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  1. [Released] Tracer Effects Reduction Mod - Napoleon TW
  3. [REQ]Camera Shake and Smoke
  4. [Released] [REL] Complete removal of tracers
  5. wanted: mod removing visors for the old guard
  6. Old school Battlefield UI
  7. [Released] Some WW1 Flags
  8. [Released] Radious Sound mod - Musket and Cannon fire (Including Video)
  9. [Released] Alternative minimap icons
  10. [Released] Classic ETW Pips for Mini-Map
  11. Disappearing corpses
  12. Persistent Craters
  13. How to get bomb craters to stay?
  14. New Muskets
  15. [Released] Ultimate Soundmod V3 *UPDATE4* [best Sounds in one pack!]
  16. LOD Tool for removing battle sprites?
  17. [Released] Musket sounds mod
  18. Eagle mod.
  19. Possible To Change Speech Of units ?
  20. Hairy Blobs and thingames removal
  21. [Released] SirDCC's NTW Texture Thread (Updated 14th March)
  22. Unit Name Mod
  23. [Released] my LOAD SCREENs
  24. Awesome music tips!!
  25. [Released] Lord Mongsworth's Faction Retextures Vol 1: The Russian Empire
  26. [Released] SirDCC's Load Screens
  27. [Released] [NEW V2] Diggy's Musket Sound Mods (New Sounds, 28 FEB 2011)
  28. [Released] Meneros' Sweden Retexture (Updated 08/03/2010)
  29. [Released] Even More Bloodier mod!!!
  30. [REQ] Music mod plz (e.g: Schubert, Beethoven)
  31. W.I.P Blackadder Marching Music.
  32. Dust and smoke mod?
  33. [REQ]Proper Hats of 1805
  34. Two standard bearers NEED HELP!!!!
  35. [Released] Battlefield Smoke Mod for Napoleon:TW Update: 26.06.10 Update 1.1
  36. Artillery limber removal request
  37. [Released] WANT MORE BLOOD
  38. Region borders
  39. Smoke
  40. reduce movement sounds pls
  41. charge sounds (Napoleon TW)
  42. [Released] Realistic explosions mod>>Pack files also in movie format<<
  43. [Released] Cavalry Standard Bearers v0.1 Mini-Mod
  44. [Released] Lord Mongsworth's Italian Campaign Retextures
  45. [Released] EmperorLucky's Napoleon Pictures Mod
  46. [Proposal] blood mod
  47. Unit Naming Options
  48. REQUEST: Pompoms for french shakos
  49. Waterguns
  50. [Released] Napoleon Paintings HD loading screens - Now in 3 versions Napoleon, Allies, Mixed
  51. [Released] Beale's Regiments - Addition of Great Coats and Bicorns MOD
  52. drum and fife imperial march
  53. [Released] ♔Proper 1805 Hats for all Major Factions and More! Final Great Britain Version Added!♔
  55. [Released] NTW Music Pack
  56. Dead Totals
  57. Mod for explosions
  58. Generals Staff with pistols
  59. request: old guard to have vive le france sound like in sharps waterloo
  60. [IDEA] Uniform Progression
  62. ***Hesus Music ModV2 Released***
  63. REQUEST: modding houses, farms, buildings...
  64. [Released] Over 20 new loading screens
  65. bagpipers
  66. Unique drum cadences
  67. [Released] Bast_portrait 1.1 ! 14 portraits
  68. Is someone abble to do the bavarian helmet?
  69. [Released] Primergy's Grass-mod - Flowers, overall more realistic look
  70. Changing the Zoom View to look like watching from telescop
  71. [WANTED: VOICE ACTORS for next NTW movie]
  72. Itunes within Napoleon?
  73. mounted line officers
  74. Bagpipe Mod
  75. [Idea]This nation has joined your enemies!!!!!!
  76. Units speeches on campaign map
  77. [Released] No backpacks (media.pack)
  78. [Released] ENBseries configurated for Napoleon: Total War
  79. Heartbraker's Light Infantry Standard Bearer Mod V1 (5/11/2010)
  80. [Released] EB's Minor-Factions Marches Thread
  81. Hats shot off
  82. Animation mods
  83. stripe on the uniform
  84. [Released] Sgt_Melins NTW sound mod (musket and cannons)
  85. French Imperial Eagle Banner
  86. Units with greatcoats, bandages, ecc...
  87. skinning faces
  88. Enabling Smoke?
  89. bagpipers please
  90. [Released] Marshal Beale's Drum Mod Version 2
  91. [Released] Custom Balloons - Don't blame me, it was my first mod ever...
  92. [Released] blood mod 1.0 "multiplayer compatible" update:1.0b
  93. [Released] Whiff of Sulphur - WHITE
  94. New Trumpet Sound
  95. [Released] Gazza's Drum mod Update.12/07/10 austrian drum added
  96. [Proposal] The voices!
  97. [Released] My Animation Mod - The NTW Version
  98. [Released] Bugle Sound Mod
  99. [Released] ROME MUSIC MOD FOR NTW
  100. [Released] British Officer Bicorne to Shakos
  101. [Released] Performance Mod (Removes Weather, Reduces Dust, Reduces Particals, Reduces Ambient Effects, Increases Fps)
  102. [Beta] Horse Eyes Mod, Fixes Grey Eyes On Horses!
  103. Parades
  104. [Released] {UPDATE}Improved Musket,Cannon,and Explosion sounds V3 Video!
  105. [Released] Flag Fix, No More Flags On Reinforcements!
  106. [Beta] Grass Mod- Nicer looking grass in different regions
  107. [Request] Asynchronous firing for mounted riflemen
  108. [Request] death screams
  109. Musket reskin
  110. [Proposal] Prussian - Winter Uniform!
  111. [Released] Pdguru's Pictures for Background & Loading Screens. Mod Closed
  112. [Request] Vive la France
  113. [Released] Emperor Batman's Total Music. Version 2 OUT!
  114. Marching music mod?
  115. Proposal: NTW officers mod
  116. French units fading to white colour
  117. Lineinfantry gear/strap-mod
  118. {Proposal}British Marching Music Mod
  119. [Beta] UPDATE Aug 15th: French General Unit and Fusilier Variants Mini-Submod
  120. [Released] HGuderian's British General Staff
  121. Telescope
  122. [Released] Napoleon Flag Mod
  123. [Proposal] Remove napoleon 2D sprites
  124. [Released] Ironclad Retexture
  125. Looking for the following...
  126. [Released] "Brit-be-Gone", a Spanish Uniform Mod
  127. [Released] Napoleon Drum Mod
  128. [Released] masc's Lighter Sounds Mod for Napoleon: Total War
  129. [Released] masc's Lighter Sounds Mod
  130. coats for fusiliers
  131. New russian retexture mod?
  132. [Released] RELEASED!!! ♔Beale's Battery♔-Gunpowder Marks!
  133. [Released] Grouchymod: "March to the sound of the Guns".
  134. [Released] Menu Music Mod - Mod Closed
  135. [WIP] British Line Inf
  136. [Proposal] the faces of russia.
  137. [Released] Night Mod: March Under the Cover of Darkness!
  138. [Released] BMA_Ott_Music_Mod_V1.0 (Sample Added)
  139. [Released] Bullet Hit and Injury Sounds
  140. [Released] BMA_mod_battle_silence_V1.3 - Noisy Battle Music Gone
  141. [WIP] New Austrian Helmet
  142. [Beta] A British Retexture
  143. [Released] Die Deutsch Revolution
  144. [Released] BMA's Custom HUD
  145. [REQUEST]Musket and Cannon sound
  146. [Released] BMAs Vanilla Screens
  147. [Released] Soviet Union Flag Mod
  148. [Released] French Campaign Screen Flags 1805, 1812, 1815. Mod Closed
  149. [Released] Soldiers Singing (In-Battle): Mod Closed
  150. [Released] Russkya Revolyutsiya - A Soviet Revolution mod
  151. Change prussian line fanty head wear
  152. Forts in Campaign map
  153. napoleon's eagle's
  154. Needing Permission: Darthmod Musket Sounds
  155. Firing drill / Aniomation
  156. Micro-mod proposal/request: Ottoman Battle music
  157. [Released] Campaign Map Flag Mod; Mod Closed
  158. [Released] Silent Menu's
  159. Instead of stovepipes on the British soldiers...
  160. [Released] French Armed Citizenry Retexture
  161. [Released] LME MUSIC PROJECT (Now Works for Vanilla)
  162. re skin the bayonet.
  163. Slower Vanilla Smoke stay in the air after explosion
  164. [WIP] ♔Beale and Batman's Batallions♔ - 1805 Uniforms Overhaul
  165. SEGA game Intro
  166. [Released] Sharpe Theme Mod V 1.0
  167. Two flags.
  168. Remove Fog while keeping other volumetric effects?
  169. Melee and Bayonet's
  170. [Released] Cozurs minimap
  171. [Released] Campaign Borders Visual Removal.
  172. Russian army in winter
  173. NEED ANOTHER ARTIST for Art of War
  174. [Released] Discontinued
  175. [Released] v4.00 Complete Equipement Retexture- Weapons, Muskets, Drums, Bayonettes, bags etc
  176. [WIP] Vanilla Start French Generals - Portraits. Mod Closed
  177. [Beta] HGuderian MOD - NO MORE FOOLISH VOICES!
  178. [Released] PdGuru's European Equipment Mod Version 2.2; French Backpacks, Lances, Bayonets, Swords, Muskets, Drums and more
  179. How do you change the uniform type?
  180. [Beta] French Flags - The Effects of Battle
  181. Muzzle Flash (Help)
  182. Breech smoke(It's Possible?)Pic inside
  183. New idea for Bavarian helmet
  184. [Released] My Prussian Army(Texture changes)(Version 2 out)Mod Closed
  185. (Proposal) Prussian helmet 1815
  186. Carabinier helmet
  187. [Released] The Bavarian Helmet!
  188. [BETA]Realistic Faction Name - RFN
  189. [Released] Early and Late NTW flag mod by Iutland
  190. [Released] Improved planks for ships v1.0
  191. Blucher retexture
  192. [Released] Floating Corpses
  193. [Released] Accurate 1800-style british infantry
  194. Menu Interface color change?
  195. [Released] Navy gun carriage
  196. [Released] Diggy's Arty Sounds [VIDEO]
  197. [Released] The Music Modification
  198. Proposal: Swords at side of hip
  199. French Fusiliers With Bicornes!
  200. [Beta] U-Boat Coolest NTW music MOD
  201. [Released] Ravens Sound FX Mod
  202. [Released] Seawolf's U-Boat soundpack mod - v.2
  203. [Released] A Prussian Army Retexture (New Shako)
  204. [Released] A Spanish Uniform mod
  205. [Proposal] "Bersaglieri Volontari di Brescia"
  206. [Released] (2nd UPDATE) Epic Music Mod (Video examples)
  207. [Proposal] Are there any great coat retextures?
  208. [Released] Starwars Muskets!
  209. [Released] A Austrian Army Retexture
  210. [Proposal] Kill The Voices!!
  211. [Proposal] Distant Thunder (Cannon Sounds)
  212. [Proposal] Artillery Earthquake Effect
  213. [Proposal] Rome tw war music mod !!! Or ??
  214. [Proposal] Cossacks mod?
  215. [Released] Less Moustaches Mod
  216. [Proposal] Request a Animation Mod.
  217. [Proposal] loading screens mods that actually work
  218. [Released] The Pacific Theme for Napoleon TW
  219. [Released] Historical Portraits resurrected! - over 200 portraits for the French campaign
  220. [Proposal] (Sorry to repeat a probably popular question) E: TW Grand Campaign map in N: TW?
  221. [Proposal] Line Infantry shoulder weapons while running
  222. [Proposal] Bayonet mod for Empire, the files are here for Napoleon....
  223. [Proposal] Any1 want a sound mod
  224. [Released] The Classical Music Mod for N:TW v0.7 (11/09/11) *New Baroque Line-Up & Eastern Overhaul*
  225. [Proposal] Napoleons' swords in Empire: TW?
  226. [Proposal] How Change
  227. [Released] Ottoman Loading Screen
  228. [Released] Ottoman March Sound
  229. [Proposal] orders
  230. [WIP] Medals?
  231. [Beta] Blackwolf's Music Mod
  232. [Released] Menu music mod
  233. [Proposal] Anyboby know how to mod the movies?
  234. [Proposal] Total War font
  235. [Proposal] help prussian recolor
  236. [Released] Enlarged Square Regimental Flags Mod - NTW
  237. [Released] Romanic Church Model - Free to use
  238. [Proposal] changing general models on map
  239. [Proposal] Better ship graphics.
  240. [Proposal] A better looking Napoleon (in battle)?
  241. [Proposal] Removing in game gimmicks
  242. [Released] Epic Performance Mod up to 50 %
  243. [Released] Napoleon Event Pictures Mod
  244. [Proposal] help
  245. [Released] C&M Classical music & Military marches N:TW mod v3.1 (Final)
  246. [Released] How to boost easely your performance for total war games
  247. [Released] The fabulous X-Factor Sound Mod (VIDEOS); includes muskets & artillery fire, troops screams facing artillery, muskets and melee weapons. Also noticeable in the campaign map.
  248. [Proposal] Unit Card Name
  249. [Released] Napoleon: Fields Of Glory - Factions
  250. [Released] Napoleon: Fields Of Glory - The pound of the drums (add-on)