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  1. the emertgents of napoleon
  2. [WIP] Battle of Berlin TW
  3. retrofit mod for NTW?
  4. [Proposal] Unit Creation and Faction Modifier
  5. [WIP] Prelude to Napoleon Total War, A French Revolution Mod
  6. [Released] [CANNED] -Tyrant Overhaul - v1.0442
  7. [WIP] "America Total War" MOD
  8. [WIP] Imperial Splendour: the Grand Coalition
  9. 'War of the First Coalition'
  10. [Released] Improved War mod.New version after patch.8.1 Today 17 july.
  11. [Beta] BETA V: NAPOLEON: TOTAL COMBAT v4.0 (with 20, 30 & 40 stack army support!) MASSIVE 250+ Units Update!
  12. October Revolution!
  13. [Proposal] Invasions, Titles and more
  14. Napoleon Order of War - The Work begins here, please all NOW modders report here
  15. [Released] L'Armée d’Orient [(v1.0.0) -first release]
  16. [Proposal] "Open" Campaign Mod?
  17. A Romanic Mod
  18. [WIP] Hey. Stat/France Mod
  19. 1700s / Victorian Mods?
  20. [Proposal] Proposal for a Real Starting Mod
  21. French Revolutionary Wars Mod (anyone interested in helping?)
  22. Continents in Conflict: Napoleon - The Tacticians mod
  23. The American Civil War
  24. 1815: 100 days mod?
  25. Idea for new mod: War of 1812
  26. Carolus Rex
  27. {Idea/Request} Empire Retrofit Mod
  28. Pith Helmets and Zulu-esque uniforms/units
  29. [Proposal] MOD IDEA
  30. [Proposal] "Road To Waterloo" mod
  31. [Released] Vacabunni Über Alles. Napoleon Pirate Mod (v1.2 / v1.3_AOR).
  32. Announcing: Thorized - The Great War, NTW
  33. WW 1 total war
  34. [Recruits] An 18th/19th Century mod
  35. [Proposal] Please, Something that makes the game more FUN!
  36. [WIP] Le Premier Empire, Updated 8-12-10, 2.0 Coming Soonish
  37. [Proposal] Confed. of the Rhine
  38. Marlborough and Charles XII mod?
  39. [Released] "Home of the Brave" - US 19th Century Mod V.1
  40. [Proposal] Napoleon Total War Darthmod?
  41. [WIP] (Recruiting) Crimean War Mod (Part of the Victorian Age Mod Project)
  42. Can someone make a war of 1812 mod?
  43. Otherworld: Total War?
  44. [WIP] (Recruiting) The Ministry of War presents: La Grande Armée
  45. [Released] The Super Human Mod V1.0 RELEASED!! **NUKES, I SAID NUKES!!** super weps... and LOTS more added!! Should be PATCH4 comaptible now!
  46. This War Without Reason- Seven years war mod appeal
  47. 1860s mod
  48. [Released] Hispania Mod. The Independence War (v2.0 - 31/8/10)
  49. [Released] Naval Supremacy, a naval overhaul mod for NTW. 14th June, version 1.1.3 released including new shipborne Marine model for all factions (european model only)
  50. [Proposal] Perhaps an earlier 'Napoleon'
  51. True Empires
  52. Total War Magnificence
  53. [Proposal] Ideal mod
  54. [Released] BEST Realistic Naval Mod for NTW - GRAND FLEET v2.01 *** 01/06/10 *** NEW
  56. ww1 mod?
  57. [Proposal] Why not mix things up?
  58. [Beta] WWII Mod (Small Update 7-1-10)
  59. Alledged issue with Megaupload
  60. Proposal: Lord of the Rings: The 12th Age
  61. War of 1812
  62. [Released] Napoleon: Lines Of Battle and Minimods Collection
  63. NTW: Swedish/Russian War Campaign
  64. [Beta] The New World Order [ALPHA CAMPAIGN RELEASED]
  65. [WIP] The Bastmod ! - News Campaigns and more... - recruits modders /// New campaign announced !!
  66. Temeraire:Total War
  67. [Proposal] Russian Civil War
  68. [WIP] Russian Civil War
  69. Paraguay War
  70. Does it exist: A mod that unifies ETW and NTW?
  71. Civil War mod?
  72. Russo-Turkish War (1806–1812)
  73. [WIP]
  74. Argentina: Road to independence
  75. [WIP] Beale's Battlefields Overhaul - A Visuals Overhaul
  76. Medieval era?
  77. [WIP] The Ministry of War presents: La Grande Armée (Second preview inside, Last update: Sep. 5th)
  78. Sharpe: Total War
  79. American Civil War Mod
  80. [Released] Impérial Eagle Mod / Closed / Now MoE
  81. [Proposal] 1700 module
  82. [Beta] The Napoleonic Wars, a single faction mod.
  83. [Proposal] Bare Bones Mod
  84. (Proposal) Star Wars: the Clone Wars mod.
  85. Any ancient times mod for NTW or ETW?
  86. [Proposal] Caucasia TW - age of striking Khanates
  87. Franco-Prussian War mod proposal
  88. Star Wars?
  89. [WIP] New Napoleonic Mod
  90. A 17th Century mod?
  91. English Civil War battles mod??
  92. [WIP] People, Politics & Nations .
  93. [Proposal] New mod in process
  94. [WIP] Blood and Iron (Franco-Prussian War Mod)
  95. Rome-Mod(remake)for Napoleon/Empire
  96. napoleon mod with TW Empire map?
  97. [Proposal] Change capital option
  98. [WIP] Ideas please
  99. a HUGE mod suggestion
  100. [Proposal] Grand Campaign for Napoleon?
  101. [WIP] New Mod [WIP] "An Empire of Old" a "BYZ" mod for N:TW
  102. [Proposal] War for the Caribbean mod
  103. [Proposal] [Proposal] U.S.A. faction in campaign.
  104. [Proposal] Hundred Days mod?
  105. [Proposal] Just throwing out ideas...
  106. [Proposal] 30 year war
  107. [WIP] Il Risorgimento Mod
  108. [WIP] Vive l'Empereur! New mod preview
  109. [Beta] Island Of Elba
  110. [Beta] French Monarchy
  111. [WIP] 18 Brumaire Napoleon Total War Mod *recruiting* *first preview* 2/17/11
  112. [Beta] French Refugies
  113. [WIP] North & South - The American Civil War [1861-1865] [RELEASED]
  114. [Proposal] Opium War / Indian Mutiny / Maori Land War ??
  115. [Proposal] Peninsular war carlist war mod
  116. [WIP] The Ottoman Empire Realism Mod
  117. [Released] Reditum Legionum--"The Return of the Legions", "An Empire of Old" sub mod--v1.4 (20 May 2011)
  118. [WIP] Ex Cineribus - "From the Ashes": A Roman NTW Modification
  119. [NTW] Index of Released Mods
  120. [Released] Ex Cineribus (From the Ashes) mod Release Thread
  121. [Released] ZenMod: NTW 7/13 v1.5 (dozens and dozens of new units)
  122. [Proposal] Regno D'Italia
  123. [Proposal] Napoleon and Empire Combined
  124. [Proposal] italian war of 1859
  125. [Released] Ottoman Realism Mod
  126. [WIP] Lawrence Of Arabia - A Submod For TGW
  127. [Released] Albtraum23Mod mit 40 Units per Army V.0.9
  128. [Proposal] Improving naval battles
  129. [WIP] CLOSED (Nap:AoW) Napoleon: Art of War
  130. [Proposal] Complete Divisions/Brigades
  131. [WIP] Maori wars mod - Napoleon
  132. [Proposal] Help with Preset Armies Please! :)
  133. [Beta] Hungarian GC mod
  134. [WIP] Napoleon:Master and Commander mod
  135. [Released] Emergant Nations Playable
  136. [Released] Napoleon: Fields of Glory (New Mod)
  137. [Proposal] Seven Years War Mod for NTW
  138. [WIP] CLOSED (FtG:AoW) Frederick the Great: Art of War
  139. [WIP] Surrection - A French Revolution Overhaul for Napoleon: Total War
  140. [Proposal] Increase Overall Army Size and Funds
  141. [Proposal] a medieval mod for napoleon tw
  142. [Proposal] total control of one side or the other
  143. [WIP] NTW: Gettysburg
  144. [Proposal] Napoleon Total War Mod
  145. [WIP] AoW Recruitment Thread
  146. [Proposal] A conversion to Middle Ages for NTW
  147. [Proposal] Empire Total War Entire World
  148. [Beta] NTW: Kaunitz Project
  149. [Proposal] Diplomacy mod
  150. [Proposal] How to make unique units?
  151. [Proposal] 1936 Spanish civil war mod need help
  152. i need the TotalCombatAIOnly.rar
  153. [Proposal] Naval Mod
  154. [WIP] Rise Of Ottoman - New Campaign For Ottomans !
  155. [Proposal] Austro-Sardinian War 1859
  156. [WIP] The new Empire (impy) SUSPENDED UNTIL I FIND HELP
  157. [Proposal] KHARTUM MOD and ZULU MOD
  158. [Released] Minor States Mod:luneville
  159. [Proposal] America in Europe
  160. [Released] The Bonaparte Empire
  161. [Proposal] Haitian Revolution mod
  162. [Proposal] "War and Peace" Overhaul Mod (Russian?)
  163. [Proposal] different marching music for drum and fife for each fractions
  164. [Proposal] Mexican+America Faction (custom battles+maybe historical)
  165. [Proposal] Romanian Campaign
  166. [Released] Romam Indipiscor V: 1.1
  167. [WIP] Spanish american war mod
  168. [Proposal] (TRP) The Realism Pack
  169. [Released] NTW Bourbon Naval
  170. [Proposal] Schleswig-Holstein War 1848 - 1864 Campaign Map Mod
  172. [Proposal] World War 2 Mod?
  173. [Released] Peninsular War 1808 Mod (3 Days personal challenge)
  174. [WIP] Andromahkos' Fantasy Napoleon Total War Mod
  175. [Proposal] anyone interisted in war of vectorian era ?
  176. [Released] Napoleon: Brutal War
  177. [WIP] Europa: Total War
  178. [Released] Risorgimento 1859 - The Franco-Austrian War
  179. [WIP] Custom naval (ship's crew) units
  180. [Proposal] ETW2 on Napoleon
  181. [Released] Youtubers at War
  182. Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Napoleon C&O)
  183. [Released] The Ottoman Empire Proper Mod a.k.a Realism Mod