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  1. The thread that started it all
  2. Local Moderator Forum Rules
  3. What's this?
  4. Starting positions
  5. Script ideas
  6. Location/Name Stratmap Corrections
  7. Into the Mood
  8. Historical Timeline
  9. Quotes for loading screen
  10. Discussion "Imperial Uncle"
  11. Yuan Shao faction color
  12. RoTK ART Comments and Suggestions - and Signatures and Avatars
  13. Unique models
  14. The Three Kingdoms
  15. True hero of the three kingdoms
  16. Another Three Kingdoms mod worth having a look
  17. Wonders?
  18. General question about general units
  19. Thank you
  20. This mod looks awesome
  21. Download Three Kingdoms Total War
  22. Music content suggestion for maximum epicness
  23. ETA Date?
  24. Public Beta released
  25. Seether's Gameplay Notes
  26. Patch News
  27. somethings missing
  28. download question
  29. Bingzhou Cavalry models
  30. New Family members - Adoption / Newborns issue
  31. ROTK Music Submod request
  32. Front page announcement
  33. HOTSEAT?
  34. Thank you! Finally an Asian conversion mod!
  35. Screenshots Thread
  36. need help about illness
  37. Liu at North? Where is Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yun to find?
  38. Romance of the Three Kingdoms (TV series)
  39. How does culture /religion work in this mod?
  40. Slight issue with command stars
  41. Which is your Favorite Faction?
  42. Rotating head..
  43. Legend of Cao Cao
  44. Impression from the battlefield
  45. Legend of Cao Cao
  46. I made an account just to post this:
  47. Suggestion: generals.
  48. The Lieu Clan a horde faction?
  49. Zhuge Liang
  50. Just Wondering...
  51. What are Lui Bei missions, and are there any for Sun Ce or Cao Cao ?
  52. Suggestions about recruiting units
  53. Unofficial Patch - Loading Bar Fix
  54. More Loading Screens! Unofficial
  55. Suggesting 'being in control of the emperor'
  56. Additional generals for gongsun du
  57. Possible bug.
  58. Suggestion: Zhuge Crossbowmen
  59. Custom settlments
  60. How to make uber strong generals
  61. Completely Lost
  62. Bribing Generals in cities
  63. Army/City Population
  64. Philosophical Grounding
  65. ETA for soldier number increase in battles?
  66. Sima Hui - Prof. Watermirror
  67. Three Kingdoms (2010) TV Show
  68. Historical (custom) Scenario based off a Battle of mine I posted at screenshot thread. Battle of Shanyue Mountains.
  69. Crazy Campaign
  70. anyone doing a "lets Play" ?
  71. Some notes about bribing generals
  72. Suggestion: Regional Units.
  73. Crash after a Liu Bei mission
  74. Suggestions: regarding battle music.
  75. Disscussion: favorite leaders/rulers
  76. Lu Bu Doesn't Have a Family Tree
  77. No Diplomacy
  78. To many generals
  79. Economy seems unbalanced
  80. Bandits
  81. possible answer to voice acting problem and vanilla M2tw voices
  82. Additional factions?
  83. Suggestion Thread
  84. Something I find enjoyable to edit for this campaign
  85. Rise of Three Kingdoms - Unit Roster Overhaul Preview
  86. Officer loyalty
  87. Scenario Battles
  88. Most badass faction?
  89. some possible ideas for unigue script events
  90. a possible sequel mod
  91. what can i do to help
  92. Short Update + ModDB Page Announcement
  93. Is it possible for generals to gain acumen?
  94. How to modify effects.dat
  95. BUG Report. (Nothing Major)
  96. 2 questions
  97. Custom Battle
  98. Rise of Three Kingdoms T-Shirts and More Available NOW at the TWC Store!!!
  99. Restoring the Han?
  100. Just One Question
  101. progress
  102. liu bei mission's stopped
  103. Compatible with Kingdoms Patch 1.5?
  104. what attractive point of this mod do you think is important and should be kept in its development?
  105. Suggestion - Larger Map
  106. Bug report
  107. Suggestion: barbarian warlords
  108. Question about unit size
  109. Some small suggestions
  110. Addons to Mod by pawel0482
  111. Bug report: Armory
  112. How to create new units?
  113. Soundtrack
  114. Question about naval stats
  115. Possible bug: Yi Ling
  116. Merry Christmas! i love this Great Mod!
  117. [Preview] Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! And As Always! A New Preview for YOU!
  118. No boiling oil?
  119. Cao clan's seemingly infinite armies
  120. Grammar and spelling issues
  121. major deficiences of game
  122. Is there currently a Chinese movie thread?
  123. elephant bug involving retraining
  124. Keeping special general`s unit after birbing
  125. How to make general badass and young?
  126. Sneak Peek: Light Unit Armor Progression
  127. Sub Mod?
  128. export building
  129. Few Issues
  130. Female Commander Units
  131. Questions about Rise of the three kingdoms
  132. Chinese Wall!!
  133. Rise of Three Kingdoms HotSeat Open Invitation!
  134. Gameplay Statistics.
  135. Comments and Suggestions
  136. How to Play Game
  137. Custom Missions
  138. how to install to kingdoms on steam?
  139. barbarians
  140. Unit Collisoin
  141. game speed
  142. Some Ideas
  143. Diplomacy
  144. I need your helps, Pls have a look on my thread
  145. Bribing Generals like in Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  146. Generals need more Hit Points!!!
  147. How do I cancel AI movement points boost?
  148. Supply script
  149. Resource Positioning
  150. Trade
  151. Liu Bei start in Shu: movement points/ saved game
  152. Custome Battle Idea
  153. How to contact the Han Emperor?
  154. Free upkeep units
  155. Youtube Copyrights?
  156. Terrain is killing me!
  157. Impossible Battle positions
  158. custome battles?
  159. random question
  160. Too little trade value?
  161. famous General Deaths
  162. How to reduce the annual aid for AI to get rid of imbalance?
  163. [三國 BETA] Known Bugs & Issues
  164. AI bribes whoever they want
  165. Unfreindly Custom battle
  166. Testing the money stuff changes
  167. game feels very quick
  169. Plz help!
  170. Hidden Feat List?
  171. Console commands
  173. Sounds and speech suggestions.
  174. [三国上] Developer's Corner
  175. Another Chinese Three Kingdoms mod~
  176. What do command traits do in this mod?
  177. A Short Announcement
  178. [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms - v1.0 Official Release Preview
  179. How similar are the Factions?
  180. [三国上] Rise of Three Kingdoms Official Download(s) - Current version 1.5.005
  181. v1.0 Discussion Thread
  182. A Kingdom of Shu Let's Play
  183. Amazing Victory Stories
  184. Ideas/Suggestions
  185. Jeff van Dyck Music Suggestion
  186. Patch News for version 1.0
  187. borders
  189. Question about export_descr_unit.text
  190. Beginners question.
  191. Silver Surfers
  192. My Funny and Satisfying Shu Campaign
  193. Damn Good Mod
  194. family tree ?
  195. CA Modding Awards
  196. faction region borders
  197. Liu Bei seconed mission proplem
  198. Problem With Shortcut
  199. Good Lore and history resource
  200. AI Stack Spam Rant
  201. turn 160
  202. control script
  203. A Semi-Historical Alternative History as Liu Bei
  204. RoTK gameplay.
  205. Something about generals
  206. Oseron's Lets Play
  207. A few questions/observations
  208. Changing the turns per year/generals aging
  209. Constlruction and Recruitment Question
  210. Questions
  211. What's the music?
  212. Chariots?
  213. Unique Bodies
  214. Song Shan Ceremony
  215. Liu Bei special units?
  216. How hard would it be to swap a Chinese faction for a Roman one?
  217. RotK AAR?
  218. How do you recruit higher tier units?
  219. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the RotK Team, any news/updates for us?
  220. out of game error.
  221. Game Launchers
  222. Question! Which would you rather have? Current faction icons or the old ones?
  223. Wu ~ Novice Game Play
  224. Cao Empire Lets Play
  225. CC not working
  226. Adding some things
  227. About the characters in the game
  228. how to bribe genrals sucessfully
  229. Is this normal? Immortal General!
  230. a few questions
  231. Han era siege warfare
  232. Period Accurate Armor?
  233. Factions
  234. Windows cannot find 'kingdoms.exe.'
  235. Complete?
  236. Need help, can any body share my the voice file?
  237. what the point of forts?
  238. need help, play game!!
  239. ROTK HotSeat- Winner receives a Game on Steam!
  240. A Family tree for Lu Bu?
  241. Patch 04a question
  242. Great mod! Small question
  243. Petition to Remove/Improve the Hardcoded Limits
  244. Oriental Empires: New Total War-Style Game in China!
  245. General question about castle & city
  246. My Overview/Review of this Mod
  247. I have a Small Question
  248. Why were siege weapons removed in the new patches?
  249. Unit Banners
  250. Designating Heir and merchants gernating 0 income