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  1. Shogun 2 apocalypse?
  2. About patch 1
  3. Does anyone know what time Shogun unlocks
  4. Melee battle sounds in recent TW games
  5. Shogun 2 getting great reviews so far
  6. Amazon.com (US) Order Question
  7. Question
  8. Question
  9. Shogun 2 Graphics Comparision
  10. Shimazu ending video!!
  11. New incredible feature in Shogun 2.... In my dream last night.. ;o
  12. New Siege Video maybe?
  13. Sound issues?
  14. How are you going to customize your MP character?
  15. Proposal for undecided Shogun 2 players (Shinryaku no Kazoku)
  16. S2 Avialable for Download at Sega Store
  17. Demo A reliable performance BenchMark?
  18. Q: Can caracters have negative traits?
  19. Is Shogun 2 the first TW to use Steam?
  20. Manual
  21. wow this game needs to be mooded and fast
  22. How Closely will CA monitor the Tech Support Forum after release?
  23. Who's playing the Hattori first?
  24. LIMITED EDITION - ''Includes four free exclusive unlocks!''
  25. What have you been doing to pass the time?
  26. Cloud AI is it possible?
  27. Kill General, Army Flee
  28. Which faction will you play first?
  29. What's new with Total War?
  30. Is it worth it?
  31. IGN.com Impresions
  32. Naval battles-a bit flawed?
  33. Anyone interested in doing a Uesugi/Takeda MP AAR?
  34. anyone pre-oredered from xavvi?
  35. Breaking news!!!
  36. 1 More Day, these last few weeks have been so loooooong
  37. OK What the Heck is up with all the fuss
  38. Anybody Else's Pre-order will be Late?
  39. Uploading to YouTube, custom battles
  40. Castle map variation?
  41. Units Rout Way To Quickly
  42. So I ordered online...
  43. If you ordered Shogun 2 via Gamestop..
  44. Installing TW:S2 from DVDs when purchased via Steam
  45. Shogun 2 players, where are you from?
  46. Shogun 2 and Unit Detail settings.
  47. S2TW LE (DIGITAL) + Free RTW Gold
  48. Epicness vs. Historical accuracy
  49. Interview with Jeff van Dyck
  50. Nice hill defence :)
  51. Shogun 2 First Thoughts
  52. Who is on the cover
  53. Schoolwork or Shogun 2?
  54. You know you have waited too long for shogun when...
  55. New (??) PC Games Germany video review. Amazing preformance..
  56. Who's playing the game now?
  57. Samurai Matchlockmen = Fantasy Unit
  58. Question about buying retail / Steam
  59. Gamestar shows the difference between DX10 and DX11 and graphical settings
  60. TWS2 Launching at Tuesday 12:00pmGMT
  61. Time misconfusion of the game, also apology.
  62. Luxury Goods, what are they?
  63. Possible install problem when the game gets unlocked?
  64. Movies to get you into the mood for Shogun 2...
  65. Can't install my retail shogun 2
  66. Installing from disk
  67. FYI: STW2 Manual Viewable from Steam
  68. The female advisor's voice is hot
  69. Shogun 2 Steam activation code release time(US)
  70. Small technical/graphical problem - help :)
  71. Can I unlock the Hattori Clan with the Standard Edition of Shogun 2 Total War?
  72. will my laptop run this game well?
  73. Steam preloading available
  74. Have you uninstalled your DEMO yet?
  75. Limited edition question
  76. I have a present for those guys,who has bought the game via Steam!
  77. Mod Support
  78. First impressions thread
  79. Broadcast :)
  80. Limited edition code?
  81. Sooooooo... Line of sight feature, anyone?
  82. How does a cooperate campaign work?
  83. AI controlled armies
  84. Anyone else's first TW purchase since Medieval2?
  85. You have been banned for the following reason: CA bashing
  86. To everyone who has been awaiting this game for eleven years...
  87. GAME's portrayal of S2TW without DX11
  88. Where to install. advice please.
  89. Demo animation lag, Even on low settings
  90. And it begins...
  91. Install crashed,bound to steam servers
  92. I dont want to know!!
  93. inb4 the tsunami of....
  94. How does CA play?
  95. Ask a guy who just launched the game anything.
  96. Still on Pre-DL?
  97. To anyone complaining about the state of their game
  98. Another Shogun Promo and someone almost got hurt
  99. The real Yari Ashigaru spear
  100. S2TW reviews by people that played it. Did you like it?
  101. AI stuff
  102. What are the Editions and Prices for European Market?(Excluding UK) for Total War Shogun II
  103. Total War: Shogun 2 Rant Thread
  104. A Thread about to be closed
  105. Total War: Shogun 2 Praise Thread
  106. Watch a stream of Shogun 2
  107. Should Creative Assembly postponed release of Shogun 2?
  108. Profits should go to the Japanese earthquake victims?
  109. I feel cheated
  110. Which of these would be better for Shogun 2?
  111. So can we still expect the promised modding tools set for TWS2/NTW
  112. My avatar looks mirror the same as my opponents??? Why>?
  113. [Full Game] Terrible performance on my quad core.
  114. Printable Game Counters for Shogun 2 - version 3
  115. TWS2 Stream for those waiting for their copies
  116. Does the full-version work better than demo?
  117. First Impressions CAI, Diplomacy, Economy..etc..
  118. 360 degree campaign map?
  119. Rate Shogun 2 AI
  120. Battle maps?
  121. Shogun Reviews positive on AI
  122. So is the demo like the final game?
  123. Creative Assembly needs to lower the price!
  124. How do you get the spoiler tag in your post?
  125. Rate the AI ...
  126. Graphics are fine
  127. Thread support?
  128. why did you decide to buy Shogun 2 upon release instead of waiting
  129. Some Quick Questions
  130. Turn off the Generals speech?
  131. Shogun 2 Reveiws
  132. Is this game worth getting
  133. Game is sexy - Proof inside
  134. good news and bad news
  135. No internet NO PLAY???
  136. AH! those good old days!
  137. any community reviews yet?
  138. Price lowered on first day? Limited Edition.
  139. Maps?
  140. Exclusive Ninja Clan?
  142. LImited Edition to download
  143. I dont like samarai or ninjas, but..
  144. Painting the Takeda figurine
  145. Units in Campaign Map
  146. How to disable the info popup box in battle
  147. Apparently i purchased S2TW
  148. limited edition content?
  149. no fire arrows in custom naval battles?
  150. absolutely breathtaking
  151. Avatar Customisation - "Katanas"
  152. In between turn times
  153. Launch trailer up on gametrailers
  154. My experiences so far with Shogun II
  155. Did anyone notice...
  156. General speeches in Japanese.... No comon
  157. Shogun 2: Place 3 in Steam Stats
  158. Epic Manual Fail
  159. Its only a demo stop crying the game will run better
  160. the AI is still crappy during seige
  161. Horrible Optimization....
  162. No Deal Bro! (Trade agreements)
  163. stone and iron resources
  164. Developer Console
  165. Release date patch?
  166. Kudos as it's due
  167. A video to help with pronouncing the japanese names
  168. Something funny
  169. difficulty levels
  170. First playing session
  171. Huge FPS boost in Melee while zoomed in
  172. Post your won campaigns.
  173. CA please put custom skins from MP in SP
  174. Anyone else experienced this?
  175. Changing Color Schemes
  176. Awesome things in your campaigns.
  177. It's worth 50 bucks.
  178. Is my game up do date?
  179. What to edit so farms produce more food?
  180. The CAI may be challenging, but it doesn't seem that "smart"
  181. Thorized Review/AAR -- I just lost my first serious TW Campaign...ever.
  182. What about the Geishas? Hero Units?
  183. My general's bodyguard have growths....is that normal?
  184. The cover
  185. Castles , Always Change!
  186. Great game, but ruined my mood
  187. Shogun, is it any good?
  188. Lost my 1st campaign
  189. Japanese Speeches = Boring
  190. Yari Ashigaru Spear wall formation question
  191. What's with the gunners?
  192. years 1545-1600...too short!!
  193. Remember in MTW
  194. Some of the Daimyo not even born at the start of the game
  195. Hell hath no fury....
  196. Unrestricted Camera
  197. Every unit is in plate armour
  198. Difficulity level and drop in battles
  199. And Now I Am Shogun.......
  200. Realm divide - thoughts and opinins?
  201. How have I broken treaties I never made?
  202. As expected, for better or worse
  203. Shogun 2 TW BALKAN *steam group* (join us!)
  204. Poor performance - fixed - pls close
  205. Feels like I'm playing Starcraft
  206. When do christians come to my lands?
  207. Faction or Tech
  208. TWS2 Attention to detail!
  209. City names on campaign map
  210. Why Can't I Build a Nanban Trade Port?
  211. How much variation is there is castle terrain?
  212. Shogun 2 TW gameplay variety
  213. Shogun 2 demo mods
  214. AI too defensive
  215. Are muskets effective?
  216. Campaign map terrain/geography
  217. [wildlife] Deer & wales, post your pics?
  218. Patch
  219. The cool Art and Design of Shogun 2!
  220. Food icon.
  221. TF2 Shogun items.
  222. Wow!
  223. battles
  224. my current campaign
  225. Do enemy archers have unlimited arrows?
  226. An Opinion poll on Infantry speed
  227. General Skills in a siege
  228. Nice game way to much on the Pop Up troops
  229. Portion of profits of Shogun II Total War Should go to Japan
  230. Admirals?
  231. Naval battles
  232. Upgrading units?
  233. Multiplayer annoyance
  234. Advisor keeps saying the same thing
  235. Ninja sabotage
  236. KISS principle applied to Ai
  237. So how's the reinforcements?
  238. What difficulty are you playing on and how is it going?
  239. DX11 vs DX9 Performance comparison
  240. How did Hatekayama manage to do this?
  241. How to Unlock all Factions
  242. Suggestion: Custom difficulty level?
  243. Camera Update?
  244. Lugotorix's Comprehensive Uesugi Review and AAR!
  245. When I designate a unit to run, it should stay that way!
  246. Max Trade Ships per Node
  247. Is Shogun 2 any good?
  248. Generals still suicide
  249. Ninja Skill Tree
  250. Is it just me, or do archers no longer gain a range bonus on a hill?