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  1. The Positions of the Kingdom's Armies Thread (Robert's Rebellion)
  2. The Bull's Ware Thread (Robert's Rebellion)
  3. The Barracks Thread (Robert's Rebellion)
  4. The Tourney at Harrenhal: Early Days
  5. A final lesson in the false spring
  6. Lessons in Karhold
  7. The Spark that started a War
  8. Banners of the Wolves of Winterfell
  9. Consolidation of Power
  10. Banners of the Reach (Highgarden)
  11. Baratheon Host
  12. The Royal Army
  13. Banners of Rebellion (Arryn)
  14. Armies of Mighty Poland but soon to be Germany (Riverlands Muster Thread)
  15. Council of the Westerlands - Lannisport
  16. Host of the Boneway
  17. Eastern Army Group - Westerland Forces
  18. Army Group West