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  2. sands of conquest( Dynasties & dominions of the desert~)updated 05/12/2011 [email protected]!
  3. sands of Conquest!:BETA( download)
  4. Screenshots!
  5. The B~ Man's~ Userbars!
  6. its awesome
  7. videos~ to wet the taste!
  8. ideas for new qoutes
  9. Sands of Conquest Social group ( for Da` Fans!)
  10. Playa` Desires~
  11. working on a new intro video & Jiha video
  12. Flavor for each faction
  13. i really enjoy the music
  14. new ingame intro video:(& other elements for next release)
  15. ?????
  16. I really like this mod
  17. Sands of Conquest 2.0 soon!
  18. How the heck do you download this thing?
  19. preview and information about tthe New "Sands of Conquest II" (coming soon!)