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  1. Skinning question, how to get your changes ingame?
  2. S2TW Animations
  3. Wounded soldier animations
  4. Faction-Specific textures?
  5. Variety in Sashimono
  6. I love to see a "Vibrant Clan Color" mod for each clan
  7. Change models
  8. Taisho models....
  9. Blood splattered across armour, as in M2TW
  10. What is Tachi Samurai from data.pack
  11. Sprite Tint
  12. Is it still possible to use etw unit models in s2?
  13. How to edit dds files?
  14. Yari Ashigaru SPEAR ONLY! How?
  15. General models
  16. reskinning- is it possible yet?
  17. where to find texture files
  18. New unit Icons problem
  19. General portrait reference
  20. better render mod ?
  21. Any way to forct unit use certain weapon??
  22. How to FIX Yari Ashigaru & Great Guard with PFM
  23. Change portrait and model of Daimyo
  24. [ASK] How to edit atlas file?
  25. New horse model please.
  26. How do I get to the banner files?
  27. How to make unit archer stats show?
  28. new unit request
  29. Where are the .tga-files for unit info cards (encyclopedia)?
  30. 3 quick questions
  31. How to less rebellion ?
  32. slow the arrows a little
  33. Battle Animations...
  34. How to change unit card icon
  35. How to change textures?
  36. How would I fix fire rocket trails?
  37. Custom unit cards not displaying for custom unit, help plz.
  38. [Proposal] Bring Weapon Models into TWS2
  39. How to change ingame(trade node) resource icon?
  40. no dachi
  41. misplaced texture problem
  42. Changing/editing Faction Banners! (BTW, I was successful...)
  43. Help! Cant to change texture
  44. variantmodels
  45. How to create a banner (back sashimono) for
  46. Remove Horos
  47. weapons
  48. Amor
  49. Unit modelling
  50. Need help creating a custom unit
  51. Regarding Hypothetical Rebel Banners... (A more difficult part of the banner topic)
  52. KATANA HERO- changing model
  53. Using general variant model as units
  54. NTW floating icons instead of floating banners
  55. officers
  56. Using agent models for combat units?
  57. Chaging General Unit Model
  58. how do you chang color for a single unit
  59. All mathlocks?
  60. .variant_part_mesh converter
  61. How to make dust visible when soldiers walk/run
  62. Advisor Head Files
  63. Map new models
  64. Shogun 2 menu UI
  65. (Need Help) New texture don't apply to the game!
  66. Help! Custom units crashing to desktop with ROTS
  67. Shogun 2 Meshing
  68. armour sets and models
  69. Arrow Stands
  70. No one is able to make an importer exporter?
  71. 3d models textures animations WHERE and HOW TO
  72. What is most likely an atlas problem!
  73. Make the Long Yari Ashigaru's Yari standard for ashigaru?
  74. cant change Clan Flags/banners colors
  75. maya
  76. Is S2TW rigidmodels Moddable?
  77. How Can I Change Unit Textures ?
  78. Changing RoS character images
  79. Genpei texture campaign map to original campaign?
  80. NEED HELP on weapons
  81. custom banner
  82. Modding Matchlock Muzzleflash and Gun Smoke
  83. Weird Texture Error?
  84. Shogun2 Fall of the Samurai Units
  85. Cavalry Standard Bearers...
  86. Shiroyasha
  87. how do .tai files work? need some help with modding
  88. How to add little flag on back?
  89. Regarding Turrets on the Roanoke-class
  90. Strange Clan Texture Issue
  91. Model Issue for New Units
  92. Bayonets, tips from modders of ETW/NTW?
  93. How to change the color of the faction on the map?
  94. Remove Sashimono (back flag) from custom unit Officer?
  95. Colour Masks ???
  96. Texture Problem
  97. How the animations work in Total War
  98. need help changing unit animations
  99. Adding Helmets and Masks
  100. Retexture clan, change its flag
  101. Texture Artist looking for work (Right Forum!)
  102. I need help
  103. Where are the Variantmodels files for FotS?
  104. what makes uniforms look wet?
  105. Square Formation
  106. NTW Flags to FOTS
  107. Unit cards for Lasers unit pack
  108. Spear & gun unit
  109. Adding banners to units
  110. Changing unit model
  111. Changing infantry's helmet
  112. 3d icons
  113. Adding new models
  114. Finding Crest Model - Solved
  115. Reviving Clan Retexture Project: Need Help!
  116. Difficulty Editing Textures
  117. Background ?
  118. Background?
  119. Modding question.
  120. Changing generals appearance
  121. How do I do this?
  122. How can I change the unit's mon color?
  123. [FOTS]Changing Campaign Map and Battle flags - where are the files stored?
  124. Editing Mon possible
  125. Where can i find the units_tables for FOTS?
  126. Help with recolouring units
  127. Hardcore swordskills - need help changing animation!
  128. cant open some of the provided 3dmax files
  129. Different animation set for range and melee possible?
  130. Changing amout of blood on the battlefield (blood dlc)
  131. Anybody know how to fix this?
  132. Motion-Capture possibility?
  133. How to change the uniform of infantry?
  134. Need help with Unit Icon/cards. (Assembly Kit)
  135. need help with castles
  136. Daimyo swap.
  137. Ships
  138. Babies first modding problem
  139. Minor graphical edit
  140. Are there Scenery Mods for Shogun - Shogun 2?
  141. Help editing General model
  142. Modding or finding skins
  143. reviving Anton& Samurai Ls mod
  144. Editing VariantModels/Units
  145. Unique model for unit
  146. Porting models S2 -> R2
  147. Missing Oda Uma-jirushi driving me mad!
  148. How do I edit uniforms?
  149. Adding new textures to existing parts
  150. [Question] Recruitment Queue Icons?
  151. Custom Settlements
  152. Need help with custom unit cards!
  153. How does the 3ds Max Exporter work?
  154. Removing Screen Blood Spatter Mod
  155. Port siege units to RoTS?
  156. [Help] Making Custom portraits & Flags
  157. Editing Unit Animations (Aiming of Firearms)
  158. A Different type of coat, is it possible?
  159. Possibe to Use Two Animations? (Spearwall Issue)
  160. RotS Cavalry Standard Bearer Animation
  161. TWeak; DAVE; Form Launcher Crashing.
  162. Can someone import M2TW models to S2TW?
  163. HELP! katana units suddenly become powerful!
  164. Can someone import NTW unit part models to S2TW?
  165. Date Daimyo Crests show in Low Model Detail?
  166. Modding USS Roanoke
  167. How to switch clans Sashimono
  168. Rigging up new models in 3DS Max for Shogun 2
  169. How to fix distance between soldiers in formation ?
  170. Unit Cards help.
  171. Any way to bring back the gloss for S2?
  172. Monk sashimono mod!
  173. How to make a unit to use a different one's model
  174. Second Waving Flag Project ETW
  175. Missing bows when archers draw their... well,... bows.
  176. How to edit existing units uniforms using existing uniforms.
  177. Petrified
  178. [Solved(?)] Edited normal maps in Photoshop become blocky (Updated with new info)
  179. integrate custom models in Shogun 2 ???
  180. HELP - Sashimono
  181. Can units be made taller?
  182. It's possible to add Rome 2 quivers to Shogun 2 archers ?
  183. texture_colour_mask.dds help !!!!
  184. Ship Models
  185. How do I use 3DS max to create models?
  186. Hi, I'm new to Modding(( Read To anyone who can help me. ))
  187. Need 3 units card for fots heros.. Pleaseeeee
  188. Anyone know this problem? (import custom model)
  189. Need help with agent portrait in campaign :D
  190. How to make encyclopaedia become wide or full screen ???
  191. How do you create a UI main menu mod?
  192. How to make color_mask and gloss_map file?
  193. Texture_Level.dds
  194. Missing Weapons
  195. Missing blood effect for shogun 2 new hero eguip sh naginata
  196. Rome 2 Horses
  197. How to change Faction Flag? (Campaign and floating one)
  198. Sword Worn Tachi-Style?
  199. Charging animation.
  200. Rank-Fire Ability Editting
  201. Ship modding - textures, sails and flags.
  202. Trying to understand atlas files
  203. How does the Rome 2 skeleton differs from the Shogun 2 skeleton?
  204. How to make cavalry use nodachi properly? (historical)
  205. Do these mods effect multiplayer?
  206. New resources or moddified ones
  207. Textures Problem - Help!!
  208. banner size
  209. More Standard Bearers!
  210. Porting rome 2 models into shogun 2?
  211. Change Banner size and signs. FOTS
  212. Pike and Shoot
  213. is it possible to use a custom .soldier_variant in the pack file manager
  214. How to use FOTS models/factions in the Original Shogun 2 Campaign?
  215. How to change soldier model?
  216. Inserting unit card files into the .pak file
  217. Unit model and ID
  218. Sashimono
  219. 3DS Max Free For Students
  220. sashimono idea help
  221. Campaign Texture
  223. Adding new animations to Campaign
  224. How to open the .anim extension?
  225. Looking for the stratbanner flag model
  226. How can I change the texture of the "Bloodfountains"?
  227. Textures for Starting Generals
  228. Remove distance tint of units in battle map?
  229. Daiymo Models
  230. New camapign model textures
  231. More and longer lasting blood on the ground?
  232. Ultimate Unwrap 3d
  233. [Help] No texture for some rigid files?
  234. Opening unit models from Shogun2 doesn't work in UU3D???Even with plugin.
  235. [Questions] tools, Teds , UU 3d and some questions
  236. PFM Is it possible to change a drop down menu column to text box?
  237. Trying to understand how animation DB tables work!
  238. How to get rid of that ugly koguma model?
  239. Uniform editing.
  240. (Request) Help needed with external files
  241. Need 3d modeling import help
  242. Import general model from mod to vanilla
  243. change general model via esf editor
  244. Remove several general portraits
  245. The damiyo/general portraits of FoTS are shamefur
  246. Right bones to arms and torsos?
  247. Importing models & differencies with ETW\NTW
  248. FOTS textures for Shogun map
  249. Adding new editing texture to shogun 2, HELP !!
  250. Wanna to learn how to make kabuki Shogun 2 portrait.