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  1. Classical Music Mod
  2. More Smoke Mod
  3. Blood/Gore mod
  4. [Released] Improved UI + Demo Mod
  5. Custom March Music
  6. Facings, colours and accuracy.
  7. Titles and flags
  8. [Proposal] My mod proposal: realistic muskets!
  9. [Released] New Music Pack
  10. Renaming Cities and Regions
  11. [Released] SFX Mod
  12. [Released] Pipmod --UPDATE--
  13. [Released] Waronmars MODS! --Spain Retexture ALL UNITS!-- PipMod -- Leather UI-- Small horse retexture!-- FRANCE RETEXTURE WIP!--
  14. [Released] Drum and Fife Mod by Hollowfaith aka Caligula
  15. [Released] Finished textures for units (download topic)
  16. French Uniforms
  17. R-Texture Project
  18. Smaller flags...any chance
  19. [Released] Captain Cox Load Screens
  20. [Released] Prussia realistic uniforms
  21. Revolutionary France Uniforms
  22. Tracer Effects Reduction Mod
  23. ***Grand Duke's CLASSICAL MUSIC MOD for ETW***
  24. [Released] Music for French faction new version 1.2
  25. Mod Request: Unit Naming by Region
  26. British, United Province, France hussards
  27. Random Faces
  28. IDEA: Using Empire Voices in Medieval 2
  30. [Request] Loading Screens
  31. [List of RELEASED units skins]
  32. [Released] Period Music Mod v1.3
  33. Austrian Realistic Uniforms
  34. Union Jack
  35. Realistic grimm darker battlefields
  36. All released Texture Mods
  37. October Revolution
  38. Spanish Republican Flag Minimod 1.1 - Released 30/03/2009
  39. Music
  40. [Old Version] New Officers
  41. Muskets sound,
  42. Music from sharp?
  43. [Released] Austria faction reskinned (not historical)
  44. ETW ship cannon sounds
  45. Field Of View/Cameras
  46. Different Regimental names for all factions?
  47. Zulu music
  48. [Released] Naval Flags Total Conversion for Empire Total War 1.3 RELEASED (Update 19/04/2009)
  49. [Released] French (Bourbon) Mod
  50. Idea: Smaller flags on battle (and campaign) map!
  51. Realistic Flag Set v1.2 - Massive Expansion: All Major Powers On All Levels
  52. Battle - Not just Blood and Death?
  53. 1920 x 1080 Hard to Read text etc
  54. Zooming out in battles. mainly in MP
  55. The lowest sails
  56. ETW Vegetation
  57. Cavalry flagbearers.
  58. [Released] US Monarchy Minimod 1.0 for Empire Total War
  59. Idea for mod (Flags) Natives Drums
  60. flags...
  61. Idea: multinational army composition
  62. [Released] Muskets & Cannonfire MOD (mini-mod)
  63. A Proper Lance
  64. [Released] Prussia republic and italian Flag
  65. [Released] Period loading screens - v1.0 released
  66. [Released] ALL Land Battle Flags Total Conversion Mod 1.1 (Please go to Regalia of Nations for latest work - In Hosted Mod Forum)
  67. Change the whole british uniforms
  68. where get French flag?
  69. [Released] The German Republic - Revolution re-texture for Prussia
  70. [TUTORIAL] Own officer/drummer/bearer for each unittype
  71. [Released] The Glory of the Russian Empire Light Version 1.5 (LAST UPDATE 24 december)
  72. A Mod to get some brighter skies on battle maps.
  73. Equipment Tweak Mod v1.3: Optional Backpacks, Spontoons and Ammoboxes (UPDATED 5/3/15)
  74. Remove Opaque Minimap Indicator?
  75. [Released] Historically Accurate German faction flags and uniforms
  76. [Released] British Line 17th Leicestershire UPDATED
  77. [Released] Three denmark skins
  78. Regiment names mod - Need suggestions
  79. Rename admiral and generals
  80. Campaign map colour changes?
  81. [Released] [Dead] UK reskin patch
  82. Republic/Monarchy for ALL Minor Factions Mod: Ui Campaign Map, Land and Naval Flags Total Conversion RELEASED: UPDATE 23/06/2009, NOW FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH 1.3 PATCH
  83. [Released] Hrimfar's Sweden Retexture
  84. [Released] A reskin mod of Waronmars spainish mod
  85. [Released] Saxony reskin 0.2 and Potugal reskin 0.1
  86. GeraldDuval's Realism Soundpack (v1.5 New cleaned up and improved musket sounds 5/27)
  87. [Released] Larger fonts
  88. Giving unlocked factions voices?
  89. Sgt_melins Combine soundmod v3 and a darthversion now(28/12 - 09)
  90. WIP: Interpretation of historical music
  91. Regalia of Nations Sound Effects/Music Thread (Musket Sounds v 1.01 video added!)
  92. Custom Prussian Flags & Infantry Textures
  93. [Released] Czech Republik Flag
  94. Change to the current Union Flag?
  95. [Released] Empire Seven Years war battlepack - New uniforms, New Flags, and New Officers
  96. editing the spoken language of the factions
  98. bugle calls
  99. proposal - native voice mod
  100. [Released] ranger86's regiment retexture(beta 0.2update)
  101. how to change music
  102. Faction Colours
  103. Campaign map colors mod?
  104. Marching and drills and officers voices
  105. German Imperial Flags
  106. Faction Specific Marching Music
  107. Drummers or drummerboys?
  108. [Released] EEM (current: Retexture) small UPDATE with Polish Line Infantry!
  109. Historical Regiment Naming System (HiRNS)
  110. Cavalry flag bearers
  111. [Released] British Grenadiers Re-texture
  112. [Released] New Unit Cards for Selected Units Modification Version 1.11 Final - RELEASED! - Now includes Multiplayer Support!
  113. Why do the drums stop
  114. [Released] my LOAD SCREENs
  115. [Released] USA Line Infantry Retextured v1.1 UPDATED
  116. Cavalry Standard Bearers "Mini-Mod" v2.3 (Now compatible with 1.4 patch!)
  117. Regiment Names Questions
  118. Seeking realistic Sounds !
  119. Redcoats, "The Patriot" style!
  120. Anyone else think the infantry charging sound is a bit much?
  121. Is it possible that different units in one country using different flags?
  122. [Released] Rusty's mod & Alpha's Music -- More Music of the American Revolution
  123. [Beta] Bayonets of the Republic open beta v1.0
  124. Anyway to make soldiers look more professional?
  125. German Imperial Flag
  126. Idea: Speed of sound; Flash, then bang; Possible?
  127. [Released] Jared the Pipers Retexture Project (Courland done, Sweden Work-in-Progress) PLUS: Adding Cuirasseurs and Hussars to the swedish rooster!
  128. Idea for new mod, who wants to make it?
  129. [Released] Confederate States of America
  130. [Released] loading_screen_pictures
  131. Battle Torn Flags?
  132. [Released] TGOTRE test mod - Elite units retexture
  133. Polish Winged Hussars - 'noise'
  134. BetterMusicMod v1.4
  135. [Released] Sealords-Shiptexture-Minimod to use in the GC and with most other Mods
  136. [Released] Crazypeons Soundpack V1
  137. [Released] Battle Music Changer
  138. [Released] Blue Skies Mod (no weather)
  139. Questions about uniforms, etc...
  140. [Released] Atmospheric battle sound effects mod v1.2a
  141. [Released] Yet another prussia reskin.
  142. change marching music
  143. New Flags For Minor Nations?
  144. [Released] Sounds of the Battlefield: Three mods in one download: ATM, BSM and Combine Sounds
  145. Sharpe Theme Mod v1.4
  146. [Released] Empire Art Loading Screens -- + new Version
  147. [Proposal] Crimson Tide mod
  148. [Released] ARCHIEIKE's Texture Thread (Bavarian Re-texture coming soon!)
  149. [Released] Some Animation Mods (and some other things)
  150. Jarno's Historical UI Message Graphics
  151. Specific colours (flags) for specific units
  152. [Released] Donor13_Prussia_Ambience_ MOD_V1.2
  153. [Released] Stockades & Wooden Forts Mod (S&WF) (1.5 Compatible)
  154. Proposal: Faction warcries
  155. [Released] loadScreens++ 150 Additional Loading Screens
  156. [Released] Fixed/Replaced Hats & Headwear: 1.1
  157. [Released] Some more life between the rows
  158. Mud and Blood.
  159. New Portrait add-on for modders by SSMARINE
  160. French Marching Music
  161. [Released] Historical (18th Century) Artwork Event Messages - V1.1
  162. Drummer mod?
  163. [Released] Maratha reskin
  164. [Released] Chinese red clothes mod
  165. Surpirsed no Load Screens mods!
  166. [Dead] Chinese music mod
  167. [Released] United States,England line infantry Skin
  168. [Released] New. Three Sheets in the Wind Version 1.1 - A naval sound and orders mod
  169. EMPIRE TOTAL FLAGS: The Flag Mod
  170. [Released] Original Theme Pack Mod (post v1.4)
  171. United Provinces Retexture Project - FULL EDITION (v1.1 September 27th 2009)
  172. [Released] Redcoats with cross straps
  173. [Released] phoen!x SkinPack
  174. [Released] Brightworks Mod 2.0 released!
  175. Battle Dirt and Blood
  176. [Inactive] empire movie music mod
  177. More Flags!
  178. More varying looks for artillery
  179. Is there a stand alone Blood + Smoke Mod...
  180. [Released] Battlefield Sound Mod and Blood Mod [MOD better Blood]
  181. [Dead] The Universal Sound Mod
  182. [Released] Minimod: Gunports on Ships! (v1.1: update removes purple sides!)
  183. Mod to change textures
  184. Idea for Sound mod, might have been suggested already
  185. Changing ground textures?
  186. Menu resolution, 2560x1600. Help please.
  187. Tracer opacity at 50%
  188. alter reloading animation
  189. Mod Idea: Atmospheric Campaign Intermissions
  190. SR Colonial India, Including Total Colonial India and Realistic Colonial India both v1.0
  191. [Released] Period Portraits Mod 0.4
  192. Better face textures..
  193. [Released] Remove warpath menus
  194. [Released] Epic Music Mod
  195. Reskinned Muskets?
  196. Custom Background Selection ?
  197. Can anybody direct, or indeed, help me make this sound mode ':).
  198. Siam Total War Flags mini mod
  199. Is there any hope....
  200. [Released] Bearskin officers
  201. [Released] El-Vi-Riachi's Troop Movement Sound Reduction Mod
  202. Easier Access to Skins?
  203. Longer Realistic Lances
  204. Siam Total War Music mini mod
  205. [Released] No red battlefield border\ Move arrow blue\ No selection border unit on campaign
  206. [Released] 18Th Century Military Marches (27-12-2009)
  207. Any Loading Screen mods?
  208. [Released] Sepia Portraits 1.0
  209. [Released] Sweden Retexture Update/Standalone
  210. [Proposal] Central America Native warriors
  211. [Released] My first skin...
  212. German Empire Flag Mod
  213. [Released] Russian Line Infantry Retexture
  214. [Released] Line Infantry Retextures (French Line Updated 04/02)
  215. [Released] Bloodier Mod!!!
  216. Realistic cities in background
  217. Idea for Naval battle music
  218. The Patriot Weapon FX REQUEST !!
  219. Replace all infantry bugels with fifes
  220. [NEW V2] Diggy's Musket Sound Mods (New Sounds, 28 FEB 2011)
  221. Epic Music Mod?
  222. ETW Needs Clear Visible Campaign Diplomacy Map Color for Selected Nation (Not White)
  223. Trying to mod lod distances
  224. [Released] Empire:TW Fast Reconfigure (i.e. removing the sprites)
  225. Bang! Sound FX [Sound Mod]
  226. Burning Cities
  227. Russia Flag
  228. You Canīt Play in high? Here is SOLUTION
  229. Wigs and stuff.
  230. Request for Cursors
  231. A Realistic Equipment Patch
  232. FOW bug
  233. Vive le Roi: A French Baroque Music Mod [v1.2 Released!]
  234. Grand Campaign Graphics Overhaul - Campaign Map Graphics, Character Graphics, Ancillary Graphics and Loading Screens
  235. [Released] Grand Campaign Graphics Overhaul - Historical City & Terrain Graphics / Historical Minimaps / Period Art Event Messages + Icons / Ancillary Graphics / Loading Screens (released) + Period Art Character Graphics (WIP) - Last Update: April 24th 2010
  236. Battle Markers on Campaign map???
  237. Prussian/German Music Mod?
  238. Different loading wall papers.
  239. Primergy's Grass-mod - Flowers, overall more realistic look - Empire
  240. [Released] Improved Musket,Cannon,and Explosion sounds 2 NEW VERSIONS!
  241. [Proposal] Naval Skins and Units Realism Idea
  242. [Proposal] Napoleon Total war music
  243. Gettysburg
  244. [Proposal] A Border Mod
  245. [Released] NEW mod soundbattle FXv5 Ultimate.
  246. [Released] Gazza's Empire Drum mod.18/08/2010
  247. [WIP] Battle Flags Mod
  248. [Released] Empire:Total Standards.
  249. [Released] March to the sound of the Guns
  250. 'Line' Pikemen Mod