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  4. [Preview] The Bulgarian Empire.
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  21. [Research] Banners and flags - Post your sugestions.
  22. [Faction Research topic]: Pechenegs/Πατζινάκες.
  23. [Preview] Francia Orientalis.
  24. South Slavs vs. Other Slavs
  25. [Research] Warfare tactics and formations.
  26. [Preview]The Lombard Duchies
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  28. [Preview] Muslim shields - donation to TGC
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  30. [Open research topic]Knights X,XI centuries.
  31. TGC mod in danger.Experties needed.
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  35. Slavs orgin
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  37. Western Tradition [Episodes that fit to TGC mod timeframe].
  38. [Preview] The Magyars
  39. [Preview] Imperium Romanum
  40. The Praecepta Militaria by Nikephoros II Phokas
  41. The Great Conflicts: UI Preview
  42. [Research] Fatimids
  43. [Research] German Empire
  44. 10th century German Soldiers in Leiden I Maccabees manuscript
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  48. I am so sad..
  49. How many factions are set to be in the released version?
  50. [Preview]The Roman Empire Part II-Tagmatic Units.
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