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  1. The "Will I run it" and advice thread
  2. TWC Shogun Information Resource of Screens and Previews (First Post)
  3. [Technical Support Thread]Game crashes when I click play, ...
  4. So I can't Launch the Shogun 2, Napoleon, or Empire Total War Demo...
  5. help with the requirements of my pc to run shogun 2 TW
  6. No DirectX11 until patch
  7. So no Anti-Aliasing for Directx9?
  8. Steam will not install Shogun!
  9. How does your computer grade?
  10. Error when I try to buy Shogun 2 on steam
  11. Fed up with Poor Multi-Core CPU Support
  12. decryption stuck at 74% U MAD?
  13. Shader model 4+ greyed out?
  14. Team Fortress 2 Preorder Item Thread?
  15. Anyone ordered from D2D?
  16. Graphics Options fix - CA Statement.
  17. slight flickers ingame?
  18. AA, DX10, Quad Core support.
  19. black screen?
  20. Anyone preorder from Direct2Drive?
  21. For anyone having trouble loading from disk
  22. shogun 2 looks terrible?
  23. Installing From DVD
  24. Something to Do: Read the manual
  25. Any reason for 6 cores?
  26. I only need to know whether performance is improved in the full game than it was in demo
  27. Can not install Shogun via DVD
  28. Is memory leak fixed?
  29. Anti Aliasing
  30. 8GB Patch
  31. How to you stop the Steam download?
  32. Decrypting stops at 74%
  33. Limited Edition - Where are the exclusives?
  34. BSOD?
  35. Dedicated thread where new owners moan about the bugs and missing features and convince themselves it will all get patched soon
  36. Shogun System Requirements
  37. Re-download?
  38. Installation from CD turns to Steam download at ~50%
  39. Did you pre-order from STEAM? Still pre-loading?
  40. Decryption froze at 74 percent
  41. OS affects which dx you can use
  42. How can you switch from downloading to installing?
  43. Official comment on DX11/10.1/10 and AA
  44. Shogun 2 Bug Thread
  46. Does it use all 4 cores or not?
  47. Encylopedia page black
  48. VAC Authentication failure
  49. 27g download from D2D..now a 18g DL from steam? Normal?
  50. Decrypting, stuck or just slow?
  51. Poor performance on campaign map?
  52. Forcing AA via nvidia control panel
  53. Problem with recognizing online battles.
  54. Tips for better graphics despite the lack of AA
  55. General stuck
  56. Videos of 2 battles I did, quite please with the quality
  57. Dishonourable coward trait problem
  58. Can't find any battles in multiplayer
  59. How to enable AA with invidia inspector? help
  60. Upgrade Help - Much Appriciated :)
  61. No Language Configured
  62. Unexpected Shutdown Upon Starting S2TW
  63. Does Shogun 2 support Lucid Hydra technology?
  64. Campaign Issues
  65. No Borders or Water
  66. How to get game to recognise DX11
  67. 9800GTX
  68. Unit selector?
  69. Sound Gone :(
  70. Priming HDD b4 DVD install
  71. Terrible Performance with Good Comp
  72. Is my Disc scratch?
  73. Confusion on AA and DX10
  74. Unit Size
  75. Frame Rate Disaster
  76. Bad FPS with Good computer
  77. Greyed out screens
  78. Clouds and the curious shaking trees.
  79. Activated Wrong Code
  80. It won't install from the DVD!
  81. No Audio
  82. Temporary fix for bad performance
  83. Is 2.67 ghz just not enough for ultra??
  84. Can anyone confirm the game uses more than 1 core?
  85. direct x external installer failure
  86. Manually Enable Settings in preferences.script?
  87. Anti-Aliasing, success!! Screens & nVidia Inspector settings. [Temporary Fix]
  88. Downloaded Demo -- battle screen and main menu are buggy
  89. CTD every other battle
  90. Coop Battle (not campaign)
  91. Can I run it?
  92. A family man's with no time, need for help !
  93. Computer rebuting after intro screen
  94. Stutter on campaign map
  95. How is performance in the full game?
  96. [need help] can't install this game via steam because of proxy.
  97. Anyone getting "picture-in-picture"?
  98. Where exactly is my game?
  99. should I buy win7?
  100. Black Sky/No Water/Campaign Map messed up
  101. Some performance/ graphics problems i've come across.
  102. Install if STW 2
  103. Lag, Lag EVERYWHERE
  104. Low res textures on campaign map?
  105. Most Honorable Graphics Fix (makes detail POP, removes haze/fog, basically awesome)
  106. How much will shader model 4 enhanced the graphics?
  107. Bronze statue horses - Lighting issue I think
  108. Update is taking forever please help!
  109. about the AA and the directx
  110. Graphics Help Needed
  111. Game freezes and becomes unresponsive during battle.
  112. Anti Aliasing (NVIDIA & DirectX9)
  113. Slight delay when trying to view campaign map
  114. A new video card
  115. No water WHATSOEVER
  116. Incomplete installation of Total War: SHOGUN 2 (15)
  117. Incomplete installation of Total war: SHOGUN 2 (15)
  118. Incomplete installation
  119. Any open ports needed for multiplayer?
  120. Freezes on start up
  121. Bodies...Disappearing!
  122. Splash screen....loading question
  123. Unit Size Mod Help
  124. Amd/Ati new drivers helped me
  125. No patch2.pack no v1.1 after patch
  126. Ultra unit sizes?
  127. still soundproblems :X
  128. graphics
  129. Black screen, can't play!
  130. UNBELIEVABLE CPU bottleneck
  131. Poor Performance is the games fault, not yours
  132. LASER SNOW!!
  133. preferences.txt
  134. Campaign map stuttering!
  135. No bow shot sounds in naval battles?
  136. No area of influence, movement range on the campaign map?
  137. Failed to load save game?
  138. How do you know if Shogun II is updated?
  139. Still Campaign stuttering whit new ATI drivers also RadeonPro problem
  140. Lost connection error during MP Campaign
  141. BSOD and shut down
  142. Camera goes above the clouds and underground !!!
  143. No Battle Map In Campaign Figths
  144. There are a lot of CTDs.
  145. Weird Issue
  146. RUN Shogun 2
  147. Jerky animations:CPU or GPU?
  148. no multiplayer games?
  149. Shogun 2 SAVES catalog
  150. Subtitles
  151. How to delete ALL game files/saved files
  152. Sluggish Menu/Buttons
  153. Mods
  154. Textures appear terrible no matter what setting?
  155. Tip for better graphics on older comps
  156. Strange pauses
  157. Can hardly hear sound effects (already checked audio setting)
  158. Disappearing bodies with medium unit details.
  159. if i buy Windows 7,will it help??
  160. Another instance of STW2 is running.
  161. Terrible performance on fairly high end PC. Help?
  162. Questions about multiplayer
  163. Can't start game, restarts my pc
  164. Turning off Sprites?
  165. typical total war error , no servers are showing
  166. Cannot see selected unit yellow highlight
  167. Call of Juarez DirectX 10 Benchmark proves that the Shogun 2 is a simple commercial trick to buy new video cards
  168. Graphical Glitch
  169. Save Files location?
  170. Crossfire with Shogun 2
  171. Hattori not available
  172. What is the option for allowing camera go very low?
  173. End of Turn CTD
  174. AA fix
  175. Does S2TW Hate or Love overclocking?
  176. Multiplayer not refreshing.
  177. CPU intensive vs GPU intensive tasks
  178. Hell! No! Epic replay to the sewers!!
  179. Uninstalling Shogun 2 Demo
  180. Turning shows completely off = gain of 20 fps
  181. Help with CTD at End of Turn
  182. "This game is currently unavailable..."
  183. This can't be right!
  184. Markers
  185. Shogun 2 Demo doesn't even run
  186. wt...hell? game doesnt run?
  187. Graphical glitch only in Naval tutorial.
  188. Shogun 2 Total War Language
  189. Shogun 2 soooooooo dark!!!!
  190. Crossfire hd6850 performance in Shogun 2.
  191. Mouse at edge of map doesn't do what it should!
  192. .NET Frameworks Importance to Running the Game off Steam
  193. Weird crashing in avatar conquest[Problem "solved"]
  194. How slow is slow mo?
  195. STW2 crashing quite often or is it just me?
  196. Steam....
  197. Dark screen
  198. Game gets stuck on loading screen after battle
  199. Clearing Saved Games
  200. Weirdest problem I've had in a while, blue screen crash.
  201. Questions regarding directx10
  202. Sound problem - Missing sounds
  203. Patch help
  204. What does Vignette do?
  205. Steam Update
  206. Need Help.
  207. CTD
  209. historic battles
  210. Have to reset my graphics everytime I play
  211. Demo won't start: crashes PC
  212. Demo won't start: crashes PC
  213. Retail game only supports one core?
  214. Will it run?
  215. Can't even play it anymore.
  216. HELP ME
  217. Increase font size
  218. Unit shadows are missing using dx9
  219. How to fix Black Screen Issue
  220. CTD at the start of a new campaign
  221. Flickering white/black squares during game?
  222. a few issues
  223. Dual monitor, restrict cursor
  224. Peformance improvement for Nvidia 9600 GT?
  225. Black screen
  226. Bugged on purpose?
  227. No move highlight
  228. Shogun 2 Not Launching -- Opens Steam Browser Window
  229. getting crashes when i click on enemy units
  230. 7>Vista
  231. Demo Freezes on Start Up
  232. time delay promblem (or something like that)
  233. need help concerning steam and multiplayer?
  234. Great game Shogun 2, but 1st crash after a few hours
  235. OC resets pc or shut downs
  236. Reinstall
  237. Sound Crashes when i start the game up with TeamSpeak
  238. Game Crashes While Loading Naval Battles
  239. Multiplayer lan issue
  240. ERROR
  241. cpu usage problem
  242. CTD at turn 222
  243. Geforce 450 vs Geforce 210
  244. Installation problem...arggghh
  245. Shogun 2 not launching
  246. No fire effects
  247. Just a quick support question
  248. Clan mode isnt working
  249. CTD When Loading Saved Game
  250. How will this fair?