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  1. Dreadnought mod idea
  2. Uniform Mod (Seven Years War)
  3. Ottoman uniform samples and request
  4. [Proposal] The Last Knights [Mod for ETW about the Knights of Malta]
  5. Unit Idea
  6. [WIP] Swedish Realistic Uniforms
  7. Roman era small naval mod
  8. personalizing units
  9. [WIP] - Irregular-ization of non-european, non-line infantry
  10. [Released] Quixote's Combat Overhaul v1.82
  11. R-Texture Project (GREAT BRITAIN IS NEXT!)
  12. [Released] Radious' Unit Mod
  13. anyone modding SHARPE?
  14. Prospective Reskin Alliance
  15. [WIP] Screenshots/Download of my WIP New Unit Mod (In game marines, Irish/Welsh/Scots Guards, Connaught Rangers and More Hessians) +Now with Sharpe's Rifles
  16. Wurttemberg retexture
  17. [Inactive] Warmachines New Unit Mod (Sharpe's Rifles, Irish/Welsh/Scots Guards, Connaught Rangers, Marines)
  18. [Released] Completely new and revised remodelled Preussens gloria (V1.2) 27/5/2012
  19. United Provinces Retexture Project (Dutch Republic / Netherlands) - Light and Full Editions Released!
  20. Realistic retexture for the italian states and..
  21. [Released] French Empire MOD (Beta 0.5b Update "MOD" release) Next update ASAP
  22. Horse Grenadiers mini-mod
  23. Swedish army suggestions for modders.
  24. Hakkapelitta
  25. [Released] Check and Mate: Battle Mod for ETW
  26. [Released] Geschwinda Skott
  27. The Patriot
  28. [Released] Streltsy mod for your choice
  29. Ancien Regime ETW re-texture ( France, Poland-Lithuania, etc...)
  30. Hannover Retexture Thread *WIP*
  32. Bayonets of the Republic, 1789-1802 French retexture
  33. Provincial Units
  34. How mod those helmets ?
  35. [BAVARIA] Reskin [7-Years-War]
  36. [Proposal] Império Portuguęs - Re-skin
  37. 95th Rifles
  38. Black Brunswickers preview
  39. The Valkyrie Mod - planning stage
  40. Slavic Rebels
  41. UK atillery reskin
  42. SAXONY reskin projiect
  43. pistol unit
  44. [Released] Real 95th riflemen and Sharpes chosen ones
  45. Mod suggestion: Marines and Cannons with Warships.
  46. Unit Skins for Great Britain???
  47. Douanes Nationales, custom unit
  48. [Released] Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.4 - updated 13.2.15
  49. [Released] Marines, Pikemen and More
  51. Naval Uniforms, Crew and Tech Overhaul REQUEST
  52. French "Royal Roussillon" Regiment Texture
  53. Queens Rangers (Coming Soon!)
  54. Mod Request: General Staff Unit Replacing General
  55. Units + Textures (UPDATED:17/05/09)
  56. Napoleonic coldstream guards
  57. Large Database of Seven Years' War Uniform Templates
  58. Dragoons?
  59. Naval uniforms
  60. How do I make Light Infantry available earlier?
  61. Croatian Mod with original units and few gens
  62. [Released] PRO GLORIA ET PATRIA plus 30 YearsWar Mod. Version 3.1 released
  63. Militia+Minutemen+pictures
  64. [Released] HIGHLANDER MOD newer version hopefully fixes compatability issues some people had
  65. Shipmodel-Pack for Modders
  66. Regalia of Nations Faction Uniform Threads (CURRENTLY WORKING ON Poland-Lithuania)
  67. Elite Units Pack [W.I.P.]
  68. Update 1/8/09- My first ever mod: Sharpe version 1.72 - thirty of your favourite Sharpe units + fix for units spawning as garrison
  69. [Released] Sons of the Dannebrog: Danish Retexture and Revised Roster Mod [Help Needed! No Modding Experience Necessary]
  70. [Released] Custom officers and generals + " Royal Guard" and now " Conquistadores" for spain
  71. Highlanders, recruitable for England with new skins.
  72. I want my generals to dismount
  73. The Dutch
  74. XIX century Snipers ?
  75. Ottoman firelock citizenry skin colour retex?
  76. Help a noob out, Increasing Unit firing ranges
  77. Mod Request:Trainable Grenzers for Austria
  78. [WIP] la revolution francaise
  79. Russian Line Infantry
  80. New ship type ideas
  81. [Released] Condottiere's SOG Mod and Sinuet's Formations
  82. [Released] Drum Regiment Mod: French Only Version Added 13/7/09
  83. Unit Pack Compatibility Project (UPC) 5.4 English - 1.8 German (13.1.10)
  84. [WIP] Napoleonic Mod preview
  85. [Released] MM653 Mods (Updated:07/15/09)
  86. Units stats mod? Something i found here:
  87. Courland Uniforms Retexture
  88. British naval retexture
  89. Uhlans and spontoons
  90. Scotland & Virginia Colonists... {Custom mode}
  91. [Released] Ancien Regime unit pack - version 1.1 Released!!!!
  92. United Provinces Retexture Project - Light Edition (v3: September 23rd 2009)
  93. [Released] Highland Warband Mod 1.0
  94. French texture modification
  95. Looking for Someone to Reskin This Unit:
  96. The french army in FR-INDIAN war should wear like this?
  97. Royal Marines Re-Skin
  98. Revivel of the knights of St John (Malta)
  99. Proper Militia Mod v1.3 - Now With Minutemen And Revamped Colors
  100. Creating a New Unit
  101. Madhist empire
  102. General Cornwallis's Complete Faction Retexts:New Austrian Unit Pack!! Sweden, Bavaria, Westphalia, Genoa, Papal States, Savoy!
  103. Prussian Gloria Mod
  104. War of 1812 type redcoat skin?
  105. [Released] Rusty's Maximum Naval Crew and Elite royal Marines
  106. Italian Faction Historical Re-skin
  107. Austrian and Hungarian Cavalry Units
  108. [PROPOSAL]Empire Total War Statistics Mod
  109. Removing Guards Unit Limit - Small Request
  110. [Released] SONS OF THE DANNEBROG [v0.5 for ETW 1.3; APE:TI Compatible]: Danish Major Faction Mod, with Historical Roster, Unique Units, Prestige Buildings and more.
  111. Any rockets and heavy first rate ships for the Ottomans
  112. [Released] Highlanders From Demo Unlocked For Britian!!
  113. Re-Skinning British Line Infantry
  114. !Polish scythemen infantry!
  115. Early Winged hussars???
  116. Fledgeling US naval mod?
  117. New Hornblower Modification - In Progress
  118. extended french units?
  119. [Released] Here come the Jack Tars!!!! Two new units!
  120. a mod to fix the uniforms and unit cards?
  121. Cannons
  122. Ships of the Line: Early Recruitment
  123. US Navy Paint Jobs.
  124. [Released] New Grenadier Mod! Patch 1.1, Grenade Launcher Company with new model Russian grenadiers!
  125. [Released] Gardes Francaises
  126. Basic unit editing
  127. [Released] Colonial and Revolutionary Units Pack
  128. Unlimited elite infantry?
  129. Bosnian Janissaries
  130. Cavalry archers
  131. [Released] German States-Hannover
  132. Uniforms for Portugal?
  134. Elite Irish Units Pack, now with new screenshots
  135. Prussian Elite Units
  136. Napoleonic style uniforms
  137. Greek army skins?
  138. New units / skins for unlocked / emergent factions
  139. More units for other factions
  140. US Marines-end the Marshmellow madness
  141. [Released] Historic IR.10 Knopbloch Prussian regiment
  142. Svenska Armén "swedish army" V.1.5 (updated 20/8/2009) + other units
  143. Sir Caesar's Texture Thread
  144. REQ: Britain Reskin with buff facings.
  145. Please can someone create a UNIT for me please??
  146. [WIP] China Mod! Military band....
  147. AUS Pandours in custom battle?
  148. Reskins for Knights of St. John?
  149. [Request] Oh please gimme the real Rangers!
  150. some french units in seven years war
  151. [Released] french units in seven years war
  152. [Released] Armee Francaise
  153. Mass Firing Militia(in mod form.)
  154. Österreichischer (Austria) Pack PREVIEW
  155. patch French infantry released Update 15/02/10
  156. [WIP] Knights of Malta
  157. Killer Trees...
  158. [Released] German States-Saxony
  159. Austrias Army finished
  160. {IDEA} Naval Infantry
  161. The Rebellion’s Shipyard
  162. Simple Request: Line infantry reskin
  163. Any way to reduce the need to build so many trade ships?
  164. Pirates mod.......
  165. LA GRANDE ARMEE. (the people's mod)
  166. [Released] Aeiou-Mod New Austrian units
  167. Das Österreichische Heer (Austrian Army) V.1.5 updated 28/12/2009
  168. Polish Winged Hussars in correctly helmets
  169. British Redcoat Reskin
  170. Russian Line Infantry reskin Request
  171. [Released] ORiGiNs Unitpack
  172. [PROP] Fix Suicidal General bodyguards and cavalry
  173. Gazza's Prussian Army mod 2.7.1
  174. pikemen: a mod?
  175. Two belts texture mod?
  176. Cemaat grenadiers
  177. Calvary mod
  178. [Released] Austrian Cuirassiers
  179. [Released] Göteborgares Enheter (New Swedish Units)
  180. [Released] Naval Warfare mod
  181. [Released] Of Kaiser, Tsar, Kayser, and Ghaysar - New Units Mod
  182. Pikemen....
  183. Fireships are they possible if not now in the near future?
  184. Warpath indian skins
  185. [Proposal] United States Armed Forces (XVIII-XIX Centuries)
  186. [Released] Grenadiers and Galleys
  187. [Released] Emperor Batman's Cavalry Firearms Mod
  188. British Redcoat Reskin
  189. British Full Reskin without Facial Hair?
  190. [REQ] Grenadier Mod (normal unit size & no grenades)
  191. Any skins for emerging MEXICO Nation in Warpath ?
  192. "The Patriot" British Infantry
  193. [Proposal] Some pics and small info on balkan irregulars to inspire moders.
  194. suggestions for roster additions.
  195. Any Pikeman skins?
  196. Correct unit card stats?
  197. Orange uniforms and change the faction name
  198. Great Britain Mod..UPDATED 19/12/10
  199. Earlier Elite Line Infantry
  200. Revolution and change of uniforms
  201. Officer pack v2.0 for all minor and moajor factions)
  202. New Regional Troops for Major Powers?
  203. A Spanish calvalry retexture...
  204. Organ Gun and 64 lber MOVING artillery + canister + shrapnel
  205. French cavalry uniforms
  206. [Released] [Dead] This Mod Auto Doubles The Ammunition Straps On All Infantry. Plus Some More Units. Download Inside.
  207. [Released] New Grand Campaign Natives minimod
  208. Puckle guns
  209. Highland Clansmen
  210. Soverieghn of the Seas sails on ?
  211. Improved Ship Models
  212. [Released] Smaller Generals
  213. [Mod-searching] realistic Prussian Infantry
  214. AVATAR: TOTAL WAR (Cameron's movie: skinpack or mod)
  215. [Released] Better Puckle Guns
  216. German Imperial Infantry
  217. New Swedish Unique Units
  218. Portuguese units of Seven Years War
  219. Real Horses for EMPIRE
  220. [WIP] Fires Of The Peacocks Feathers (mod)
  221. [PROP] Smaller Stacks, Larger Units
  222. New Mexico Skins
  223. Norwegian units of Denmark-Norway Army (to 1720)
  224. Historical characters: generals, admirals, ....
  225. French Civ reskin/unit mod
  226. [Released] ARMADA PACK
  227. Please betters cossacks.
  229. Navy Cutter
  230. Standard bearer
  231. Mod for Norwegian skins/textures; concerning DMUC
  232. can somebody please finally mod the awful muskets?? some one look in, or answer :) :)
  233. Reworked Dragoons for all European Factions
  234. 1790's Bicorne Infantry
  235. (Question) Ai generals
  236. Important note (29/06/10) - Portuguese Reskin/Marines mod thread
  237. [Proposal] French Nationals guards
  238. General's Abilities
  239. canteens mod?
  240. Idea ; king / queen unit
  241. [WIP] Corrected units of Iran(Persia)-واحد از ايران تصحيح(with some units already available!!!)
  242. what stat do i change to give a unit fire by rank?
  243. A simple uniform retexturing mod!
  244. [Released] Unit Pack Compatibility Project - Empire (UPC-EMP) - English - German - French - Spanish - Italian - updated 13.2.15
  245. Revolution texture mod
  246. Unit Commander Names
  247. Muskets not firing simultaneously?
  248. Shaturnal Swivel-mounted Camel gunners
  249. [Released] Portuguese Unit Pack V1.72 - Announcement 27/01/2012
  250. Bayonet MODELS!