View Full Version : The Palaces of the Successors

  1. Alexandria, capital of Lower Egypt
  2. Alexandria in the Caucus
  3. Pella, the Heart of Macedonia
  4. Thebes, Life Blood of Old Egypt
  5. Halicarnassus, capital of Caria
  6. Babylon
  7. Byzántion, Gateway to the East
  8. Marakanda, Capital of Sogdiana, Roof of the World
  9. Ysatis, Bulwark of the Desert
  10. The Acropolis and Pnyx hill, Athens
  11. Jerusalem, the City of Peace
  12. Aleppo, the Thessilian Jewel of Syria
  13. Thebes, Life Blood of Old Egypt
  14. Salamis, Capital of the Island of Salamis
  15. Miletus, Capital of the Kingdom of the Aristydes
  16. Hatra, the Capital of the Hellenid Kingdom
  17. Hayastan: Meeshd Hye
  18. Sinope, Seat of the Kingdom of Pontus