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  1. What your vault thread should look like
  2. House Arryn/Clegane
  3. Vaults of House Baratheon; House Thorne
  4. Vault of House Royce
  5. Vault of House Footly
  6. Vault of Prince Jace, Houses Corbray & Umber, Sylvena Sand
  7. Vault of House Lannister
  8. Prince Joff & Others
  9. Vault of Grimm & Gabryel Green Eyes
  10. Vault of House Sunderland
  11. Vaults of House Targaryen of King's Landing, House Greyjoy of Pyke and House Crakehall of Crakehall
  12. Vault of Maidenpool
  13. Vault of House Tarly, Vault of House Stokeworth, Vault of Daemon Targaryen
  14. Vault of House Redwyne, House Swann, and Rhaena Targaryen
  15. Vault of House Reyne and House Dondarrion
  16. Vault of House Strong
  17. Vault of House Velaryon
  18. Vault of House Hightower
  19. House Tyrell
  20. Celtigar, Tarbeck, Aemond, Jasper
  21. Vault of Archibald Hollard, Merchant.
  22. Vaults of House Stark & Darry
  23. The Tully Vaults
  24. Mysaria's chest
  25. Vault of House Serrett
  26. Vault of Rhaenyra Targaryen
  27. Vaults of Lefford and Grafton
  28. Vault of House Roxton
  29. Warchest of the Last
  30. Edwyn Tarth's safebox
  31. Lazhars strongbox
  32. Vault of House Caron
  33. Vernon of Rayonet
  34. Vaults of House Strong
  35. Vaults of House Greyjoy
  36. Chest of Vortimer Vayn and Dagon Drumm
  37. The Coffers of Casterly Rock
  38. The Royal Vaults
  39. Darklyn Vaults