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  1. Great Hall of the Red Keep
  2. Maegor's Holdfast
  3. Tournament of King's Landing (RP Thread)
  4. Chambers of the Hand
  5. Headquarters of the Goldcloaks
  6. The Chambers of Mors Qorgyle, Master of Ships
  7. A Private Meeting between Colleagues
  8. Tourney of King's Landing - Joust (We have a Winner) (Blackfyre Timeskip)
  9. Tournament of King's Landing - Melee (Round 2 is Up) (Blackfyre Timeskip)
  10. Small Council (Blackfyre Restart)
  11. The Royal University (Blackfyre Timeskip)
  12. Chambers of Valena Gargalen
  13. You're either the Butcher or you're the Cattle
  14. Rhaegar Targaryen's, aka "Sumner Hayford" chamber
  15. The End of An Age
  16. Chambers of Princess Sanna Arryn