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  9. {Game Staff HotSeat} - NewBloods Italian Wars - {Game Staff HotSeat} - NAPLES OPEN!
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  11. [RP HS] The Dragonborn Comes TES
  12. ~Flames from Hell~ Dragon Break HS
  13. [HS] Tamriel III TES
  14. SS Kings [6 player SS6.4][INVITED PLAYERS ONLY]
  15. [RP HS] Holy Roman Empire (TWC/MTWII Gaming group) BURGUNDY/SAXONY OPEN!
  16. Grand Campaign 2 - RetrofitMP HS
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  31. The Four Kings, But It's Five Kings Instead [British Isles Kingdoms HS]
  32. [GS Event] The End Times - Warhammer Hotseat
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  35. [HS] Battle for Rome I
  36. [HS] [RP] Britannia: The Isles of Chaos [Vanilla, Britannia Campaign]
  37. The Northern Crusades [Teutonic HS - Exp. ppl. Re-made]
  38. [HS] A Lifetime of War [Invited People Only]