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  1. The Positions of the Kingdom's Armies Thread (Dance Restart)
  2. The Bull's Ware Thread (Dance Restart)
  3. Childbirth and Adoptions Thread (Dance Restart)
  4. The Barracks Thread (Dance Restart)
  5. Sellsword/Sellsail Contract Thread (Dance Restart)
  6. Trade Missions in Westeros (Dance Restart)
  7. Trade Missions to Essos (Dance Restart)
  8. The Ventures of a Justman
  9. The First Council of the Riverlords, 132 AL (Dance of Dragons)
  10. Forging Chains From Iron
  11. Funeral for Jason Lannister
  12. On the Blackwater
  13. The Stormlanders in the Kingswood
  14. Slaver's Bay
  15. The Tourney of Highgarden - 124AC
  16. The Dyre Den Succession
  17. The Mountains of the Moon
  18. A visit to Old Oak
  19. Grimm attempt up the Dragonmont