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  1. What your vault thread should look like
  2. Houses Lefford and Tyrell Vault
  3. Vault of Maelys Blackfyre
  4. Vaults of Daemon Blackfyre, House Haigh and House Estermont
  5. Vaults of Aerys II Targaryen
  6. Vault of House Corbray
  7. Vault of House Tully
  8. Vault of House Whent
  9. Treasury of House Tyrell of Highgarden
  10. Vault of House Mormont
  11. Vault of House Brax
  12. Vault of House Swann
  13. Vaults of House Arryn
  14. Vaults of Starks and others
  15. Ilsa Corbray's belongings
  16. Accounts of House Baratheon
  17. House Frey
  18. Vault of House Rosby
  19. Vault of House Redwyne and Allyrion
  20. Arthur Fowler
  21. The Treasury of Sunspear
  22. Vault of Rhaella Targaryen
  23. House Waynwood
  24. Blue Clocks Company
  25. The Vault of House Tallhart
  26. Vaults of House Yronwood and Royce
  27. Vault of House Caron
  28. Treasure Island
  29. Gendry Hill accounts
  30. Vault of House Karstark
  31. Vault of the Glorious Bastards
  32. Vault of House Hunter/Vault of House Fossoway/Vault of House Tarth
  33. Vaults of Darry
  34. Vault of Casca Longinus
  35. Silverhair's chest
  36. House Waxley + Olyva Stokeworth
  37. Vaults of House Rowan
  38. Vault of Lyn Lonmouth
  39. Vault of House Hightower
  40. Vault of Martyn of the Peach
  41. Vault of House Manderly
  42. Vault of Larraq, the Braavosi
  43. The Pyre Treasure
  44. Vault of Lazar Ormelar
  45. Vault of House Lannister
  46. Vaults of House Uller of Hellholt
  47. Vaults of House Whent
  48. Vault of House Bracken
  49. Vault of House Blackwood
  50. Vault of House Frost
  51. Vaults of House Mormont
  52. Vault of House Clegane
  53. Vault of House Westerling of the Craq
  54. Vaults of House Darklyn
  55. Vault of House
  56. Vault of Lucifer of Tyrosh
  57. Piper
  58. Aurane Waters
  59. The Templeton Coffers
  60. Vaults of House Reed
  61. Vault of Gerold the Golden
  62. Vault of Ser Tristan
  63. Vault of House Trant
  64. Vault of House Bywater, House Manderly
  65. Accounts of House Velaryon
  66. Vault of Elis Hawk
  67. House Sunderland