View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Goldentooth, Seat of House Lefford
  2. Oldtown, Seat of House Hightower (Blackfyre Timeskip)
  3. The Whispers, Seat of House Lefford of the Crownlands
  4. Casterly Rock, Seat of House Lannister
  5. House Bracken of Stone Hedge
  6. House Tarth of Evenfall Hall
  7. The Eyrie, Seat of House Arryn
  8. Goldengrove, Seat of House Rowan
  9. Duskendale, seat of House Darklyn
  10. Pyke, Seat of the Seastone Chair & the Iron Islands
  11. Castamere - Seat of House Reyne
  12. Riverrun, Seat of House Tully
  13. Guild House of Jorah the Greenlander - Pyke
  14. Camp of The Ghostwyrm Sell Sword Company - The Eyrie
  15. Storm's End, Seat of House Baratheon
  16. Summerhall, Seat of House Targaryen
  17. Yronwood - Seat of House Yronwood - The Lonely Castle
  18. Highgarden, seat of house Tyrell and capital of the Reach
  19. Starfall, seat of House Dayne
  20. Raventree Hall Seat of House Blackwoo
  21. Salt Shore, seat of house Gargalen
  22. Edgerton, Seat of House Targaryen (Tully branch)
  23. Harrenhal, seat of house Lothston
  24. Mors Qorgyle's Mercantile Company
  25. Sunspear, Seat of House Martell
  26. Red Fork, seat of house Lothston
  27. Stokeworth, seat of House Darkfyre
  28. Lannisport
  29. White Harbor seat of House Manderly
  30. Camp of the Ragged Brothers (Daemon Uller) - Somewhere in the Kingswood
  31. Ser Thom Bulwer's room
  32. The road to nowhere: Sir Godric Neville
  33. Riverspring
  34. Winterfell, seat of House Karstark
  35. The hideouts of the Harvester
  36. Unicornhouse Industries - Guildhouse of Skane the Skagg