View Full Version : King's Landing

  1. The Great Hall of the Red Keep
  2. Maegor's Holdfast
  3. The Small Council Chambers
  4. The White Sword Tower
  5. Maegor's Holdfast - The Chambers of Shaera Targaryen
  6. The Docks
  7. Trials and Rewards
  8. Offices of the Commander of the Goldcloaks
  9. Chambers of Lord Boremund Tarth, Master of Laws. Maegor's Holdfast
  10. Tower of the Hand
  11. Chambers of Qoherys Velaryon, Master of Ships
  12. Chamber of Olyva Stokeworth
  13. Chambers of the Master of Coin
  14. Men for the Watch
  15. The Chambers of Princess Rhaella Tararyen
  16. Guildhall of the Alchemists
  17. Flight from King's Landing