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  1. Samurai of ancient Japan
  2. Mercenaries?
  3. Important battles in Japan.
  4. Samurai Fighting Styles (With Videos) and Battle Formations
  5. Date Masamune most likely featured.
  6. Documentaries about feudal Japan:
  7. Pics Samurai Armor update 16-06
  8. Good Literature for Beginners?
  9. Clan vs. Clan Warfare (Clan Tactical Characteristics).
  10. Japanese Navy
  11. Comics on Feudal Japan
  12. The Samurai's First Visit to America
  13. Christianity and the Daimyo
  14. The Portuguese in Japan
  15. Japanese Castles?
  16. Western Armour compared to Japanese armour.
  17. Samurai Warfare
  18. Japan Q&A
  19. Time Period?
  20. Non traditional Samurai armor
  21. Shogun Questions.
  22. Japnese Castles
  23. Shogun Artillery
  24. Japan Samurai cavalry better than Polish hussar ?
  25. ultimate show down of ultimate destiny: Samurai vs Knight
  26. Return of the Samurai Exhibit in Victoria B.C.
  27. film of Japanese battle
  28. Good Histories of the "Shogun" Period?
  29. Other Samurai Games/Mods etcetera.
  30. the breaking of japan
  31. Any Good Historical Websites about Japan?
  32. Metsuke?
  33. Which historians should I look for/trust for this period?
  34. Life as a samurai
  35. Weapons and fighting techniques of the samurai warrior 1200 - 1877 AD (Update : Pikemen)
  36. Interesting info on Dutch influence on Edo Period Japan
  37. ODA NOBUNAGA videos
  38. Good brief documentary on Japan's military past.
  39. Japanese forts
  40. whats the obsession of japanese colture with flowers?
  41. Pictures of Japanese gun troop in Portugal.
  42. Great starting position in Shogun 2 Total War
  43. Books on the time period.
  44. Reading and books!
  45. Pretty good website on samurai
  46. Samurai Banners
  47. [good] Books about this period of time in Japan
  48. Various things, including some crace information about sieges, women as samurai, what ninjas really were and an article claiming that swords (like katanas) were mainly a secondary weapon.
  49. The Horo
  50. Is it true that Japan had the most advanced guns in the world during 1500s?
  51. Good Books?
  52. Docu-drama on Tokugawa Ieyasu
  53. Would this unit list be historically correct??
  54. Did the monks wear this?
  55. Hand held gun powder weapons.
  56. Historical docudrama: Heroes and Villains (BBC) - Shogun (Battle of Sekigahara)
  57. Japanese castle explorer
  58. Regimental organisation and/or "ranks" during Sengoku Jidai?
  59. Uesugi Kenshin
  60. Wargames (no fanboys please)
  61. Army Composition
  62. Japanese (samurai) riveted chainmail armor.
  63. Documentary Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
  64. Japanese galleon
  65. Shogun Declaring War?
  66. Samurai army hierarchy?
  67. European equivalents to Japanese Clans
  68. Miyamoto Musashi
  69. Find mons
  70. History of Samurai Wars & Shogun 2 - Free Download
  71. Explanation of the Horo (Cavalry "Balloon cloak")
  72. Rank system
  73. What caused the Sengoku Jidai?
  74. In general, how historically accurate is S2TW?
  75. Unit Clarifications
  76. General's bodyguard sashimon
  77. How would you balance Katana Samurai to coincide with historical accuracy?
  78. Loan Sword Ashigaru
  79. Did Samurai really fight in the manner shown within the game ?
  80. Books specifically about Oda Nobunaga.
  81. Mounted Ashigaru
  82. Samurai heraldry gallery :website
  83. Number of battles fought during the Sengoku jidai?
  84. Army Compositions [By Faction] - Updated with a few Army Sizes
  85. Samurai physical training
  86. Would the REAL Archer Please Stand Up?
  87. The real Realm Divide: Oda Nobunaga's campaign 1571-73
  88. The Watanabe Art Museum Samurai Armour Collection (Kabuto & Mengu, Volume I)
  89. Naval Battles
  90. Will The Real Samurai Please Stand Up?
  91. Real weapons analysis
  92. Clans behaviour regarding foreigners and trade
  93. Things you don't know about Japan.
  94. Major Epidemic From Foreigners in Japan?
  95. Were the Shimazu descended from the Minamoto ?
  96. Samurai as defined by Osprey...
  97. How big was armies historicly in Japan?
  98. Japanese slingers in the Sengoku period?
  99. Let's talk about the JAPANESE INVASION OF KOREA (Imjin War)
  100. Mod Help - Matchlock Historical Development
  101. I Have Got To Get This Off My Chest.
  102. Did the Europeans ever consider invading Japan?
  103. Diplomacy Help
  104. A thought Roman's vs Japan
  105. Samurai atrocities
  106. Osaka, 1614-15: could the tide be turned?
  107. Food during the Sengoku Era
  108. Matchlock vs Armor
  109. How were Hokkaido and Okinawa involved in the events of this period?
  110. Article on Sengoku Militaries
  111. Why is Nobunaga considered such a villian in modern Japan?
  112. Which major Shogun 2 clan could have realistically united Japan?
  113. Bo hiya or bohiya fire arrows
  114. Difference between Shinto and Ikko-Ikki-style Buddhism?
  115. Your favorite clan?
  116. post which samurais birthday you share
  117. Diplomacy in the Sengoku Jidai
  118. What did Takenaka Shigeharu do that was so special?
  119. The 1575 Nagashino Campaign of Takeda Katsuyori
  120. Cannons
  121. The 4th Battle of Kawanakajima
  122. I am writing a story
  123. Samurai debt.
  124. Death Poems
  125. Date Question
  126. Warhammer Fantasy Battle Fandex
  127. Osaka, May 7th 1615: The greatest victory ever in the Se- no, Japanese history!
  128. Ship designs
  129. Ball and Chain?
  130. Uesugi Kenshin: Avatar of Bishamonten, or drop-dead gorgeous Goddess of War?
  131. Hands dipped in Red paint on documents ?
  132. Uesugi Kenshin, who exactly was he?
  133. Uesugi Kenshin's death poem?
  134. Welcome to Kasugayama! (Warning. A LOT of pictures)
  135. The Three Provinces Alliance
  136. Importance of the Shogun
  137. samurai children transport
  138. Imagawa Yoshimoto
  139. The historical accuracy of the Hattori clan...
  141. DLC unit names
  142. Good Online Reading Material
  143. Roads in Japan
  144. What Type Of Armor Is This Man Wearing?
  145. Saito Musashibo Benkei
  146. Amako clan
  147. What is the historic composition of army in that period?
  148. in the Sengoku Jidai, which weapon was the bread and butter of Samurai?
  149. The first samurai-Taira no Kiyomori
  150. Specialties or What made Minor clans Unique?
  151. Mikata ga Hara
  152. How historically in/accurate is 'Ten to chi to'?
  153. Warrior Monks
  154. Lack of shields in Japan
  155. Hypothetical, Greece Classical/Hellenic Age Armies vs Japanese/ Small Skirmish Battles
  156. Housing in the Sengoku Era
  157. History; A few Questions.
  158. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's banner?
  159. Medieval England vs Japan
  160. Speculation: Post-Shingen, Pre/Post Nagashino Kanto Daimyos vs. Oda
  161. Sengoku clans in the present day
  162. "Ship from failed Mongol invasion found off Japan" (bbc news)
  163. What's the name of that signalling paddle thing that generals used?
  164. Headhunting
  165. sengoju jidal period
  166. Paris samurai exhibit.
  167. How did the warrior monks react when coming into contact with the Nanban (if ever) and were there hostilities?
  168. Bushido, how old is it actually?
  169. shout of encouragement in Shogun 2 and Kessen
  170. what do the samurai yell before battle
  171. 2 new incredible books on samurai armor by Trevor Absolon.
  172. the history of the wako or wokou pirates
  173. The end of the Uesugi legacy: Otate no Ran
  174. Why Japanese Do not carry shields?
  175. Violence in 17th century Japan off the battlefield.
  176. Need some help with books
  177. Interesting article on the origins of the Japanese sword and early history.
  178. Military Formations and Organization during Sengoku Jidai
  179. Musashi Miyamoto, did he really do anything?
  180. What do you think about the Saga of the Samurai Series?
  181. A linguistic question
  182. Ramming in naval warfare in 19th century?
  183. Post Sekigahara?
  184. Name of the Big Sword Attendant Swords?
  185. Katsuyori - Misunderstood (An article)
  186. Takeda Yoshinobu - why??
  187. Alternate History - Victory at Uedahara
  188. Horseback spear fighting in Japan.
  189. Sites to See in Japan
  190. Any good documentaries in preparation for FoTS?
  191. Shogun and Emperor's Guard
  192. Anything about William Adams (Anjin-sama)
  193. Onna Bushi in sengoku jidai age
  194. What types of rifles used on FotS era?
  195. The Napoleon III's officers in the Japan of the Last Shogun
  196. History question/doubt.
  197. wall climbing siege battle
  198. What would happen if Shingen had not died?
  199. Roanoke Class Ironclad Issue.
  200. Finding reliable history knowledge?
  201. Kyoto police
  202. History Buffs, Help!
  203. map fall of the samourai
  204. What if the Shogunate Won?
  205. Christianity in Japan
  206. Units during the Boshin war
  207. Satsuma Rebellion
  208. Japanese Edo/Meiji Modern Fortifications
  209. Historical irregularites
  210. Samurai Siege Warfare
  211. Japanese Unit type historical accuracy.
  212. Boshin War Era Armies
  213. Would bayonets really be accurate historically?
  214. Sengoku Jidai only the best Daimyos survive!
  215. The Last Samurai-correction
  216. Takeda alternative shogunate ?
  217. The history of guns in japan.
  218. A PowerPoint just for fun!
  219. Climbing walls in sieges
  220. Sieges
  221. Book of the Five Rings
  222. Late Period Clan Leaders
  223. Where are they now? Shogun 2's clans' descendants in present time
  224. Shogunate and Imerpial?
  225. Early Period Daimyos
  226. How Were Sashimono Determined?
  227. Anyone got anyinfo on the oni war?
  228. Boshin War era ship question
  229. Can someone help me find a Shogun 2 quote?
  230. Nob˘ no shiro
  231. Samurai Arquebusiers
  232. Riveted Japanese mail (karakuri namban).
  233. Army of the Ezo Republic
  234. Hemp or Cotton
  235. What is the name of the celebration cheer?
  236. Benkei a look at a real Sohei
  237. A discussion on Japanese horse sizes
  238. Otomo/Saga Mon
  239. Metals and martial arts used in the sengoku period
  240. Sengoku medicine
  241. Great battles of Shingen and Kenshin?
  242. Hattori Mon?
  243. Hattori Hanzo's helmet
  244. Hotsuma script
  245. Samurai Armor 1200-1300?
  246. Saika Magoichi
  247. Greatest daimyo in the beginning of the Sengoku Jidai
  248. Battle of Sekigahara Battle Help?
  249. Books on Japanese Castles
  250. How did late 19th Century Japanese Warfare play out?