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  1. help in making a mod
  2. Have fun
  3. Historical Battles
  4. I shogun2 more moddable?
  5. The campaign unit multiplier is back
  6. "Fooling" your computer
  7. Unit Upkeep
  8. Question about mods for Demo
  9. Is there a option to channge starting money
  10. So about modding
  11. Where is the unpacker located?
  12. Making Factions Playable - Problem
  13. Faster loading times.
  14. How to change recruit/construction time
  15. Dead bodies disappering
  16. Change regions ownership
  17. Napoleon - shogun
  18. Camera view closeness
  19. Starting units
  20. Request for requests
  21. Db tables in TSV format (dl) - unpacked with TAW tools
  22. Getting mods to work in .pack format.
  23. Request: Registry Entries of Shogun 2
  24. Question about ammunition/arrows etc.
  25. Questions About Shogun 2 moddability
  26. Help with opening files
  27. Trait editing
  28. How to use the PFM?
  29. Replenishment rates
  30. Family Tree Editing
  31. [Request] Tutorial on Making Tutorials?
  32. [Request / Question] Mod Manager
  33. Will there be a DB editor for shogun 2?
  34. Help, ESF file into movie format pack?
  35. Help A Noob use a mod?
  36. reduce maximum army/garrison size
  37. When using PFM
  38. How can I rip the soundtrack and intro video from my game?
  39. Luac Files Collection
  40. [Request] Bow units limit
  41. Program that open .pack files?
  42. Adding AI players in multiplayer battles
  43. Animating arrows?
  44. How to mod Loan Sword Ashigaru in Campaighn?
  45. [ask] changing general/daimyo's stats in sp campaign
  46. PFM and animation_tables.txt?
  47. Portraits
  48. Please remove
  49. Fixing Dishonor treaties bug
  50. Give me back tracers when i use Toons or Darths mod!
  51. Agent Cap ?
  52. Table: cdir_unit_qualities???
  53. Need tutorial for changing downloading screen
  54. Is this possible ?
  55. Faction Tag for Non-Playables?
  56. Increasing Charge Time out?
  57. Anyone know where the song from the credits is located?
  58. Is there a way to remove the restricted battlefield camera from Very Hard/Legendary?
  59. [WARNING!] Modding Multiplayer Stats
  60. Mod to stop archer spam
  61. Victory conditions date changed
  62. In-Game Pics
  63. Updating Mods for Patch(es)
  64. How to remove units from savegames
  65. Patch 6, anyone see any changes?
  66. How to install mods and/or scripts?
  67. Problems with PFM and patch 5,6
  68. Minimzed UI?
  69. Is it possible to change the amount of exp gained for agent actions?
  70. Will there be a Pack File Manager for the new version of Shogun 2 total war patch 6
  71. where can i download the db editor for shogun2??
  72. How do i edit in closer ambush...??
  73. Is it possible to Create new weapon types with Bonus vs X?
  74. Unit Card Problem
  75. Mod Manager?
  76. How do I add Ikko Ikki loan sword ashigaru or MP loan sword ashigaru to single player campaign?
  77. Changing starting Religion or Position?
  78. Video
  79. Steam and online play
  80. Scripted Battles in the campaign
  81. How add new brother or son in the clan family??
  82. How to Increase the interception Area?
  83. unit size
  84. [Question] How to add a building to a region at start of campaign
  85. (Custom General Breakthrough!) I. Am. So. Close. What am I doing wrong?
  86. Need help bout units
  87. Commodity Prices
  88. What do you want from modding tools
  89. Vanilla data.pack
  90. Re: Want to know how to unpack files
  91. A guide to custom effects?!
  92. How would I go about in getting hold of the cutscenes/events and putting them up onto youtube?
  93. Request for a complete tuto for PFM
  94. Mod Installer
  95. Question: is it possible to alter Forts?
  96. Units from different Total War Games
  97. Noob question - Faulty .PACKs
  98. changing range
  99. Dreading next patch?
  100. Where does that picture come from ?
  101. boot.pack problem
  102. now a startpos.esf problem
  103. Can someone explain this one?
  104. Question about the mods
  105. multiplayer campaign question
  106. Getting rid of avatar in SP mode help
  107. Tutorial Help
  108. legal question
  109. Down/Up Speed
  110. Can some one make a mod to remove the red line indicator in battles?
  111. Battle victory conditions
  112. Playing as the Ito clan (:
  113. Pirates Stopped Spawning
  114. hotseat modification for Shogun 2
  115. daniu's Shogun 2 Tools
  116. camera zooming before battle
  117. Adding/changing building buffs
  118. How to make pack file mod???
  119. Menu landscape, anyone help?
  120. PackFileManager 1.6.6(hotfix) and 1.6.7 cannot read patch9 of units_table
  121. How to active Unit cards?
  122. icons_square problem
  123. Deleting Army in ESF
  124. Anyone Doing a space 1889 mod?
  125. special unit dieing off after campaign battle
  126. customizing a factions available units?
  127. European canons for every clan
  128. My Mod won't let me start up Shogun 2
  129. Disabling fire arrows
  130. Source code for PFM
  131. [Help] Edit province owner in game saves
  132. Unlocking Onna Bushi
  133. increase resistance to occupation?
  134. Changing Region resources?
  135. More Generals?
  136. Question: Historical Battles
  137. Changing campaign end date.
  138. changing hit points?
  139. noob here: how do i get a mod to run
  140. Manipulating weather
  141. I am trying to revert back to Patch10!!!
  142. [Question] Adding time limits for unit availability
  143. Custom battle generals
  144. Having All Techs At Start of Game?
  145. Need help getting a mod to work.
  146. I need help...
  147. Allow diplomacy with every faction from turn one?
  148. Removing Famous Battle Marker
  149. YouTube Tutorials Please
  150. Units Table Question
  151. Multiplayer DB Tables/Columns
  152. How to edit .pack files?
  153. Mod Manager? (Checking mod compatibility?)
  154. making Toyotomi clan playable in campaign
  155. Modding how many ranks deep a formation is?
  156. Would like to ask someone to make unit cards
  157. Tenshu Ammo Replenishment
  158. What is a "campaign file" - Trying to change the number of turns per year
  159. I need some help
  160. Request to iGood for FotS
  161. Campaign map "Haze" or clouds removal
  162. FOTS Patch broken custom unit mod... require help.
  163. Permament family tree?
  164. Backgrounds
  166. Regarding Sieges
  167. Some questions...
  168. multiple training camps possible?
  169. Making tanegashima playable FOTS
  170. Units from other campaigns
  171. PFM Help please
  172. FOTS All Factions
  173. How can I make all fire?
  174. Recruitment Question
  175. Need help finding an error
  176. need help making a pack file
  177. Custom mod don't work. Pls, help.
  178. Custom units problem now :))
  179. Unit Mod Doesn't Work Anymore
  180. [help]Mod Advice
  181. Need help Editing RotS!
  182. FoTS Foreign Veteran question
  183. Where did I go wrong?
  184. Any way to remove the fog of war on FOTS?
  185. Extracting info from replay files
  186. how to make new encyclopedia entries?
  187. A copule of questions for modders
  188. Mods don't work anymore after the big update
  189. If there are multiple pack files that modify the same table, which one overrides the other?
  190. mod not working-please help
  191. I can not import models
  192. Several campaign difficulty handicap effects, has anyone made these work?
  193. Card Mod Help
  194. pack file manager
  195. Downgrade shogun
  196. Porting animations?
  197. [FotS] Agents removal
  198. Changing the physical size of units
  199. Some Big Questions - Solved
  200. Need Mod HELP!!!!
  201. Mods crash my game
  202. The implemention of having more then 2 people in a shogun 2 multiplayer campaign
  203. unlocking units in custom battle
  204. Compatibility
  205. begginers modding help
  206. PFM how do i extract specific lines only?
  207. "unit_description_texts_description_text_..." - Entry showing blank box.
  208. user.script.txt
  209. quick query
  210. [Requesting some information] FoTS Tech Tree data files
  211. Increasing Tech rate in Fots
  212. Difference between NTW and STW2 modding
  213. [Planning] Non-Cheating AI/Improved Oda Campaign
  214. Keybuildings not working in Multiplayer
  215. Point me in the correct direction please
  216. How the game load the files? Wha is game load order of packs?
  217. a simple request...
  218. how do I give a unit gold armor
  219. [Question] Modding the Startpos (post patch24)
  220. Trying to add traits and change tech...
  221. Game not recognizing any Pack files??
  222. Patch broke my mod tools?
  223. Create Hero
  224. has anyone succeeded making a historical battle with the workshop yet?
  225. Assembly kit broken by patch..
  226. I need help getting the Assembly Kit up and running
  227. How to upload?
  228. Heavy Gunners
  229. PMF noob question
  230. assembly kit questions
  231. How to slow down the movement speed of units?
  232. TWS2: Any Event Templates Out There?
  233. Very basic assembly kit question
  234. Buildings Clan Specific Table
  235. Small Technical Request
  236. Mods Crashing my Game. Need hep please!
  237. [SOLVED!!!] Dual Flag Bearers
  238. No mod i make works. Help!
  239. [Question] Modify Number of Units Received from Vassal?
  240. Questions of Mod Permissions and Credits
  241. How to Upload a Mod?
  242. Some questions from a first time, prospective modder.
  243. Naval pirates spawns - how to change ?
  244. Mod load order
  245. Possible to Use Two Animations? (Spearwall Issue)
  246. Problem with modding the menu
  247. Won't Load With Mods
  248. Cause of CTD: Dividing by... zero?
  249. Mod wont take effect
  250. replace archers with matchlock gunners on bunes and trade ships