View Full Version : King's Landing

  1. Great Hall of the Red Keep
  2. Maegor's Holdfast
  3. Chamber of the Small Council
  4. White Sword Tower
  5. The Chambers of Ser Henry Estermont, Master of Ships
  6. The Chambers of the Master of Laws, Eddard Stark
  7. Tower of the Hand, Chambers of the Lord Hand Stannis Baratheon
  8. The Chambers of Lord Royce Bolton, Master of Whispers
  9. Harmen Martell, King's Landing
  10. Queen's Chambers
  11. Barracks of the Goldcloaks
  12. Delving into the Depths...
  13. The Chambers of Trystane Bar Emmon, Master of Coin
  14. Wedding of Stannis and Jeyne
  15. The Great Sept of Baelor
  16. The arrival of Prince Perros Martell
  17. A Lost Relic
  18. The Blind Pig - Guildhouse of Timo Sejanus
  19. Chambers of Queen Tiwa
  20. Chambers of Lady Jeyne of Houses Baratheon and Oakheart
  21. A Trial by Combat (Ser Tallhart vs Lord Footly)
  22. Gold for Gold
  23. Barracks of the Goldcloaks (Lord Commander Alester Storm)
  24. To Steal A Seal