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  1. [Tutorial] Larger Unit Sizes/Bigger Battles.
  2. [Tutorial] Changing unit sizes MID-CAMPAIGN.
  3. [Tutorial] Mod Managing for NTW
  4. [Resource] Don't settle for forced MEDIUM settings on older comps!
  5. [Tutorial] How to unlock non playable and emergent factions
  6. [Tutorial] Mod Packaging for Modders a reminder
  7. [Resource] .Pack Files: What We Know So Far
  8. [Resource] Nafziger Collection
  9. [Tool] Napoleon PFM Released
  10. [Resource] The great DB Manual - WIP
  11. [Resource] STARTPOS.ESF analysis and modifications
  12. [Tutorial] Changing Victory Condition Date
  13. [Tutorial] How to avoid the black screen bug and put the starting camera on your factionīs capital.
  14. [Tool] MS Visual Studio 2010 RC (Free until June 30)
  15. [Tutorial] How to Create a Mod
  16. [Tutorial] How to change faction leaderīs portrait and name
  17. [Tutorial] How to add a unit to another faction
  18. [Tutorial] How to create a custom unit in NTW
  19. [Tutorial] How to add starting armies in custom battles for newly added factions
  20. [Tutorial] How to eliminate the episodic restrictions of the Italy and Egypt historical campaigns.
  21. [Tutorial] Changing the firing arc of a unit.
  22. [Resource] Uniforms (pictures)
  24. [Tool] User Script and Preferences Editor for ETW, NTW, SHO2 (Updated)
  25. [Tutorial] Update 07-04-2010 How to Dismount/Mount a General and his bodyguard now with fire from horseback or dismount and fire!
  26. [Tutorial] How to add an Empire Total War unit in Napoleon Total War
  27. [Tutorial] Enabling Two Rank Fire for Infantry
  28. [Tool] Mod Manager for NTW
  29. This sub-forum is not the right place for modding questions
  30. [Tutorial] Global Effects for Buildings
  31. [Tutorial] Changing buildable structures in towns.
  32. [Tutorial] Fixing the Horse Artillery "Chasers"
  33. [Resource] Do's and Don'ts
  34. [Tool] Pack File Manager 1.5.9 [Now edits .atlas and .unit_variant files] (Updated 31 July)
  35. [Resource] Target Unit mod: a mod to help make mods
  36. [Tutorial] MODIFICATION BASICS: How to become a modder, and how to use Pack File Manager to make a mod
  37. [Tutorial] How to mod a new unit with PFM
  38. [Tutorial] How to create a custom unit card (icon and info pics)
  39. [Tutorial] Changing the firing angle of cannons to allow them fire over obstacles.
  40. [Tutorial] How to remove bayonets.
  41. [Tutorial] Projectile Basics. (Reload Times, Ranges, Lethality, and shot dispersal)
  42. [Tool] An Access Database to mod NTW land units
  43. [Tutorial] AI Campaign Bonuses - The Basics
  44. [Tutorial] Technology - The Basics
  45. [Tutorial] Government Effects
  46. [Tutorial] Minister Effects
  47. [Tutorial] How to edit in-game text such as unit names and descriptions.
  48. [Tutorial] Saving large texture files without a memory overload
  49. [Tutorial] Replacing a unit's hat
  50. [Tutorial] Edit the Time of playing
  51. [Tool] TSVEditor (AD) v2.0
  52. [Tutorial] Removing the Defensive requirement for abilities.
  53. [Tutorial] One turn technology
  54. [Tutorial] Earn fast chevrons
  55. [Tutorial] How to Mod Folder Multi Startpos Files
  56. [Tutorial] A guide to the modding process
  57. [Tutorial] Using OpenOffice to edit DB entries (via TSV export)
  58. [Tutorial] Creating your own Music Mod
  59. [Tool] Rigid spline converter
  60. [Tutorial] How to Repair NTW if Modding "Breaks" Your Game
  61. [Resource] Updated DBFileType list (Unknown columns named)
  62. [Resource] Editing Effects (e.g, explosions, firing effects, ambient effects).
  63. [Tutorial] How to add building slots in cities and how to change the type of slots in towns and facilities
  64. [Resource] Tips and Tricks in modding ETW and NTW
  65. [Resource] Before you start your mod - a list of what can and can't be modded.
  66. [Resource] A simple solution to eliminating the melee bug (may not be to everyones liking)
  67. [Tutorial] The Ministry of War: Video Modding Tutorial #1 (Pack Files and Adding Units)
  68. [Tool] Model exporter
  69. [Tool] International Programmatic Laboratory
  70. [Tutorial] How to add deployable objects in historical battles (that don't have them)
  71. [Resource] Courtesy of CA - Unit stats land completly explained.
  72. [Tool] UI Layout file converter
  73. [Resource] Decompiled UI scripts
  74. [Resource] Scripting Commands.
  75. [Tutorial] BMA's MAKING YOUR OWN MUSIC
  76. [Tool] NTW Data Checker (V1.4)
  77. [Tool] Pack File Manager Switcher
  78. [Tutorial] How To Fix UAC and VirtualStore Problems
  79. [Tool] Scripting And Debug Toolkit | v1.1
  80. [Resource] Guide to the NTW mapping
  81. [Resource] The Complete Guide to NTW Modding Tutorials, Tools and Resources
  82. [Resource] The NTW Script-o-Rama (Updated 27/03/2011)
  83. [Tutorial] Official Guides for Napoleon: TW Mods
  84. [Tool] atlas<->tsv converter
  85. [Resource] Ntw Modding Notes
  86. [Resource] UI Layout file documentation
  87. [Resource] Guide to get the unrestricted camera for beginners
  88. [Tutorial] Adding a Gatling into your NTW mod
  89. [Tutorial] The Uniform Tutorial
  90. [Tool] unit_variant <-> txt converter for NTW and S2TW [RELEASED!]
  91. [Tool] Atlas Manager
  92. [Tutorial] Compressing Direct Draw Surface (DDS) files
  94. [Resource] Egypt Campaign Map
  95. [Tutorial] How to create custom missions
  96. [Tutorial] HOW TO CREATE CUSTOM UNIT step by step (Part 1)
  97. [Tutorial] How to use modfoldered map files in the multiplayer campaign
  98. [Tutorial] DJ's Beginner Tutorial To Modding: Getting Started & Making a Simple Mod
  99. [Tutorial] DJ's Beginner Tutorial To Modding: Creating Your Own Unit Card
  100. [Tutorial] DJ's Beginner Tutorial To Modding: Changing and Adding a Units Names
  101. [Tutorial] DJ's Beginner Tutorial To Modding: Creating Your Own Unit
  102. [Tutorial] DJ's Beginner Tutorial To Modding: Changing, Adding and Removing Unit Parts
  103. [Tutorial] DJ's Beginner Tutorial To Modding: Adding Your Own Music and Sound Effects
  104. [Tutorial] How to get 20+ units per army in the campaign.
  105. [Tutorial] Another Unit Icon Tutorial 47th way
  106. [Resource] NAVAL MODING NTW.
  107. [Tutorial] Adding your own version information to the main menu.
  108. [Resource] Working decompiled UI files
  109. [Tool] v1.3 - NTW Model Converter Now Released!
  110. [Resource] Complete DB update [Release 2]
  111. [Tutorial] Groupformations: Warscape Battle Formations.
  113. [Resource] [NTW] Index of Modding Tutorials, Resources & Tools (Last Update: 21 Dec, 2011)
  114. [Tool] Symphony (sound unpacker/packer)
  115. [Tutorial] How to add Stonewall/Fences to Custom and Campaign Battle Maps First Part
  116. [Tool] HIBAM Editor: Map & Historical Battle editor
  117. [Tool] EasyEsf for NTW (30/11/2011)
  118. [Tutorial] How to make your own historic events
  119. [Tool] EasyLoc 1.0.1 updated (17/12)
  120. [Tutorial] Create, modify and save your textures with the best quality - Diffuse/ Gloss/ Normal
  121. [Resource] Technology UI base
  122. [Tutorial] Use a part of a unit from another faction
  123. [Tool] DBEditor 1.96
  124. [Tool] program to open save_multiplayer
  125. [Resource] Offering Portuguese help
  126. [Tutorial] pfm problem
  127. [Resource] Archduke Charles Personal Portrait and Thumbnail
  128. [Tutorial] Change/Edit traits, ancillary, attributes, and abilities of faction leaders and generals
  129. [Tutorial] How to save activated battles from Napoleon ?
  130. [Tool] Easy Launcher
  131. [Resource] Script-o-Rama 2 (UPDATED 16/06/13)
  132. [Resource] Civil war mod HELP!!!
  133. [Tool] What does this PFM error message mean?
  134. [Tool] What's the best ESF Editor to use for NTW
  135. [Tool] Savegame Parser - support tool for EditSF (Napoleon)
  136. [Tool] Is DBEditor 1.96 compatible with NTW?
  137. [Tutorial] The easiest way to enable fire by rank for any infantry and cavalry you wish.
  138. [Tutorial] Fixing the nasty grenadiers bug!!!!
  139. [Resource] Resources and troops - question
  140. [Resource] The Campaign Map
  141. [Tutorial] I seek help :( for i am no good.
  142. [Tutorial] Help requested with a mod pack
  143. [Tutorial] Adding custom battlefield to campaign
  144. [Resource] How can I add the Musketeers from the Hessian faction to the British and Prussian one?
  145. [Tutorial] Why weapon didn't show up ?
  146. [Tutorial] Quick & dirty Tutorial on Mapping
  147. [Tutorial] Unit creation methods (ETW, NTW) and their implementation
  148. 2016 Modding Awards - Nominate Your Favourite Tools, Tutorials and Resources!
  149. [Tutorial] Ground_Type_Map_0 Tutorial for 16+ colors