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  1. [Proposal] Listing of possible units for Shogun 2
  2. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Shogun (UPC-SHO) - updated 14.4.18
  3. [Proposal] More lanterns & banners ?
  4. [Proposal] New unit cards
  5. [Proposal] Blood mode for us
  6. [Released] Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO) 2.8 - updated 31.12.17
  7. [Proposal] Ainu Units mod
  8. [Proposal] Unlock All Units Mod for Campaign And Custom Battles !
  9. [Proposal] Customized colors in Single Player
  10. [Proposal] European Mercenaries
  11. [Proposal] The Missing Warrior Monks
  12. [Proposal] Less units per general?
  13. [Proposal] Constructable reskinned Black Ships?
  14. [Proposal] New Units List
  15. [Proposal] easy mod request
  16. [Proposal] No limit to recruitment the katana hero or bow hero
  17. [Proposal] General dies too often
  18. [Proposal] daimyo units
  19. [Proposal] Switch out Omma Bushi with another unit or remove them
  20. [Released] mod_weaker_anit_cav_v3
  21. [Proposal] Unit upkeep cost reduction
  22. [Proposal] Somebody MOD unit for me plese
  23. [Proposal] General's unit
  24. [Proposal] Stand alone fix to Yari Ashiguru fight animation.
  25. [WIP] New units
  26. [Beta] Bart07mod
  27. [Proposal] New Units Overhaul
  28. [Proposal] Namban Trading Ship without Christianity
  29. [Proposal] iajitsu master of duelest
  30. [Proposal] Ronin recruit
  31. [Proposal] Is there a DB Editor out for Shogun Yet?
  32. [Proposal] New warrior monk texture
  33. [Released] Unique Units for Major Factions - 1.1 Updated 16/4
  34. [Proposal] Date No-Dachi Hero, other Faction Heroes?
  35. [Proposal] Question regarding unit size
  36. [Proposal] NO archers mod?
  37. [Released] Standalone Yari Ashigaru fight with their yari mod
  38. [Proposal] Lone Wolf
  39. [Proposal] redo the tokugawa flag
  40. [Proposal] More living and realistic units
  41. [Released] More Monks Version 1.0 - Zorgrath
  42. [Released] Yari Flags People FIX/ADDITIONS/THINGS
  43. [Proposal] Make General Bodyguard stronger
  44. [Proposal] Cut unit size in half, across the board.
  45. [Proposal] All Factions Possible Outcome ?
  46. [Proposal] Improved and Specialized Ashigaru
  47. [Proposal] Request
  48. [Released] more skill points for agent, general
  49. [Proposal] Bigger armies, longer range, recruitable Generals
  50. [Proposal] siege units like before patch 1
  51. [Proposal] redo horses
  52. [Proposal] Any European Mods around?
  53. [Proposal] Emperor and retinue unit.
  54. [Released] Unit Mod for Total War: Shogun 2 UPDATED 14.01.2012
  55. [Proposal] (Request) No-Dachi Ashigaru
  56. [Released] Loan Sword Ashigaru and No-Dachi Ashigaru. V3
  57. [Proposal] Naginata ashigaru
  58. [Proposal] Cannons without Christianity
  59. [Proposal] Unique faction units mod?
  60. [Proposal] Matchlock Cavalry Needed!!!
  61. [Proposal] Different speed for units
  62. [Proposal] MATCHLOCK bash
  63. [Proposal] VETERAN UNITS
  64. [Released] MAX.AMMO
  65. [Released] Scaled upkeep for all units
  66. [Proposal] Not-historical/realistic but still cool units Please?
  67. [Proposal] (request)stand alone katana wako mod
  68. [Proposal] Loan Sword Ashi, No-Dachi Ashi, and Naginata Ashi
  69. [Proposal] Yari Ji-Samurai
  70. [Proposal] Katana Samurai with the ability of banzai
  71. [Proposal] Universal Senjoku Jidai Pack Units?
  72. [Released] Recruitment modification for the 'Sengoku Jidai Unit Pack' DLC (Requires purchasing the DLC for use)
  73. [Proposal] Unit to replenish ammo and drop wooden-cover for range units
  74. [Released] Sengoku Jidai Universal Units: All units to all factions, same recruitment criteria.
  75. [Proposal] Musashi Myamoto Unit.
  76. [Proposal] Request: Just Loan Sword Ashigaru
  77. [Proposal] Increased Unit Health
  78. [Released] Shimazu extra powerful "one man samurai unit"
  79. [Proposal] Projectile pack
  80. [Proposal] "Super Samurai?"
  81. [Released] 13 Assassins
  82. [Proposal] "The desire of the people of Siam".
  83. [Proposal] samurai with shields
  84. [Proposal] how to edit general stats for campaign
  85. [Proposal] The cannon on wheels. Let's change history.
  86. [Proposal] In a province with a 1 Monk, 1 Metsuge, 1 Ninja and 1 Geisha.
  87. [Proposal] The Ninja were not detected in the next turn. If they do succeed.
  88. [Proposal] I can choose the skill Retainer at any time.
  89. [Proposal] I want to build a 5-Improvement Chain in the same city.
  90. [Proposal] Just wondering out loud. Maybe make a ranged/melee combo unit?
  91. [Proposal] Priests can be bribed. Metsuke be assassinated. Geisha can sabotage.
  92. [Proposal] Custom Units for Minor Clans?
  93. [Proposal] sengoku jidai gakuen ?
  94. [Released] [Defunct] All Clans Playable: Otomo Unique Units
  95. [Released] The Red Devils Unit Pack! Red Devil units so far: Ashigaru and (humour intended) Naginata Geisha
  96. [Proposal] Gempai units for the Sengoku Jidai campaign
  97. [Proposal] Overpowered Unit Set (Cheat)
  98. [Proposal] Funny Non realistic unit pack
  99. [Proposal] I want a commander can use a gun.
  100. [Proposal] Improved Archers for S2R+
  101. [Proposal] AllClansPlayable lesser clan unique changes.
  102. [Released] Ashina Advanced Units
  103. [Released] Expanded Genpei and Sengoku Recruitment (Requires ROTS DLC for use)
  104. [Proposal] Gunpowder Only
  105. [Released] Enhanced Takeda Fire Cavalry
  106. [Released] Syren's Unique Clans Mod (Updated to 1.4 November 6)
  107. [Proposal] Please help me with Hattori archer editing :(
  108. [WIP] Masters of Kuji-kiri (Cheat Unit Mod)
  109. [Proposal] Katana Bowmen heros
  110. [Released] 13 assassins, Snipers
  111. [Released] Larger Size Light Cavalry
  112. [Proposal] The Lone Hero Unit
  113. [Released] Mobile Cannons - DISCONTINUED
  114. [Proposal] [RotS] Unique Units for Genpei War Great Clans
  115. [WIP] Peasants, Ninja Hero
  116. [Proposal] geisha's entertain ability mod
  117. [Released] Tokugawa / Hattori Ninja Hero and Shinobi Hero v3.0.1 - Hotfix 19/06/2013
  118. [Released] Portuguese Tanegashima Mercenary Hero
  119. [Proposal] European Samurai
  120. [Released] S2TW Sengoku Jidai Artillery Unit Pack - 17-6-2014
  121. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility - Spanish Version+ 2.9
  122. [Proposal] Brigand Bandit
  123. [WIP] S2TW Sengoku Naval Unit Packs
  124. [Proposal] Naginata Hero/Onna Bushi Heroine
  125. [Released] Spear ashigaru massive imbalance mod.
  126. [Released] Şeyhülislam's Minimod
  127. [Released] Şeyhülislam's Mod v1.1 (New Units Added For Campaing and Custom Battles )
  128. [Released] Sengoku Jidai Units to RoTS Campaign
  129. [WIP] the emperors bodyguard
  130. [Proposal] demon army
  131. [Released] Really Bulletproof Samurai Minimod
  132. [Proposal] female general for multiplayer
  133. [Released] Honour or death unit mod
  134. [Proposal] ottoman howitzer
  135. [Beta] Unlocked Units
  136. [Released] 16 Ronin Killer bow of Daemonicus
  137. [Proposal] Cavalry heavy armor and carry a long spear with pistol.
  138. [Proposal] Wako & Nanban Clan
  139. [Proposal] Increase Naval Traffic
  140. [Proposal] New Weapons & Elephants
  141. [Released] Increased Gunnery Range & Scare Horses
  142. [Released] Hattori ninja hero mod ubered
  143. [Released] Shimazu sam and Ikko ronin mod + faster art mastery (not mine)
  144. [Released] Onna Bushi Heroine (Sengoku Jidai version)
  145. [Released] No-Dachi Hero Mod
  146. [Released] Tactician Hero v2 released
  147. [WIP] The Lazarus Revival: Hattori Clan
  148. [Proposal] Galleon Date Maru (San Juan Bautista)
  149. [WIP] Samurai coop mod
  150. [Proposal] cool idea for sieges
  151. [Proposal] Oda Revamp
  152. [Proposal] Alternative Foreign powers
  153. [Released] Red Bear Infantry for Saga Clan
  154. [Proposal] British Marines re-colour
  155. [Released] [FoTS] UK/FRA/USA Elite Foreign troop limit remover
  156. [WIP] FotS Tetsubo Metsuke, Cavalry Peasant Bombers, etc.
  157. [Proposal] Onna Bushi
  158. [Proposal] More European Units? (FOTS)
  159. [Beta] General Cornwallis's European Invasion (FotS)
  160. [Released] FoTS Artillery Unit Pack v.3 12-1-2013
  161. [Released] IGdood's Unit Packs
  162. [Proposal] Unique Units
  163. [Proposal] Change the clan's Flag or Name
  164. [Proposal] more in depth samurai units for fots
  165. [Released] Recruitable Generals
  166. [Proposal] American Captains & Generals
  167. [Proposal] Ironclad Mod
  168. [WIP] (FOTS) Laser's Unit Pack (OUTDATED)
  169. [Proposal] Texture Artist looking for work
  170. [Proposal] British Home Service Helmet
  171. [Released] TakingMilad Torpedo Attack
  172. [Released] Stronger Bodyguards
  173. [WIP] Extra Units Mod - 17 New Units
  174. [Proposal] Date - NaginataMod
  175. [Proposal] Recruting Western Generals
  176. [Beta] (FOTS) Laser's Shogunate Marines Minimod
  177. [Released] Sword Levy FOTS
  178. [Released] Spear Levy fight with spear FOTS
  179. [Released] General's Gokenin(Dismounted General Bodygaurd Unit) FOTS
  180. [Released] Sengoku Jidai Unit Recruitment and Genpei Kisho ninja
  181. [Proposal] Unlimited recruitment of Kisho Ninja (FOTS)
  182. [Proposal] Sea mines and minelayer boats and/or ships???
  183. [Released] [FOTS] Aizu_Warrior_Pack_UD;02-07-2555
  184. [Proposal] Modern Traditonal Army.
  185. [Proposal] Heroic generals +Asai exclusive units
  186. [Released] [FOTS] Receive 21 skill Points 23-05-2555
  187. [Released] [FOTS] special_technologies 23-05-2555
  188. [Released] No Moral - Land & Naval
  189. [Released] The Joshitai Unit Pack
  190. [Proposal] Want to have improved the ability of the agent.
  191. [Released] Barusa Yari Heroine
  192. [Released] Chosokabe Bow Cavalry
  193. [Released] 15 Invincible Assassins (and nodachi heroV3 soon)
  194. [Released] Uijos Masters of the Nodachi
  195. [Beta] FoTS General's recrutement(Daemonicus Version)
  196. [Proposal] adding foreign generals and new nations
  197. [Released] Ashigaru Heros
  198. [Released] Ming Mercenaries
  199. [Beta] Archers revamp, melee boost
  200. [Released] (FotS) Rurouni Kenshin Hero Pack
  201. [Proposal] More like a Question really
  202. [Released] Sengoku Jidai Onna Bushi Heroine
  203. [Released] Enable Naval Bombardment ability for Sengoku Jidai ships
  204. [Released] Haldier's 17 units supermod compilation all brand new
  205. [Released] [FOTS] Tosa_Warrior_Pack_UD;02-07-2555
  206. [Proposal] Unlimited bow for Bow Cavalry
  207. [Proposal] Onna Bushi agile archers, but also pack a punch.
  208. [Released] Polish Compatibility Project v0.9
  209. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility - Czech version (UPC - Czech - 5.1.2013 - Updated) !!!!
  210. [WIP] Prussian Units?
  211. [Proposal] Old Ships against modern Ships?
  212. [Proposal] Recruitable famous general units
  213. [Beta] Maxim Machine Gun
  214. [Proposal] Reduced artillery dominance mod
  215. [Proposal] Modding units help
  216. [Proposal] delete this thread
  217. [Released] Kensai
  218. [Beta] Accurate Shinshengumi
  219. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility - Italian version (UPC - Italian - 5.1.2013 - Updated) !!!!
  220. [Proposal] Faction specific unit rosters
  221. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility - German version (UPC - German - 5.1.2013 - Updated) !!!!
  222. [Proposal] Great Guard Unit for FOTS
  223. [Proposal] Correct uniform on a general
  224. [Proposal] Desperate for Tetsubo
  225. [Proposal] Unit numbers/naming FOTS
  226. [Beta] FOTS Great Guard
  227. [Released] IGdood's Time Warp Mod
  228. [Proposal] Need some help (unit editor)
  229. [Proposal] FoTS Republic Mod
  230. [Proposal] Where is that unit-variant?
  231. [Proposal] Naginata Samurai Hero
  232. [Beta] Mangonels Mod V1 BETA
  233. [Proposal] More Matchlock Units
  234. [Released] Onna Bushi Katana !
  235. [Released] Onna Bushi No Dachi
  236. [Released] Onna Bushi Matchlock
  237. [Proposal] Tercio Units
  238. [Proposal] Naginata ashigaru?
  239. [Proposal] Bring back the old heavy gunners!
  240. [Released] Onna Bushi Katana (Request by Pason)
  241. [Proposal] New unit tree, slower battles, and mercenaries
  242. [Proposal] Traditional General (FOTS)
  243. [Released] GCM Unit Pack for Shogun 2 v0.7 "Ninja Update"
  244. [Released] Nanban Recruit Mod
  245. [WIP] Seven Samurai Mod
  246. [Proposal] multyplayer units in singleplayer
  247. [Proposal] Musashi Miyamoto and other Heroes
  248. [Beta] FOTS No-Dachi Hero unit
  249. [Proposal] Is it possible to repaint ships in fots?
  250. [Proposal] Suggestion for realistic units thay may be added in the game FothS