View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Barrowton
  2. The Dreadfort
  3. Flint Keep, Seat of Clan Flint
  4. Kingshouse, seat of Clan Magnar
  5. Crow's Edge, Seat of House Wull
  6. The Wolf's Den, Seat of House Greystark
  7. Castle Cerwyn
  8. Greywater Watch, Seat of the Marsh Kings, Capital of the Kingdom of the Neck
  9. Deepwood Motte, Seat of House Glover
  10. Karhold
  11. Wolfswood, seat of Clan Woods
  12. Churwell
  13. Castle Black, Headquarters of the Night's Watch
  14. The Rills, seat of House Ryswell
  15. Castle Norrey
  16. Cape Kraken, Seat of House Blacktyde
  17. The Hornwood
  18. Torrhens square, Seat of house Tallhart