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  15. Kingdom of Georgia - Sakartvelos Samepho - საქართველოს სამეფო
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  17. can't wait for your mod
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  26. is this mod dead or not?
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  29. Change byzantine to eastern roman empire
  30. hey are you alive? :))
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  33. answer me please when mod wil be ready?
  34. Knights of St. John & Ottomans of the 1480 siege of Rhodes in William Caoursin's Obsidionis Rhodiae Urbis Descriptio
  35. Surviving Mamluk Banners
  36. Progress Update
  37. Timurids in the 1430 copy of Jami' al-Tawarikh
  38. 15th Century Ottomans
  39. Timurid Soldiers in Baysunghur's Shahnama - 1430
  40. A mural of a Siege of Constantinople, Moldovita, Bucovina, Romania, 1537
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  43. Roman Roster
  44. Hungarians, Cumans, Bulgarians, Mongols & Wallachians in the 'Chronica de Gestis Hungarorum' of Mark Kálti or 'Képes Krónika', Hungary, 1360
  45. 15th century illustrations by Ottomans
  46. Soldiers in the Graduale of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, 1480-1488
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  49. Are there any kurdish unit or faction?
  50. Permision ask.
  51. Horse archers are too strong! They are not nuke troopers. More balance, please
  52. Love the mod, here are some glitches I've noticed.
  53. generals bodyguard
  54. Translation issues.
  55. Byzantium general bodyguard
  56. I want edit turn numbers can anyone help me?
  57. Graphic error and Total war encountered an unspecified error PLEASE do BUGFİX
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  60. Native Language sound project for MTW II - Looking for Turkish native speaker
  61. Game crashes when starting campaign
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  63. Is there any BUGFİX?
  64. Georgian Army New Roster and New Units.