View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Goldentooth, Seat of House Lefford
  2. Stonehelm, Seat of House Swann
  3. Bear Island, Seat of House Mormont
  4. Driftmark, Seat of House Velaryon
  5. The Campsite of Maegor 'Brightfyre' (Summerhall, Stormlands)
  6. Heart's Home, seat of House Corbray
  7. Riverrun- Seat of the House Tully
  8. Winterfell, Seat of House Stark
  9. Harrenhal
  10. Storm's End, Seat of House Baratheon
  11. Casterly Rock - Seat of House Lannister
  12. Hornvale, Seat of House Brax
  13. Ironoaks Castle, seat of House Waynwood
  14. Deepwood Motte, seat of House Glover
  15. The Eyrie, Seat of House Arryn
  16. Wickenden, Seat of house Waxley
  17. The Water Gardens
  18. Castamere, Seat of House Reyne
  19. The Arbor, seat of House Redwyne
  20. Arthur Fowler's Smoking Lounge
  21. Sharp Point, Home of Jacaerys Velaryon
  22. Blue Clocks Company Location Unknown
  23. Torrhen's Square Seat of House Tallhart
  24. Yronwood, Seat of House Yronwood
  25. The Twins, Seat Of House Frey
  26. Nightsong Seat of House Caron
  27. Godsgrace, seat of House Allyrion
  28. Camp of the Golden Company - Free City of Tyrosh
  29. Camp of Lashare's Company(name wip)
  30. Karhold, Seat of House Karstark
  31. Evenfall Hall
  32. Starfall
  33. The Bloody Gate - Bulwark of the Vale
  34. Sunspear, capital of Dorne
  35. Darry, seat of house Darry
  36. Cider Hall, Seat of the Reach Leffords
  37. Highgarden, the Seat of House Tyrell
  38. Guildhouse of Casca Longinus, City of White Harbour
  39. Kingsgrave, seat of house Manwoody
  40. Goldengrove, Seat of House Rowan
  41. Rosby - Seat of House Rosby
  42. Sothoryos, Guildhouse of Xhondo Xho in Lannisport
  43. Oldtown, Seat of House Hightower
  44. White Harbor, Seat of House Manderly
  45. Camp of the Glorious Bastards, Sow's Den
  46. A Wagon Train on the Kingsroad - A Ways from Darry