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  1. [Released] Improved UI + Demo Mod
  2. [Proposal] My mod proposal: realistic muskets!
  3. [Released] New Music Pack
  4. [Released] SFX Mod
  5. [Released] Pipmod --UPDATE--
  6. [Released] Waronmars MODS! --Spain Retexture ALL UNITS!-- PipMod -- Leather UI-- Small horse retexture!-- FRANCE RETEXTURE WIP!--
  7. Drum and Fife Mod by Hollowfaith aka Caligula
  8. [Released] Finished textures for units (download topic)
  9. [Released] Captain Cox Load Screens
  10. [Released] Prussia realistic uniforms
  11. Tracer Effects Reduction Mod
  12. ***Grand Duke's CLASSICAL MUSIC MOD for ETW***
  13. [Released] Music for French faction new version 1.2
  15. [Released] Period Music Mod v1.3
  16. Austrian Realistic Uniforms
  17. October Revolution
  18. Spanish Republican Flag Minimod 1.1 - Released 30/03/2009
  19. [Old Version] New Officers
  20. [Released] Austria faction reskinned (not historical)
  21. [Released] Naval Flags Total Conversion for Empire Total War 1.3 RELEASED (Update 19/04/2009)
  22. [Released] French (Bourbon) Mod
  23. Realistic Flag Set v1.2 - Massive Expansion: All Major Powers On All Levels
  24. [Released] US Monarchy Minimod 1.0 for Empire Total War
  25. [Released] Muskets & Cannonfire MOD (mini-mod)
  26. [Released] Prussia republic and italian Flag
  27. [Released] Period loading screens - v1.0 released
  28. [Released] ALL Land Battle Flags Total Conversion Mod 1.1 (Please go to Regalia of Nations for latest work - In Hosted Mod Forum)
  29. [Released] The German Republic - Revolution re-texture for Prussia
  30. The Glory of the Russian Empire Light Version 1.5 (LAST UPDATE 24 december)
  31. Equipment Tweak Mod v1.3: Optional Backpacks, Spontoons and Ammoboxes (UPDATED 5/8/09)
  32. [Released] Historically Accurate German faction flags and uniforms
  33. [Released] British Line 17th Leicestershire UPDATED
  34. [Released] Three denmark skins
  35. [Released] [Dead] UK reskin patch
  36. Republic/Monarchy for ALL Minor Factions Mod: Ui Campaign Map, Land and Naval Flags Total Conversion RELEASED: UPDATE 23/06/2009, NOW FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH 1.3 PATCH
  37. [Released] Hrimfar's Sweden Retexture
  38. [Released] A reskin mod of Waronmars spainish mod
  39. [Released] Saxony reskin 0.2 and Potugal reskin 0.1
  40. GeraldDuval's Realism Soundpack (v1.5 New cleaned up and improved musket sounds 5/27)
  41. Larger fonts
  42. Sgt_melins Combine soundmod v3 and a darthversion now(28/12 - 09)
  43. Custom Prussian Flags & Infantry Textures
  44. [Released] Czech Republik Flag
  45. [Released] Empire Seven Years war battlepack - New uniforms, New Flags, and New Officers
  47. [Released] ranger86's regiment retexture(beta 0.2update)
  48. Removed**NEW**FIFE & DRUMS MEGA PACK 2**NEW** MEGA pack 1 ready to download now! ** Brigadier Graham's, Authentic & Historical,FACTION SPECIFIC, Battle Tunes!+ Tutorial!
  49. [Released] EEM (current: Retexture) small UPDATE with Polish Line Infantry!
  50. [Released] British Grenadiers Re-texture
  51. [Released] New Unit Cards for Selected Units Modification Version 1.11 Final - RELEASED! - Now includes Multiplayer Support!
  52. [Released] my LOAD SCREENs
  53. [Released] USA Line Infantry Retextured v1.1 UPDATED
  54. Cavalry Standard Bearers "Mini-Mod" v2.3 (Now compatible with 1.4 patch!)
  55. Redcoats, "The Patriot" style!
  56. [Released] Rusty's mod & Alpha's Music -- More Music of the American Revolution
  57. [Beta] Bayonets of the Republic open beta v1.0
  59. [Released] Jared the Pipers Retexture Project (Courland done, Sweden Work-in-Progress) PLUS: Adding Cuirasseurs and Hussars to the swedish rooster!
  60. [Released] Confederate States of America
  61. [Released] loading_screen_pictures
  62. [Released] TGOTRE test mod - Elite units retexture
  63. BetterMusicMod v1.4
  64. [Released] Sealords-Shiptexture-Minimod to use in the GC and with most other Mods
  65. [Released] Crazypeons Soundpack V1
  66. [Released] Battle Music Changer
  67. [Released] Blue Skies Mod (no weather)
  68. [Released] Atmospheric battle sound effects mod v1.2a
  69. Removed** NEW** TOTAL PATRIOT Music Mod v1.6*** Total Classical music overhaul v1.5*** Brigadier Graham's"Major Overhaul" v1.4 of Music,DLC US Elite units, Patch 1.5 & War-Path compatible*28-12-09
  70. [Released] Yet another prussia reskin.
  71. [Released] Sounds of the Battlefield: Three mods in one download: ATM, BSM and Combine Sounds
  72. Sharpe Theme Mod v1.4
  73. [Released] Empire Art Loading Screens -- + new Version
  74. [Released] ToonTotalWar's - Loading Screens
  75. [Proposal] Crimson Tide mod
  76. [Released] ARCHIEIKE's Texture Thread (Bavarian Re-texture coming soon!)
  77. [Released] Some Animation Mods (and some other things)
  78. [Released] Donor13_Prussia_Ambience_ MOD_V1.2
  79. [Released] Stockades & Wooden Forts Mod (S&WF) (1.5 Compatible)
  80. [Released] loadScreens++ 150 Additional Loading Screens
  81. [Released] Fixed/Replaced Hats & Headwear: 1.1
  82. [Released] Some more life between the rows
  83. [Released] Historical (18th Century) Artwork Event Messages - V1.1
  84. [Released] Maratha reskin
  85. [Released] Chinese red clothes mod
  86. [Dead] Chinese music mod
  87. [Released] United States,England line infantry Skin
  88. [Released] New. Three Sheets in the Wind Version 1.1 - A naval sound and orders mod
  89. EMPIRE TOTAL FLAGS: The Flag Mod
  90. [Released] Original Theme Pack Mod (post v1.4)
  91. United Provinces Retexture Project - FULL EDITION (v1.1 September 27th 2009)
  92. [Released] Redcoats with cross straps
  93. [Released] phoen!x SkinPack
  94. [Released] Brightworks Mod 2.0 released!
  95. [Inactive] empire movie music mod
  96. [Released] Battlefield Sound Mod and Blood Mod [MOD better Blood]
  97. [Dead] The Universal Sound Mod
  98. [Released] Minimod: Gunports on Ships! (v1.1: update removes purple sides!)
  99. SR Colonial India, Including Total Colonial India and Realistic Colonial India both v1.0
  100. [Released] Period Portraits Mod 0.4
  101. [Released] Remove warpath menus
  102. [Released] Epic Music Mod
  103. Siam Total War Flags mini mod
  104. [Released] Bearskin officers
  105. [Released] El-Vi-Riachi's Troop Movement Sound Reduction Mod
  106. Siam Total War Music mini mod
  107. [Released] No red battlefield border\ Move arrow blue\ No selection border unit on campaign
  108. [Released] 18Th Century Military Marches (27-12-2009)
  109. [Released] Sepia Portraits 1.0
  110. [Released] Sweden Retexture Update/Standalone
  111. [Proposal] Central America Native warriors
  112. [Released] My first skin...
  113. German Empire Flag Mod
  114. [Released] Russian Line Infantry Retexture
  115. Line Infantry Retextures (French Line Updated 04/02)
  116. [Released] **New** Empire Totally Realistic music!
  117. [Released] Bloodier Mod!!!
  118. *New Innovative Discovery*, Brigadier Grahams, Naval tunes mod (truly) "Faction" and "Unit Specific" Tunes!!!!*Videos Added*Removed
  119. [NEW V2] Diggy's Musket Sound Mods (New Sounds, 28 FEB 2011)
  120. Empire:TW Fast Reconfigure (i.e. removing the sprites)
  121. Bang! Sound FX [Sound Mod]
  122. [Released] Drum Roll Change (candence) for Empire updated 17-3-10
  123. Vive le Roi: A French Baroque Music Mod [v1.2 Released!]
  124. [Released] Grand Campaign Graphics Overhaul - Historical City & Terrain Graphics / Historical Minimaps / Period Art Event Messages + Icons / Ancillary Graphics / Loading Screens (released) + Period Art Character Graphics (WIP) - Last Update: April 24th 2010
  125. Primergy's Grass-mod - Flowers, overall more realistic look - Empire
  126. Drum Roll Change (cadences) For Empire
  127. [Released] Improved Musket,Cannon,and Explosion sounds 2 NEW VERSIONS!
  128. [Proposal] Naval Skins and Units Realism Idea
  129. [Proposal] Napoleon Total war music
  130. Gettysburg
  131. [Proposal] A Border Mod
  132. [Released] NEW mod soundbattle FXv5 Ultimate.
  133. [Released] Gazza's Empire Drum mod.18/08/2010
  134. [WIP] Battle Flags Mod
  135. [Released] Empire:Total Standards.
  136. [Released] March to the sound of the Guns
  137. 'Line' Pikemen Mod
  138. Flag Change Request
  139. [Proposal] Sounds
  140. [Released] Sounds_sfx.pack
  141. [Released] No floating battle flags mod ( mod outdated, new link inside ).
  142. [Proposal] Any generic drum roll for all factions?
  143. [Proposal] Alternative Democratic German Revolution.
  144. [Released] No flagpoles mod ( mod outdated, new link inside ).
  145. [WIP] No red battle border mod.
  146. [WIP] No radar map mod
  147. [Released] NO RADAR MAP UNITS MOD.
  148. [WIP] No replenish troops option
  149. Replacing battle music
  150. [WIP] Naval_id removal
  151. [Proposal] Ambient Music
  152. [Released] NO RED BATTLE BORDER MOD.
  155. [Released] No replenish button mod.
  156. [Proposal] Realistic explosion
  157. [Released] British Pikemen reskin
  158. [Proposal] conquest of paradise music for naval battles?
  159. [Proposal] bagpipes
  160. [Beta] Better cav Faces
  161. [Proposal] Import craters from NTW to Empire
  162. [Proposal] changing faction colors?
  163. [Released] Minor Faction Revolutionary Flags
  164. [Released] Diggy's Arty Sounds (originally for NTW -- also ETW compatible)
  165. [Released] 24 Star US Flag
  166. [Released] Modern British Flag
  167. [Proposal] Napoleon ship colors for Empire
  168. [Proposal] What I would looooove to See :)
  169. [Released] warpath Picture Mods
  170. [Proposal] Menu Thuds and Clicks
  171. [WIP] Reskins and New Units
  172. [Released] Quiet_Menu_Button_Noise_Mod
  174. [Released] NUCLEAR WAR MOD!!!!!!!!
  175. [Proposal] Unrealistic faces and no wigs in ETW
  176. [Released] music mod for both north and south
  177. [Proposal] Camera Shake effect - was present in Empire now gone?
  178. [Proposal] Marching Tunes ?
  179. [Released] New loading-screens
  180. Marching Songs Opinon Needed
  181. [Released] Officer Mod
  182. [WIP] blaster effects for muskets
  183. [Released] NapoleonTW horses in Empire
  184. [Released] UBOAT soundpack music mod
  185. [Released] ***Continental Classical Music update***
  186. [Proposal] if you want a sound mod just tell me and i make one for you
  187. [Released] War-torn Battle Flags for JFC's Empire Total Flags
  188. [Released] Dinamic land&naval music
  189. [Released] Larger Regimental Flags - Mod (NTW compatible)
  190. [Released] Scottishtroops MUSIC ((REMOVED))
  191. [Released] A Cossack songs - music mod for Hetmanat mod - Ukraine in Empire
  192. [Proposal] Napoleon Bayonet mod- perhaps somebody can convert this to Empire?
  193. [WIP] I've half managed to get Napoleon's cities in Empire
  194. [Proposal] 欢迎老外们加入我们中国全面战争群
  195. [WIP] Unit Faces
  196. [Proposal] Graphic User Interface
  197. [Released] A Classical Music Mod for E:TW v0.5 (04/10/11)
  198. [Released] SPQR flag for the Italian States
  199. [Proposal] Improved muzzle flash? Anyone?
  200. [Released] Musket soundpack mod
  201. [Released] Epic Performance Mod up to 50 %
  202. [Proposal] sounds, commands and what nots
  203. [Proposal] Can anyone make a blood and gore mod
  204. [Proposal] Pikemen
  205. [Proposal] Smoke effects for ETW!?
  206. [Beta] Real Map Mod
  207. [WIP] Realistic Flags
  208. [WIP] United Provinces - Prinsevlag
  209. [Proposal] Any Scandinavian marching music?
  210. [Proposal] The correct dialect
  211. [Proposal] Fix for eastern music playing during western campaigns
  212. [Proposal] Faction Specific Cadences
  213. [Released] General Andy's Musket Sounds
  214. [Proposal] Improved Musket and Rifle Models
  215. [Proposal] Better Lances?
  216. [Proposal] Swapping out a Factions flag
  217. [Proposal] Easternportrait?
  218. [Proposal] Empire Total War: Soviet Flag
  219. [Proposal] Alternate Russian Republic Flag
  220. [Proposal] Muzzle Flash mod?
  221. [Released] Happy's better muzzle flashes
  222. [Proposal] Creating a loading screen mod.
  223. [Proposal] Better carcass shot?
  224. [Proposal] mesh change
  225. [Released] Sweet FX for Empire/Napoleon ver 1.3
  226. [Proposal] A texture pack from the american revolution mod
  227. [Proposal] Georgia/Dagestan reskin?
  228. [Proposal] Is this animation tweak possible?
  229. [Released] New Flag Bearer Marching Animation
  230. Napoleon total war graphic environment
  231. [Proposal] AI mod
  232. [Released] WTW: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge
  233. [Released] 7 Years War Brits and Blue Austrian {Line Infantry Only}
  234. [Released] Epic Music Mod
  235. [Released] Epic Music Mod
  236. [Released] Bayonet appearance mod for Empire Total War. Improve the look of your weapon system! Images included!
  237. [Released] Infantry formations mod for Empire Total War. Improve the look of your Armies! Images included!
  238. [Released] Baroque UI
  239. [Released] Canadian battle flag mod
  240. [Released] Canadian Battle flag for Britain
  241. [Proposal] Any smoke mods that increase the plume ?
  242. [Proposal] General flag mmod/template thing
  243. [Proposal] Link to Gunports Mod
  244. [Proposal] Units with backpack rucksack kits?
  245. [Released] ETW GEM - Graphic Enhancement Mod (Version 2.1)
  246. [Released] Empire Total War: Lordsith's Napoleon Grafic Enhancments
  247. [Released] New Loading Screens v1.2 (40 new load screens)
  248. [Proposal] Minimap Borders Removed
  249. [Released] No floating flags in ETW mod (full version)
  250. [Proposal] Graphics Enhancing