View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Goldentooth, Seat of House Lefford
  2. Bear Island, Seat of House Mormont
  3. Driftmark, Seat of House Velaryon
  4. Heart's Home, seat of House Corbray
  5. Riverrun- Seat of the House Tully
  6. Winterfell, Seat of House Stark
  7. Storm's End, Seat of House Baratheon
  8. Ironoaks Castle, seat of House Waynwood
  9. The Eyrie, Seat of House Arryn
  10. Wickenden, Seat of house Waxley
  11. The Water Gardens
  12. Castamere, Seat of House Reyne
  13. The Arbor, seat of House Redwyne
  14. Arthur Fowler's Smoking Lounge
  15. Sharp Point, Home of Jacaerys Velaryon
  16. Blue Clocks Company Location Unknown
  17. Torrhen's Square Seat of House Tallhart
  18. Yronwood, Seat of House Yronwood
  19. The Twins, Seat Of House Frey
  20. Nightsong Seat of House Caron
  21. Godsgrace, seat of House Allyrion
  22. Camp of the Golden Company - Free City of Tyrosh
  23. Camp of the Company of the Griffon
  24. Evenfall Hall
  25. Starfall
  26. The Bloody Gate - Bulwark of the Vale
  27. Sunspear, capital of Dorne
  28. Darry, seat of house Darry
  29. Highgarden, the Seat of House Tyrell
  30. Guildhouse of Casca Longinus, City of White Harbour
  31. Kingsgrave, seat of house Manwoody
  32. Rosby - Seat of House Rosby
  33. Sothoryos, Guildhouse of Xhondo Xho in Lannisport
  34. Oldtown, Seat of House Hightower
  35. White Harbor, Seat of House Manderly
  36. Camp of the Glorious Bastards, Oldtown
  37. A Wagon Train on the Kingsroad - A Ways from Darry
  38. Hellholt, Seat of House Uller
  39. Camp of the Forgotten
  40. Dragonstone, Stewardship of Donnel Lefford
  41. Casterly Rock
  42. Hadlow Keep
  43. Moat Cailin, Seat of House Stark of Moat Cailin
  44. Deepwood Motte, Seat of House Glover
  45. Raventree Hall, Seat of House Blackwood
  46. Harrenhal, Seat of House Whent
  47. Runestone, Seat of House Royce
  48. Stone Hedge seat of House Bracken, Frey Controlled
  49. The Gates of the Moon
  50. Horn Hill, Seat of House Tarly
  51. Barrowton; Seat of House Dustin
  52. Rushbridge---Lordship of Ser Axel Tully
  53. Starry Sept-Oldtown-Seat of the High Septon
  54. Brightwater Keep
  55. Bear Island-Seat of House Mormont
  56. Clegane Hall, Seat of House Clegane
  57. Cider Hall
  58. Longbow Hall
  59. The Crag - Home of House Westerling of The Crag
  60. Duskendale, Seat of House Darklyn
  61. Goldengrove - Home of Rowan of Goldengrove, High Lords of the Northmarch
  62. Raventree Hall, Seat of House Blackwood
  63. Pinkmaiden Castle, seat of House Piper
  64. Stonehelm, seat of house Swann
  65. The Fleet of Lucifer of Tyrosh
  66. Lannisport, The Seat of the Board
  67. Freykeep-On-The-Fork, formerly Oldstones
  68. Ninestars, seat of House Templeton
  69. Greywater Watch, Seat of House Reed
  70. Galemont
  71. Castle Greenstone, Home of House Estermont
  72. White Knife, Non-Hereditary Castle of Lord Beren Dustin
  73. Nymerswell, Seat of House Uller of Nymerswell
  74. The Starry Sept of Oldtown - Centre of the Faith
  75. Gallowsgrey, Seat of House Trant
  76. Tumbleton, Stewardship of Ser Gardson
  77. Bywater, of House Bywater
  78. White Harbour, of House Manderly
  79. Manderford, seat of House Redwyne of Manderford
  80. Driftmark - Seat of House Velaryon
  81. Camp of the Reavers, Winterfell.
  82. Sisterton, seat of House Sunderland