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  1. [Proposal] The Last Knights [Mod for ETW about the Knights of Malta]
  2. [WIP] Swedish Realistic Uniforms
  3. personalizing units
  4. [Released] Quixote's Combat Overhaul v1.82
  5. R-Texture Project (GREAT BRITAIN IS NEXT!)
  6. [Released] Radious' Unit Mod
  7. [WIP] Screenshots/Download of my WIP New Unit Mod (In game marines, Irish/Welsh/Scots Guards, Connaught Rangers and More Hessians) +Now with Sharpe's Rifles
  8. Wurttemberg retexture
  9. [Inactive] Warmachines New Unit Mod (Sharpe's Rifles, Irish/Welsh/Scots Guards, Connaught Rangers, Marines)
  10. [Released] Completely new and revised remodelled Preussens gloria (V1.2) 27/5/2012
  11. United Provinces Retexture Project (Dutch Republic / Netherlands) - Light and Full Editions Released!
  12. Realistic retexture for the italian states and..
  13. [Released] French Empire MOD (Beta 0.5b Update "MOD" release) Next update ASAP
  14. Horse Grenadiers mini-mod
  15. [Released] Check and Mate: Battle Mod for ETW
  16. [Released] Geschwinda Skott
  17. The Patriot
  18. [Released] Streltsy mod for your choice
  19. Ancien Regime ETW re-texture ( France, Poland-Lithuania, etc...)
  20. Bayonets of the Republic, 1789-1802 French retexture
  21. [Released] Real 95th riflemen and Sharpes chosen ones
  22. [Released] Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.3 - updated 11.12.13
  23. [Released] Marines, Pikemen and More
  25. Units + Textures (UPDATED:17/05/09)
  26. [Released] PRO GLORIA ET PATRIA plus 30 YearsWar Mod. Version 3.1 released
  27. [Released] HIGHLANDER MOD newer version hopefully fixes compatability issues some people had
  28. Update 1/8/09- My first ever mod: Sharpe version 1.72 - thirty of your favourite Sharpe units + fix for units spawning as garrison
  29. [Released] Sons of the Dannebrog: Danish Retexture and Revised Roster Mod [Help Needed! No Modding Experience Necessary]
  30. [Released] Custom officers and generals + " Royal Guard" and now " Conquistadores" for spain
  31. [WIP] la revolution francaise
  32. [Released] Condottiere's SOG Mod and Sinuet's Formations
  33. [Released] Drum Regiment Mod: French Only Version Added 13/7/09
  34. Unit Pack Compatibility Project (UPC) 5.4 English - 1.8 German (13.1.10)
  35. [WIP] Napoleonic Mod preview
  36. [Released] MM653 Mods (Updated:07/15/09)
  37. Courland Uniforms Retexture
  38. [Released] Ancien Regime unit pack - version 1.1 Released!!!!
  39. United Provinces Retexture Project - Light Edition (v3: September 23rd 2009)
  40. [Released] Highland Warband Mod 1.0
  41. French texture modification
  42. Proper Militia Mod v1.3 - Now With Minutemen And Revamped Colors
  43. General Cornwallis's Complete Faction Retexts:New Austrian Unit Pack!! Sweden, Bavaria, Westphalia, Genoa, Papal States, Savoy!
  44. [Released] Rusty's Maximum Naval Crew and Elite royal Marines
  45. [Released] SONS OF THE DANNEBROG [v0.5 for ETW 1.3; APE:TI Compatible]: Danish Major Faction Mod, with Historical Roster, Unique Units, Prestige Buildings and more.
  46. [Released] Highlanders From Demo Unlocked For Britian!!
  47. !Polish scythemen infantry!
  48. [Released] Here come the Jack Tars!!!! Two new units!
  49. [Released] New Grenadier Mod! Patch 1.1, Grenade Launcher Company with new model Russian grenadiers!
  50. [Released] Gardes Francaises
  51. [Released] Colonial and Revolutionary Units Pack
  52. [Released] German States-Hannover
  54. Elite Irish Units Pack, now with new screenshots
  55. Prussian Elite Units
  56. New units / skins for unlocked / emergent factions
  57. More units for other factions
  58. [Released] Historic IR.10 Knopbloch Prussian regiment
  59. Svenska Armén "swedish army" V.1.5 (updated 20/8/2009) + other units
  60. Sir Caesar's Texture Thread
  61. REQ: Britain Reskin with buff facings.
  62. Please can someone create a UNIT for me please??
  63. [WIP] China Mod! Military band....
  64. Reskins for Knights of St. John?
  65. [Request] Oh please gimme the real Rangers!
  66. [Released] french units in seven years war
  67. [Released] Armee Francaise
  68. patch French infantry released Update 15/02/10
  69. [WIP] Knights of Malta
  70. [Released] German States-Saxony
  71. {IDEA} Naval Infantry
  72. [Released] ToontotalWar's & gary - Generals & Staff for Hessian, French, British and Spanish Armies
  73. Simple Request: Line infantry reskin
  74. LA GRANDE ARMEE. (the people's mod)
  75. [Released] Aeiou-Mod New Austrian units
  76. Das Österreichische Heer (Austrian Army) V.1.5 updated 28/12/2009
  77. British Redcoat Reskin
  78. Russian Line Infantry reskin Request
  79. [Released] ORiGiNs Unitpack
  80. Gazza's Prussian Army mod 2.7.1
  81. [Released] Austrian Cuirassiers
  82. [Released] Göteborgares Enheter (New Swedish Units)
  83. [Released] Naval Warfare mod
  84. [Released] Of Kaiser, Tsar, Kayser, and Ghaysar - New Units Mod
  85. Warpath indian skins
  86. [Proposal] United States Armed Forces (XVIII-XIX Centuries)
  87. [Released] Grenadiers and Galleys
  88. [Released] Emperor Batman's Cavalry Firearms Mod
  89. British Redcoat Reskin
  90. [REQ] Grenadier Mod (normal unit size & no grenades)
  91. [Proposal] Some pics and small info on balkan irregulars to inspire moders.
  92. Great Britain Mod..UPDATED 19/12/10
  93. Earlier Elite Line Infantry
  94. Officer pack v2.0 for all minor and moajor factions)
  95. A Spanish calvalry retexture...
  96. Organ Gun and 64 lber MOVING artillery + canister + shrapnel
  97. [Released] [Dead] This Mod Auto Doubles The Ammunition Straps On All Infantry. Plus Some More Units. Download Inside.
  98. [Released] New Grand Campaign Natives minimod
  99. Highland Clansmen
  100. Improved Ship Models
  101. [Released] Smaller Generals
  102. [Mod-searching] realistic Prussian Infantry
  103. AVATAR: TOTAL WAR (Cameron's movie: skinpack or mod)
  104. [Released] Better Puckle Guns
  105. German Imperial Infantry
  106. New Swedish Unique Units
  107. [Released] US Raiders!!!!!!!!!!!!
  108. [WIP] Fires Of The Peacocks Feathers (mod)
  109. [PROP] Smaller Stacks, Larger Units
  110. New Mexico Skins
  111. Norwegian units of Denmark-Norway Army (to 1720)
  112. [Released] ARMADA PACK
  113. Please betters cossacks.
  115. Standard bearer
  116. Mod for Norwegian skins/textures; concerning DMUC
  117. Reworked Dragoons for all European Factions
  118. 1790's Bicorne Infantry
  119. Important note (29/06/10) - Portuguese Reskin/Marines mod thread
  120. [Proposal] French Nationals guards
  121. [WIP] Corrected units of Iran(Persia)-واحد از ايران تصحيح(with some units already available!!!)
  122. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility Project - Empire (UPC-EMP) - English - German - French - Spanish - Italian - updated 6.12.13
  123. Revolution texture mod
  124. [Released] Portuguese Unit Pack V1.72 - Announcement 27/01/2012
  125. Sponge mod
  126. [Released] US units mod (updated 15 June 2011) ver 1.8 us units
  127. Idea: Officer Reskin
  128. Polish units?
  129. A Proposal for a Complete, Meaningful, and Historically Inspired Overhaul of the Mughal Military
  130. Suggestion: Blackwatch reskin?
  131. [proposal] a mod to make all British line inf look like the 33rd from the dlc
  132. Adding and removing units question
  133. how empire came back to life for me
  134. [Released] Dutch Scots Regiment mod released
  135. Regiment Etranger
  136. A few skin requests.
  137. [Proposal] How to correct bowmen with warpath campaign ?
  138. [WIP] Standalone ultimate artillery mod?
  139. [Released] unit booster for India Mughal , mysore etc
  140. [Proposal] “mounted” sepoys
  141. [Proposal] More, and better units at the start of campaign?
  142. [Released] mod's mod_units_native and mod_units_us
  143. [Proposal] up comming moroccon units
  144. [Proposal] creating custom units
  145. [Released] [UPDATED]Last of the Great Horse Armies: A Mughal Empire Re-Imagination-- Now With Navy and Artillery Mods and Video!
  146. [WIP] A proper India?
  147. [Released] 16 new models unitbooster for morocco
  148. [Proposal] the ottomans and his little brother are comming
  149. [WIP] French Civ reskin (New Calvary Pics!)
  150. [WIP] Unit of the Eastern Roman Empire
  151. [Proposal] The return of the Ceasars(Mod Idea)
  152. [Proposal] (Unit Skin request)
  153. [Proposal] Request of unit
  154. [Released] 26 new models for barbary states and ottoman empire unitbooster barotto now uploaded here too
  155. [Proposal] Highland Clansman
  156. [Released] Tricorn to Helmet II [Libertas Aut Mortis] - Release 2.0 [RELEASED]!
  157. [Proposal] Native American Units
  158. [Proposal] Request: Skins(Uniforms)
  159. [Proposal] specific stantalone unit retextures?
  160. [Proposal] How to Edit ETW Units
  161. [Released] NEW RANGE FOR UNITS MOD.
  162. [Released] [Released] NEW RANGE FOR UNITS MOD.
  163. [Proposal] Dismounted Generals?
  164. [Proposal] All Units Storage
  165. [Released] Re-Texture Packages
  166. [Proposal] romans versus celts/gauls (now with small video clip)
  167. [Proposal] Best Spain Reskin/Units?
  168. [Proposal] Request for new unit
  169. [Proposal] 1600's mod unit pack, almost done
  170. [WIP] Naval crew size mod (for Empire: Total War 1.5 version).
  171. [Beta] The 1600's Unit Pack BETA
  172. [Released] NAVAL CREW SIZE MOD (final version).
  173. [Proposal] Austrian grenadiers Kaiser regiment
  174. [Released] Denmark Army Mod 1.1 - Link updated 19/07/2013
  175. [Proposal] Pikemen with Helmets
  176. [Released] SPAIN MOD..Version 1.6 Released
  177. [Released] Line regiment for France ^^
  178. [Released] ETW Animations
  179. [Beta] "Work in progress - Pre-Napoleonic units"
  180. [Proposal] Can someone please make me a small mod?
  181. [Released] How do I change unit stats, and where's the manual!
  182. [Proposal] Team Member wanted / UnitModels
  183. [Proposal] ottoman mod
  184. [Proposal] Larger period mod
  185. [Released] Expatriate Line Infantry Unlock
  186. [Released] Larger Grenadier and Light Infantry Units (supports DLC and Ornamentum 1.3)
  187. [Released] Knights of St. John mod - Finally released!
  188. [Released] How to convert and edit HD video
  189. [Beta] Nec Pluribus Impar : SYW French Mod - EDIT 2012-02-05 NPIv0.3.0 released
  190. [Released] THE NATIVE UNITS FROM warpath campaign TO GRAND campaign
  191. [Released] 5 UNITS FOR OTTOMAN EMPIRE ! (update)
  192. [WIP] Realistic flags for France, New-France and Italy
  193. [Proposal] Puckle gun that shoots grenades?
  194. [Released] WIG MOD by Lordsith 3.5
  195. [Proposal] Well Rounded British Reskin
  196. [Proposal] samurai warriors in etw?
  197. [Released] The Unlimited Mod
  198. [Proposal] Maratha Unit Pack
  199. [Proposal] Working link for Poland Ancient Regime?
  200. [Released] Eastern Fire by Rank Mod
  201. [Proposal] marwari horses,armored horses and painted horses
  202. [Released] Total Cavalry - Version 1.5
  203. [Proposal] Bg2 style redcoat skins
  204. [Proposal] Prussian New Unit or reskin of line infantry
  205. [Released] romans verses celts/gauls
  206. [Released] Sponge mod compilation with DMUC
  207. [Proposal] Make Ottoman realism mod a unit pack
  208. [Proposal] Highlander Line Infantry
  209. [Released] Seven Year's war mod (sponge)
  210. [Proposal] Could Someone Make an Archery-Based mod?
  211. [Proposal] re-textured the American Indians
  212. [Released] Historical Marines Mod - Link Updated 02/07/2013
  213. [Proposal] Cross Straps?!
  214. [Proposal] Aan Item to the State of the State otherdding
  215. [Proposal] Napoleon Total War Back packs in Empire TW? Possible?
  216. [Released] Improved Ranges, Natives in europe 2 super god units for personal pleasure and more
  217. [Proposal] Historically Accurate Uniform/Field Eqpt Mod Combo?
  218. [Beta] Unit Size Mod
  219. [Proposal] Anybody thought of a model overhaul?
  220. [Proposal] Is there a unit name mod?
  221. [WIP] gray and red
  222. [Proposal] Light Frigate/Sloop of War?
  223. [Proposal] Unit Policing Ability
  224. [WIP] Unit Size edit help
  225. [Proposal] Quick Firing Mod
  226. [Proposal] Any stupidly strong units?
  227. [Released] USA (Full) Re-Texture
  228. [Proposal] more artillery units for ottoman empire
  229. [Proposal] Indian unit mod
  230. [Proposal] 'The Patriot'-style British Dragoons?
  231. [Proposal] British army of the American revolution
  232. [Proposal] Russian army
  233. [Proposal] Shotgun units?
  234. [Proposal] 1800 unit
  235. [Proposal] How to change unit colors uniforms?
  236. [Released] Grenadiers 1.5 Changed grenadiers from Tor7171
  237. [Proposal] how would i do this?
  238. [Released] Hussars regiments 1.1
  239. [Proposal] PLEASE HELP !
  240. [WIP] Question, which file do I need to modify?
  242. [Released] Dismountable Cavalry
  243. [Proposal] Gatling Standalone Mod
  244. [WIP] Roman Empire
  245. [Released] Gen. Brewster's Dutch Unit Pack!
  246. [Proposal] Single man unit mod
  247. [Beta] Western Units by Carricanta
  248. [Proposal] conquistador units
  249. [Proposal] empire total war ships modding
  250. [Beta] Wetblowdryer's naval mod. (Version 0.5)