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  1. The Position of the Armies of the Kingdom Thread
  2. The Bull's Ware Thread
  3. The Barracks Thread
  4. Childbirth and Adoptions Thread
  5. Sellswords Contract Thread
  6. Small Red Temple, Sunspear
  7. The Last Loyalists
  8. Divide and rule: the purging of Dorne
  9. The Hound
  10. The Northmarch
  11. The Search
  12. The Voyage to the East
  13. A secret meeting at Shandystone
  14. The Goldcloaks
  15. Search for Trade
  16. Consolidating Power
  17. The Iron Fleet
  18. Darrys
  19. Leaving The Eyrie - A conversation in Master Petyr Baelish's chambers
  20. The Free City of Pentos
  21. A Proposal for Brightwater Keep
  22. Volantis, Daughter of the Freehold
  23. Crime Sometimes Pays