View Full Version : Lands of the Seven

  1. Goldentooth, Seat of House Lefford
  2. Oldtown, Seat of House Hightower (Blackfyre Timeskip)
  3. The Whispers, Seat of House Lefford of the Crownlands
  4. Casterly Rock, Seat of House Lannister
  5. House Tarth of Evenfall Hall
  6. The Eyrie, Seat of House Arryn
  7. Duskendale, seat of House Darklyn
  8. Pyke, Seat of the Seastone Chair & the Iron Islands
  9. Castamere - Seat of House Reyne
  10. Riverrun, Seat of House Tully
  11. Guild House of Jorah the Greenlander - Pyke
  12. Storm's End, Seat of House Baratheon
  13. Summerhall, Seat of House Targaryen
  14. Yronwood - Seat of House Yronwood - The Lonely Castle
  15. Starfall, seat of House Dayne
  16. Edgerton, Seat of House Targaryen (Tully branch)
  17. Harrenhal, seat of house Lothston
  18. Mors Qorgyle's Mercantile Company
  19. Sunspear, Seat of House Martell
  20. Red Fork, seat of house Lothston
  21. Edgerton, seat of House Darkfyre
  22. Lannisport
  23. White Harbor seat of House Manderly
  24. Camp of the Ragged Brothers (Daemon Uller) - Somewhere in the Kingswood
  25. Ser Thom Bulwer's room
  26. The road to nowhere: Sir Godric Neville
  27. Riverspring
  28. Winterfell, seat of House Stark
  29. Unicornhouse Industries - Guildhouse of Skane the Skagg
  30. Runestone, Seat of House Royce
  31. Horn Hill, Seat of House Tarly
  32. White Knife Trading Company, White Harbour
  33. The Bloody Gate (House Hardyng)
  34. Seagard, seat of House Mallister
  35. Karhold, Seat of House Karstark
  36. Moat Cailin, Seat of House Manderly of the Moat
  37. The Hellholt, Seat of House Uller
  38. Gallowsgrey, Seat of House Trant
  39. Highgarden, seat of House Tyrell
  40. The Ten Towers
  41. Strongstone Seat of House Belmore
  42. Ashemark, seat of house Marbrand
  43. Bear Island, Seat of House Mormont
  44. The Hornvale
  45. Tendring, Seat of House Broom
  46. Stonetree- The Grey Garden
  47. Riverstone Tower, Seat of House Targaryen
  48. Raventree Hall, Seat of House Brax
  49. The Arbor
  50. The Rills, Seat of House Ryswell
  51. Silverhill, Seat of House Serrett
  52. Barrow Hall Seat of House Dustin
  53. Fang Tower - Seat of Ser Gregor Clegane
  54. The Water Gardens, Personal Palace of House Martell
  55. Blazeport, Seat of House Blazeworth
  56. Nightsong Seat of House Caron
  57. Rhaegar's rooms in Sunspear
  58. The Twins, Seat of House Frey
  59. Brightfyre Palace, Pentos
  60. The Roost, seat of House Condon of King's Course