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  1. [Proposal] Pressing "Delete/Insert" to zoom in on one soldier
  2. [Proposal] Will it be possible that spawned garrissons keep their exp ?
  3. [Released] Movement Speed Reduction - NEW v2.0
  4. [Proposal] Removing Katana Samurai?
  5. [Released] Increased Morale Mod
  6. Esf editor question: Mastery of the Arts
  7. [Proposal] Make run button seperate again
  8. [Proposal] Trading System Bugged
  9. [Proposal] Daimyo honour system is sketchy.
  10. [Proposal] Shogun 2 Observations
  11. [Proposal] Better Archers
  12. [Proposal] Mod to stop AI from spawning units instantly when out of your line of sight
  13. [Proposal] Locking yari ashigaru in spearwall formation
  14. [Proposal] Diplomacy bugged
  15. [Proposal] Multiplayer Campaign MOD - Head to Head!
  16. [WIP] Yari Ashigaru>yari samurai animation
  17. [Proposal] More protection for troops behind walls
  18. [Proposal] Mod to remove the 'sea bridges'
  19. [Proposal] Realm divide mod
  20. [Proposal] Fix to the "Past Grievances" Vassalage Bug
  21. [Proposal] Turns per year editor
  22. [Released] Realm Divide Mod v2.0 (UPDATED FOR FotS)
  23. [Proposal] Less Heroic Victories
  24. [Proposal] archers in seiges
  25. [Proposal] food shortages
  26. [Proposal] Giving "spear square formation"
  27. [Proposal] Faster Mastery times
  28. [Proposal] Double the research speed / Mastery of Arts
  29. [Proposal] neutral difficulty level
  30. [Proposal] Larger Video Screens
  31. [Proposal] Re-equip option.
  32. [Proposal] More traits for Generals
  33. [Released] Reduced reload rates for land units (Archers & Guns) v2.00 [Updated 18.12.11]
  34. [Proposal] Possible General modification?
  35. [Proposal] Less research options
  36. [Proposal] reduce upkeep
  37. [Proposal] No Gunpowder Units Mod
  38. [Proposal] Fog
  39. [Proposal] Vassal Behavior
  40. [Proposal] Sengoku Jidai starts in 1530 (like Shogun 1 and official history )
  41. [Proposal] possible to add avatars to SP?
  42. [Proposal] Lower Upkeep Costs for Units
  43. [Proposal] Experiance for multiple generals
  44. [Proposal] Switching Clan Bonuses
  45. [Proposal] Larger deployment zones?
  46. [Proposal] No time limit for campaign victory
  47. [Proposal] Limit number of units inside a town according to castle size
  48. [Proposal] Backup for total:war shogun?
  49. [Proposal] Cleaner Chasing of Routing Troops
  50. [WIP] General Skill Tree Mod
  51. [Proposal] Castles and rebellions
  52. [Proposal] Minor Tweaks....
  53. [Released] Double Clan fame for Realm Divide v1.0
  54. [Released] Double Unit Size Mod
  55. [Proposal] Shogun 2 total factions?
  56. [Proposal] Mod to increase skill points each level up?
  57. [WIP] Sword Sheaths & Sword Defend Mode Mod.
  58. [Proposal] Regional martial arts dojo bonus stats.
  59. [Released] Extended Campaign Victory Conditions (Updated 24/03/2012)
  60. [Proposal] Garrison forces moving around home province
  61. [Proposal] More Diplomacy Options During War
  62. [WIP] Sengoku Jidai Gameplay Mod
  63. [Proposal] Are there any mods that just make the battles last longer - extra hitpoints etc?
  64. [Proposal] 360 Degree FOV for Archers
  65. [Proposal] Oda, Shimazu and Mori increased units for AI.
  66. [Released] Larger Spawned Garrisons
  67. [Proposal] No promotion loss from casualities
  68. [Proposal] Player nomad army after city lost if army outside
  69. [Proposal] Mod to reduce trade node income?
  70. [Proposal] Mod to Fix Rice Exchanges
  71. [Proposal] Increase Loyalty of Generals With Gifts??
  72. [Released] Food requirement, GDP, Happiness/Repression mod v1.08 [Updated 17.12.11]
  73. [Released] Kinjo's Cherry Blossom Mod (Character Skills Mod)
  74. [Proposal] Vassal Diplomatic Option
  75. [Proposal] Mastery of Arts
  76. [Proposal] Generals, agents and characters without age.
  77. [Proposal] Increase Cap on Number of Units in a Battle?
  78. [Proposal] Archers Spam Fix In Campaign
  79. [Released] One Turn Technology
  80. [Released] Monthly Turn Mod Updated V 1.0 (Fixed Bug) + Looking For Partners
  81. [Proposal] Brutal cold attrition
  82. [Proposal] Let multiple generals in the same army gain XP during battle.
  83. [Proposal] delay surrender and decrease armie's actionpoint
  84. [Released] Custom Battle: All factions Playable
  85. [Proposal] Removal of morale for samurai
  86. [Proposal] movable mangonels
  87. [Proposal] Play as other clan in the middle of the game
  88. [Proposal] arrows more visible and permanent (my english is poor...sorry!!)
  89. [Released] Technologies are ready in 1 turn
  90. [Released] Buildings are build in 1 turn
  91. [Released] Missle-units rebalance v3.00 [Updated 01.12.12]
  92. [Proposal] Diplomacy mod
  93. [Released] Better units size !
  94. [Released] Selahedīn's Improved Matchlock Infantry (v1.4 for Patch 5)
  95. [Released] Selahedīn's Diminished Archers (v1.2 for Patch 5)
  96. [Proposal] Darthmod Archers without DMS
  97. [Proposal] Unit do not lose exp after replenishing !!!
  98. [Proposal] more building room for castle.
  99. [Released] Selahedīns Limited Samurai (v1.0 for Patch 5)
  100. [Proposal] Christian buildings + units unlock
  101. [Proposal] Triple all income (Please read first)
  102. [Released] Better Naval Morale MOD !
  103. [Proposal] Food from Ports
  104. [Proposal] NOT: Look straight through units
  105. [Proposal] How to combine both mod?
  106. [Proposal] New Smarter, Random Traits
  107. [Proposal] reduced army/garrison size?
  108. [Proposal] movable siege weapons
  109. [Released] Selahedīns Enhanced Yari Ashigaru (v1.2 for Patch 5)
  110. [Proposal] AI samurai
  111. [Proposal] How can i change the ship,missile range;missile accuracy;melee attack;melee defence?
  112. [Proposal] Yari Samurai buff
  113. [Proposal] Ashikaga Clan
  114. [Proposal] Unique General
  115. [Proposal] Possible to slow down combat?
  116. [Proposal] Increased General health
  117. [Released] Limited Units Mod for DM 1.95
  118. [Proposal] Fix AI reinforcement stand forever >.<
  119. [Released] Thousands of troops
  120. [Proposal] Removing the Defensive requirement for abilities
  121. [Proposal] Deployable Defences?
  122. [Proposal] SOmething about Deployable Defences needs changing
  123. [Proposal] Improve Kisho Ninja in battlefield
  124. [Proposal] Please remove the Black windows
  125. [Proposal] Date at which the Black Ship appears
  126. [Proposal] Characters, experience & age mod.
  127. [Proposal] A Mod to rid the game of those useless Formations please.
  128. [Proposal] Cheat mod?
  129. [Proposal] 0 turn Recruitment for Units?
  130. [Proposal] Army size Stats
  131. [Proposal] About Geishas
  132. [Proposal] Make General Recruitable !!!
  133. [Proposal] Proposal for a mod that makes experienced troops more expensive
  134. [Released] Market changes
  135. [Proposal] Combat Experience & Units Upgrades
  136. [Released] Great Clan Survivability Mod
  137. [Proposal] Uprisings and Rebellions [And Generals]
  138. [Proposal] Any interest in realistic missile unit ranges and effect?
  139. [Proposal] large food ammount
  140. [Beta] Sweat, Guts and Glory - Universal Mod
  141. [Proposal] Designate global effects to a building ATTENTION MODERATORS?
  142. [Proposal] Dishonoring Treaties! Mod? Fix?
  143. [Proposal] Exp to all fighting generals
  144. [Proposal] Nanban Quarter Mod
  145. [Proposal] More skill points for generals and agents and double research speed.
  146. [Released] Upgraded Fire Bombers
  147. [WIP] Request for Information
  148. [Proposal] Early Nanban trading opportunity
  149. [Released] Archers Firing Angle
  150. [Released] Rankfire for bow units
  151. [Proposal] Ally/Vassal Field Battles
  152. [Released] Camera Unlocked Mod
  153. [Released] Rocket Cannons
  154. [Proposal] One Hero Size
  155. [Proposal] Is there a mod for territorial expansion?
  156. [Proposal] More recruitment slots
  157. [Proposal] Increase range for archers and matchlocks when they are standing on hill or castle !
  158. [Proposal] Make Radious mod compatible with new patch 1.1
  159. [Released] Simple Economy Fixes
  160. [Proposal] Heroes' Duel Mode
  161. [Proposal] Get that pesky Shogun on your side.
  162. [WIP] Deadly Ambushers
  163. [Proposal] Make general more useful in naval battle !
  164. [Proposal] All faction script location found
  165. [Proposal] Archers&gunners mod.
  166. [Released] Unit upkeep on 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% of vanilla values + further changes
  167. [Proposal] Increase ammo for rangers in castle defense
  168. [Proposal] Xp (yellow bar) for secondary general too -read before?
  169. [Proposal] Is there a mod to extend matchlock range?
  170. [Released] my mod set up-"compatable with patch 4" only with hattori super god ninja
  171. [Proposal] Mod for limiting elite unit???
  172. [Proposal] Night Battles
  173. [Proposal] AI controlled army instead of reinforcements
  174. [Proposal] How do i increase the number of units of general?
  175. [Proposal] How to stop religion cornversion in city??
  176. [Proposal] 2 turns (or more) / season
  177. [Proposal] Tech tree rework
  178. [Released] Bow General
  179. [Released] Deployable Bamboo Stakes - updated for new Sengoku Jidai, TROM units etc
  180. [Proposal] smaller unit stacks !!!
  181. [Proposal] Please help me mod agent's success rate
  182. [Proposal] 3turns per season + slower tech advances
  183. [Proposal] More powerfull archers
  184. [Released] Improved Matchlock units V7
  185. [Released] Skillpoints mod
  186. [Released] GallusMod- Oda Tokugawa Alliance V2.0: an elegant solution for Oda survival [1640 & monthly turn versions fix]
  187. [Proposal] Extra income from attacking enemy trade routes?
  188. [Proposal] increase accuracy for mangonels
  189. [Proposal] Increased campaign movement
  190. [Proposal] Is it possible to mod the Territorial Expansion penalty?
  191. [Proposal] Is it possible to mod castle gates?
  192. [Proposal] Oda Nobuhida -20 Diplomations. :(
  193. [Proposal] Replace Veterency from Building Upgrades
  194. [Proposal] Mass volley for matchlocks
  195. [Proposal] Starting year from 1545 to 1550 and finishing year 1600 to 1615?
  196. [Proposal] Unit hit points?
  197. [Proposal] Guaranteed Nanban Trade
  198. [Released] GallusMod - Import Matchlocks From Trade Nodes [Update V1.2 w/1640 version]
  199. [Released] GallusMod - Faction Units Recruitable at Castles
  200. [Proposal] Marriage possibilities with newly revived clans
  201. [Proposal] How to change the commodity prices
  202. [Proposal] Enemy deploys first
  203. [Proposal] Unit Specific Bonuses from Dojos
  204. [Proposal] [REQUEST] Complete removal of Realm Divide.
  205. [Released] Gallusmod- Realm Divide Removal Mod
  206. [Proposal] Retreating troop run slower pliz!
  207. [Released] Mass volley For Matchlcok Units
  208. [Released] Matchlock Grenadiers Mod
  209. [Released] Decreased Reload Time For matchlocks
  210. [Released] All In a Download Matchlock Mod
  211. [Proposal] Archer volleys
  212. [Proposal] Remove 'Other' income (AKA King's Purse)
  213. [Proposal] Darthmod
  214. [Proposal] Campaign: All Factions Mod
  215. [Proposal] european units
  216. [Proposal] Deployable Defences Always Available
  217. [Released] Reduced Campaign movement speed.
  218. [Proposal] Shorter Reload Time For Archers
  219. [Released] CAI Anti-Cheat Mod (from TROM3)
  220. [Released] Anton's MP & Siege Maps Unlocked For Use In Custom Battle
  221. [Released] Ashikaga a Major Clan(V2 Released+Screenshots)
  222. [Proposal] Recruit/spawn more generals
  223. [Proposal] Permanent Arrows!
  224. [Proposal] Map buying!
  225. [Released] Easy Sengoku Jidai Unit Recruitment
  226. [Proposal] More Heroic Victories
  227. [Proposal] HOw to creat new map or add new map?
  228. [Released] Improved Bow Cav
  229. [Released] Samurai Retainers w/Bow capability
  230. [Proposal] Friendly Fire Cavalry Charges
  231. [Proposal] legendary hard mod
  232. [Released] Ambush deployment zone mod v1.0 (ROTS compatible)
  233. [Proposal] Seige / Wall Mod
  234. [Released] Campaigning extended 1700
  235. [Released] (Carbine General) - Blazing Saddles
  236. [Released] (Rocket General) - Bazooka Boss
  237. [Beta] Units Throw Rocks when defending
  239. [Proposal] Could someone make an extended victory time for RotS?
  240. [Proposal] RotS altered victory conditions
  241. [Released] Extended Victory Year for the Rise of the Samurai Campaigns!
  242. [Proposal] Three turns per season mod for ROTS?
  243. [Released] [RotS] Monthly Turn Mod
  244. [Proposal] Armour/Weapons resupplied to other units
  245. [Proposal] is it possible to lock units during a campaign?
  246. [Proposal] ROTS - Realm Divide Mod
  247. [Proposal] Mod to tweak Heir retinue
  248. [Proposal] Happiness increases town growth
  249. [Proposal] Faster Mastery of the Arts
  250. [Proposal] Can someone please help me with a mod that limits Sou rebels?