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  3. So, what is your favourite faction in Imperial Destroyer?
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  28. burned savegames
  29. Some help for the community?
  30. I want to receive rakes can assasionate and Gentlemen not,how?
  31. Revolution.
  32. Use with AUM_EMP unit mod, and mod files don't show on modmanager
  33. PROBLEM - State Gifts (Offering Gold)-SOLVED
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  36. For all that is holy FIX THE ARTILLERY
  37. c0000005
  38. Help!
  39. barbary states campaign map ship model with strange flag bug.
  40. Is there an ESF editor that works with ETW / Imperial dest??
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  49. Trade İncome
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  51. how did this mod add new regions
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  54. Great mod except for artilery
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  58. European AI nations in India
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  60. USA 1700
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  62. Question about battlefield effects
  63. gameplay options - decription?
  64. Gameplay options Increased trade income?
  65. Is it possibles to reactivate religious buildings, religious agents and firing drills and what files will I need to edit?
  66. movement speed
  67. Removing deployable stakes
  68. Ideal setting for beginner?
  69. Am I missing something
  70. multiplayer beta, does it work with this mod?
  71. Light infantry and pike square
  72. Rank Fire
  73. Fresh man here! anyone know where to find the polish unit pack for imperial destroyer 4.9?
  74. A scottish startpos
  75. The future of this mod.
  76. Bigger units?
  77. Certain names do not display in game
  78. Ammo amounts for Imperial Destroyer
  79. Can anyone suggest another Marches music the works with ID?
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  85. Thank you for a great mod
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  94. The No fort Mod.
  95. unit textures turned dark need help
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  97. Great mod but USA roster was ignored
  98. Native Americans
  99. K's Sub-Mods - (Released) - (Limited Ammunition) - V1.2
  100. Prussia being extremely passive
  101. Changing Musket Sounds.
  102. Would anyone know how to have 30 units armies?
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  116. how to make trade routs
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