View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Oldtown, Seat of House Hightower
  2. Storm's End, Durran's Defiance
  3. Orkmont, Home of House Greyiron
  4. Crakehall, seat of the Blackswains
  5. Duskendale, seat of house Valdun
  6. Pyke, Seat of House Greyjoy
  7. Harlaw Hall, seat of House Harlaw
  8. Rayonet, seat of house Langward
  9. Sunspear, seat of House Vespera
  10. Fairmarket, Seat of House Fisher
  11. Casterly Rock, Seat of House Lannister
  12. Eyrie (name wip) Seat of house Ambler
  13. Stonedance, Seat of House Massey
  14. Ashford: Seat of House Blackyron, Princes' of the Southern Valleys