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  16. searching an hosting site for 1.05 go
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  19. WIP :new map in the zulu map mod: the laager!
  20. WIP: new map rorke's drift by kungfuserge + new zulu unit+ dabulamanzi
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  72. Gen Custerd the Battle at the little big horn
  73. Is it supposed to be doing this?
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  76. Which pack file contains the artillery unit tables for this mod?
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  79. Is it just me?
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  81. Isandlwana, a mod for medieval total war
  82. Battle of Isandlwana
  83. The Khartum and Zulu Mod has been reviewed by The Wargamer!!!! Check it out!
  84. A review of our mod in the wargamer
  85. The Wargamer has posted a Video AAR of the Khartum and Zulu Mod!!!!!!!!!!!!
  86. Random CTD's
  87. upload needed for self installer
  88. N-TW-zulu rorke's drift mod
  89. NTW-khartum and zulu mod
  90. NapoleoN first loading,and instaling MOD
  91. Crashing when taking last region of the mahdist
  92. I wanna play this mod but megaupload gone
  93. Does not start - crashes at start...user.script file
  94. Uninstalling?
  95. The Khartum and Zulu Mod : Screenshot
  96. Soundtrack
  97. No sound whatsoever.
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  99. Want promo work for your mod? Talk to Content Staff!
  100. alright multiplayer probs...
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  102. Tracer removal in Zulu mod
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  112. Khartoum/Zulu Mod Assistance Please.
  113. Jury-Rigging a Launcher
  114. Orient.exe Installation error "Not enough space"
  115. Gatling guns
  116. Wow!
  117. Compatible with Darthmod? And can the custom maps get a new download link?
  118. Weapons turning black in khartum mod
  119. Land battle Units Issue...
  120. Mod Units not showing up in unit selection
  121. Mod Continues to Crash. Would love some assistance if people still frequent this forum.
  122. Please add more units!
  123. Any Submods out there!
  124. A new mod based on 1850-1900 has been WIP , welcome to have a look .
  125. Soundtrack
  126. Help pls
  127. Bullet tracer removal
  128. Historical Battles.
  129. Fix crashes in Mahdist campaign?
  130. I modified the files "British_Units.pack" and "my_NAPloc.pack", would you like to take a look at them?
  131. Weird Borders