View Full Version : King's Landing

  1. The White Sword Tower
  2. The Descent to War [Scenario Start]
  3. The Great Hall of the Red Keep
  4. The Chambers of Princess Elia Martell
  5. Jaime's Escape from the Red Keep
  6. End of an Era
  7. The Offices of the Master of Coin - Tywin Lannister
  8. King's Landing administration
  9. The Princess
  10. The Small Council
  11. The Bedding of Alyssa Baratheon
  12. Tower of the Hand
  13. The Quest for an Heir
  14. Maegor's Holdfast: Chambers of Queen Lyanna Baratheon
  15. Observing the Goldcloaks
  16. The King's private quarters
  17. The quarters of the King's Justiciar, Lord Damon Payne.
  18. Chambers of Cersei Lannister