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  1. The Red Keep
  2. The Blue Dragon - A Large Tavern for all your needs! We have rooms, drinks, and a warm fire...
  3. Chambers of the Hand of the King
  4. Small Council
  5. The White Sword Tower, Headquarters of the Kingsguard
  6. Officer of the Master of Ships
  7. Maegor's Holdfast, the Chambers of the King
  8. Guildhouse of Nestor Bywater, King's Landing
  9. The Baelish Beer Hall - A Large Tavern of House Baelish
  10. Chambers of Lord Roose Bolton, Master of Whispers
  11. The Great Sept of Baelor
  12. The Chambers of Lord Petyr Baelish, Master of Coin
  13. Headquarters of the Goldcloaks
  14. The Preacher from the Vale
  15. Office of the Master of Laws, Lord Edwyn Royce
  16. Baelish Brothels - Whorehouses of Lord Petyr Baelish
  17. The wedding of Robert Baratheon and Lysa Waynwood in the Great Sept of King's Landing
  18. Northern Barracks of the Gold Cloaks
  19. Policing the Dragonpit
  20. Chambers of the Queen
  21. The Trial of Martell and Greyjoy