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  1. Suitable Program to mod Unit count/type?
  2. unit sizes
  3. Adding an Armoury to a Region:
  4. Editing starting money & "king's purse" succesfully
  5. Arrows sticking around (literally)
  6. How to Unlock all Factions
  7. Editting auto-resolve
  8. Number of turns per season
  9. Editing the maximum number of Units in Campaign?
  10. Earlier Start date
  11. advice on basic modding please
  12. How rename units?
  13. changing startpos question
  14. changing factions name question
  15. Any idea how to change victory conition?
  16. Adding Experience for Generals
  17. Edit Savegame
  18. saving the oda
  19. DATE entry in ESFs
  20. Modding conditions for 'Realm Divide'
  21. How to Edit Food Storage
  22. Diplomacy
  23. Editing Buildings?
  24. [Request] A way to edit the duration of Mastery of Arts
  25. Clan Fame: stopping it
  26. How to turn off a script
  27. Alternative Unlocking of Factions
  28. How could I localise the shogun 2?
  29. Unit editing
  30. Removing all handicap at any difficulty
  31. hello
  32. Any word on a longer game yet?
  33. Fertile trait?
  34. How do I adjust the size of a single unit?
  35. more general skill points and faster arts research.
  36. Odd issue with upgraded garrison troops
  37. Would like to slow down the game and make units unique, special, and hard to come by
  38. Trying to work on the clan issue
  39. Changing Admin Costs
  40. Possible to downgrade the fortress building line?
  41. Removing certain units
  42. "preferences.script" editing question
  43. Modding easier/harder/ bout the same?
  44. Editing Family Hierarchy
  45. How do I remove a unit from the game?
  46. How do I change tax, trade, estate income levels?
  47. How do I change garrison levels?
  48. How can I edit the unit stats in Shogun 2 ?
  49. Modding/Editing Clan Tree
  50. Initial challenge
  51. Adding new bonus effect, possible?
  52. Adding a colour for each faction?
  53. can not change clan starting religion by esf editor?
  54. Changing your general's bodyguard
  55. Campaign handicap db help
  56. Max variables for units stats
  57. heir not comming of age
  58. Editing Names
  59. Is it possible to change vassal attitude towards to the owner?
  60. Early Matchlock Ashigaru?
  61. [Question] How to recruit samurai from castle?
  62. adding units
  63. Modding STW2 Battle AI?
  64. Create a Custom Unit with PFM
  65. start to wonder that we cannot unlock more factions
  66. Unit experience bonus from buildings
  67. unit editing with pfm possible?
  68. Technology/Research (Please move to Empire's Mod Workshop)
  69. How can i change the ship,missile range;missile accuracy;melee attack;melee defence?
  70. unit stats not logical
  71. Turns Editor
  72. Custom Factions
  73. Unit speed
  74. {REQUEST} Editing traits/abilities.
  75. changing the size of land stacks?
  76. startpos.esf questions
  77. Edit Hattori Kisho Ninja
  78. Where are the function in .lua files called??
  79. Adding more defense to all units, makes battles longer?
  80. Problem with "technology_effects_junction"
  81. Battle AI Script Management - Idea Kitchen
  82. Fixing Takeda Great Guard Bug
  83. URGENT Need help with modding compaign
  84. When Does a Soldier Die?
  85. Using PFM to Edit Files
  86. 1 turn recruitment for Shimazu Units,All of them
  87. Trouble editing ammo count
  88. Starting armies dont change their unit size
  89. Problem with editing units in variantmodels
  90. General Stats
  91. Changing factions victory conditions...
  92. How to add units midgame
  93. Editing Calv Charge with PFM
  94. Retainer info ?
  95. help needed
  96. I need help in mod food supply
  97. Garrison Tutorial Request
  98. Create new faction missions possible?
  99. Modifying officers?
  100. Castle slots and agent limit
  101. For anyone who wants to help please do there will be enough for everyone :P
  102. How to Change Rebel Spawn Units
  103. How to re-enable an option to give region in diplomacy?
  104. Unit size and recruitment slots
  105. Hybrid Startpos [Request]
  106. "mod_unit_morale_enemy" effects
  107. [WARNING!] Modding Multiplayer Stats
  108. Clan Bonuses?
  109. building_levels_tables
  110. campaign_difficulty_handicap_effects - Which numbers corresponds to which difficulty setting?
  111. Advice Wanted
  112. Custom Ability??
  113. Faction Specific Building (Question)
  114. Editing generals and agents
  115. Heroes as general unit
  116. Flaming arrows script?
  117. Why does this pack make my game crash?
  118. Reached brickwall editing projectiles table - need help!
  119. Which .pack to use?
  120. Agent slots
  121. Missing Unit for recruit
  122. Hi friends, can someone help me with some basics?
  123. How can I force the program to refresh the encyclopedia?
  124. How do I editing non custom units?
  125. Battle_autoresolver_balances table in PFM
  126. Melee Piercing and Penetrating Weapons?
  127. How add new family with brother and son?? With ESF.
  128. How to edit stealthy level one to allow night battles?
  129. how to increase the naval unit slots
  130. where is Retainers,cant find them with ESF.
  131. [request] downgradable/destroyable castles
  132. Mastery of Arts, 1-Turn or instant?
  133. A way to 'simply' modify the range of Bow Samurai?
  134. Help with mod
  135. How to mod the clan possesions
  136. Lone Samurai
  137. how to add custom general
  138. Change weapons using text editing?
  139. changing starting character age
  140. Experience maximum points?
  141. Automatic Running - Moddable?
  142. mission edit
  143. Puzzled by the line of sight and weather effects.
  144. Is it possible to edit general skills, traits, and retainers?
  145. Modding town wealth growth?
  146. Firebomb Ninjas
  147. Where I can find the definition or how can I make new definitions of building functions
  148. Casttles and Provinces slots
  149. Occupation resistance and Siege length
  150. More than 81 general portraits in the game.
  151. Hattori special deployment
  152. Modding diplomacy agreements
  153. Generals dismounted by default
  154. Staggering unit upkeep
  155. Changing starting location of a faction?
  156. Custom unit crash
  157. Confused about resizing/disbanding units [UPDATE] [FFFFUUUUUUU~]
  158. How do dilemmas work?
  159. Adding new events
  160. What files to edit for Officer?
  161. Game crashing at load screen
  162. How can I force the game to use my DB values?
  163. Region Specialization and Resources
  164. Modifying Initial Diplomatic Relations
  165. Unit Sizes
  166. Problems with auto resolve
  167. files for one ancillary?
  168. Getting the matchlock units to all fire
  169. Removing Fog of War
  170. Need help bout units
  171. How do I disable a faction in campaign map?
  172. Dojos to Grant Unit Specific Bonuses
  173. Nodachi Cavalry
  174. my mod not taking effect
  175. Immune to Attrition?
  176. PFM Unhandled?
  177. intermediate modding questions
  178. editing files and now i cannot play savegame
  179. What do I edit for faster cavalry?
  180. Battle Map Time of Day..
  181. Unifying PFM data with TAWS data
  182. Stopping castle towers from firing on enemy
  183. How to edit unit stats??
  184. special ability
  185. editing scripting.lua
  186. Defence on walls
  187. Bulletproof does not work?!?
  188. How do you make a new projectile?
  189. Editing specific samurai unit details (number of soldiers, stats...)
  190. No Daimyo honour bonus?
  191. Retainers
  192. How do you edit stats etc... for units?
  193. dilemma mod not working
  194. Custom Abilities
  195. Custom Ship
  196. Removing swords from Long Yari.
  197. Getting unit to switch to secondary
  198. agent population cap adjustment
  199. Only one table from my mod is applying?
  200. Climbing Walls
  201. How can I edit proverbs in loading screen?
  202. Preventing AI Bankruptcy and Overspending
  203. Picture scripted ?
  204. Is there a limit to # of AI_forces you can spawn?
  205. Please help with cheats. dON'T SAY i TYPED WRONG.
  206. Campaign Description
  207. Recruiting Takeda Great Guards
  208. Victory conditions and general enlistment frequencies
  209. Points per rank increase
  210. Recruiting European cannons
  211. how to remove unit
  212. Ranged statistics
  213. Changing number of units in starting armies.
  214. Ikko Monk for other factions
  215. how do i increase the odds of getting heroic victories.
  216. Campaign Faction specific General Unit
  217. changing unit size not working?
  218. Need Help - Unit modding
  219. hard limits
  220. Custom Unit - BDI Pool
  221. Tweaking faction bonuses
  222. [Modding] Unit size. Sound issues.
  223. Trigger effects tables
  224. General Recruitment, Unit Strength, Female General
  225. Force Peace?
  226. Decreasing revolutions
  227. Lone Samurai Mod - Stuck?
  228. Building tooltips not showing?
  229. Effects,Grants,Etc
  230. Modding building attributes
  231. Best Projectile settings to adjust
  232. Strange problem with Diyamo After assassination
  233. N00b question, Pack File Manager
  234. AI money script
  235. Custom Script assistance
  236. Editing Unit Stats
  237. Noob question; cannot get unit stat mods to show in game
  238. ROTS Problem Creating Exclusive Units
  240. Improve Gifts
  241. Playing with Diplomacy_Attitudes_table
  242. New-Creating Minor Clan Units
  243. beginner question about PFM
  244. [Requesting Help] Porting RoTS Units to Sengoku Jidai Campaign
  245. Sieging Archers Malfunction Mystery (?)
  246. Reduce unit stack to 15 units?
  247. Change the names of the trade routes?
  248. Please help. Need to remove the buff given by 'scares enemies'
  249. Assistance needed
  250. Add/create new abilities in the game