View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Casterly Rock, Seat of House Lannister
  2. The Arbor, Seat of House Redwyne
  3. Highgarden, Seat of House Tyrell
  4. Harrenhal, Seat of House Whent
  5. Castamere, Seat of House Lannister
  6. Storm's End, House Baratheon
  7. Crakehall Castle, Seat of House Crakehall
  8. Sunspear, seat of House Martell
  9. The Twins, seat of House Frey
  10. Driftmark, seat of House Velaryon
  11. Gulltown, Seat of House Grafton
  12. Stonehelm, Seat of House Swann
  13. Dragonstone, Seat of the Prince of Dragonstone
  14. Oldtown, seat of House Hightower
  15. Winterfell, seat of the House Stark
  16. Brightwater Keep, Seat of House Florent
  17. Yronwood, seat of House Yronwood
  18. Runestone, Seat of House Royce
  19. Maidenpool, seat of house Mooton
  20. Seagard, Seat of House Mallister
  21. Goldentooth, Seat of House Lefford
  22. Karhold, Seat of House Karstark
  23. The Eyrie, seat of House Arryn
  24. Duskendale, seat of House Rykker
  25. The Dreadfort, seat of House Bolton
  26. Gates of the Moon
  27. Plankytown, seat of House Martell
  28. Riverrun, Seat of House Tully
  29. Payne Hall, Seat of House Payne.
  30. Lannisport, Seat of Tygett Lannister
  31. Pyke, Seat of House Greyjoy
  32. Starfall, Seat of House Dayne
  33. Camp of the Sons of the Rhoyne
  34. Dawnforest
  35. Riverspring, Seat of Ser Ryon Lefford