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  1. [Proposal] Ken No Jikan
  2. [Proposal] Shogun 2 Will be moddable
  3. [Proposal] Mejii Restoration
  4. [WIP] Sakura, modification for Total War: Shogun 2
  5. [Proposal] portraits project
  6. [WIP] Ken No Jikan Mod Call for Contributions!
  7. [Proposal] Portugese faction
  8. [Proposal] Hideyoshi's Korean Campaign
  9. [Proposal] Real Sengoku generals, heroes and agents
  10. [Proposal] Ability to name our own units in the SP Campaign.
  11. [Proposal] TATW for Shogun 2
  12. [Proposal] (request) The Yankies are Comin
  13. [WIP] After Nobunaga - a Multiple Mod Project (Recruiting)
  14. [Proposal] battle in campaign?
  15. [Proposal] satsuma rebelion mod
  16. [Proposal] Medieval Europe?
  17. [Proposal] Samurai family unit pack
  18. [Proposal] Third Age Total War? (Would love to see this here)
  19. [Proposal] The Clans
  20. [Proposal] Legendary mode - Enable separate features under different difficulty settings.
  21. [Proposal] Three Kingdoms Total War?
  22. [Proposal] Many mod suggestions for anyone thats interested.
  23. [Proposal] Later Start Date - and more Retainers! [Unnamed Project]
  24. [Proposal] Toons all in one for shogun 2?
  25. [Proposal] All factions unlocked
  26. [Proposal] playable european powers?
  27. [Proposal] Wounded and blood
  28. [Proposal] Earlier Japanese Periods
  29. [Proposal] Shogunate RPG
  30. [Proposal] Holy Roman Empire Overhaul
  31. [Released] Shogun 2: All In One Mod - Available for Vanilla game & Compatible with Darth Mod & Shogun Realism and TROM 3
  32. [WIP] The Old Ways, ashikaga Shogun mod?
  33. Shogun 2 Realism (S2R)
  34. [Proposal] New ranking system
  35. [WIP] Ham Mod Bęta [Preview]
  36. [Proposal] Japan 1886
  37. [Released] Honour & Glory (v1.2) - Now with new units
  38. [Proposal] Multiplayer: anti-drop-mod
  39. [Proposal] Imjin War
  40. [Proposal] Calvary Archer realistic Firing Arc?
  41. [Proposal] (request) Faction land value
  42. [Proposal] Different starting scenario: 1560 or 1561
  43. [Proposal] Ideas
  44. [Proposal] Hot Seat
  45. [Released] V2.5 - U Ai Mod Shogun II *Compatible with almost any other mod including Darthmod, All In One and S2R*
  46. [Proposal] Campaign AI plus other changes
  47. [Proposal] Oda campaign
  48. [Proposal] Mod Proposal (pokemon)
  49. [Proposal] Legend of 5 Rings Mod
  50. [Proposal] New Units Overhaul
  51. [Proposal] Overhaul for archers, suggestion for Darthmod
  52. [Proposal] The last samurai mod/meji restoration
  53. [Proposal] Vassal Stuff
  54. [Released] Iga Ikko 1.2 renamed tables for compability (change Hattori clan into Warrior monk + ninja clan) (Limited Edition only)
  55. [Proposal] more Gameplay based on History
  56. [Proposal] Please remove the Black windows
  57. [Released] Lines of Battle: Shogun 2 v2.0
  58. Mutant Mod 3.0 - Sweat, Guts and Glory
  59. [Proposal] Fix the Uesugi clan and clan+character names in realism mods
  60. [WIP] War, Peace and Bravery
  61. [Proposal] Wako Pirates Faction
  62. [Proposal] Realistic Units, Need Opinions and Feedback
  63. [Proposal] Ikko Ikki Faction
  64. [WIP] Shogun2 Gamer's Dream/Plan For Historically-Simulating Technology Trees (Rengou/Confucius/Hotoke/Kenchiku/Teppou)
  65. [Released] ZenMod, 7/30 v4.5 updated for DLC PATCH, Darth & Mutant vers. available
  66. [Proposal] Enhanced SP Campaign starts
  67. [Proposal] Archer realism for popular mods out there.
  68. [Proposal] More Effects?
  69. [Proposal] All Factions Mod
  70. [Proposal] Who wants a mod where recruitment depends on the number of the clan population by region (addition or not) or cities levels (addition or not)?
  71. [Proposal] North American Indian mod overhaul
  72. [WIP] The Shogunate strikes Back!!! (A sub-mod for DARTHMOD)
  73. [Proposal] Shogun 2 Total War Defense mod
  74. [WIP] Vragos Compilation 1.1 Patch Fix
  75. [Proposal] List of Changes for the upcoming C.A patch!
  76. [Proposal] Legendary Buildings
  77. [Proposal] Zoom in cities
  78. [Proposal] Newb to Modding
  79. [Proposal] Korean Trade idea (also possibly Ming China.)
  80. [WIP] (SP Campaign Enhancement) Legends of Echigo: Live the Sengoku Era through the eyes of Kenshin!
  81. [Proposal] Zombie Mod x0
  82. [Beta] Mutant Mod - The Tacticians Crest Edition
  83. [Beta] Baal's Delirium Mod! Beta 0.3 it is! Longer Missions and bonuses, 12 tpy!
  84. [Released] Shogun 2 Vragos Campaign - Version 2.9.6 beta released!
  85. [Released] Sengoku Mod (1.0)
  86. [Released] Shogun 2 Realism + (S2R+) | Update v3.0 - 25th October 2013
  87. [WIP] Mettle Blades and Skill (MBS)
  88. [WIP] Gna's Shogun 2 Total War Mod
  89. [Released] Ultimate Combat Mod - UCM version 0.3F aviable!
  90. [WIP] Mettle Blades and Skill (MBS)
  91. [Proposal] Pike & Shot mod - 1600s - being considered?
  92. [WIP] Shaolin
  93. [WIP] Onin War
  94. [Proposal] 7th century / China/Emishi mod?
  95. [Proposal] Addig new units
  96. [Proposal] No Bow Mod ?
  97. [WIP] A Difficulty Overhaul Mod
  98. [Proposal] Warrior nuns for all clans
  99. [Proposal] Compŕtable with spanish version?
  100. [Released] A Nagao Overhaul Mod (For the Uesugi faction)
  101. [Proposal] mods and patches
  102. [Released] Anton's Banner, Visual and Clan-swapping Overhaul [v1.7] - Include's seven new clans (Nagao, Nanbu, Sanada, Akechi, Shiina, Red Devils, Suwa), ROTS minor clans added to custom battles, loading screens, historical battle map and more!
  103. [Proposal] Shogun Total Factions
  104. [Proposal] Last Samurai Mod
  105. [Released] All Clans Playable
  106. [Proposal] harsh mod
  107. [Proposal] A Mode for Chinese History?!
  108. [Proposal] Bringing Influence to Vanilla
  109. [WIP] Alb23Unitcard Mod for 40 Units per Army
  110. [Released] Shogun 2: Total Clans - The 'all factions playable at any difficulty' mod! Playable ROTS Ashikaga available!
  111. [Proposal] A new Clan
  112. [Proposal] World War II Japanese Invasion
  113. [Proposal] Medieval Knights
  114. [Proposal] Middle earth
  115. [WIP] Total War: Pacfic (WW2 era mod for shogun 2)
  116. [Proposal] Late 19th Century Mod
  117. [Proposal] Ruusan Campaign.
  118. [Proposal] LESS HILLS MOD
  119. [Proposal] The Mongol Invasion of Japan
  120. [Proposal] Real "Realism" Mod
  121. [Proposal] New Skins for the Units (Making Şeyhülislam)
  122. [Proposal] modern warfare TW
  123. [Proposal] Looking for a ROTS campaign all factions unlock
  124. [Released] Shogun 2: Art of War [1.0.4]
  125. [Proposal] Invasion of Korea
  126. [WIP] Sengoku Basara
  127. [Proposal] The "realm divide" that faced Japan in 1582.
  128. [Proposal] Last Samurai/ Post Apocalyptic
  129. [Beta] Modcollection Sengoku Jidai universal units and matchlocks changes
  130. [Released] [FOTS] The Northern Alliance Campaign
  131. [Released] Boshin: Total Domains - An 'All Clans Playable' for FOTS!
  132. [Proposal] Trading District without Event (Fall of the Samurai)
  133. [Proposal] [FOTS] Playable Westerners
  134. [Proposal] Steampunk/Samurai UPDATED August 17 (with LINK, check OP/got eye candy pics inside as well)
  135. [Proposal] Trading district
  136. [WIP] Gen. Brewster's FOTS Modding Division!
  137. [Proposal] Samurai: Total War - A campaign combination TC
  138. [WIP] Boshin: Total Arms (BTA)
  139. [Proposal] Shogun 2 FOTS Sci fi mod?
  140. [Proposal] The Fall Of Napoleon
  141. [Proposal] china total war mod ?
  142. [Released] TakingMilad All in One Rebalance
  143. [Proposal] Star Wars - Total War
  144. [Proposal] Alternative foeign powers
  145. [Proposal] Reject the West - Traditional Only Units
  146. [Beta] Shogun 2: Foreign Invasion
  147. [Proposal] Thirty-Eight Years' War/Rise of the shogun
  148. [Proposal] DLC/Mod Idea
  149. [Proposal] L5r mod.
  150. [Proposal] Berserk: Total War
  151. [Beta] The Rise of the Warring States Campaign - V0.1 Beta Available
  152. [Proposal] Victorian/ACW mod?
  153. [Proposal] Dynamic unit caps
  154. [Proposal] Girl Power Clan :D
  155. [Proposal] Avatar: Total War
  157. [Proposal] Shogun II Epic campaign
  158. [WIP] Satsuma Rebellion Mod!
  159. [WIP] (RotS) Gempei War Mod
  160. [Beta] Shogun 2: Foreign Invasion POLL read OP before voting!
  161. [WIP] An opium wars multi??
  162. [Beta] PACIFIC: Total War
  163. [Released] Shogun 2: Total Clans - Multiplayer Edition
  164. [Proposal] Iron Res.
  165. [Proposal] war of the worlds for FOTS
  166. [Released] ***Campaign balance mod v1.0**** now released!
  167. [Proposal] TOTAL WAR: EMPIRE II (Tripartite Super Mod Proposal)
  168. [Proposal] Star Wars
  169. [Proposal] A Fantasy RPG based Total Conversion on Shogun 2?
  170. [Proposal] Emperor vs. Samurai
  171. [Proposal] New Mod planning, FOTS
  172. [WIP] WWI for FOTS (Rising Suns and Iron Crosses)
  173. [Proposal] King of Dragon Pass Total Conversion
  174. [Proposal] Shogun 2: Fall of Asia
  175. [Proposal] No Imjin War mod with Korea/China? A suggestion.
  176. [Beta] Mettle Blades and Skill **BETA ver 005 12tpy RELEASED 30May**
  177. [Proposal] Some ideas, women clan, old school, special is special right?
  178. [Proposal] Shogun 2: All In One Mod whit Darth Mod & Vanilla, link doesn't work!
  179. [Proposal] adding an imperial china faction yay or nay
  180. [Released] Enhanced Rise of the Samurai V 1.11
  181. [Proposal] One faction with many famous Daimyo
  182. [WIP] Building a Nation : A Building Pack
  183. [Released] TRUE SAMURAI final
  184. [Proposal] Boshin War in the 18th century
  185. [WIP] Provincial Government & Army Rework
  186. [Beta] A Tale of the Heike and the Genji Public BETA
  187. [WIP] The Project
  188. [Proposal] Invasion X
  189. [Proposal] Histrocially, Saika Faction Mod Allowed or not?
  190. [Beta] Clan Might Mod - Version 1.0
  191. [WIP] Ikko-Ikki Wako Replace Mod
  192. [Released] Rise of the Samurai Realism+ (RotS R+) v1.2
  193. [Proposal] Ming Invasion
  195. [Proposal] The Last Samurai prequel
  196. [Proposal] Random Concept
  197. [Beta] Kings' Grand Campaign
  198. [Proposal] Anime Mod
  199. [Proposal] First Sino-Japanese War(Shogun 2 mod)
  200. [Proposal] First Sino-Japanese War(Shogun 2 mod)
  201. [Proposal] American Civil War mod for FOTS
  202. [Proposal] European Faction
  203. [WIP] Shogun II Total Realism [Combat beta released]
  204. [Proposal] Darthmod+Expanded mod help 83newregions+86factions
  205. [WIP] The Colonial Arrival Mod
  206. [Proposal] Solaire unit mod
  207. [Proposal] Shinto vs Buddhism Conflict
  208. [Released] New Units! New Units Parts! Unit Rebalance! Campaing Rebalance!
  209. [WIP] American Civil War mod 0.1b
  210. [WIP] ACW - North&South II