View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Pyke, Seat of House Greyjoy
  2. Goldentooth, Seat of House Lefford
  3. Storm's End, Seat of House Baratheon of Storm's End
  4. Riverrun, Seat of House Tully
  5. Yronwood, Seat of House Yronwood
  6. The Dreadfort, Seat of House Bolton
  7. Dragonstone, Seat of House Baratheon of Dragonstone
  8. Ten Towers, Seat of house Harlaw
  9. Duskendale, seat of House Rykker
  10. Oldtown, Seat of House Hightower (Post Greyjoy Rebellion)
  11. White Harbor, seat of House Manderly
  12. Rosby Castle, Seat of House Rosby
  13. Castle Darry, Seat of House Darry
  14. Trystane Bar Emmon's Wharf, King's Landing
  15. The Eyrie, Seat of house Arryn
  16. Runestone Seat of House Royce
  17. Maidenpool, seat of house Mooton
  18. Greenstone, Seat of House Estermont
  19. Highgarden, Seat of House Tyrell
  20. Raventree Hall, seat of House Blackwood
  21. Winterfell, Seat of House Stark
  22. The Arbor, Seat of House Redwyne
  23. Horn Hill Seat of House Tarly
  24. Camp of the Black Company, Lannisport
  25. Sunspear, Seat of House Martell
  26. Starfall, Seat of House Dayne
  27. Seagard, Seat of House Mallister
  28. Stonehelm, seat of House Swann
  29. Harrenhal, Seat of House Whent
  30. The Twins
  31. Old Oak, Seat of House Oakheart
  32. Tumbleton, Seat of House Footly
  33. Karhold, Seat of House Karstark
  34. Kayce, Seat of House Kenning
  35. Office and Quarters of Captain Brom Robson, King's Landing
  36. Casterly Rock, seat of House Lannister
  37. White Harbour, seat of House Manderly
  38. Sarsfield, seat of House Sarsfield
  39. The Camp of the Broken Skull Company, Goldengrove
  40. Kingsgrave, seat of house Manwoody
  41. High Hermitage, Seat of the Darkstar
  42. Godsgrace: Seat of House Allyrion
  43. Vulture's Roost
  44. Banefort Seat of House Banefort
  45. The Red Fork - Edwyn Frey, Guardian of the Ruby Ford
  46. The Blue Fork - Ser Kermit Darry, Lord Warden of the One Trident
  47. Camp of the Ragged Brothers (Somewhere between the Reach and the Westerlands)
  48. Fang Tower, Seat of House Clegane
  49. delete
  50. Nightsong, seat of house Caron
  51. Hammerhorn, Seat of House Goodbrother
  52. Crakehall, Seat of House Crakehall
  53. Guildhouse of the Grey Banner - Darion Oxblood
  54. The Camp of the Hunters of the Horn