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  1. [Proposal] Firing Drills
  2. [Released] [REL] Reduced unit movement speeds
  3. [Proposal] Range Adjustment
  4. [Proposal] [Feedback for releasing it] Jedi Mod: Only for those who dare to oppose darkness...
  5. [Released] Royal Family Mod
  6. [Released] Coalition campaign as: [Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Ottomans] or [Sweden, Netherlands, Kingdom of Italy, Saxony] //No Fog of War\\
  7. [Proposal] NTW-3 Gameplay Suggestions
  8. [Released] Endless napoleon campaign.
  9. [Proposal] Surrender mod
  10. [Proposal] Heavy Rain?
  11. [Proposal] Influencing religion
  12. [Released] NTW Remix 0.4
  13. [Released] Radious Buldings mod (5.4.2010 - New Seperate version added)
  14. [Released] Improved Volley fire-----Ztime Mod
  15. [Proposal] Mod Idea
  16. [Released] Radious Fire By Rank mod (12.4.2010 - Updated with Radious_FBR_All)
  17. [Proposal] Remove Fire and advance Mod, possible?
  18. [Proposal] Small Mod Idea
  19. [Proposal] [REQ] Decrease musket lethality
  20. [Released] Radious Limit and Upkeep mod (17.4.2010 - Updated with Radious_LimitV3)
  21. [Released] Crackle of Musketry - No firing drills? No Problem
  22. [Proposal] Speed of building Squares
  23. [Released] Technology-Mod v0.2
  24. [Released] Radious Morale, Ammo and Grenadiers balance mods (17.4.2010 - Updated with Radious_Morale_AmmoV4)
  25. [Proposal] City battles
  26. [Released] Weaker Spys mod.
  27. [Proposal] One click run mod
  28. [Proposal] Double-Load muskets?
  29. [Released] Radious Experience mod released (13.4.2010 - Updated with ExperienceV2)
  30. [Released] Battle AI mod (Nap)
  31. [Released] Heartbraker's Custom Battle Unit and Faction Unlocker V1 and Tighter Formation Mod V2
  32. [Proposal] Turns and Seasons,
  33. [Released] SirDCC's x2 XP Mod
  34. [WIP] Deployment Zone mod, release soon, input desired.
  35. [Beta] APE: TI Combat Changes
  36. [Released] Modified deployment zones NTW: v0.4 Updated 18 Aug 2012
  37. [Released] Improved cavalry charge.(Deep penetration in the enemies lines)(New version 20/10)
  38. [Released] much longer battles for TotalCombat.pack
  39. [Proposal] Biographies for generals
  40. [Released] Unit Size [Mod V:2.0]
  41. [Released] Balanced mod v1.1 (New version Out)
  42. [Released] The Mad God's 100% Historically Accurate Mod
  43. [Released] Brightworks 1.2 (updated for patch/Peninsular Campaign)
  44. [Released] ANTW Rebalans mod v1.0
  45. [Released] UPDATED: A minimal mod for the historically minded: Reductio (v.04: artillery friendly fire fix)
  46. [Released] Mitch's Misc Mods
  47. [Proposal] Change of time
  48. [Released] BEST Realistic Naval Mod for NTW - GRAND FLEET v2.01 *** 01/06/10 *** NEW
  49. [Released] Zero's Musketry Mod - Dual Rank Fire "As it should be"
  50. [Proposal] napoleon square formation
  51. [Released] Selahedīn's Naval Balance Mod (v0.5)
  52. [Released] A foray into modding - Spherical Case Shot Mod
  53. [Released] New square formation
  54. [Released] The Rebellion's Shipyard (N). Imperial Fleet.
  55. [Released] GdC Improvement Mod - Version 1.0 for NTW
  56. [Released] Radious Campaign AI mod released
  57. [Released] Deployable Defenses V2.0 Compatible With Latest Patch, FOUGASSE NOW WORKS
  58. [Released] Djsnipy's Unit Cost Mod your gunna love it
  59. [Released] Djsnipys Unit Limit Mod
  60. [Released] Hk's one turn technologie mod
  61. [Released] Epic Battle Mod (AKA Unit Cost TO 1)
  62. [Proposal] Possibly Impossible?
  63. [Proposal] Army Buildup
  64. [Released] Advanced CAI overhall with drop in battle enabled NEW v1.2
  65. [Released] Reduced Upkeep Mod (w/ 2 variants)
  66. [Released] Fifers Fix Mod
  67. [Released] Working No Unit Limits
  68. [Released] 50% reduced upkeep only
  69. [Released] Naval Supremacy V2.0 UAI!
  70. [Released] NVC - Napoleon Vanilla Combat
  71. [Released] Propaganda's Generals Modification. Updated 20 September
  72. [Released] Dumbing Down the Rebels
  73. [Released] Gurrty; Ammo,massfire,building,tech,unit,weather mods (Support Latest Patch and AUM)
  74. [Proposal] Demolish costs?..
  75. [Released] Towns with all chain slots + religion buildings
  76. [Released] Longer Battles Mod - larger unit sizes, Reduced kill rates.
  77. [Released] Barebones (Battle Improvements Only) from TROM2
  78. [Beta] No-Forts for NTW
  80. [Released] Dismountable Generals Staff with Pistols
  81. [Released] Propaganda presents; Napoleon's Battles.
  82. [Released] Firing Animation Tweak
  83. [Proposal] 30 year war?
  84. [Released] Quick Revolutions
  85. [Released] Absolute Monarchy Happiness Mod
  86. [Released] General Stars Mod
  87. [Released] Realistic Infantry range mod
  88. [WIP] My new mod
  89. [Beta] Discussion about Realistic Faction Name List
  90. [Proposal] More Strategic BAI?
  91. [Released] Bedouins On The Loose
  92. [Released] Buildings are build in 1 turn & technologies are ready in 1 turn :)
  93. [Released] Buildings are build in 1 turn & technologies are ready in 1 turn :)
  94. [Released] 999 ammo and tighter formations
  95. [Released] Range increase mod
  96. [Proposal] Finland Indepence mini-mod
  97. [Released] Lower unit experience bonuses.
  98. [Proposal] Bigger Battlefields
  99. [Proposal] Greater Custom Battle Funds
  100. [Proposal] More Battle Flags and Drummers
  101. [Proposal] Are There Any Mods Which Make Napoleons Death Permanent?
  102. [Proposal] Battle Ai Stand And Fight Mod
  103. [Proposal] Modding the deployment zones
  104. [Proposal] mod idea
  105. [Released] The super mod version 2.0 last updated 8/5 -12
  106. [Released] NTW3 Barebones (by permission)
  107. [Beta] Unit Movement Modifiers
  108. [Released] WTW: Naval Port Mod v2.0
  109. [Released] Grenadier shoot cannister shot mod
  110. [Proposal] No Experience Decay
  111. [Proposal] Fire and fall back?
  112. [Beta] EI's Newtonian Musketry.
  113. [Released] Tiny Unit Adjustment
  114. [Proposal] Experience mods?
  115. [Proposal] How to increase unit size?
  116. [Released] Technology mod
  117. [Released] reduced cost and build times
  118. [Proposal] how to add fort for all cities
  119. [Proposal] larger battle map
  120. [Proposal] St. Petersburg- Capital of Russia
  121. [Proposal] Diplomacy Changer.exe
  122. [Proposal] how to make bayonet shine as ETW?
  123. [Released] Can anyone let these units show up in custom battle
  124. [Released] All Upkeekps 50 Gold !
  125. [Proposal] Army Unit Increase - Single Player
  126. [Proposal] Artillery Targetting Mod
  127. [Released] Increase artillery damage (youtube video)
  128. [Proposal] More Unit recruitment slots
  129. [Released] Brewster's CAI!
  130. [Released] WTW: Netherlands mod v.2.0
  131. [Released] Manpower Mini Mod 1.0
  132. [Proposal] Trenches
  133. [Proposal] Annihilation Total War: An Overpowered Mod
  134. [Released] More range Fix.
  135. [Proposal] Naval Recruitment CAI?
  136. [Released] ATC Small Arms Mod
  137. [Proposal] being able to downgrade castles
  138. [Proposal] PFM question
  139. [Proposal] Grand campaign
  140. [Released] Noif's Gameplay changes (Upkeep, experience, building ...) Updated 22/1/2013
  141. [Proposal] Control firing methods.
  142. [Proposal] Advanced Great Britain Faction
  143. [Released] Bran's Campaign AI
  144. [Proposal] Restricting Artillery Zone of Fire to the FRONT of a gun battery?
  145. [Proposal] Possibility to kill generals for good?
  146. [WIP] Custom campaign
  147. [Released] Realism Core, long and boring battles? YAY!
  148. [Released] NTW: Slower Firing Animation Mod
  149. [Proposal] Mod that creates a column formation and column button
  150. [Proposal] Simple Custom Battle mod
  151. [Released] Whats your experience with Napoleon Darthmod battle AI, or with other Darthmods for Total War games A.I.?
  152. [Proposal] Maximized Battle Maps Tweaking for Larger 40+ Unit Battles
  153. [Proposal] Possible idea for Modification.
  154. [Proposal] Volley Fire for infantry
  155. [Proposal] Disease and Region Health Mod
  156. [Proposal] Set Exeperience in Singleplayer Battle
  157. [Released] Farsight's Drills and Formations
  158. [Proposal] Scrapping Synchronised Volleys?
  159. [Proposal] Small Naval Tweak?
  160. [Proposal] Enabling Diplomacy for Pirates?
  161. [Proposal] Enable platoon fire
  162. [Released] Spitfire's custom battle mod for NTW : play the way you want with the units you want
  163. [Released] Bourbon Realism BAI NTW
  164. [Proposal] working reduced upkeep mod?
  166. [Proposal] AI mod that doesn't completely break the game?
  167. [Proposal] All units "fire at will" (simple mod)
  168. [Proposal] Shogun 2's reinforcement mechanic in Napoleon?