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  1. [Proposal] (¯`•.{Modern Warfare}.•´¯)
  2. [Proposal] A rome total war mod for E:TW
  3. [Proposal] Victorian Total War ?
  4. [WIP] Victorian Total War; Faction / Unit Roster - A WIP
  5. [WIP] Nations at War -Modern Combat 'New US preview'
  6. Scandinavia: Total War
  7. [Proposal] ETW: The Balkan Revolution
  8. [Proposal] Wars of Europe
  9. [WIP] 1861-TW*Reopend*
  10. [Proposal] Europa Barbarorum III or SPQR II ; Rome Total War with Empire Total war graphics
  11. [Proposal] "The Emergence of Modern Warfare-1861"
  12. [Proposal] Eurasia total war
  13. [Proposal] Pershing and the Punitive Expedition
  14. [Proposal] World War 2
  15. [Proposal] The Control for Europe: 1802
  16. [Proposal] Order of Malta
  17. [Proposal] Indepencia total war
  18. [Proposal] Empire Realism Mod
  19. [Proposal] A generic proposal for a mod.
  20. [WIP] Mod Team: Project Apocalypse
  21. [Proposal] Flags of Liberty
  22. [Proposal] World War Naval combat.
  23. [Proposal] Probably Impossible Mod: Temeraire
  24. [Proposal] Bricks of War TW
  25. [Proposal] Post-Victorian Mod Creation Mod: The Peshawar Lancers
  26. Dark Age
  27. [Proposal] Pirates of the Carribbean: Total War
  28. [Proposal] The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
  29. [Proposal] A few of my ideas
  30. Independence!Total War
  31. [WIP] WW2: total war
  32. 30 Years War
  33. [Proposal] Phoenicia Total War
  34. Mod Concept: New Zealand, Total War
  35. Fantasy mod
  36. [Proposal] Star Wars Total War.
  37. Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871
  38. [Proposal] Siam: Total War
  39. Oceania: Total War
  40. Age of Discoveries
  41. [Proposal] Dune - Total War [concept stage; hiring]
  42. [Proposal] Shogun II: TW
  43. [Proposal] a world map completion mod
  44. Good old Medieval Mod
  45. American: Civil War Mod
  46. Great Powers: 1871 (closed)
  47. Corsica Revolution : Total War
  48. [WIP] GHCB - The Classical Mod of ETW
  49. With God And Arms Victorious
  50. an idea a Viking invasion mod
  51. Historical Nitpicker's Mod
  52. sharpe
  53. Battlefield 2142 Total War
  54. [Proposal] Civil War mod
  55. Building the Empire
  56. America Focused mod
  57. [WIP] Our Road to Independence - The Eigthy Years' War [Always some ambitious members wanted] [Teaser movie out!]
  59. [WIP] ETW: The Bitter End (Zulu/boer wars, scramble for Africa)
  60. [Proposal] A.U.'s FTHAGN
  61. [Proposal] "America Total War" MOD
  62. [WIP] The Elder Scrolls: Total War
  63. [WIP] WW1 total war
  64. [WIP] New Age: Total War, 1500-1700
  65. [Released] Ottoman Realism Mod (first version published)
  66. [Released] All factions unlocked for grand campaign!
  67. [Proposal] Pirates of the caribbean
  68. [Proposal] 1:13 (post-apocalypse) with movie
  69. [Released] Grognard_mod v.2.a beta (last update 28/04/09) -> Campaign compatible / Lordz map pack compatible
  70. [Beta] The Glory of the Russian Empire MOD (BETA released!)
  71. [WIP] Kuruc minimod
  72. [WIP] Historical Regions and Provinces Research Project
  73. [Released] Révolution Française 1.1! with compatibility Patches for Quixote and Darth mods!
  74. [Proposal] Byzantine Empire Re-emerges
  75. [Proposal] Scotland_mod
  76. [Released] Silly mod
  77. [Proposal] Sealords Total War - For MP and Capaign
  78. [WIP] Conquest Total War (1000 A.D. - 1400 A.D.)
  79. [Released] Ottoman Empire Realism MOD V 1.3 (Soundtracks Patch! Soon, Hotfix released)
  80. [Released] [Dead] Lord Philips mod
  81. [Released] War Smoke Rising 1.5 with integration of IMPERIUM GLOBALE
  82. [Released] 4 Faction Unlocker
  83. [WIP] Sengoku Mod (Old Shogun 2 thread)
  84. [Released] IMPERIUM GLOBALE I
  85. [Released] Mod UNCONQUERED
  86. [WIP] Asia: Deciphering the Zodiac (In Alpha Stages)
  87. [Released] All Factions Unlocked - April 29th Patch - Victory Conditions for Europe/India
  88. [Released] The Great Spirit - Native American Addition Mod UPDATE VERSION 1.2 RELEASED! Empire 1.3 Compatible
  89. [Proposal] The Second Age | A LotR Modification for Empire
  90. [Released] Empire: Advanced Warfare Mod Series (Updated 2/6/09)
  91. [Released] Empire: Tactical Warfare v1.0
  92. [Proposal] Star Wars: Galactic Wars [Large Preview Released!]
  93. [WIP] The Fifth Age - Middle Earth's future.
  94. [Released] German States-Wurttemberg mod-UPDATED 23/6/09
  95. [Released] Hornblower Mod V1.4 Full: Complete Naval Conversion. (And Naval Bodyguard), STATS, TEXTURES AND MORE [[[ Compatible With ETW 1.4 Patch ]]] Updated: 27/09/09
  96. [Released] Radious mod pack released !!!!! Updated - 8.7.2009 (Units, Buildings, Sound and Fire mod inside)
  97. [Released] Darthmod Empire Realism+
  98. [Released] Mini mods&modifications-updated 17Oct2009
  99. [Released] oms_NAPOLEONIC_MOD 1.7 Updated on 20/02/2010.WORKING WITH PATCH 4
  100. [Released] Empire Optimized Released
  101. [Released] 'Warcry of the Republic'-A French Revolution Modification by General Cornwallis-IS2 and Vanilla Version
  102. [WIP] The Nation of Israel | New Faction Mod
  103. [Released] Scotland Mod
  104. [Released] The Rebellion's Shipyard.
  105. [Released] ROAD TO WATERLOO MOD (U.S. Faction Completed)
  107. [Proposal] The 17th Century
  108. [Released] [Ludo]Scotland mod Fixed
  109. [Beta] Continents in Conflict: 1809 - Beta now released! *Now recruiting modelers, skinners and startpos editors*!
  110. [WIP] Franco-Prussian War Mod Rebirth 'New In-Game screen with Pickelhauben' *Recruiting*
  111. [Proposal] Napoleon Orderof War - The First Planned Mod for Napoleon Total War **NOW RECRUITING**
  112. [WIP] Battle of Berlin TW
  113. [Released] Pirates Über Alles & Russian Сompany
  114. [Beta] East India Company + (some fixes and comeplete flags) !
  115. [Proposal] Russian Revolution Total War
  116. [Proposal] WORLD WAR Z: Modification Proposal
  117. [Released] Personal Modifications - Posted for Everyone
  118. [Proposal] English civil war?
  119. [Proposal] Realistic/Individual Barbary States
  120. [Proposal] Bayonets
  121. [Proposal] A better ETW
  122. [Proposal] War of 1812
  123. [Proposal] Historically Correct Britain Mod
  124. [Proposal] Civil War Generals Group!
  125. [Proposal] How to Enjoy Videos on Portable Players At Will (Windows/Mac)
  126. [WIP] ROMA VICTRIX **Showcase Beta released**
  127. [Beta] Advance to Contact:- 0.5.1 Beta released. Poll to choose the next 4 factions!
  128. [Proposal] Help with Modding
  129. [Proposal] 1689-1746 Jacobite Uprising Complete Overhaul
  130. [Proposal] cold war mod
  131. [Released] NEW RESEARCH TIME FOR TECHNOLOGIES MOD (full version) v.1.1
  132. [Released] The 1600's
  133. [Beta] World Map Mod
  134. [WIP] Belli Infinitum
  135. [Proposal] world map moddable???
  136. [WIP] [OLD THREAD]Belli Tempora
  137. [WIP] Jacobites mod
  138. [WIP] Belli Tempora - 1747 Campaign
  139. [Proposal] English Elections mod
  140. [Proposal] Jacobite Mod modeller recruiting
  141. [Proposal] mexican american war
  142. [Proposal] Wars of the League of Augsburg / Grand Alliance
  143. [Beta] Jacobite mod DEMO
  144. [Proposal] American Republics
  145. [Released] Europa 1400 AD Mod
  146. [WIP] "The Tale of tortuga" Pirate storyline/playble faction
  147. [Beta] Coastal brotherhood
  148. [Released] EMPIRES OF DESTINY 1.1.0 EPIC EDITION *PUBLIC BETA 2* (***Patch 3*** now available!)
  149. [Proposal] EMPIRES OF DESTINY gameplay video will be out soon
  150. [Released] EMPIRES OF DESTINY gameplay video Released
  151. [Proposal] Modern Warfare Total War
  152. [Released] "Hetmanat TW" - Ukraine in Empire: Total War. Global world alteration. Version 3.0
  153. [Proposal] sudamerican mods ???
  154. [WIP] we are looking for mod members to created the war for 1812 mod
  155. [Proposal] how about a mohamad ali mod(modern egypt)
  156. [WIP] Tricorn to Helmet [Les ennemis de la Révolution]
  157. [Beta] Egypt Realism Mod
  158. [Released] Jacobite Mod V1 Released
  159. [Proposal] war of 1812 mod
  160. [Released] ~1550-1600 Pike & Shot MOD (7/23 v1.5 out, new factions)
  161. [Proposal] [POLL]Which Egypt mod would you like to play?
  162. [WIP] WW1 or russo-turkish war???
  163. [WIP] The War to End all Wars
  164. [Beta] Kaunitz Project [moved over to NTW engine!]
  165. [WIP] Chain of Command
  166. [Proposal] Mod to play Switzerland in DMUC
  167. [Beta] V1650! Version 1.5 released!
  168. [Released] IMPERIUM GLOBALE II
  169. [Proposal] 30 years war mod
  170. [Proposal] USMC mod
  171. [Beta] Albtraum23UIModEmpire for 40 Units
  172. [WIP] A century of war, technology and nationalism
  173. [Beta] Bethencourt's 1800.
  174. [Beta] Increase the number of Empire: Total War Soldier ..
  175. [Proposal] Zombie mod.
  176. [WIP] TWTEAW: Total War preview thread
  177. [WIP] War cold from 1939 to 1975 for empire total war
  178. [Proposal] War Pacific from 1939 to 1945
  179. [Proposal] WORLD WAR 1 EMPIRE TOTAL WAR
  180. [Proposal] viet nam war empire total war from 1939 to 1975
  181. [Beta] Pirates
  182. [WIP] Civil War Problem
  183. [Proposal] Tents and Wagons
  184. [Proposal] AC III mod
  185. [WIP] Complete Naval Overhaul
  186. [Proposal] ETW world map mod
  187. [Proposal] Napoleonic whole world mod
  188. [Proposal] Increasing AI Level and agressivity
  189. [Proposal] Post-colonial (1815-1850) america campain.
  190. [WIP] war of 1812 mod will be released this summer
  191. [Proposal] The Cold War
  192. [WIP] Campaign battle maps from Napoleon total war
  193. [Released] Project Empire Enhanced v1.2 (AI Mod & more)
  194. [WIP] Close to Death (former Death and Taxes)
  195. [Released] Panzerschreck's ETW MAPPACK 1.0 ( 5 new maps)!
  196. [Proposal] French and Indian War Modification using Warpath Map
  197. [Released] Napoleon Retrofit Pack (Updated 9/19/13)
  198. [WIP] Safavids Realism Mod v1.0
  199. [WIP] World War: Total War
  200. [Released] PunitorMaximus' Russo-Turkish War of 1877/78 Mod
  201. [WIP] NTW effects [Updated 09/03/2013]
  202. [Released] Minor Factions Revenge: Expansion Pack for Empire Total War
  203. [Proposal] Privateer/Mecenary Company Mod
  204. [Proposal] Darthmod works on mac
  205. [Beta] Empire Total War Mac Mod 1
  206. [Beta] War of 1812 mod open beta.
  207. [Released] Imperial Destroyer project v3.9
  208. [Released] Faction specific hud mod
  209. [Proposal] PunitorMaximus' Mad Romepunk Folly (MRF)
  210. [Proposal] East India Company + Pirates
  211. [Released] G-Gameplay Overhaul
  212. [Proposal] Playable John Smith/Settlers campaign
  213. [Released] Improved graphic mod from NTW
  214. [Beta] NTW interface
  215. [Proposal] BetterPirates Mod
  216. [Proposal] Thirteen Colonies - Playable Faction
  217. [Proposal] Icelandic Grand Campaign
  218. [Released] Darthmod 40 units saves unit cards messed up in battles
  219. [WIP] Mod help for a dope
  220. [WIP] 1812-The Forgotten War
  221. [Beta] The Empire of Pirates
  222. [Proposal] Is there a Empire WW1 mod?
  223. [Released] Ottoman Total Overhaul Mod Version 2.0 : Darthmod AI, fully new Campaign and Battle Gameplay, New units, New buildings effects, Edited Technologies, Ottoman Overhaul !
  224. [WIP] Jacobite mod revival- HELP NEEDED
  225. [Proposal] World War I mod