View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Castle Pebbleton, Seat of House Merlyn
  2. The Bonehall, Old Wyk
  3. Pyke, Seat of House Greyjoy
  4. Hammerhorn Castle, Seat of House Goodbrother
  5. Harlaw Hall, the ancient Holdfast of House Harlaw
  6. Castle Stonetree, Harlow Island.
  7. Nettlebank, Orkmont, seat of the Orkwoods
  8. The Lonely Light, Seat of the Sunset Kings of House Farwynd
  9. Volmark Castle, seat of house Volmark
  10. Orkwatch, seat of House Hoare
  11. Blacktyde Castle on Blacktyde, Seat of House Blacktyde
  12. Saltcliffe Castle, Saltcliffe
  13. Corpse Lake, seat of House Goodbrother