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  71. what are the goals in the united states campaing and how will the us units look like
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  73. Chilean & Peruvian 1880
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  99. Bhil Tribes-people of Gujarat
  100. Coloured Illustrations of Ottomans by Jean Brindisi, 1855
  101. 19th Century Illustrations of Indians (Mughals and others)
  102. 19th Century Illustrations of Persian Soldiers
  103. 19th century prints of native peoples by Racinet
  104. Illustration of troop types of the Hicks Pasha Expedition to Sudan, 1883
  105. Estimated Launch Day
  106. If breaktrough happens in modding campaign map, is this mod getting ported to Shogun 2 Total War?
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  112. repeating rifles colts revolvers winchesters henry's gattling guns and other weapons of the time
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  116. The US Civil War and its Impact
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  139. FINALLY
  140. Campaign? Would love to showcase.
  141. Units from the latest version of ACW that could, perhaps, be used for VTW?
  142. British unit development
  143. Next Update?
  144. I think our team can help you
  145. 19th century hot climate military headgear
  146. September 1st, 1870 - The Battle of Sedan
  147. Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)
  148. Germany in the 19th Century
  149. Victoria Total War CTD on Startup
  150. Egypt Is Indepentent Absolute Monarch Since 1805 to 1952. ??
  151. 19th Century Native American History I - The US Civil War and Native Scouts
  152. Why the decision to start this mod in 1865?
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  154. The Slumbering Powers of the North - 19th Century Scandinavia pt. 1
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  157. Suggestions! Guatemala uniforms! Also perhaps maybe greater republic of central america?
  158. The History of the Rifle, pt. I
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