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  1. [Tutorial] Using the Debug Cam
  2. [Resource] Shogun 2 Music Names explained
  3. [Tool] ESF Editor 1.4.8
  4. [Tool] esfxml - full support for Shogun 2 Total War esfs now
  5. [Resource] Shogun 2 scripting information and documentation.
  6. [Resource] Startpos.esf and Regions.esf
  7. [Resource] Easy quick word translations
  8. [Resource] Shogun 2 "Language" and "Encyclopedia" files
  9. [Tool] DB<->TSV converter for Shogun 2 Total War [released!]
  10. [Tool] unit_variant <-> txt converter for NTW and S2TW
  11. [Resource] Trying to update PFM
  12. [Tutorial] Using Taws Tools On Windows
  13. [Tool] Stupid (supertexture tool)
  14. [Tool] Pack File Manager 1.6.7 BETA (hotfix)
  15. [Tutorial] Unit editing with Hexeditor
  16. [Tutorial] Quick scripted modifications: Change Treasury, Disable rebelions, Unveil map, Remove startpos and scripting from pack.
  17. [Tool] User Script & Preferences Editor
  18. [Tutorial] easy cheat(all clan trait!)
  19. [Tutorial] Giving Characters Traits, Money through Savegame Editing
  20. [Tutorial] Easy Way to Faster Mastery of Arts [Tested&Worked]
  21. [Tool] Shogun 2 Converter for Esf, Db , Loc and Unit_Variant files.....(Last update 30/03)
  22. [Tutorial] Editing Troops (xp, number, etc) using ESF editor and Savegame
  23. [Resource] db files description using notepad & extension changer
  24. [Tool] Command line .pack unpacker support for S2TW
  25. [Tool] Fuse driver for .pack for Linux and OSX - now with support for S2TW/PFH2
  26. [Tutorial] Changing Faction Colors
  27. [Tutorial] Perfect ESF<->XML converter - Startpos Modifications Tutorial
  28. [Tutorial] Advanced Hex-editing: Creating a custom unit
  29. [Tutorial] How to diversify missile units' ranges
  30. [Tutorial] Quick tutorial -Changing unit weapon
  31. [Resource] [TWS2] Index of Modding Tutorials, Resources & Tools (Last Update: 21 Dec, 2011)
  32. [Tutorial] How to create a custom unit in Pack File Manager
  33. [Tutorial] Create_Force Demystified - Add units to AI at game start!
  34. [Resource] The S2 Script-o-Rama
  35. [Tutorial] Adding extra flags to units
  36. [Resource] The map of Japan
  37. [Tutorial] Adding the Black Ship and the Caravel into Custom Battles
  38. [Tutorial] How to Create an Area of Recruitment
  39. [Tutorial] How to Add a Table Definition to PFM
  40. [Tutorial] How to Create Military Unit Groups
  41. [Tutorial] More than 20 units in army Single player Campaign
  42. [Resource] All about the CAI (Campaign Ai).
  43. [Tutorial] How to change turns per year, end year and required regions.
  44. [Tutorial] How to change a region's special resources.
  45. [Tool] ESF Editor 1.4.8 (My Modification for Saving Bug Fixed)
  46. [Tutorial] How to add any buildings and all on city region.
  47. [Tool] groupformations.bin converter
  48. [Tool] "Hack" for PFM with patch7 unit_stats_land
  49. [Tool] Updated data files for PFM
  50. [Tutorial] How to add an ancillary
  51. [Tutorial] How to add incidents and dilemmas
  52. [Tutorial] Making Minor Clans Playable
  53. [Tool] TW Preference File Editor
  54. [Tutorial] Adding new clans to Shogun 2!
  55. [Tool] Autobackup of Save Games
  56. [Tutorial] How to create a faction description in custom battles
  57. [Tutorial] PFM Update (for issues with new tables)
  58. [Tool] Random Seed Changer
  59. [Tool] TWReplayBrowser
  60. [Tool] Pack File Manager 2.4.1 - Compatability Features added
  61. [Resource] FMV, videos in game
  62. [Tool] Scripts to generate encyclopedia for mods
  63. [Tutorial] How to create a Duel
  64. [Tool] EasyLoc 1.0.1 updated (17/12)
  65. [Tutorial] Modding AGENT LIMIT
  66. [Tutorial] Providing PFM column names
  67. [Tool] ESF 1.4.6 (Last Stable Version)
  68. [Tutorial] Using the DecodeTool for unknown DB Tables (PFM)
  69. [Resource] FAO Modders: Changes to ESF/Save format
  70. [Tutorial] Editing the new startpos.esf Files
  71. [Resource] Modifying Unit stats?
  72. [Tutorial] How to make an event
  73. [Tool] EditSF 1.0.8 - Added Bookmarks feature
  74. [Tutorial] Corrupted Sounds Solutions and Discussion
  75. [Tutorial] The PFM 2.1's MyMod Feature
  76. [Tool] TEd battle map editor announced (.pdf documentation in OP)
  77. [Tutorial] (FOTS) Making Existing Units Recruitable to Other Factions with PFM
  78. [Resource] Resource for historic events.
  79. [Tutorial] The Black Knight's Tutorial on castle making
  80. [Tutorial] [FIX]TEd - Deployment Zone Not Working? I know a fix.
  81. [Tutorial] Mapping: Locking a map to an or a set of environments
  82. [Tutorial] Mapping: Tip(s) of the day #1 - Buildings, EFlines and Zones, and Angles, Axis and Coordinates
  83. [Tool] Sinfonia Semplice (Sound Fixing Tool)
  84. [Tool] List Checker (esp. useful to find mistaken db IDs)
  85. [Resource] How do you edit Agent movement points with ESF editor?
  86. [Tutorial] How to remove fog of war AND silly map shroud
  87. [Tutorial] How to create or modify general and agent skilltrees
  88. [Tutorial] How to Start Modding!
  89. [Tutorial] Convert model from .rigid_model_v2 in .obj in Shogun2
  90. [Tutorial] New Guide to adding the building you want to any province using ESF.
  91. [Tutorial] How to use the Official Modding Tools
  92. [Resource] Formula for figuring out armor values vs projectile damage
  93. [Tool] MMS 1.3 MultiMod Support
  94. [Resource] Assembly Kit Q&A - Documentation questions!
  95. [Tutorial] How to add & edit names in the game's index
  96. [Tutorial] BOB Files 101
  97. [Resource] Assembly Kit Update - 10.10.2012
  98. [Tutorial] PFM's new Mod Compatability Features
  99. [Tutorial] Introduction Video to Shogun 2 Modding
  100. [Tutorial] removing technology requirements for units
  101. [Tutorial] adding/changing in game videos
  102. [Tutorial] How to move armies and navies around the campaign map?
  103. [Tutorial] How to make Resources: cotton, raw silk, from religions
  104. [Tutorial] Importing custom unit textures/ 3d meshes into Assembly Kit's Unit Editor
  105. [Tutorial] Guide editing Campaign map
  106. [Tutorial] Guide editing Campaign map
  107. [Tutorial] 5 Quick Questions to mod Shogun 2
  108. [Tutorial] How to use the Assembly kit (Starpos is now up!)
  109. [Resource] Learn how to mod!
  110. [Tutorial] Learn to make maps!
  111. [Tutorial] How to move a settlement/town/port/farm/trade node
  112. [Tutorial] How to add a town to a region without a town
  113. [Tutorial] How to split a region
  114. [Tutorial] How to add a new faction and modify existing ones
  115. [Tool] Easy Launcher
  116. [Tool] missing unit names
  117. [Resource] Examining raw building models & Primergy's EFLINE tool
  118. [Tutorial] How do I make a mod without mms or pfm?
  119. [Tutorial] How to make matchlock units to use Yari?
  120. [Tutorial] How to change uniform colors? Look here!
  121. [Tutorial] Needed: Simple Tutorial for exporting and importing S2TW Equipment model Modifications
  122. [Tutorial] Questions about modding technologies
  123. [Resource] How can I remove a unit from a mod using PFM?
  124. [Tutorial] How to import self-made 3d models into Shogun 2
  125. [Tutorial] How to mod influence radius of armies and navies
  126. [Tutorial] changing number of cannon for each ship
  127. [Resource] Examining models_naval tables and CA's ship model
  128. [Tutorial] Projectile Trails
  129. [Tutorial] integrate a custom Model into the game
  130. [Resource] Preparing the 2d Modding Summit - late January - 2014
  131. [Resource] Exporting Artillery Pieces - Research Thread
  132. [Tool] Rigid_Spline .txt Generator
  133. [Resource] Assembly Kit's Update Pack 1.2
  134. [Tool] Campaign-Tree Generator
  135. [Tool] Savegame Parser - support tool for EditSF (Shogun 2)
  136. [Tutorial] Exporting a custom garrisonable building model for Empire, Napolen and Shogun
  137. [Tool] How to import in Pack File Manager
  138. [Tutorial] How to recreate units stats aspect (RGM 6.0)
  139. [Tutorial] How to rebalance units stats aspect for Shogun 2
  140. [Tutorial] How to add a new land mass
  141. [Tutorial] blue tables is PFM
  142. [Resource] Editing Province Specialities and clan starting location
  143. [Tool] No ESf is working help..
  144. How to use the Tools, Tutorials & Resources sub-forum
  145. [Tutorial] How to add a few more castles to the campaign (yes, what you read)
  146. [Resource] Naval models editing
  147. [Tutorial] How to make other clans playable
  148. [Tool] Unit Editor Crash
  149. [Tutorial] How to Create a Dynamic Unit Cap
  150. [Resource] HELP? D: please....
  151. [Tutorial] Guide to get the unrestricted/debug camera for Total War: Shogun 2
  152. [Resource] How to reconcile steam official workshop mod and my own mod by PFM
  153. [Resource] Creating Mod with Assembly Kit {Error}
  154. [Resource] MMS Problems, Please Help
  155. [Tool] Is there a way to change a drop down into a text box in Pack File Manager...I ask because
  156. [Tool] SaveParser - Editor for Total War savegames (Shogun2)
  157. [Tool] override a minister's bodyguard without Tweak
  158. [Tutorial] Unit modding help.
  159. [Resource] How to make custom banners for a clan, and how to implement it?
  160. 2016 Modding Awards - Nominate Your Favourite Tools, Tutorials and Resources!
  161. [Tutorial] [Tutorial] 3D model importing questions - Update with video Tutorial
  162. [Tutorial] Adding Custom Animations to Shogun2
  163. [Tutorial] Automatic Daiymo portrait replacement
  164. [Resource] Imported ETW and NTW models_naval and Sail & Rigging logic into S2.
  165. [Tool] Sound fix for S2TW and expansions