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  1. [WIP] Napoleon grenadier bodyguard
  2. [Proposal] Mod idea
  3. [Proposal] Pistols for Cuirassiers !
  4. [Released] Additional Units Mod - Napoleon (AUM-NAP) 2.6 - updated 24.11.17
  5. [Proposal] Naval Crew Mod (working!)
  6. [Proposal] Mod Request to Accompany a Tutorial: Increase Artillery guns from 4 to 10
  7. [Proposal] Historical Battle Units
  8. [Proposal] A bit of naval equality?
  9. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Napoleon (UPC-NAP) - updated 14.4.18
  10. [Released] The Glory of the Russian Empire NTW Edition (MP Compatible)
  11. [Proposal] Black Regiment Project.
  13. [WIP] The Mad God's Stat Mod
  14. [Released] "Les Aigles" aka Bart 07 units add-on [1.13 released on 08/22/2013]
  15. [Released] Lord Mongsworth's Faction Retextures Vol 2: The French Updated 23/04/10 (Carabiniers added, bug fixes)
  16. [Released] All Factions playable till 1820 (ready) new Batavian Units pack (updated 06-04-2010)
  17. [Released] Doombunnys Mod Thread - First Naval Texture Up!
  18. [Released] Ciisar's Artillery modification.
  19. [Released] Diverse Artillery Mod (DAM) for NTW. 26/4-2010 Major update to version 1.6 including all custom unit cards/images and other features.
  20. [Proposal] The Rebellion's Shipyard (N). Imperial Fleet.
  21. [Proposal] Douaniers of Napoleon
  22. [Released] (Sweden Late18th century Mod)Startpos included all updates finish!!!
  23. [Released] Radious Units mod released
  24. [WIP] Dead MOD
  25. [Proposal] Can somebody please fix!
  26. [Released] New Prussia Late 18thcentury mod (Dead mod moderator pls delete post)
  27. [Proposal] A Proper Austrian Army by Genreal Cornwallis
  28. [Proposal] Ducking Behind Trenches
  29. [Proposal] The Specific Unit Mod
  30. [Released] "The Army of Francis" An Austrian unit pack by General Cornwallis
  31. [Proposal] British Line Infantry - Black Trousers re-colour/skin?
  32. [Proposal] Appeal for Royal Marines and crews!!!
  33. [Beta] Army of Napoleon: Bringing the French Military Up to Snuff. *New Units* *New Textures* BETA now available!
  34. [Proposal] Request for Lancers with Flags
  35. [Proposal] Reskins for Austria and prussia
  36. [Proposal] Lancers Dismounted
  37. [Proposal] 1805-1808
  38. [Proposal] REQUEST: Royal Marines
  39. [WIP] GUM - Gill Unit Mod
  40. [Released] BRAVEWAR mod for NTW) (release fix upc 2.61)
  41. [WIP] British Rifles Custom Units Pack beta WIP
  42. [Released] Howitzer à Cheval v1.0
  43. [Released] Scarlet Dawn 2: Napoleon; A British Unit Pack by General Cornwallis
  44. [Proposal] Right...... Russians?
  45. [Proposal] [REQUEST] Royal Navy Officers!!!
  46. [Released] Rise of the Black Eagle 2: Napoleon a Prussian 1806 unit pack by General Cornwallis
  47. [WIP] Marines
  48. [Proposal] new mod Next week
  49. [Released] Danmark-Norge og Englandskrigene; 14/6-2010 Version 1.2 Released with new shipborne marines, ship textures and uniform changes
  50. [Proposal] Unit of Empire and Napoleon are possible to be transfered?
  51. [Released] Beale's Brigades is back - VERSION 2 - La Grande Armee (France) RELEASED 29/4/201o Plus additional patch!
  52. [Proposal] 1/Royals 1789
  53. [Proposal] Lithuania in NTW?
  54. [WIP] 18th Century British Mod v2 on its way, previews to come soon
  55. [Released] England Expects! - British Naval Crew Mod
  56. [Proposal] Mods for Russian army
  57. [Proposal] Napoleon's Foreign Regiments
  58. [Beta] GL Unit add-on MOD 1.5 5-25 Updata
  59. [Beta] Die Kaiserliche Armee an Austrian realistic unit pack
  60. [Proposal] Yeomanry for GB
  61. [WIP] The Winter Horde a Russian 1805 Unit Pack
  62. [Proposal] 4th Hussar Remake
  63. [Released] Historically Inaccurate Sweden Mod
  64. [Proposal] Swedish Regiments (WIP)
  65. [Released] Yeomanry Mod
  66. [Beta] Fäderneslandet (swedish unit pack) Beta
  67. [Released] Foreign Legions Mod 7.5 -New British and Austrian Updates
  68. [Released] The Panzerschreckcannons mod, 50 CANNONS OUT+ 1 and 2 cannons!!!
  69. [Proposal] More, and better units at the start of campaign
  70. [Proposal] Italian Campaign Units for Austria
  71. [Released] Sapper units for all major factions, v0.94 updated(17 Apr 2011) Austrian uniform updated
  72. [WIP] [WIP] Sharpe's Enemies Unit Pack
  73. [Released] Prussian Mounted Jager (Jager zu Pferd)
  74. [WIP] War of 1812, Units and Textures for Custom Battle -Preview-
  75. [Proposal] Pikemen for Russia
  76. [Released] Ottoman Units and Spawning Agents, v5 (8 May 2011): agents only mod added
  77. [Proposal] Unit sizes tool?
  78. [Released] The Elephant Mod *Updated 3/21*
  79. [Released] BrunswicK Unit un-locker
  80. [Proposal] [REQUEST] Fire ships
  81. [Proposal] Better Prussian Units
  82. [Released] British Cavalry Mod (Update 9/20 Minor tweaks)
  83. [Proposal] Correct Units for Tyrol
  84. [Proposal] Austrian Landwehr and Freikorps
  85. [Proposal] Unlock Pre-order Unit mod proposal
  86. [Proposal] Gazza's Prussian Army to NTW
  87. [Proposal] I ask, plead, implore, you save Prussia
  88. [WIP] Additional Unit Packs for Kungfuserge's Khartoum and Zulu mod.
  89. [Proposal] (Proposal)Tsar-Pushka cannon for russia
  90. [Proposal] French Army Mod.
  91. [Proposal] royal guards (belgium)
  92. [Proposal] Lets give the Guns to the Huns
  93. [Released] NM Texture Mod v1.0.3.
  94. [Proposal] Australian infantry regiment?
  95. [Proposal] A new way to recruit allies
  96. [Released] Emperor Batman's Militia Mod: National Guard are now recruitable in the European campaign, no more lazy militia stance and more!
  97. [WIP] missing mp_eur_napoleon scripts
  98. [Proposal] 14th century mod
  99. [WIP] Pickelhauben + Bavarian Line Infantry
  100. [Released] The Mighty 41st!
  101. [Released] CLOSED Sub-Mod: Imperial Eagle Units: RELEASE 2.1 LINE SKINS. Mod Closed
  102. [Proposal] American Units.
  103. [Proposal] Prussian Garde du Corps +Leib-Karabinier
  104. [Proposal] For the Arty Mod people
  105. [Proposal] Polish Units during Napoleonic Campaign and battles n sceniarios
  106. [Proposal] Hope they do this one day
  107. [Proposal] Unit request.
  108. [Proposal] Historically accurate, stats, costs etc.
  109. [Beta] Colonne D'Attaque. Mod Closed.
  110. [Beta] An Irishman, a Westphalian and a Swiss go into a pub... Mod Closed
  111. [Released] Hawkins' Greatcoats Mod, getting soldiers out of the cold.
  112. [Proposal] Please could some one produce additional units for German States
  113. [Proposal] East india company mods?
  114. [WIP] THE BAVARIAN ARMY MOD (BAM) recruiting!
  115. [Proposal] Fergusson Riflemen
  116. [Proposal] British Light Infantry Hats
  117. [Proposal] Machine Guns
  118. [Proposal] [Proposal] French Foot Dragoons
  119. [Released] Almighty france mod
  120. [Released] A few units for the Italy
  122. [Proposal] spanish units
  123. [Proposal] pompons on french hats
  124. [Released] Additional Marshals Mod v1.1
  125. [Proposal] A New Kind of Grand Battery
  126. [Beta] Quad's Early Infantry Mod (Proper Austrian Helmets Within ;) )
  127. [Released] Armée d'Orient--French Egypt units mod (20 May 2011) v1.9 middle eastern factions added
  128. [Proposal] Prussia Shakos
  129. [Proposal] NTW-MOD Italian Kingdom-Battaglione Bersaglieri volontari di Brescia
  130. List of Released Unit Packs for Napoleon Total War
  131. [Released] Additional Spanish units mod [with DLC] v1 (17 Apr 2011)
  132. [Released] Additional Spanish Units (non-DLC)
  133. [Proposal] Swiss Unit Pack
  135. [Proposal] Pickelhauben for prussian Soldiers
  136. [Released] austria_1805
  137. [Released] Additional Portuguese Units (non-DLC)
  138. [Released] Seawolf's 9 stars Generals and Admirals MOD - CAMPAIGN
  139. [Released] Swiss Mod
  140. [Proposal] Realistic recruitment times
  141. [Released] Additional Dutch Units (Batavian Rep)
  142. [Proposal] Correction for the unlocked units and their missing textures?
  143. [Released] Additional Danish Units
  144. [Released] New Bavarian Units
  145. [WIP] Die Modifizierung des Preußen Landwehr (The Prussian Landwehr Mod)
  146. [Proposal] Fable 3 Soldiers?
  147. [Proposal] All Richard Sharps Units in one Mod
  148. [Proposal] Slavic units for swiss
  149. [Released] Tiny Unit Adjustment
  150. [Released] Austrian Grenadiers Mod 1.1
  151. [Proposal] TotalUnitsMod
  152. [Proposal] Please
  153. [Proposal] Mod Manager Doesnt work
  154. [Released] Irish Units-Add On for NTF
  155. [Released] Pdguru's French and Allies: Uniforms, Artillery, Equipment and Sounds
  156. [Proposal] Change reload speed of ships
  157. [Released] MAUM (Rolling Release)
  158. [Released] Unfinished but playable Sweden retexture
  159. [Released] Dutch Naval Expansion Pack
  160. [Released] Ottoman Navy Pack
  161. [Proposal] Deleted
  162. [Released] 47th's Preußischen Einheiten Mod
  163. [Released] Astra Units
  164. [WIP] French republic (italy) to france
  165. [Proposal] Pickelhaube for Prussian Units and Campaign Starting Date (TGW,Blood & Iron)
  166. [Released] Historical Unit Sizes, Based On Faction
  167. [Proposal] Pdguru & "ANOther's" French Uniform Mod
  168. [WIP] some units from other fench factions to france
  169. [Released] French Revolution infantry Mod
  170. [Proposal] Canon/Artillery size
  171. [Released] Emperor Batman's Marching Bands: The Music of War
  172. [Proposal] Empire Mod
  173. [WIP] 1600s
  174. [Released] 1st Italian Campaign French troops retexture
  175. [Released] French 1791 Tarleton Infanterie
  176. [Released] German National Units
  177. [WIP] European Elite Units with Hair Bush on the Helmet!
  178. [Released] Die Kaiserliche Scharfschützen -- New Elite Prussian Light-infantry
  179. [Proposal] Arcole's battle unit in custom's battle ?
  180. [Proposal] Napoleonic Realism (Stats)
  181. [Proposal] French unit of the italy's campaign ( in custom battle )
  182. [Proposal] additional hungarian mod
  183. [Released] BUM units - over 600 units for major & minor factions
  184. [Proposal] Historical characters for Ottomans
  185. [Released] Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld Landsturm
  186. [Proposal] Redcoat unit mod?
  187. [Released] Pdguru's French Artillery Textures Mod
  188. [Released] Austrian unit packs
  189. [WIP] 1811 Spanish units pack
  190. [WIP] Ottoman Empire Units Pack
  191. [Proposal] Penisular units in the Grand campaign?
  192. [Proposal] austrian elite troop
  193. [Released] Russian unit packs (almost 200 units)
  194. [Released] Pdguru's Mini Coalition Line Troops Mod
  195. [Released] Pdguru's Briney Ships Mod
  196. [Released] DUM Generals Mod (50 new generals)
  197. [Proposal] Balancement Mod
  198. [Released] 2 infantry units for Russia and France
  199. [Released] Irish units how to mod
  200. [Released] How do you move a unit from one faction to another?
  201. [Released] Prussian and German factions unit pack: 329 units in total
  202. [Released] New unit pack: Italian factions (120+ units)
  203. [Released] Unit Soldier Re-Skin
  204. [Released] Frenchunitcheatmod
  205. [Proposal] English Longbowmen
  206. [Released] Scandinava pack: 109 units
  207. [Released] New ships textures from Masters of Europe
  208. [Proposal] British March (grenadiers)
  209. [Released] Polish units pack : 25 new units.
  210. [Released] Danmark-Norge og Englandskrigene; 14/6-2010 Version 1.2 Released
  211. [Proposal] Swiss Grenadiers and Bavarian Line for Grande Armée
  212. [Released] New Prussian Infantry mod with the famous Pickelhaube helmet
  213. [Released] Iberia Pack (175 units for Spain, Portugal and Catalonia)
  215. [Proposal] Special unit pack for the bicentenary of waterloo
  216. [Released] Additional Scottish Units Mod
  217. [Released] Dutch / Belgian units pack (60 units)
  218. [Proposal] Fable 3 soldier
  219. [Released] Grenadier, Light, and Riflemen fix/tweaks
  220. [Proposal] Ignore
  221. [Released] Hanoverians of the Hundred Days
  222. [Released] Ottoman, Greek and Romanian unit packs from Masters of Europe
  223. [Released] Westphalian and Berg units from Masters of Europe
  224. [Released] Saxony units from Masters of Europe
  225. [Released] Hessen units from Masters of Europe
  226. [Released] French Ship's Crew -- La Marine Française: First Installment of Naval Overhaul
  227. [Released] Medieval Knights
  228. Announcements from Mods & Hosted Mods (Napoleon UPS)
  229. [Proposal] 1780-1806 Prussian Units
  230. [Proposal] Increase ammo mod