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  1. Classical Music Mod
  2. More Smoke Mod
  3. [Released] Improved UI + Demo Mod
  4. Custom March Music
  5. [Proposal] My mod proposal: realistic muskets!
  6. [Released] New Music Pack
  7. [Released] SFX Mod
  8. [Released] Pipmod --UPDATE--
  9. [Released] Waronmars MODS! --Spain Retexture ALL UNITS!-- PipMod -- Leather UI-- Small horse retexture!-- FRANCE RETEXTURE WIP!--
  10. Drum and Fife Mod by Hollowfaith aka Caligula
  11. [Released] Finished textures for units (download topic)
  12. [Released] Captain Cox Load Screens
  13. [Released] Prussia realistic uniforms
  14. Tracer Effects Reduction Mod
  15. ***Grand Duke's CLASSICAL MUSIC MOD for ETW***
  16. [Released] Music for French faction new version 1.2
  18. [Released] Period Music Mod v1.3
  19. Austrian Realistic Uniforms
  20. October Revolution
  21. Spanish Republican Flag Minimod 1.1 - Released 30/03/2009
  22. [Old Version] New Officers
  23. [Released] Austria faction reskinned (not historical)
  24. [Released] Naval Flags Total Conversion for Empire Total War 1.3 RELEASED (Update 19/04/2009)
  25. [Released] French (Bourbon) Mod
  26. Realistic Flag Set v1.2 - Massive Expansion: All Major Powers On All Levels
  27. [Released] US Monarchy Minimod 1.0 for Empire Total War
  28. [Released] Muskets & Cannonfire MOD (mini-mod)
  29. [Released] Prussia republic and italian Flag
  30. [Released] Period loading screens - v1.0 released
  31. [Released] ALL Land Battle Flags Total Conversion Mod 1.1 (Please go to Regalia of Nations for latest work - In Hosted Mod Forum)
  32. [Released] The German Republic - Revolution re-texture for Prussia
  33. The Glory of the Russian Empire Light Version 1.5 (LAST UPDATE 24 december)
  34. Equipment Tweak Mod v1.3: Optional Backpacks, Spontoons and Ammoboxes (UPDATED 5/3/15)
  35. [Released] Historically Accurate German faction flags and uniforms
  36. [Released] British Line 17th Leicestershire UPDATED
  37. [Released] Three denmark skins
  38. [Released] [Dead] UK reskin patch
  39. Republic/Monarchy for ALL Minor Factions Mod: Ui Campaign Map, Land and Naval Flags Total Conversion RELEASED: UPDATE 23/06/2009, NOW FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH 1.3 PATCH
  40. [Released] Hrimfar's Sweden Retexture
  41. [Released] A reskin mod of Waronmars spainish mod
  42. [Released] Saxony reskin 0.2 and Potugal reskin 0.1
  43. GeraldDuval's Realism Soundpack (v1.5 New cleaned up and improved musket sounds 5/27)
  44. Larger fonts
  45. Sgt_melins Combine soundmod v3 and a darthversion now(28/12 - 09)
  46. Custom Prussian Flags & Infantry Textures
  47. [Released] Czech Republik Flag
  48. [Released] Empire Seven Years war battlepack - New uniforms, New Flags, and New Officers
  50. [Released] ranger86's regiment retexture(beta 0.2update)
  51. [Released] EEM (current: Retexture) small UPDATE with Polish Line Infantry!
  52. [Released] British Grenadiers Re-texture
  53. [Released] New Unit Cards for Selected Units Modification Version 1.11 Final - RELEASED! - Now includes Multiplayer Support!
  54. [Released] my LOAD SCREENs
  55. [Released] USA Line Infantry Retextured v1.1 UPDATED
  56. Cavalry Standard Bearers "Mini-Mod" v2.3 (Now compatible with 1.4 patch!)
  57. Redcoats, "The Patriot" style!
  58. [Released] Rusty's mod & Alpha's Music -- More Music of the American Revolution
  59. [Beta] Bayonets of the Republic open beta v1.0
  60. [Released] Jared the Pipers Retexture Project (Courland done, Sweden Work-in-Progress) PLUS: Adding Cuirasseurs and Hussars to the swedish rooster!
  61. [Released] Confederate States of America
  62. [Released] loading_screen_pictures
  63. [Released] TGOTRE test mod - Elite units retexture
  64. BetterMusicMod v1.4
  65. [Released] Sealords-Shiptexture-Minimod to use in the GC and with most other Mods
  66. [Released] Crazypeons Soundpack V1
  67. [Released] Battle Music Changer
  68. [Released] Blue Skies Mod (no weather)
  69. [Released] Atmospheric battle sound effects mod v1.2a
  70. [Released] Yet another prussia reskin.
  71. [Released] Sounds of the Battlefield: Three mods in one download: ATM, BSM and Combine Sounds
  72. Sharpe Theme Mod v1.4
  73. [Released] Empire Art Loading Screens -- + new Version
  74. [Proposal] Crimson Tide mod
  75. [Released] ARCHIEIKE's Texture Thread (Bavarian Re-texture coming soon!)
  76. [Released] Some Animation Mods (and some other things)
  77. [Released] Donor13_Prussia_Ambience_ MOD_V1.2
  78. [Released] Stockades & Wooden Forts Mod (S&WF) (1.5 Compatible)
  79. [Released] loadScreens++ 150 Additional Loading Screens
  80. [Released] Fixed/Replaced Hats & Headwear: 1.1
  81. [Released] Some more life between the rows
  82. New Portrait add-on for modders by SSMARINE
  83. [Released] Historical (18th Century) Artwork Event Messages - V1.1
  84. [Released] Maratha reskin
  85. [Released] Chinese red clothes mod
  86. [Dead] Chinese music mod
  87. [Released] United States,England line infantry Skin
  88. [Released] New. Three Sheets in the Wind Version 1.1 - A naval sound and orders mod
  89. EMPIRE TOTAL FLAGS: The Flag Mod
  90. [Released] Original Theme Pack Mod (post v1.4)
  91. United Provinces Retexture Project - FULL EDITION (v1.1 September 27th 2009)
  92. [Released] Redcoats with cross straps
  93. [Released] phoen!x SkinPack
  94. [Released] Brightworks Mod 2.0 released!
  95. Battle Dirt and Blood
  96. [Inactive] empire movie music mod
  97. Is there a stand alone Blood + Smoke Mod...
  98. [Released] Battlefield Sound Mod and Blood Mod [MOD better Blood]
  99. [Dead] The Universal Sound Mod
  100. [Released] Minimod: Gunports on Ships! (v1.1: update removes purple sides!)
  101. Changing ground textures?
  102. Tracer opacity at 50%
  103. SR Colonial India, Including Total Colonial India and Realistic Colonial India both v1.0
  104. [Released] Period Portraits Mod 0.4
  105. Better face textures..
  106. [Released] Remove warpath menus
  107. [Released] Epic Music Mod
  108. Reskinned Muskets?
  109. Custom Background Selection ?
  110. Siam Total War Flags mini mod
  111. [Released] Bearskin officers
  112. [Released] El-Vi-Riachi's Troop Movement Sound Reduction Mod
  113. Longer Realistic Lances
  114. Siam Total War Music mini mod
  115. [Released] No red battlefield border\ Move arrow blue\ No selection border unit on campaign
  116. [Released] 18Th Century Military Marches (27-12-2009)
  117. Any Loading Screen mods?
  118. [Released] Sepia Portraits 1.0
  119. [Released] Sweden Retexture Update/Standalone
  120. [Proposal] Central America Native warriors
  121. [Released] My first skin...
  122. German Empire Flag Mod
  123. [Released] Russian Line Infantry Retexture
  124. Line Infantry Retextures (French Line Updated 04/02)
  125. [Released] Bloodier Mod!!!
  126. The Patriot Weapon FX REQUEST !!
  127. Replace all infantry bugels with fifes
  128. [NEW V2] Diggy's Musket Sound Mods (New Sounds, 28 FEB 2011)
  129. Epic Music Mod?
  130. ETW Needs Clear Visible Campaign Diplomacy Map Color for Selected Nation (Not White)
  131. Trying to mod lod distances
  132. Empire:TW Fast Reconfigure (i.e. removing the sprites)
  133. Bang! Sound FX [Sound Mod]
  134. Burning Cities
  135. Russia Flag
  136. You Canīt Play in high? Here is SOLUTION
  137. Wigs and stuff.
  138. Request for Cursors
  139. A Realistic Equipment Patch
  140. FOW bug
  141. Vive le Roi: A French Baroque Music Mod [v1.2 Released!]
  142. Grand Campaign Graphics Overhaul - Campaign Map Graphics, Character Graphics, Ancillary Graphics and Loading Screens
  143. [Released] Grand Campaign Graphics Overhaul - Historical City & Terrain Graphics / Historical Minimaps / Period Art Event Messages + Icons / Ancillary Graphics / Loading Screens (released) + Period Art Character Graphics (WIP) - Last Update: April 24th 2010
  144. Battle Markers on Campaign map???
  145. Prussian/German Music Mod?
  146. Different loading wall papers.
  147. Primergy's Grass-mod - Flowers, overall more realistic look - Empire
  148. [Released] Improved Musket,Cannon,and Explosion sounds 2 NEW VERSIONS!
  149. [Proposal] Naval Skins and Units Realism Idea
  150. [Proposal] Napoleon Total war music
  151. Gettysburg
  152. [Proposal] A Border Mod
  153. [Released] NEW mod soundbattle FXv5 Ultimate.
  154. [Released] Gazza's Empire Drum mod.18/08/2010
  155. [WIP] Battle Flags Mod
  156. [Released] Empire:Total Standards.
  157. [Released] March to the sound of the Guns
  158. 'Line' Pikemen Mod
  159. Flag Change Request
  160. [Proposal] Sounds
  161. [Released] Sounds_sfx.pack
  162. [Released] No floating battle flags mod ( mod outdated, new link inside ).
  163. [Proposal] Any generic drum roll for all factions?
  164. [Proposal] Alternative Democratic German Revolution.
  165. [Released] No flagpoles mod ( mod outdated, new link inside ).
  166. [WIP] No red battle border mod.
  167. [WIP] No radar map mod
  168. [Released] NO RADAR MAP UNITS MOD.
  169. [WIP] No replenish troops option
  170. Replacing battle music
  171. [WIP] Naval_id removal
  172. [Proposal] Ambient Music
  173. [Released] NO RED BATTLE BORDER MOD.
  176. [Released] No replenish button mod.
  177. [Proposal] Realistic explosion
  178. [Released] British Pikemen reskin
  179. [Proposal] conquest of paradise music for naval battles?
  180. [Proposal] bagpipes
  181. [Beta] Better cav Faces
  182. [Proposal] Import craters from NTW to Empire
  183. [Proposal] changing faction colors?
  184. [Released] Minor Faction Revolutionary Flags
  185. [Released] Diggy's Arty Sounds (originally for NTW -- also ETW compatible)
  186. [Released] 24 Star US Flag
  187. [Released] Modern British Flag
  188. [Proposal] Napoleon ship colors for Empire
  189. [Proposal] What I would looooove to See :)
  190. [Released] warpath Picture Mods
  191. [Proposal] Menu Thuds and Clicks
  192. [WIP] Reskins and New Units
  193. [Released] Quiet_Menu_Button_Noise_Mod
  195. [Released] NUCLEAR WAR MOD!!!!!!!!
  196. [Proposal] Unrealistic faces and no wigs in ETW
  197. [Released] music mod for both north and south
  198. [Proposal] Camera Shake effect - was present in Empire now gone?
  199. [Proposal] Marching Tunes ?
  200. [Released] New loading-screens
  201. Marching Songs Opinon Needed
  202. [Released] Officer Mod
  203. [WIP] blaster effects for muskets
  204. [Released] NapoleonTW horses in Empire
  205. [Released] UBOAT soundpack music mod
  206. [Released] ***Continental Classical Music update***
  207. [Proposal] if you want a sound mod just tell me and i make one for you
  208. [Released] War-torn Battle Flags for JFC's Empire Total Flags
  209. [Released] Dinamic land&naval music
  210. [Released] Larger Regimental Flags - Mod (NTW compatible)
  211. [Released] Scottishtroops MUSIC ((REMOVED))
  212. [Released] A Cossack songs - music mod for Hetmanat mod - Ukraine in Empire
  213. [Proposal] Napoleon Bayonet mod- perhaps somebody can convert this to Empire?
  214. [WIP] I've half managed to get Napoleon's cities in Empire
  215. [Proposal] 欢迎老外们加入我们中国全面战争群
  216. [WIP] Unit Faces
  217. [Proposal] Graphic User Interface
  218. [Released] A Classical Music Mod for E:TW v0.5 (04/10/11)
  219. [Released] SPQR flag for the Italian States
  220. [Proposal] Improved muzzle flash? Anyone?
  221. [Released] Musket soundpack mod
  222. [Released] Epic Performance Mod up to 50 %
  223. [Proposal] sounds, commands and what nots
  224. [Proposal] Can anyone make a blood and gore mod
  225. [Proposal] Pikemen
  226. [Proposal] Smoke effects for ETW!?
  227. [Beta] Real Map Mod
  228. [WIP] Realistic Flags
  229. [WIP] United Provinces - Prinsevlag
  230. [Proposal] Any Scandinavian marching music?
  231. [Proposal] The correct dialect
  232. [Proposal] Fix for eastern music playing during western campaigns
  233. [Proposal] Faction Specific Cadences
  234. [Released] General Andy's Musket Sounds
  235. [Proposal] Improved Musket and Rifle Models
  236. [Proposal] Better Lances?
  237. [Proposal] Swapping out a Factions flag
  238. [Proposal] Easternportrait?
  239. [Proposal] Empire Total War: Soviet Flag
  240. [Proposal] Alternate Russian Republic Flag
  241. [Proposal] Muzzle Flash mod?
  242. [Released] Happy's better muzzle flashes
  243. [Proposal] Creating a loading screen mod.
  244. [Proposal] Better carcass shot?
  245. [Proposal] mesh change
  246. [Released] Sweet FX for Empire/Napoleon ver 1.3
  247. [Proposal] A texture pack from the american revolution mod
  248. [Proposal] Georgia/Dagestan reskin?
  249. [Proposal] Is this animation tweak possible?
  250. [Released] New Flag Bearer Marching Animation