View Full Version : The Realm of England

  1. The Cathedral of Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  2. Hastings Chambers; Baron Hastings
  3. Clifford Tower, the Clifford Estates
  4. Rougemont Castle, the Holland Estates
  5. Milddleham Castle, the Neville Estates
  6. Alnwick Castle, the Percy Estates
  7. Hedingham Castle, the De Vere estates
  8. Cambridge Castle, the Kyriell estate
  9. Ludlow Castle of York
  10. Canterbury
  11. Bourchier Estates
  12. St. Peter's Cathedral - Home of the Archbishop of York
  13. Framlingham Castle, the Mowbray Estates
  14. Caernarfon Castle, the Herbert estates.
  15. Skelton Castle, William Neville's estates
  16. Dublin - Lordship of Ireland
  17. The Pale of Calais - English France
  18. Suffolk Estates
  19. Staffordshire- home to the duke of buckingham
  20. Shrewsbury- home of house talbot
  21. Fern Castle, Mac Murrough Estates
  22. Someries Castle, Wenlock Estate
  23. Tiverton Castle, the Courtenay Estates
  24. Pembroke Castle/Richmond Castle
  25. Warwick Castle, Seat of the Duke of Clarence
  26. Kilkea Castle, the FitzGerald estates
  27. Tarascon, Provence - Lancastrians in Exile
  28. Newselles Manor
  29. Arundel, Seat of the Earls of Arundel, Sussex
  30. Grey Estates