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  1. 1vs1 competitive campaign
  2. It's insanely difficult
  3. Amphibious sea-land battles? Anyone tested that?
  4. MP coop campaign feedback
  5. No Uesugi warrior monk hero??
  6. Spreading Christ's message to Japan
  7. Where is the Great Guard???
  8. Feelings About The Campaign AI
  9. Question on fleet size
  10. Multiplayer Campaign Question
  11. Routing to easily?
  12. Anyone see a naval invasion in the full game?
  13. Move formation problem
  14. Siege tactics?
  15. where can i get resources?
  16. How to adopt Christianity?
  17. Can you demolish castles
  18. My dirty 2cents so far
  19. Complain about difficult AI in here...
  20. Chosokabe or Shimazu
  21. Does improving castle improve tax?
  22. I'm watching you...Ito...
  23. Loan Sword Ashigaru
  24. Army Composition
  25. Slow experience
  26. Battle maps ?
  27. I m not getting any money
  28. A few questions
  29. strategical help!
  30. What are you supposed to do with Trade Ships?
  31. Vassals vs. Occupation
  32. food
  34. Any good maps with area names?
  35. Economy tips?
  36. Should I do a Date or Hojo Campaign?
  37. When is the Full age..!?!
  38. campaign versus battle difficulty (can be set separately)
  39. Just to get this out of the way: AI bonuses
  40. Tips for Campaign?
  41. Maintain formation while moving?
  42. Who Has Money? Not Me, Not AI
  43. How was your first campaign ever?
  44. Has anyone gotten anywhere on legendary?
  45. Everyone hates me...
  46. Strategy Help. Desperate here. Also, No-Daichi Samurai, what are they good for?
  47. Requesting Unit Stat Explanation
  48. matchlock
  49. Lets talk about Ninjas in Battle.
  50. Markets versus food surplus
  51. Lugotorix's Comprehensive Uesugi AAR
  52. Explanation of Formations
  53. Pirates...arrr! Where are they?
  54. Hard battle difficulty
  55. >_> shameful display...
  56. My list of things that should be changed in the next patch.
  57. military or civil tech?
  58. Any advice for dealing with cannon bunes?
  59. Monk 'usage'
  60. Naval tactics
  61. Shogun's Ire?
  62. How to handle Realm Divide
  63. Video commentator needs result screen !
  64. Handling Conversion to Christianity
  65. TBH- CA didnt kid when they said that no1 in the office could win on legend- it is pretty imposible
  66. Has anyone had the AI trigger realm divide?
  67. Campaign Tech Tree?
  68. Campaign time limit and end game?
  69. What would you do here?
  70. How to board other ships?
  71. Order missile units to melee
  72. Minor campaign tip
  73. food shortages EVERYWHERE
  74. AI cheats: Spawns armies when out of your line of sight.
  75. Need some help with Oda
  76. Archers
  77. hwo to defend against..
  78. Short Campaign = Impossible?
  79. Friendly fire
  80. Playing wrong?
  81. How to Proceed as Uesugi
  82. Useful trade spot claiming trick, and some questions
  83. Bit of a dillema
  84. how to use commercial ships?
  85. Finding hidden units?
  86. No bridge battles?
  87. Playing Chosokabe, I am kind of in a bind here...
  88. Okay, so...handling life after realm divide...
  89. Interesting idea about trade and commodities
  90. "Past Grievances" always with Vassals
  91. List of traits gained through campaign actions
  92. Metsuke Tips
  93. Tokugawa start
  94. Cool trick for dealing with Rebellions.
  95. Strategists wanted - what would you do?
  96. Trade
  97. Legendary Level Completed Campaigns
  98. I really can't decide...
  99. Ninja
  100. Cavalry General Discussion
  101. Im going to loose Helppp!
  102. Statue on campaign map/battlefield marker?
  103. How would you rate the difficulty of each of the clan campaigns you've played?
  104. Cheating possible?
  105. Can ninjas assassinate the Shogun?
  106. A Shimazu AAR: Losing My Religion
  107. all clans declare war
  108. 1 vs. 1 fight like in the intro
  109. Not possible to give provinces away?
  110. hard Takeda campaign always 3-frontier-war at the beginning
  111. Can someone please help me with this
  112. How Trade with other factions?
  113. how do you refit units with new armor at a smithy?
  114. Way to beat the Black Ship
  115. Beware the flying demons
  116. So I just lost... I need help on a decision on who next
  117. Kyoto's army
  118. How to change start year?
  119. Fire Bomb Throwers - need some tips
  120. Dishonoring treaties? How?
  121. Preparation for Realm Divide
  122. First Completed Shogun 2 Total War Campaign Let's Play: Takeda - To the best of my knowledge
  123. How to make multiple monks?
  124. How do you start a rebellion?
  125. Faust Unit Guide?
  126. not able to trade regions ?
  128. Campaign problem with clans (Trade & diplomacies)
  129. Sieges
  130. A few questions.
  131. Honor
  132. Battlefield control features removed?
  133. Units automatically run instead of walking
  134. How many ninjas, monks etc etc can you have?
  135. Katana Ashigaru
  136. A.I cheating? Anyone else have this?
  137. 3 gameplay questions...so far!
  138. Unit repleneshment
  139. I'm boned.
  140. Why would you want Fire by Rank turned off?
  141. Managing a settlement
  142. No Dachi Samurai Usage
  143. Matchlock troops
  144. Just lost my first Campaign =/
  145. Campaign Battles and Casualties
  146. Pre-Emptive strike?
  147. Most feared enemy?
  148. Trade
  149. Battle tips?
  150. Battle Tactics 101 - Historical Tactics Used in Total War
  151. Any tips to how make ever city happies?
  152. How to defend a settlement
  153. Takeda Campaign and Problems.
  154. How do you compose your armies?
  155. Best way to make money
  156. How to deal with the food problem?
  157. Takeda upgraded samurai archer death march
  158. Siege weapons & defence
  159. Trade Ships
  160. Food Shortage
  161. Does anything happen after total conquest?
  162. How to win battles on very hard/Legendary
  163. A collection of questions relating (but not exclusive to) the Hattori
  164. Maximum number of agents
  165. How do I occupy a keep during a siege?
  166. Demigod Level
  167. Help with archers
  168. Weather and Waiting to Deployment
  169. Fire By Rank -- Useful for damaging morale?
  170. Big difference between Normal vs Hard CAI
  171. how to defeat siege tower bunespam
  172. How do i set general as Admiral?
  173. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  174. Highest level agents
  175. They won't have peace...
  176. Great economy boost - Metsuke
  177. Musketeers!
  178. Can't use assassination to completely wipe out a clan?
  179. Campaign features I wish I knew about... Please contribute!
  180. Demoralization
  181. New Historical battles?
  182. Destroying the enemy via Agents
  183. What do you build and where?
  184. lowering castle level?
  185. Best way to use Kisho Ninja?
  186. Can't trade with anyone + can't make alliances
  187. Hi everybody!!! I suck!
  188. Loose Formation
  189. This game is hard, even in easy!
  190. Navy warfare : share your tactics
  191. Katana or Yari Cavalry. Pros and Cons of each
  192. Chronobomb's Guide to Retainers
  193. Anti-Cavalry and Anti-archer tactics
  194. retainers question
  195. How do you plan properly when you first start playing the game?
  196. What is the criteria for declaring war?
  197. Question about Hostages
  198. Naginata Strategies
  199. Random Naval Invasions?
  200. Archery bonuses stacking
  201. Warrior Monks, armour or weaponry?
  202. How to Massively increase your movement on the Campaign Map
  203. The Game Should Be Called "Total Siege"
  204. How to get Massive amounts of koku through diplomacy
  205. Faction Info
  206. Build lots of cheaper units or fewer betters ones.
  207. General Development
  208. How to get Massive amounts of experience for your generals
  209. walking through wavering units
  210. Most informative posts/threads?
  211. Surrounded by allies
  212. Benefits of a nighttime attack?
  213. List of unit experience gain requirements?
  214. what causes archers to get bugged?
  215. How do you use Archers on O and D?
  216. How exactly do unit stats work?
  217. Yari Samurai Pointless?
  218. YA w/ spearwall beats YA swinging swords
  219. How to level your generals quickly on your own battlegrounds
  220. Uesugi = torture
  221. Need help will maximising the potential of my provinces please.
  222. Oda Campaign Let's Play in Legendary!
  223. What specs do I need?
  224. How do I retrain a units weapon/armor
  225. Climbing walls = slaughter
  226. Family Tree
  227. quick explanation of how the building trees work!
  228. maximising growth
  229. Advice on financial aspect of Shogun 2 totalwar?
  230. Porly dessigned ecnonomy system
  231. Christianity (etc)
  232. Strange happening.
  233. how to transport army with ships? trade ship ok?
  234. speeding up research
  235. My ports can't handle anymore trade. Or can they?
  236. How much do roads increase trade?
  237. Metalsmiths: Which do you prefer?
  238. Metsuke actions
  239. Real problems with Date
  240. When will we have the wonderfull Brandybarrel guide?
  241. Hatekaiama or soemthing
  242. How do they do it??
  243. What to do?
  244. Ronin
  245. I've broken the game with 3 ninjas
  246. How to sign trade agreements
  247. refill arrows?
  248. How do I get bigger fleets?
  249. Hattori AI Question
  250. Garrison question