - install.. (tutorial)
  45. [Tutorial] Quick and Easy Equipment Merging Tutorial
  46. [Tutorial] 3d max bone weighting tutorial
  47. Halie's Shed...
  48. [Tutorial] Video tutorials on how to make skins with photoshop
  49. [Tutorial] Make high-quality UI cards!
  50. [Tutorial] How to mix skins and models
  51. [Tutorial] GIMP Skinning tutorial (how to skin without using money)
  52. Carthage Reloaded - Full Pack Release
  53. [Tutorial] How to create silk material*
  54. [Tutorial] How to create tiger skin texture*
  55. [Tutorial] How I texturing the swords*
  56. [Tutorial] Very realistic rust texture*
  57. [Tutorial] Painting body armor for beginners*
  58. [Tutorial] Complete unit modeling tutorial*
  59. [Tutorial] Bone weighting (complete unit) tutorial
  60. [Tutorial] Adding animations
  61. [Tutorial] Precursor
  62. [Tutorial] [PhotoShop] Creating alpha channels
  63. [Tutorial] Quetz’s skinning tricks n tips.
  64. [Tutorial] How to make gloss files using Gimp
  65. [Tutorial] Modelling helmet using lathe modifier /3D Max/
  66. [Tutorial] Hardcoded Textures on Models,How to save time from Coding..
  67. [Tool] Adding animations/skeletons
  68. [Tool] EDU-matic: Automatic unit balance/EDU generation system
  69. [Tutorial] How to create realistic tunic folds for units via 3dsmax
  70. [Tutorial] How to improve a RTW unit model via 3dsmax in few steps
  71. [Tool] RTW skeletons CRACKED!!
  72. [Tutorial] The Complete Animations Guide
  73. [Tool] Darius ModoCraft
  74. [Tutorial] How to add easy folds
  75. [Tutorial] Creating a detailed blade on 3dx max
  76. [Tutorial] Using the Skin Data Utility function in 3dsMax
  77. [Resource] RTW BATTLE MECHANICS: Part I – A Study of Combat Parameters
  78. [Resource] Lü Bu's resources
  79. [Tutorial] Alpha Map Explained
  80. [Resource] Base 3d model
  81. [Tutorial] Weapons in 3dsmax
  82. [Tutorial] How to add a new unit ingame
  83. [Tutorial] Introduction to 3dsmax modelling (WIP)
  84. [Tutorial] Adding or Removing Chariot Scythes
  85. [Resource] Soarin''s Blacksmith
  86. [Tutorial] Porting M2TW models to RTW
  87. [Tutorial] How to save an already existing alpha map.
  88. [Tutorial] Adding Bowstring animation
  89. [Tutorial] On motion capture for the common man--especially for walking.
  90. [Tutorial] Calculating a weapon's projectile accuracy.
  91. [Resource] RTW BATTLE MECHANICS: Part II – Equalization of Skeleton Lethality
  92. [Tutorial] Using wardogs mechanics to emulate larger than limit units
  93. Barbarian Invasion recruitment cap
  94. how... delete units (for subsitution) ?
  95. QUESTION - Viewing Soldiers
  96. QUESTION - Changing an unit weapon
  97. [Tutorial] Modeling and texturing a Hellenistic Helmet | Detailed, Real-time Video Tutorial
  98. [Resource] How to fine tune your balance; how combat sats work, etc.