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  1. Realism mod
  2. Fortress supply depot's
  3. Project: Melee
  4. Suggestion for Logistics/Supply Line Mod
  5. Brittish Discipline
  6. Campaign Length Mod
  7. unit scaling mod; make empires playable on older pc’s/have more men on newer ones.
  8. [Complete] The ETW epic mod v1.0 is now done!
  9. Any Modders going to actually balance Natives?
  10. [Released] Balance of Power (A game balance mod for Empire (mini realism mod) - Version 12 Released Darthmod AI 7.5
  11. [Released] Minimod: New World protectorates
  12. [Released] Realistic Recruitment
  13. [Released] --- The Great Campaign Expanded--- Faction Inclusion Mod
  14. [Released] Seas to Sail v1.0
  15. Tighter Formations Mod v1.1 [Updated 20/03/09]
  16. Better firing arc mod
  17. [Released] 4 Turns Per Year Mod
  18. Gameplay Mod
  19. [Released] Longer research times
  20. [Released] More Revolutions MiniMod 1.3 - Released UPDATE 16/05/2009
  21. [Released] Slow Battle Mod v. 1.0
  22. [Released] Quixote's Campaign AI v1.6
  23. Regiments, Battalions, Companies
  24. [Released] Instant Tech Mod
  25. Will someone PLEASE post a mod to unlock Mughals?
  26. [Released] Infinite Money, Epic Campaign
  27. [Released] Gundug's Minimods
  28. [Released] ~ Ketzer's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ~
  29. [Released] Battle map speed reduced 50% mod
  30. [Released] 4 Year Turn
  31. [Released] Royal Family Mod + UI Layout File Info.
  32. Royal Family Mod
  33. //POWER OF X\\ (pick your wished research,construction and recruitment time )[updated 28/04]
  34. [Released] Age of Unreason
  35. [Released] early fire by rank mod
  36. [Released] no clamour for reform
  37. [Released] Technology advancement mod
  38. [Released] Experience - The Difference Between Triumph and Disaster
  39. [Released] Naval Hospital removed
  40. [Released] Lethal: Gods and Generals (2.3B)
  41. [Released] Misfires Mod
  42. Eliminating winter??
  43. The Doctors and Diseases thread
  44. Condottiere SOG's Realism Mod...
  45. [Dead] HBM - Historical Battles Mechanics mod (0.3b) 04/26 -BROKEN FOR NOW
  46. Sinuhet's formations
  47. [Released] All Minor Factions and Change initial gold's factions
  48. Sharpe Quotes MOD FIXED!!!
  49. [Released] Minor factions enhanced mod
  50. [Released] TAX BALANCING - post-patch quickfix
  51. [Released] Mini mod : minimize Expansion tax penalty
  52. [Released] Hungary mod
  53. [Released] Sinuhet's ETW Battle AI
  54. [Released] Developers Battle Camera:: --The ability to Look EVERYWHERE!!
  55. [Released] TITULAE! (proper titles/titles changed) / updated 22-11-2009 for patch 1.5
  56. Idea for Realistic Casualties Mod
  57. [Released] ETW Minor Adjustments Mod 1.0
  58. Updated Tighter Formations - Now for Version new DLC!
  59. [Released] Builders Mod: (1 Turn Building Time)
  60. [Released] United to Confederate Conversion Mod
  61. Brightwork Mod (Various unit fixes)
  62. [Released] New Ottoman Mod, Enver Mod
  63. More widely available Deployable Defenses.
  64. [Released] Emotive Empire: Campaign AI - Beta 0.3 (Now with cross-compatiblity alternate link)
  65. [Released] Suicidal minor factions FIXED! **Updated**
  66. Fixable Bayonets?
  67. GERMAN STATES-28/12/09 NEW..Recruitment Mod and updated Darth to new BAI.
  68. [Released] Campaign AI Mod - It Begins!
  69. [Released] Only Prestige Startpos.esf
  70. [Released] No-Forts
  71. [Released] Square & Fire Advance Removal
  72. [Released] The Heralded Better AI for ETW Vanilla!
  73. [Released] The Sandbox Campaign Mod 0.2 Released
  74. [Released] Fully Playable Emergent Factions
  75. [Released] Navy Mod
  76. [Released] Europe at War 1700 mod
  77. Medieval mod for etw suggestion
  78. A Simple Requst...
  80. [Released] A better Ottoman Empire mod 1.0
  81. [Released] España historical characters.
  82. eastern factions - decent line infantry
  83. All 20yr/old Generals mod
  84. [Released] My veryFirst veryLittle Mod
  85. [Released] Norway startpos mod.
  86. Battle AI mod
  87. [Released] Resistant buildings
  88. Mass Fire
  89. warpath campaign more nations playable ?
  90. [Released] Historical Characters [3.0]
  91. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [1.1]
  92. No forts in campaign map neither cities [2.0]
  93. Custom Mod Request
  94. Modified Deployment Zones ETW v0.4 *updated 18 Aug 2012
  95. AI Reinforcements
  96. A Mod to Build Forts Outside of Territory?
  97. [Released] animation mod Final update darthmod6.0 version
  98. [Request] Warpath Db Agent tables
  99. Is it Possible to fix the Square formation to work like it does in Napoleon?
  100. Mods existing?dont?Under devolp?Towns relations and prestige
  101. [REQ] Musket and Artillery Accuracy Reduction
  102. Balance of Power-Submod
  103. More Control over Protectorates
  104. I want to make a simple mod
  105. Techs and Unit Limits
  106. Ottoman Empire Fire by Rank MOD
  107. DioMod - For Those Who Like to Tinker!
  108. Italian States Mod, Version2.03, Final update.
  109. [Proposal] Line Infantry behavior for Russian Line
  110. [Released] Archi Mod - My Personal Modifications.
  111. [Released] My minimods: No walls and happiness thanks to tax breaks
  112. [Proposal] The Dawn of Civil War
  113. [Released] Take 1 region to take thirten colonies, lusiana or new spain
  114. [Proposal] Diplomatic Complexity
  115. [Proposal] napoleon total war gameplay in empire total war
  116. [Released] Pikeman - Animation Fix
  117. [Released] Pike-Animation-Fix
  118. [Proposal] Land-Naval Engagements
  119. [Proposal] Complex trade, loans, and economy
  120. [Released] Correct Colonies mod 1.0
  121. [Proposal] question about musket recoil
  122. [Proposal] Any mods that increase musket power?
  123. [Released] Propaganda's upkeep & limit
  124. [Released] New Scotland mod- For DMUC 6.0
  125. [Beta] Testers Wanted - Enlarged Grenadier Regiments
  126. [Proposal] New historical event in Grand Campaign
  127. [Proposal] Policies
  128. [Released] p.jakub88's Game Tweaks
  129. [Proposal] Generals and age.
  130. [Proposal] Make Empire SIMILAR to Napoleon
  131. [WIP] New Victory Conditions for major nations in Grand Campaign.
  133. [Proposal] Military hospitals and technologies.
  135. [Released] NO SHIP'S ID MOD.
  137. [Proposal] A popup_pre_battle mod.
  138. [Released] LAND UNITS MORALE MOD.
  139. [Released] NAVAL MORALE MOD.
  140. [Released] NEW RESEARCH TIME FOR TECHNOLOGIES MOD (full version) v.1.1
  141. [WIP] technology tree mod.
  142. [Released] TECHNOLOGY TREE MOD.
  143. [Released] TECHNOLOGY TREE MOD.
  144. [WIP] Mini-mod: Icelandic Commonwealth
  145. [Proposal] Napoleon square behaviour in Empire
  146. I need help finding several things.
  147. [Proposal] Battlefield defenses in custom battles?
  148. [Proposal] Infinite funds in Custom Battle?
  149. [Proposal] Anyway to control both your side and the enemy?
  150. [Released] 10 Recruitment Slots
  151. [Released] 1812 US Regiment
  152. [Beta] "Archi" Mod - Re-released V 0.69
  153. [Released] Cossacks of Crimea
  154. [Proposal] Is there a mod to extend the campaighn map?
  155. [Proposal] A new mod
  156. [Released] No platoon fire/fire by file for empire v1.6
  157. [Proposal] Instep
  158. [Proposal] How to Overhaul AI Diplomacy
  159. [Proposal] Are there any infantry mods similar to the TotalCavalry mod ?
  160. [Proposal] Shorter Reload Time
  161. [Released] The super mod (ETW) version 1.0 last updated 10/9 -11
  162. [Proposal] Are there any mods that get rid of rain.....
  163. [Released] Custom Battle and MP Rebalance/Early-Late Unit Exchange
  164. [Beta] Orthodox Ottomans
  165. [Proposal] Dismountable generals with pistols
  166. [Proposal] Number of possible traderoutes from tradeports.
  167. [Proposal] is there a mod to auto replenish units?
  168. [Proposal] Missing telescopes in ETW
  169. [Released] Global map E: TW with multislot cities
  170. [Proposal] Bayonets and fire by rank always?
  171. [Proposal] Defenders need to be allowed to entrench
  172. [Proposal] Engagement Range
  173. [Proposal] I need some help, modifying unit costs, unit upkeep, and building costs.
  174. [Released] New campaign map units movement range mod
  175. [Released] Ceramic factory
  176. [Proposal] request: something to nerf the maratha's
  177. [Proposal] How to make Poland-Lithuania weaker.
  178. [Proposal] is it posible to get kneel fire in game
  179. [Proposal] General Name Change
  180. [Proposal] A question about ESF editor.
  181. [Released] Firing mechanism from Napoleon total war updated 09/03/13
  182. [Proposal] Make Louisiana an Emergent faction
  183. [Released] New agent for Global map
  184. [Released] No more replenishment in enemy lands! v1.1
  185. [Released] Shokh Hates Sieges! (A next level no-fortification mod)
  186. [Proposal] Upkeep and Limit mod?
  187. [Proposal] Khanate of Khiva question
  188. [Proposal] Removal of all historical grievance
  189. [Released] Instant Construction
  190. [Proposal] liberate option
  191. [Proposal] no more rebels
  192. [Released] [naval] Sinking Ships mod !
  193. [Released] Goutlard's fatigue overhaul
  194. [Released] Goutlard's Land projectile accuracy range overhaul
  195. [Released] Goutlard's Naval projectile overhaul
  196. [Released] Goutlard's Fixed Firing Drills and Infantry Formations
  197. [Proposal] Revised Royal Family Mod
  198. [Proposal] Increased Army Size
  199. [Proposal] Editing campaign goals help?
  200. [Proposal] [HELP] Nation configuration
  201. [Proposal] City Walls Fix
  202. [Proposal] Reducing Maratha Strength and Increasing Mughal Strength
  203. [Proposal] Adding Raid Ability to Rakes
  204. [Proposal] Replacing Vanilla Soldiers' Faces with N:TW's
  205. [Proposal] Protectorate change
  206. [Beta] Random AI Personalities for all factions (minors included!)
  207. [Proposal] Please, ATTENSION to all modders!!!
  208. [Released] Bran's Empire Campaign AI
  209. [Proposal] I'm searching for a mod that makes the soldiers march in step
  210. [Proposal] FireByRank MOD Request
  211. [Proposal] Tighter Formations for All Infantry
  212. [Released] Naval Realism Mod
  213. [Released] Supply and Demand v1.0 - An attrition mod for ETW
  214. [Proposal] Spreading Sikhism
  215. [Proposal] Changing a faction's name
  216. [Proposal] A startpos which starts with India colonized
  217. [Proposal] Replacing Sailors' Clubs with Cutlasses
  218. [Proposal] kneel fire mod
  219. [Released] Naval Trade Routes Mod
  220. [Proposal] Need a trade mod, or if anyone knows one..?s
  221. [Proposal] help
  222. [Proposal] Mod Suggestions ....
  223. [Released] Empires: A Grander Strategy
  224. [Beta] Empires: The American Dilema
  225. [Proposal] Prestige Buildings Build-able by Any Nation (DME 8.0 compatible)
  226. [Released] Help?
  227. [Released] Reduced Campaign Movement for land units mod
  228. [Beta] Orange Crush: The End to the Maratha Horde
  229. [Released] [BUGS] Ottoman Total Overhaul by Goutlard Infantry
  230. [Proposal] Anybody else care about a naval realism overhaul?
  231. [Released] The big town wealth bug Fixed! Patch mod
  232. [Proposal] protectorates diplomacy
  233. [Proposal] Any 'Unlocked all factions' mods for a 1700 start with no other mods attached?
  234. [Released] Nerfed Bomb Ketches, Rocket Ships and Steamships [v1.0, April 2, 2015]
  235. [Released] Removed Bomb Ketches, Rocket Ships and Steamships mini-mod [v1.0, April 6, 2015]
  236. [Released] More reasonable diplomacy mini-mod (using taw's research into the territorial expansion problem, v10, May 16, 2015)
  237. [Released] More challenging battles: Removed Gabionades, Stronger Garrisons, Navy Recruitment & Semi-Realistic Battles (2015)
  238. [Proposal] Platoon fire disabling mods
  239. [Released] Bourbon Universal CAI & BAI ETW