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  1. [PROPOSAL] Poll:Who wants a mod where recruitment depends on the number of the clan population by region (addition or not) or cities levels (addition or not)?
  2. Sub-Mod Guidelines& Mini-mods
  3. Additional Units Mod - Shogun for Darthmod (AUM-SHO) 2.8 - updated 31.12.17
  4. [OUTDATED] The Last Shogunate (V0.48B)
  5. [OUTDATED] ZenMod DARTH, 7/30 updated for DLC patch and v2.7
  6. [OUTDATED] Early Game Matchlocks Mod: Import guns from trade nodes [V1.2 Update]
  7. [OUTDATED] The Realism and Historicity Overhaul Mini-Mod v1.25 Updated: 7/22
  8. [PROPOSAL] Remodelling the Way Samurai are Portrayed in the Game
  9. [Released] Local Specialties (Update 17 - 04 - 2013!)
  10. DarthMod Shogun 2 Alternative Launcher
  11. DarthMod Launcher by labm0nkey
  12. [Proposal] Ammo Adjustments
  13. [WIP] Historical Rifles
  14. [proposal] railway on kyushu
  15. Battlefield Smoke Mod v 1.2 for Darthmod v 4.1 and above (reupload 29.05.12)
  16. Proposal: Colonial Campaign
  17. "ALLEndless" Mod - Updated for ALL campaigns!
  18. A noob questiom
  19. How do i change unit single player unit limits?
  20. [PROPOSAL] General Cornwallis' Unit Add-On
  21. [RELEASED]Real light infantry
  22. [PROPOSAL] Longer battles
  23. FoTS Artillery Unit Pack: Darthmod Version
  24. [Proposal] TROM3 Requests for DMS
  25. [RELEASED] NEW UNITS for FOTS (DMS) by evilspleen1213
  26. [Released] Customized Darthmod V5
  27. [PROPOSAL] Speed up Naval turning around again
  28. "Roots of Japan" Unit Pack 1.4 - DarthMod Version
  29. Initial Unit's Stats Fix 1.0
  30. Darthmod+Expanded mod 83newregions+86factions
  31. Working Realm Divide mod?
  32. TENBUN Jidai-a 1546-1561 Darthsubmod.
  33. Shogun II crashes whenever I use FOTS Unit Pack for Darthmod
  34. Bran Mac Born's DMS 2 Settings
  35. Mod that slows down arts research?
  37. Increasing the size of hero units
  38. [Darthmod24 TPY with adapted research rate, income and construction/repairing
  39. Question about; DarthMod + 97Ext.region + qbs_Expanded_DMS_Vanilla
  40. [Proposal] Improved fire drills for FOTS?
  41. Is there a mod for realistic colors?