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  24. The viking invasion of Galicia: Gunrod and his norwegian vikings against the Astur-Leonese Kingdom
  25. [Faction Research] Englaland Rice - Kingdom of England (Anglo-Saxons)
  26. [Faction Research] Rķocht de Muanh - Kingdom of Munster (Ireland)
  27. Frankish infantry from the early 12th century Bible of Saint Stephen Harding
  28. Illustrations from an 11th century French Psychomachia
  29. Leyre (or Pamplona) Casket of ‘Abd al-Malik al-Muzaffar, Umayyad Spain, 1004-1005AD
  30. 11th century Byzantines in the Cynegetica of Pseudo-Oppian
  31. Harold Bluetooth“s Vikings were Polish Mercenaries and the recreation battles of: "Wolin Pagan Festival", "Warsaw- Jomsbork stronghold", "Midgard Battle" and the "XIX Slav and Viking Festival"
  32. [Faction Research] Rķoghachd na h-Alba - Kingdom of Scotland
  33. Andalusian Heavy Cavalrymen, 11th-12th Centuries
  34. We're beginning a project of a similar period.