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  1. Great Hall of the Red Keep
  2. Maegor's Holdfast
  3. Headquarters of the Goldcloaks (and residence of Raymar Lefford)
  4. The Chambers of Mors Qorgyle, Master of Ships
  5. Small Council (Blackfyre Restart)
  6. Rhaegar Targaryen's, aka "Sumner Hayford" chamber
  7. Chambers of Princess Sanna Arryn
  8. The Execution of Haegon Blackfyre
  9. The Order of the Kraken in King's Landing
  10. The Coronation and Feast of King Maekar, the First of Hise Name, of the House Targaryen
  11. The Tower of the Hand
  12. The Office of the Master of Laws
  13. Office of the Master of Coin
  14. An Arryn in Kings Landing
  15. The Interrogation of Lord Massey
  16. The Royal Tournament of King Maekar, 225 AL (RP Thread)