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  1. How to Propose: A Guide to Curial Decisions and Amendments
  2. [Decision] Give Full Members a Custom Usertitle
  3. [Amendment] Overhaul of the Curial Community Team revisited
  4. Vote request thread
  5. [Moved to Vote] [Amendment] Patronization process minor text edit
  6. [Amendment] Clarification of/Changes to the Constitution
  7. Sticky thread for Patronnization and Patronizaton awards.
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  9. [Discussion] Curia/Citizen Announcements
  10. [Discussion] Clarification of Axterix's Loincloth award, purpose and criteria.
  11. [Discussion] Symposium "free" debates.
  12. [Discussion] Lobbying for votes should be deemed illegal
  13. [Decision] Loincloth group creation