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  1. Game Crashes and BSODs when I start it.
  2. Epic flying ship bug
  3. S2TW Bug thread.
  4. Shimazu Campaign
  6. Game keeps crashing when i changed graphics settings
  7. 2v2, 3v3 matches don't work
  8. Dead Disappearing
  9. Game crashes when fire arrows are used.
  10. Online system crap?
  11. Twin Monitors and the Order of Units
  12. Tooltips stop working
  13. Black skies, no rivers, no movement arrows
  14. First CTD
  15. CTD when loading saved campaign game
  16. mp win loss bugs
  17. Siege, attackers don't move
  18. Retreating: Bug or WaD?
  19. Campaign CTD after ending turn
  20. CTD in advanced naval tutorial.
  21. Battle Comments Wrong During Battle
  22. White uniforms still?
  23. MP Match Making Bugs and Crashes
  24. Patch Your Game CA!
  25. Encountered bugs
  26. Very Minor: Floating Banners Issue
  27. Other's avatars in battle are clones of yours
  28. Odd AI moneymaking bug
  29. Co-Op Bug
  30. Dishonoring treaties issue
  31. Trade Hub - dual fleet problem
  32. Replay problem.
  33. Avator/manage army/right click information
  34. Local network co-op bug
  35. CTD after ending Turn
  36. Armorer bug or design "feature"?
  37. What manner of sorcery...
  38. Ranking up Avatar Bug
  39. 2v2 match made battle ends up 4v0
  40. Siege problem
  41. Sound loss
  42. Event that Gives Experience to Bow Infantry
  43. Matchlock Warrior Monks Are Not in the Game
  44. No Water
  45. Loading Screen Fail? Or does it...
  46. [minor]BAI Difficulty slider should be on the Campaign screen not just Game Settings.
  47. trade areas
  48. Rebels that can't be attacked
  49. Campaign Bug w/ Sieges and Bribes - Crazy
  50. [minor] Units repeating the same 3 words over and over
  51. Shimazu campaign beginning CTD
  52. Pitch Black colouring
  53. AI armies sitting outside of Kyoto
  54. Verify Integrety of game cash
  55. Crashing in naval battles
  56. Game fails to return to campaign after some battles
  57. Exiting S2TW bug
  58. Lost Trade Hub - scuttle fleet and it's there again
  59. MP bug - Skill points
  60. Rapidly Alt+TAB causes crash on Main Menu
  61. 2 Ninjas stuck together
  62. Siege Problem - Conservation of Ninjutsu vs. Arrows
  63. Multi selecting saved games for deletion
  64. Multiplayer campaign save game corruption
  65. Game crash upon loading save game.
  66. Massive FPS-drop in forests
  67. Formations and movement bugs
  68. CTD when Disembarking plus merge
  69. Bug with ordering grouped units.
  70. Skirmish Mode is too Slow
  71. Stand & Fight CTD
  72. can't join clan or see the leaderbord
  73. Unit cards in battle messing up - Any solution?
  74. Possible Avatar Stat bug?
  75. (Possible FIX) CTD in Co-op campaign same spot every time
  76. Where's my wedge formation ?
  77. Failing to get Multiplayer Battles? Error in connections?
  78. Bug Ninja stuck on map
  79. Siege bug?
  80. CTD When Loading Saved Game
  81. Siege battle bug
  82. Siege reinforcements bug
  83. CTD at turn 222
  84. Citadels, and dyamo dont give diplomatic relationship boost
  85. Crash when trying to join Co-Op campaign
  86. CTD loading ships
  87. Dishonoring treaties
  88. My Army "wiped out" after helping ally in siege
  89. Metzuke agent blocke in vassal city
  90. Heir never comes of age
  91. Food Bug
  92. Campaign deleted itself...
  93. If you pause game during speech/deployment you have to alt+f4
  94. When Trade Nodes are attacked...
  95. Wiped Out After Ally Sieges
  96. Agent remaining in city after creating vassal
  97. Intro videos not playing
  98. Monk stuck with spawned rebel army
  99. Multiplayer
  100. Campaign CTD after turn 225 (save file included)
  101. Army blocked by agent
  102. No notification for traits gained through battle ? Speech bug ?
  103. Data missing from response/Can't join clans.
  104. Fear No Horseman Achievement
  105. Desync in the game.
  106. Zero units at Campaign start
  107. CTD just at the end of battle
  108. Kisho Ninjas
  109. Seige AI (normal difficulty) is unresponsive
  110. Campaign CTD after building first ship
  111. Archers can't attack on cliff. Anyone?
  112. Heat Haze Bug?
  113. Game crash
  114. Chosokabe clan crash it in 1563
  115. CTD and defragmentation
  116. Agents Trapped in Vassal Clans
  117. Issues with disrupted trade agreements
  118. Camera
  119. loss of control of trade fleet after blockade
  120. Black ship Crash
  121. Campaign Map Graphics Bug
  122. Graphic bug in Campaing map
  123. Rebel army bug
  124. bad performance on campaign map
  125. Master of the waves achievement bug
  126. Campaing map bug
  127. move point loss after autoresolves (I think, a bug)
  128. reinforcement generals joining the battle bug
  129. Dishonoring Treaties Bug -- is Everyone Getting it?
  130. Classic Battle,have you tried?
  131. Seige AI bug
  132. New daimyo always looks the same as the old one
  133. purple textures
  134. Crash when grouping units if multiple armies participate in the same battle
  135. MP clan page causes crash- help?
  136. Auto-resolve causes freeze in MPC
  137. BUG - Takeda cannot recruit Great Guard
  138. Mutex Error when starting
  139. General Stuck - Can't move; Can't attack; Smiles at enemy as they cut him down
  140. No stats?
  141. Retard AI won't garrison walls.
  142. The MP coop campaign bug thread
  143. Nanban trade ships lose their guns when reinforcing
  144. Achievement Hard Campaign isn't awarded & Monk on Campaign Map stuck
  145. what's up with the odd-man-out grouping!?
  146. impossible to load games
  147. Night Sky in Day Battles
  148. Agent selection selects town
  149. Single player drop-in crash
  150. Beach hiding: a bug or a feature?
  151. "Trading post" retainer Bug
  152. Ikko Ikki's trade income 330k per turn
  153. Suddenly Lost 14,000 Skill Rating & Statistic Errors in Multiplayer!
  154. dishonouring treaty bug
  155. Allied with an enemy clan bug ?
  156. Broken sea battle statistics?
  157. Victory Conditions Met, Kyoto Captured, no victory
  158. Upon Steam Cache Verification....
  159. Their bodies have disapered
  160. Trade agreements - relationship breakdown bug
  161. Game won't shut down.
  162. Avatar bug
  163. All battles are in plains - no sieges when defending
  164. Not being able to see how far AI can move
  165. Turns 99 & 100 Freezes & Rebots
  166. camera stuck and scrolling
  167. Shogun 2 BUGS!
  168. The AI still dont repair their ships.
  169. Bug with the cursor
  170. Custom battle - Army setup board bug
  171. Bugged zone of control
  172. Agents disembarking on land from sea
  173. Chosokabe unable to use flame arrows at sea.
  174. Archers and the hills.
  175. Pathfinding problems inside castles
  176. use of obstacle
  177. Occupied trade nodes not working
  178. Another Shogun 2 instance running.
  179. Landing Troops
  180. New Patch,12 April,20011 nfg
  181. Work around multiplayer reinforcement bug
  182. No clan chat, no clan pts on map
  183. After the patch, Custom Battle can't swap sides between attacker and defender
  184. Cant start the game
  185. Game crashes when trying to join a battle
  186. Men instantly dying
  187. ctd after defragging via steam
  188. Error 404: File Not Found in Encyclopaedia = Dojo Fire Bomb Throwers
  189. AI Reinforcement Bug - See Pic (reinforcement army never* attacks)
  190. AI fields multiple hero units?
  191. Monk's revolt causes him to stick and breaks game
  192. Game hangs up during minor clan turn process
  193. keyboard gives wrong orders
  194. Master of the Waves, why?
  195. Water
  196. Battle CTD
  197. Unit Experience Bug
  198. Campaign and Custom Battle CTD
  199. In-Game Video Lockup
  201. 3 Great Guard
  202. Is Shogun 2 Total War stable now?
  204. wrong achievement
  205. Star Battle doesnt work
  206. Metsuke in town have no impact on clan income...
  207. Naginata Samurai doing an about-face in the middle of fighting
  208. +% Inspire abilities don't work
  209. Steam Must Be Running
  210. Trade post lost?
  211. Bribe Bug
  212. Borders bug???
  213. Missionary Achievement Bug
  214. Boarding
  215. Preset Armies
  216. Clan Tokens Bug?
  217. Achievement Bug: Heroic Warrior
  218. [Runtime error R6025 with Mod]
  219. Vanishing sound effects
  220. Freeze Since update
  221. Crashes on start up
  222. DEP does not like Shogun 2
  223. post patch: white screen of death...
  224. Post Patch Graphics Bug: Harder to see units selected
  225. Siege Tower Bunes
  226. Diplomacy Payment Bug
  227. Your Clan Has Been Relegated
  228. Navy and Agents bug
  229. Next turn income: 4.000.000 koku
  230. 4 katana heroes in one army?
  231. Unit card - Gamma
  232. CTD after patch
  233. Hatano's turn take forever - literally
  234. Cant access the Avatar Profile
  235. Reinforcement Bug? enemy reinforcement army didn't appear
  236. Daimyo retainer doesn't work.
  237. New DLC bug - Ikko Ikko cannot recruit Metsuke
  238. Soliders colors turning white after a battle
  239. Mountainous Map Reinforcements - inaccessible
  240. Ikko-Ikki robe texture bug
  241. Not a member anymore of clan?
  242. Are Bugs Evolving ?
  243. Avatar Problem on Multiplayer
  244. Repeatable AI Siege freeze.
  245. master of the wavs achievement after SP land battle
  246. Campaign map scrolling bug
  247. Ikko Ikki limited ship list?
  248. Custom battle bug....
  249. WHY?!! AI dont repair their Buildings...
  250. AI does not repair ships