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  1. [Released] Total War - Shogun 2 Demo -Battle Mod- [V0.2 released, enhanced battle of Awa]
  2. [Released] FreePlay Campaigns - All Factions Playable!
  3. [Released] Unit Size v0.1 - New Sekigahara x1.5
  4. [Released] LGI Modified Battles - Sekigahara new units
  5. [Released] 100% Unscripted Battles!
  6. [Released] THE LARGE BATTLE MOD-updated!!! 4 maps playable with new units, more soldier, new factions, catapults and cannons!
  7. [Released] All The Clan Fight In The Battle
  8. [Released] FreePlay Campaigns - All Factions Playable - Cheating version !!!!
  9. [Released] Battle Creator [V4]
  10. [Released] Fixed AI Custom Battle - 100% Unscripted
  11. [Released] Fire to powder
  12. [WIP] my NEW custom battle tool
  13. [Released] Azai vs Oda mod
  14. [Released] Maybe to late for new battle, but.....
  15. [Released] NEW Battle Map - 4 situation ! UPDATED !
  16. [Beta] (BIEM) Better In-Game Encyclopedia Map – with resources/specialty, fertility, ports, etc.
  17. [Released] "Japanese" Unit Names
  18. [Released] Date Masamune Starting Game
  19. [Beta] Total War: ShoGun 2 Mod Manager
  20. [Released] (BIEM)-Better In-Game Encyclopedia Map - overhaul for Shogun2, RotS & FotS(final) /Sekigahara-Campaign
  21. [Released] How to boost Total war games
  22. [Released] Missing Walls in Fortress Fix
  23. [Released] Multicore Allocation
  24. [Released] Kendo maps (mini mod)
  25. [Beta] FOTS 4 TPY (BETA)
  26. [Released] How to have your steam games on several hard drives and make room for TW and mods
  27. [Released] Ready boost: it boots really your total war games!
  28. [WIP] Blocking main menu advertisements
  29. [Released] COMMUNITY MAP PACK I for Shogun 2 (45 maps)
  30. [Released] Extended Mods Collection
  31. [Released] Nathaniak's Visual Mods
  32. [Released] Unit Cards 4 Mod
  33. [Released] Last stand canyon
  34. [WIP] New Kwantung Army Unit coming out soon!!!
  36. [Released] Frodo's Minimods
  37. [Beta] Lu Bu Campaign ( ROTK beta)
  38. [Released] Campaign´s "Engaging battle" animation