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  1. [RS 1.5c] Jingle_Bomb's Greek Cities Hoplite mod NOW UPDATED v1.1
  2. [RS 1.6a] My EDU - 3x Costs, 2x Maintenance for Units
  3. [RS 1.5c] The City State of Crete
  4. Roma Surrectum I: Submods for RS 1.6
  5. [RS 1.6a] Landbridges
  6. [RS 1.6a ] No Rebels Submod
  7. 100BC submod for Roma Surrectum needs skinners,mappers and more
  8. [RS 1.6a] Helloween Fan's EDU fixes for RS 1.6
  9. Old Questions
  10. [RS 1.6a] The Potato Guy's Massilia Sub-Mod
  11. [RS 1.6a] My mod for 1.6a (more for my questions:))
  12. [RS 1.6a] RS: The Horde
  13. [RS 1.6a] Greek Cavalry Sub-Mod
  14. Questions - Please post all submod quesions here
  15. [RS 1.6a] Jingle Bombs' Roman Reskin v1.0
  16. Kingdom of Eire
  17. [Proposal] The Carthaginian Empire; named and numbered units
  18. [Proposal] Roma Surrectum: Barbarian Invasion