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  1. Craziest Siege in History?
  2. The Battle of Somme
  3. Okinawa
  4. What happened at Constantinople?
  5. Tasmanian Aborigines - 'Lord of the Flies' Theory
  6. Rise of Scipio and the Fall of New Carthage
  7. Near destruction of the Giza
  8. The Reichstag fire
  9. Military developments in the 19th century (spinoff from Prussians vs Confederates)
  10. Xerxes' withdrawal after Salamina
  11. Countries that win battles but lose wars
  12. Jurisdiction of the United States of America
  13. The Commanders of Military History - a Compilation
  14. The battles (or wars) that shaped history
  15. History of Europe
  16. Great Roman Generals of the 2nd Punic War
  17. King Philips War
  18. Forgotten hero
  19. Gettysburg
  20. The Ohio-Michigan War
  21. Portants in battles?
  22. A little Informative on the Teutoberg Wald...
  23. True fall of Rome?
  24. Could Batu and Subotai have altered history?
  25. Slaves - a hindrance or help?
  26. The Matriarchical myth
  27. Alternate History: The Anarchy of King Stephen
  28. Historical Speculation - Did the Neanderthal survive into ancient times and later?
  29. The Marathon - origins of
  30. Entebbe Raid
  31. Slavery vs. States Rights...or Both?
  32. TWC Historic Society: Mithradates VI Eupator
  33. Seleucid Empire
  34. Attitudes and Stereotypes of History
  35. Operation Icebox
  36. Irish History 1/3/06
  37. How did Caesar defeat Pompey in greece?
  38. How dangerous were Persians in combat?
  39. Heraclius, Historical Society Topic....
  40. Elephants during the Battle of Zama
  41. The Gladius
  42. Historic Society; Cao Cao
  43. If Julian had lived longer, would Christianity have died out?
  44. Spqr
  45. Alternative History: The Rise of Brian Boru
  46. Joshua Chamberlain
  47. Genghis Khan: an essay of mine
  48. August 1945 - the A-Bombs or conventionally invade the mainland of Japan?
  49. Late Roman field army
  50. Legacy of Khans
  51. Cannae, August 3, 216 B.C. Was Maharbal Correct?
  52. Start Here: Historical Articles of TWC in the College of History
  53. sassanian military analysis
  54. Chou Military
  55. Why the Tsar caused Russia to fall into revolution
  56. St. Vartan the Warrior
  57. Roman Nomenclature - With ADDENDUM
  58. To what extent did Philhellenism affect Roman foreign policy?
  59. Was the loss of the First Punic War due to marine disasters?
  60. Greatest Roman generals
  61. The Causes of WWII
  62. Galatia
  63. Celtiberia
  64. My Synopsis on Archimedes of Syracuse
  65. Mysterious Druids
  66. The Act of Devotio. A Brief History of One Family...
  67. Blitzkrieg and the fall of France 1940
  68. Stop Dancing! Stalingrad Has Fallen.
  69. The Early Years of the Sassanid Empire
  70. The Battle of Trenton
  71. The Past 1,000 Years in History
  72. The Crusades
  73. The Battles of the American Revolution
  74. Jutland! Who did win?
  75. Muhammed and Hitler - quite possibly history's two most impacting men
  76. A step by step guide in taking a city, Roman Style
  77. The Roman Emperors whose reigns were shorter than the lifespan of a worker ant.
  78. Humbled = Greatness ??
  79. The Witches' Hammer
  80. Battle of Lake Erie
  81. Roman army officers in early Principate
  82. Ottoman Empire 1600 (my view)
  83. Dunkirk: Germany’s Last Chance? (Fog that may have saved Europe)
  84. Bringing the Hun horse archers to life
  85. Isurava 1942 - Australia's Thermopylae
  86. Crusades: Christian Jihad or "act of mercy"?
  87. Those dastardly Persians!
  88. Those splendid Persians!
  89. The Roman Army and Fortification of the later Empire
  90. Danish collaboration and resistance during the Second World War
  91. The Battle of Britain - a narrative on a breathtaking crossroads in military history
  92. Battle of Midway, the Stalingrad of Japanese
  93. The Real war of 1812 - Chapter 1: The Storming of Badajoz
  94. Soldiers In America, 1754-1865
  95. Early Roman Republic
  96. A Brief History of The Medieval Cannon
  97. Tomb of The Unknown Soldier
  98. Antoninus Pius : Golden Age of Rome
  99. Hadrian's wall Folks may be descended from Moors
  100. Greek Fire, What is It?
  101. Piero de' Medici: more than a mere hunchback
  102. The arms of Rome fall off, yet she is able to reattach them.
  103. Wellington: The Very Model of a Modern Major General.
  104. The Cold War in the 1960's
  105. Origins of the Picts & Scots
  106. Banks and Chocolate: The secret of being an unconquerable nation
  107. Constantinople: The Sack of 1204
  108. The Human Story
  109. A Sequel to Early Medieval Cannons:Cannons and Cannon Tactics in the Navy
  110. Merlin/Myrddin
  111. Battle Of Pydna
  112. The Battle of Jacobs Ford
  113. Fall of the Eagle
  114. The Loyalty of the Roman Legions
  115. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
  116. Why many Estonians fought along side Nazi Germany
  117. Debate by Clausewitz
  118. Konstantinos XI Dragases: Hero or simply an Emperor?
  119. The Last Habsburg
  120. Alexander The Great; a history
  121. The rise of the demos
  122. From the Stone to the Sword to the Missile - The Story of Weaponry
  123. Weapons of the ACW: Mountain Howitzer
  124. Jacques-Louis David
  125. The significance of Adrianople, 378 A.D.
  126. The American Indians in Brief
  127. John William Waterhouse
  128. The Last Imperator
  129. The Roman Empire: Victim to many things, even itself.
  130. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus...
  131. A short history of the Lydian Kingdom
  132. La Révolution Française: Causes and Events That Lead up to the Terror
  133. The Poets Rebellion: Easter Uprising, 1916
  134. The Historic Arthur
  135. The Right Hand Of the King
  136. Amir Temur Gurgan: Scourge of God
  137. Decisive Battles of the World of 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s
  138. The Battle of the Nile
  139. Bulgaroctonus - The Bulgar Slayer
  140. The Battle of Borodino
  141. Alexander the Ungay
  142. The arms of Alexander the Great and his enemies
  143. The Battle of Waterloo
  144. The man who love war to much
  145. The Lost Temple Of India (Image Heavy!)
  146. Vlad the Impaler: Take 2
  147. The Bay of Pigs Invasion
  148. Danish Naval History and the Nordic Wars
  149. The Mighty Persian(King Cyrus the Great)
  150. Gustavus Adolphus in Livonia and Polish Prussia, 1617-1629
  151. The Scriptorium Catalogue Pt. 5: History
  152. My Historical scans
  153. Most Wealthy historical figures
  154. The Knights Of Rhodes
  155. Steppe History I. (summary)
  156. Steppe History II and so on (summary)
  157. World War I - Could and Should Germany Have Won?
  158. Decebalus
  159. The ten top ancient cultures with advanced technology?
  160. Athenian Trireme
  161. Classics of Ancient China
  162. History and Components of European Heraldry
  163. The Imjin war : a basic guide
  164. The Great Siege of Malta
  165. Commentary and Discussion Thread
  166. College of History Frequently Asked Questions
  167. The College of History Posting Guidelines
  168. An Official Program Of Art In The Achaemenid Empire?
  169. Defence in Depth, with reference to British preperations for Sealion
  170. Did The 'Immortals' Fight At Platea?
  171. Siege of Rhodes (1522)
  172. Deep Operation, confusion in doctrine form
  173. Flavius Aetius - Last of the Romans? Or Backstabbing Generalissimo?
  174. Blitzkrieg: Implementation and Countermeasure
  175. What type of historian are you?
  176. Artaxerxes II and Sparta
  177. Napoleon Bonaparte I
  178. Definitive Roman history books?
  179. Assaulting Egypt
  180. Charioting in ancient Egypt: the tactics
  181. The Ptolemaic cult of Theoi Adelphoi: a general analysis
  182. The Relationship of Badauni and Abu'l Fazl
  183. Please post threads to include in the College here
  184. Froissart's views on war and peace
  185. Battle of Crete
  186. Importance of the Gladius
  187. Significance of the Battle of Manzikert
  188. Machiavelli and the Absolutist Monarchs of Russia
  189. The Rebellion Of Cyrus The Younger
  190. The effect of war on the growth of national governments in the seventeenth century
  191. The social and cultural consequences of European urban growth
  192. Did the Chartist movement "fall apart from within"?
  193. The Norman Conquest: continuity or change?
  194. Was Simon de Montfort an idealist or a self interested, power hungry, opportunist?
  195. Do modern soldiers still loot?
  196. Combats for Warsaw Forts - late September 1939
  197. Gregory VII and Henry IV and the Battle over Investiture
  198. The Nuclear Game - An Essay on Nuclear Policy Making
  199. The American Frontier in the 18th Century
  200. The Charge of the Light Brigade [SIMPLIFIED]
  201. King Arthur or Artus, Cavalry from Scythia?
  202. Generals and the Crimean war
  203. Ancient/Modern Assyrians
  204. Famine, Ukraine and Stalin's Legacy
  205. Question about the Roman military machine...
  206. Persian(Sassanid)Regular Infantry ?
  207. How did Yazdgerd III die?
  208. Phalangites VS Legionnaires
  209. Vocally, Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin?
  210. Recommended book about Charles Edward former duke of Albany
  211. The effectiveness of Riveted Maile Hauberks, c.a. 1st-5th centuries
  212. Helmets with face masks.
  213. Ramayana- A Real historic narration?
  214. Phalanxe pike Squares?
  215. Wars between China and Japan
  216. Sources on ancient Arabia
  217. The Distortion of Charlemagne in Einhard's 'The Life of Charles the Great'
  218. By what means did the Medici achieve and maintain their power in Florence from 1434-94
  219. The impact of air raids on the outcome of the Second World War in Europe.
  220. The UN as a Worldwide Peacekeeper. [Essay]
  221. Napoleon and the Conclusion of the Military Revolution. (Essay)
  222. Great Commanders (East vs. West)
  223. Causes and Effects of the Franco-German War
  224. Why is Hannibal considered so great?
  225. Debate: Justified war - Or not?
  226. Should the Treaty of Versailles have been more ruthless in its punishment of Germany?
  227. Why is Alexander the Great considered to be on such a high plain?
  228. The ancient world view of entrepreneurship?
  229. The Invasion of Nicaragua
  230. Portuguese - Kongo relations, and the slave trade.
  231. American Civil War - Research&Essays
  232. Legalism and Militarism in China
  233. Roman & Greek Atlast: Good idea or not?
  234. Roman republican government organization
  235. The evolution of writing?
  236. Why did the US bother to open Japan in 1853?
  237. Is it possible for one man to know world history?
  238. Prehistoric migration
  239. Who were the vikings?
  240. Roman Habours
  241. Hannibal's Sieges
  242. A Misconception about Hannibal's Army
  243. After Attila the Hun
  244. Macedonian Army
  245. How long was the Apulo-Corinthian Helmet actually in use?
  246. What is this type of armor called?
  247. Books and migrations
  248. Battle of Teutoburg Forest
  249. Senate
  250. Was and is the hatred towards Benedict Arnold justified?