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  1. {Shogun 2 AAR} From a lonely corner of Japan...
  2. [TW:S2]Date AAR Very Hard Campaign!
  3. [TW:S2]I came, I saw, I... was conquered? A Shogun 2 Oda AAR
  4. [TWS2 AAR] The Prodigal Son
  5. [S2TW AAR] The Clan of the People, Book 1: Nobuhide, the Fated Resurrecter UPDATED: July 12th, 2011
  6. [S2TW AAR] Of Birth and Station
  7. [DMSII] On Foreign Shores: Tales of the Nanban
  8. [S2TW AAR] The Dragon, The Lion and Brotherhood. [Will Try Update on Sunday]
  9. [TWS2 AAR] The Kuninaka Uprising
  10. AAR- Shadows in Winter
  11. My First S2TW campaign...Legendary difficulty.
  12. [TWS2] All that begins must end.
  13. A Tale of Three Arrows a Mori AAR in Proverbs and Parables
  14. Finished AAR Index.
  15. Katana in the Dark: A Hattori AAR
  16. SOHEI (an Ikko Ikki AAR)
  17. Shogun 2 Let's Play Hattori Series!
  18. [TW S2 AAR] The Rising Star of the Tokugawa Clan
  19. [TWS2 AAR] Shimazu's Story 2
  20. By Strength or by Guile--a Tokugawa AAR
  21. [S2TW] Strike in the Darkness: Hattori AAR (in progress, turns1-57), updated 8/7
  22. Tales of the Chosokabe
  23. Takeda - A Shogun 2 AAR (Completed)
  24. The White Men (Shogun 2 AAR)
  25. [S2TW AAR] - Masters of Integrity
  26. A Red Sun Rising
  27. [RotS DarthMod] Wolves of the North - A Kubota Fujiwara AAR
  28. [The Age Of] No Negotiating (Fin)
  29. Masters of Darkness - A Hattori AAR (Updated June the 15th)
  30. "Shimazu : A Storm Over Blossoms" (A Shogun 2 AAR) - 13/01/12 First Chapter TONIGHT
  31. "Dancing days are here again"
  32. [S2] Returning Elegance to War (Ch 2)
  33. The Fall of Ashikaga and the rise of the Hojo
  34. End
  35. The price of glory - Hattori AAR
  36. Oda AAR: A rise from the ashes of obscurity. (COMPLETED)
  37. Rise of the Tokugawa. *CLOSED*
  38. Satsuma AAR
  39. [FoTS] The Old Ways
  40. Lets Play Fall Of The Samurai Nagaoka
  41. [FotS]Coming Soon! Dual Writer AAR
  42. Morphine - Tosa campaign
  43. City upon a Hill: A Hojo AAR
  44. [Finished] MorphineTW - Mori campaign
  45. A rise form obscurity in a corner of Japan... (Dead)
  46. Memoirs From Across the Sea - An Aizu AAR
  47. [DMSII] The Story of Tanegashima Nariyasu
  48. Nagaoka - Hard campaign by Morphine
  49. No Emperors, No Shoguns: A Satsuma AAR
  50. Motonari
  51. Ukita no Yabou - A Shogun 2/Sekigahara Campaign AAR
  52. We are the Takeda...
  53. Satsuma Hard/Long Campaign by AdmiralPrice!
  54. Japan World Tour- A Takeda AAR
  55. We Were Samurai - A S2W Oda AAR
  57. End of the Line: Ashikaga Shogunate AAR
  58. Way of the Bow:A Chosokabe AAR-(Updated Chapter XXXXII 30/9)
  59. Takeshi's Campaign to save his castle!
  60. The Rise of Chosokabe!
  61. Total War Shogun 2,Uesugi,MPC,VH/VH
  62. MPC,Head/Head,H/H vs cruzz
  63. FotS,Satsuma & Tsu ,CopC,LEG/LEG
  64. FotS,Co-Op Campaign,Aizu & Nagaoka,LEG/LEG
  65. FOTS Battle AAR: Blood on the hill
  66. FotS,Coop,VH/VH,Satsuma & Tosa
  67. FotS,Coop.Campaign,Nagaoka & Josai,VH/H
  68. The Road to Kyoto ~ A Shogun 2 RotS AAR (Indefinite Hiatus)
  69. FotS - Matsumae Campaign
  70. Nin-po; The Sword Above The Heart ~ A Shogun 2 Hattori AAR/Tale [Updated: 27/11/2013 - CEASED DUE TO THE UNTIMELY DEATH OF MY CLAN!]
  71. Gaining a Proper Castle: An TROM 3: Road to Kyoto, Shimazu AAR on Hard.
  72. Lets Play S2 FotS H Radious Mod ongoing
  73. Namu Amida Butsu ~ A Shogun 2 Ikko-Ikki AAR/Tale [Updated: 11/12/2013]
  74. Developing an alternate style of Let's Play: The Narrative LP
  75. The Wings of Destiny - a FotS AAR (Updated Chapter 12 - Apr 24)
  76. In the Light of Dusk - Chapter Eighteen Updated 25/06/2016
  77. With Gods As Our Guides [Shimanzu AAR]
  78. Kita-Yori no Kaze (The Northerly Winds) Prologue
  79. [TROM4RotS] The Tiger of Kamakura
  80. The Pursuit of "Kentaro"- (FoTS Tosa AAR)
  81. ARASOI 争い
  82. Yōkai | Updated Chapter 50 - 11.3.16
  83. A Missionary's Perspective: The Diary of Tullio de Sao Joao
  84. "What Is Best In Life?" - A Shogun II Hojo AAR [Updated: 27/07/2015]
  85. A Stranger in a Strange Land - An FoTS Saga [Updated: 17/04/2015]
  86. The Bear and the Tiger: Two Roads to Kyoto - having some major issues
  87. For Honor or For Glory? A Tokugawa (Matsudaira) AAR Updated Jan 8th
  88. The Touch of Fear - [Oda AAR] (Updated 05/09/2016)
  89. Two Sides For A Coin - a Ukita AAR - Updated November 7th
  90. Red Snow - A Battle AAR - finished'
  91. Welcome to the Writers' Study!
  92. Go-Hōjō-shi, a Lion's Tale - Hojo AAR
  93. Seagul droppings upon rocks: Hojo Clan Fights to Survive
  94. Sengoku Jidai Shimazu Campaign - Chapter I 28/2/17