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  1. [Released] the Hedge Knights Blood Mod
  2. [Proposal] speed of replays
  3. [Proposal] arrows more visible and permanent
  4. [Released] Better Unit Cards modpacks -v1.00
  5. [Proposal] fixing the cannons
  6. [Released] Blood and smoke v 0.1
  7. [WIP] 戊辰Graph Mod戦争v 0.1 [Preview]
  8. [Released] Custom mini-map pips! NEW FotS version
  9. [WIP] Shogun 2 Original Music Mod (Composed By Me) Preview/WIP
  10. [Proposal] Blood Stains
  11. [Proposal] Straight Bladed Yari
  12. [Proposal] Shimazu Color Mod
  13. [Proposal] Generals without Horos
  14. [Proposal] removing the arrow trails?
  15. [Proposal] Remove ranged blood splatter?
  16. [Proposal] Charge sounds
  17. [Released] Less shiny/glossy units (V4 released for latest patch!)
  18. [Released] Forcing the AA in game!!
  19. [Released] Clan Retexture Project: ALL playable clans retextured and released! (Ikko-Ikki released!)
  20. [Released] No projectile trails v1.1 (Arrows & Guns)
  21. [Proposal] Further suggestions for arrows
  22. [Proposal] Tokugawa army color
  23. [Released] Clan Color mod - Updated V11
  24. [Proposal] Army Painter anyone?
  25. [Proposal] Change 3D heads icon on CM with 2D unit cards
  26. [Proposal] Increased font mod
  27. [Released] Camera in buildings and where you want
  28. [WIP] Larger fonts
  29. [Proposal] Disable shadow but only on unit
  30. [Proposal] All Romaji Units mod
  31. [Released] General Horo Removal Mod
  32. [Released] V.3.05 PATCH -Unit Variety Mod + Light Edition
  33. [Released] New Japanese Speech Fix Mod v1
  34. [Proposal] Fight in the Shade
  35. [Proposal] Annoying Soldier Speech!
  36. [Proposal] Original Shogun battle music
  37. [Proposal] Multiplayer Customization in Singleplayer
  38. [Proposal] No Red Battlefield Border - Solved by THK!
  39. [Proposal] Making the yellow border of unit cards more visible
  40. [WIP] Traditional Japanese Music
  41. [Proposal] Wind sound on zoomed out campaign map.
  42. [Proposal] Changing Yellow Selected Unit Circles
  43. [WIP] Spartan's 2D Art Mod
  44. [Proposal] Sprite tint
  45. [Released] Ninja/Wako/Retainers Replacement Mod
  46. [Proposal] Smaller floating banners
  47. [Proposal] easy mod request
  48. [Proposal] Hero Unit Captain Variation
  49. [Proposal] On-Hover selection markers removal?
  50. [Released] better unit card selection
  51. [Released] Bigger font (Tested-Confirmed working)
  52. [Proposal] Various Sashimono
  53. [Proposal] Separating "Unit Detail" from "Corpse Decay"
  54. [Released] Clean UI
  55. [Proposal] Correct flag for Uesugi and Ashikaga Shogunate + More battle standards?
  56. [Proposal] animations from trom 3
  57. [Proposal] No probs to see general cavalry,but the general himself
  58. [Proposal] Realistic blood
  59. [Released] No General's visual influence radius v1.0
  60. [Released] (Updated Apr 5 2011) Coloured and Tweaked Unit Cards v2
  61. [Released] Onna Bushi unit card fix
  62. [Proposal] Little Help with faction colour change
  63. [Proposal] SASHIMONO (back flag) not on every soldiers before 1570
  64. [Proposal] SAHAI and HORAGAI
  65. [Released] Shogun 2 Music Expansion Pack, Contains many good OST! Update a few video
  66. [Proposal] Change horses body
  67. [Proposal] No Horo Compromise/ unit squad suggestion
  68. [Proposal] In-Battle Pop-Ups of "Leader Died" or "Reinforcements"
  69. [Proposal] Archers and horseback archers.
  70. [Proposal] Less gloss on uniforms, but more on weapons!
  71. [Released] Atmospheric Sounds Mod v. 1.35 + Twosocks Formation Sounds v6
  72. [Proposal] Ashigaru not having katanas (apart from loanswords)
  73. [Proposal] New Loading Screens
  74. [Proposal] l5r major clan mod
  75. [Proposal] Increased Depth Of Field
  76. [Proposal] Custom multiplayer MON's
  77. [Proposal] Custom character 2D art
  78. [Proposal] Real Horos mod, not the ceremonial ones
  79. [Released] Furinkazan: a comprehensive art rework (Works in MC! 6/15 Modpack split for convenience)
  80. [Released] Yari diversity - screenshots included
  81. [Released] 24/05/11 UNIT CARDS 3
  82. [Proposal] Multiplayer Standards
  83. [Proposal] Helmet of Nabu Mod Question
  84. [Proposal] (Request) Arrow trails for naval battles only
  85. [WIP] Ingame Image Unit Card Mod
  86. [Proposal] more visible range radius for naval battles
  87. [Released] Alternative Clan Colours - update to HERO EDITION released! Noif's submod still available
  88. [Proposal] When Melee Units clash
  89. [Proposal] more Historical correctness with flag, etc...
  90. [Proposal] Whistling arrows
  91. [Proposal] Please remove the Black windows
  92. [Proposal] No firing arc mod
  93. [Proposal] DUST under the soldiers feet when they WALK
  94. [Released] E.K's New Loading Screens v1.0
  95. [Proposal] (Request) Arrow Impact Dust Clouds
  96. [Proposal] (Request) Changing Daimyo's Armor
  97. [Proposal] lacing color diversity
  98. [Released] V6 is uploaded (20.10.2011) !! +The Traditional Japan Music + Sound MOD*
  99. [Proposal] Ninja Sword
  100. [Proposal] Better LOD Mod
  101. [Proposal] remove the black cloud of arrows
  102. [Released] Unit Variety Mod Extended v2b (New Update: June 5 2011)
  103. [Proposal] Yari Ashigaru fix
  104. [Proposal] Ship Arrow Radius... Improvement
  105. [Proposal] One For The Animators
  106. [Released] Arrow Dust Removal & Effects mods (Dust Removal+blood 1.1 Update: Jan 30, 2012)
  107. [Released] Ship Firing Arc Recolor (UPDATE: v1.2 June 15, 2011)
  108. [Proposal] Banner/Flag mod only.
  109. [Proposal] Sashimono mod
  110. [Released] Music I made free to any mods:
  111. [Proposal] special helmets for clan leaders
  112. [WIP] Potential Future Shogun 2 Mod Music Thread
  113. [Released] Sengoku Unit cards
  114. [Released] Visual tweak for fire mangonels
  115. [Proposal] New war horn sounds (new + old ones)
  116. [Proposal] custom battle units
  117. [Released] Less tress on battle terrain performance boost
  118. [Proposal] gold samurai
  119. Elvasat's Event Minimod v.06 + Portrait Minimod v.075
  120. [Proposal] Unit Card Mod
  121. [Proposal] Hattori clan skin change
  122. [Proposal] Make general more useful in naval battle !
  123. [Proposal] Soundtracks and Sound Design
  124. [Proposal] Blood Mods don't work in DX11 Patch (am I alone?).
  125. [Proposal] The Grand Samurai Surcoat Mod
  126. [Proposal] removing smoke from fire arrows
  127. [Released] BullGod's Unit Icons(Heroes + Otomo DLC update) + Invisible Battle HUD
  128. [Proposal] Original shogun music mod
  129. [Proposal] Original music mod
  130. [Proposal] Units on medium Unit details won't disappear
  131. [Released] Terry's Touhou Remix Music Mod 1.1/ Orchestral Battles + Terry's Touhou Portrait and Event Mod 0.98
  132. [Released] The flower of carnage music mod
  133. [Proposal] Remove clouds/fog
  134. [Proposal] Replacing S:TW2 Music with your own
  135. [Proposal] Removing white robe from some Ikko Units
  136. [Proposal] Need Portrait for Ikki ikko
  137. [Proposal] Less burglarlike Uesugi Kenshin
  138. [Released] Ikko Ikki : recolour and change their mon to the pre patch
  139. [Proposal] Hattori like Ikko Ikki
  141. [Proposal] Better/Alternate Tokugawa Daimyo Model Helm?
  142. [Released] Barahir's Loading Screens Mod
  143. [Proposal] Moving the Interface
  144. [WIP] Flag Bearers,and Realistic Clan colors
  145. [Proposal] Universal monk robe removal mod NEEDED!
  146. [Released] TTW - Alternate Loading Screens v1.0
  147. [Proposal] Date Masamune's Eyepatch?
  148. [Released] Shogun 2 Gloss & Fall of the Samurai Gloss Overhaul with working Rollback COMPLETED & UPDATED
  149. [Released] New Clan colours, Banners and textures!
  150. [Proposal] Star Wars Mod?
  151. [Released] Takeda Shingen's Furinkazan Banner - A Takeda Banner Modification
  152. [Released] Shimazu Yoshihiro's Juji/Shimazu Kamon Banner - A Shimazu Banner Modification
  153. [Released] Oda Nobunaga's Eiraku Tsuho Banner - An Oda Banner Modification
  154. [Proposal] General unit`s horse mask
  155. [WIP] Another Unit Card Mod - Help needed to complete!
  156. [Beta] Need help - Lament9582's maxim and quotes MOD
  157. [Released] Ikko Ikki Banners! Based on game trailer
  158. [Proposal] Tokugawa Mod
  159. 'Sengoku' Loading Screens
  160. [Released] TROM3 v1.5 compatible colored unit cards
  161. [Proposal] Question about music adding
  162. [Released] New agent & resource icons
  163. [Proposal] ROTS campaign map graphics on Shogun 2 campaign
  164. [Proposal] Looking for somebody who can make Unit Cards for my new Unit Pack Mod
  165. [Proposal] Monk "head" variety from ROTS
  166. [Proposal] Modding The Fences/Cover
  167. [Proposal] Realistic Horses Mod
  168. [Proposal] No Banners for Reinforcements
  169. [Beta] Shogun 2 Overhaul Project (Performance/HD Texture/High End Models/Game Engine/Enhanced Rendering Quality) Project Version: 10.0
  170. [Proposal] Shimazu Clan Color!
  171. [Released] Shogun 2 Realistic Enviroment COMPLETED
  172. [Proposal] warrior monk model
  173. [Released] Anton's "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" and "Eight Views of Omi" Loading Screens!
  174. [Released] Period art portraits mod (version 1)
  175. [Released] The Less Battlefield Clutter Mod
  176. [Proposal] More Agent Portraits
  177. [Released] Kabuki Portraits Mod
  178. [Proposal] war dance
  179. [Released] Samurai Battles Loading Screens
  180. [Released] Uesugi Kenshin's headcowl mod
  181. [Proposal] Ninja videos from Shogun 1.
  182. [WIP] Katana and No-Dachi scabbards.
  183. [Released] Screen splatter removal for the new blood mod
  184. [Released] Ancillaries mod
  185. [Proposal] Unit Cards
  186. [Proposal] Permanent (Ground) Blood with the new Blood DLC
  187. [Proposal] New Unit Icons Please!
  188. [Proposal] Fixed Commander's Portrait for Onna Bushi Heroine?
  189. [Proposal] Kill Bill Soundtrack
  190. [Proposal] Remove province borders
  191. [Released] New Textures For Campaing (FULL VERSİON)
  192. [Proposal] Uesugi Kenshin's armor
  193. [Proposal] Increase performance mod.
  194. [Proposal] Blood on the ground mod
  195. [Released] New Uesugi Kenshin Armour Set!
  196. [Proposal] Bow retexture?
  197. [Released] Post Process Injector [FXAA] Graphics enhancement [Now for Shogun 2] [New profiles, Check it out!]]
  198. [Released] Kisho Ninja Unit Leader tweak
  199. [Released] Anton's Retextured Map
  200. [Released] Hattori Daiyoma => Ninja Daiyoma Change!
  201. [Released] Genpei kassen loading screens
  202. [Proposal] no more greening of death
  203. [Proposal] Katana Hero Fighting animation
  204. [Released] BSM for Shogun 2 & Fall of the Samurai v1.2 and BSM v1.2 for Darthmod 4.1 (update 29.05.12 - Watersplash fixes)
  205. [Proposal] Bigger Font For Fall OF The Samurai
  206. [Proposal] Remove all the projectile trails in fall of the samuari?
  207. [Proposal] Less garish faction colors for the Jozai
  208. [Released] NOIF's Boshin War Mod (NoBWN) - HISTORICAL FLAGS, BANNERS & UNIFORMS 22.3.2013
  209. [Released] FotS: Proper Languages
  210. [Released] FotS Vintage Portraits Mod v0.3
  211. [Proposal] Bayonets
  212. [Proposal] MOD to remove floating icon above arrow/matchlock towers
  213. [Released] [FoTS] Gator Marine's Western Marine retexture project
  214. [Released] Mr Os' [FOTS] Faction Recolour Mod
  215. [Released] [FoTS] ROYAL MARINES Retexture. OH LORD ANOTHER ONE.
  216. [Proposal] Can we get rid of this ugly and stupid looking guy??
  217. [Released] SirDCC's Royal Marines [UPDATED 30/07/17]
  218. [Proposal] Brig music mode on fall of the samuray (sos sos sos sos)
  219. [Released] Bigger Font for 'Fall of The Samurai' & Sengoku/RotS
  220. [Proposal] The Last Samurai
  221. [Proposal] Naval reskin for Tosa (FotS)
  222. [Proposal] Tachi Sword Models
  223. [Proposal] Request a hat mod to replace the turtle style helmet
  224. [Released] [FoTS] NOIF's Modern Japan Army Uniform Mod: Realistic Levy Infantry UPDATED 4.8.2012!
  225. [Released] [FoTS] Imperial/shogunate vanguard units retexture v1.0
  226. [Proposal] Faction specific unit textures
  227. [Proposal] ninja unit leaders in FOTS in normal shogun
  228. [Proposal] FoTS Imperial Flags for all.
  229. [Proposal] Blood Stain Removal Mod
  230. [Released] [FotS] Battle Advisor Silencer
  231. [WIP] [RotS] The "Way of Horse and Bow" Banner and Clan Swapping Mod
  232. [Proposal] A Question about the marines...
  233. [Beta] InjectSMAA_V2.7_prerelease superghostboy
  234. [Released] Horse Texture "Fix" -updated for patch22
  235. [Released] Bayonets
  236. [Released] Muted Clan Colours for S2
  237. [Proposal] Line Infantry Backpacks + Proper Helmets
  238. [Proposal] French and German Speaking Advisor Mod
  239. [Proposal] Retexture packs for RotS and FotS
  240. [Released] NOIF's Optional FOTS Uniforms Recolors V2.6 Updated: 9.6.2012
  241. [Released] [RoTS] Tachi Tweak
  242. [Proposal] Vassel's carrying masters colors
  243. [Released] Choshu and Tosa Uniform Color Mod
  244. [Proposal] No more Evening Battles in Custom Battle
  245. [Released] Daimyos & Generals MOD (updated feb.26.2016: reupload)
  246. [WIP] TWS2: Sengoku Basara Recolours
  247. [Proposal] Line Infantry Smoke Cloud Remove/Reduce
  248. [Proposal] Higher resolution fleet model on strategic map
  249. [Proposal] FotS Sakamoto Ryoma (Tosa General) appearance change
  250. [Proposal] (Mod Request) Bugle Calls FOTS