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  1. What your vault thread should look like
  2. Vault of Darklyn, Dayne, and Tyrell
  3. Vaults of House Lannister of Casterly Rock
  4. Vault of House Hightower, House Blackfyre (in Exile) and House Baratheon
  5. Lefford Vaults
  6. Vault of House Reyne
  7. Vault of House Yronwood
  8. Vaults of House Arryn
  9. Vaults of White Harbor and the Ragged Sons
  10. Greyjoy Hoard
  11. Vaults, belonging to Fishs and Dragons
  12. Ser Thom Bulwer's Vault
  13. Mors Qorgyle's Vault
  14. Chest of Rhaegar Targaryen
  15. Vaults of Houses Royce and Tarly
  16. Eddean Hardyng
  17. The Vault of House Targaryen of King's Landing
  18. Vaults of Griffin's Roost
  19. Vaults of House Mallister
  20. House Trant Vaults
  21. The Vault of House Harlaw
  22. Vaults of Sunspear
  23. The Vault of House Belmore
  24. Vault of house Marbrand
  25. Vaults of Clawwood Hall (House Mormont)
  26. Vaults of House Brax
  27. Vaults of House Broom
  28. The Redwyne Vault
  29. Vaults of House Ryswell
  30. Vault of House Serrett
  31. Vault Of House Dustin
  32. Clegane/Frey Income
  33. Vault of House Blazeworth
  34. Vault of Maelys Brightfyre
  35. The Vault of House Caron
  36. Chest of Rhaegar Targaryen
  37. Treasure of Quellon Danestro
  38. Vaults of House Condon