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  1. Naval Crew Mod (working!)
  2. Generals
  3. Battle camera zoom request
  4. Something more realistic than fire by rank
  5. Could someone try and crack the nut of LOD/sprites?
  6. Uniform Editor
  7. (REQ) Giving carbines to other cavalry units
  8. [REQ] Bigger deployment zones
  9. Invasions, Titles and more
  10. Black Regiment Project.
  11. Slower Reloading!
  12. Unrealistic rebels
  13. [REQ] More cash for custom battles
  14. Ship Trinidad
  15. Request: The Soldiers of Napoleon's Friends
  16. "Open" Campaign Mod?
  17. [REQ] Fix Zombie Soldiers?
  18. Can sombody make this
  19. A question : number of units per army ?
  20. Liberate a conquored region
  21. Melee and the AI
  22. Idea - All land unit types recruitable from the start?
  23. Military control of Protectorates
  24. Question:ETW recruiting times
  25. Hey. Stat/France Mod
  26. Fallen Flag(s) mod
  27. A special General hability
  28. Population mod?
  29. Request: Dismount All Cavalry Mod
  30. Proposal for a Real Starting Mod
  31. Making the relations of the beginning more historical?
  32. Delete
  34. Artillery Limber and Cassions
  35. Need help with Spain getting Howitzer
  36. "Sea Of Privateer" mod (Idea in need!)
  37. Can anyone make a very simple unit reskin?
  38. AI and multi-core processors
  39. Idea: Attrition from partisans
  40. Two ranks fire mod
  41. Armed Citizenry Skins?
  42. Assassination removal/reducer!
  43. Naval Mod much needed!
  44. Has anyone got any plans to fix the overhand lancers?
  45. Experience For Generals
  46. Mod Manager?
  47. Has anybody though of doing a mideval mod.
  48. [REQ] Kingdom of Italy's Guards of Honour and Velite Grenadiers recruitable for France in Milan
  49. Province lines
  50. Firing drills
  51. [REQ] Change of pants for French Revolutionary Infantry, Italian Campaign
  52. [REQ]Remove of FoG
  53. Playing as Scotland in COTC + Scotland's Faction ID?
  54. The fire by rank mod
  55. Fog of war
  56. DLC screwing up mods?
  57. More clear DLC issue:
  58. historical factions
  59. Reducing assasinations
  60. The Rebellion's Shipyard (N). Imperial Fleet.
  61. Douaniers of Napoleon
  62. Building Hit points
  63. How to spawn scholars and hashshashin?
  64. [REQ]Assasins Couldnt Assasinate
  65. ruquest to make all generals on foot .pls some one i need help .. :(
  66. Light Infantry Square formation
  67. Muskets vs Carabines
  68. Can somebody please fix!
  69. French Line Infantry can skirmish too
  70. MOD IDEA
  71. A Proper Austrian Army by Genreal Cornwallis
  72. "Road To Waterloo" mod
  73. Chainshot for Land Cannons?
  74. Ducking Behind Trenches
  75. how can put more experience?
  76. Let soldiers surrender
  77. The Specific Unit Mod
  78. British Line Infantry - Black Trousers re-colour/skin?
  79. Appeal for Royal Marines and crews!!!
  80. No Forts, only how about tent camps?
  81. Request for Lancers with Flags
  82. Suggestion: modding breaches in fort walls
  83. Request: Less Dimplomacy
  84. Stopping the AI's constant 'shuffling' when it is on the defense.
  85. Reskins for Austria and prussia
  86. Lancers Dismounted
  87. Ottoman Empire
  88. Haz's Military Recruitment (HMR) Mod
  89. What is a good mod for Better combat AI
  90. 1805-1808
  91. [Request] Custom Battles Funds
  92. Flamethrowers
  93. REQUEST: Royal Marines
  94. How To Use Pack File Manger ?
  95. Real People Mod: Napoleon
  96. 2 suggestions to implement in a mod
  97. Looking for a genious: I propose this big challenge for the communauty!!!
  98. the big challenge for modders!!!
  99. Right...... Russians?
  100. Bug when playing with france in campaign
  101. Please, Something that makes the game more FUN!
  102. [REQUEST] Royal Navy Officers!!!
  103. better squares mod?
  104. Editing the generals traits
  105. Winning conditions and change of flags for minor german nations
  106. Request: Field Works
  107. Confed. of the Rhine
  108. Marines
  109. Battle of Leipzeg
  110. new mod Next week
  111. square formation
  112. Unit of Empire and Napoleon are possible to be transfered?
  113. Unlocking All Napoleon's Battles?
  114. [Request] Tutorial to add more experience to unit
  115. Add 'Early' units to custom battles
  116. 1/Royals 1789
  117. [Request] Unlimited move points
  118. A very basic mod
  119. Is an upper limit for diplomatic relations possible?
  120. Unlocking New Factions for Custom Battles
  121. [Idea] Nation Uniqueness
  122. play with more units.
  123. Lithuania in NTW?
  124. Lannes
  125. [Modding request] Single Man Units?
  126. Napoleon's Foreign Regiments
  127. From Minor to Major
  128. Napoleon Total War Darthmod?
  129. Vote your best AI mod!!!
  130. Yeomanry for GB
  131. Nerfing Rebellions
  132. Forts in towns
  133. Improving the battle AI ideas and trials - starting with the dumb cavalry
  134. Upkeep/Cost reduction?
  135. 4th Hussar Remake
  136. Do you like artillery knocking down men or not?
  137. Larger campaign map
  138. Swedish Regiments (WIP)
  139. Adding a new weapon
  140. Proposal Realistic arty damage (shrapnel)
  141. help please-can we change the starting army in the napoleon campgain
  142. Perhaps an earlier 'Napoleon'
  143. Unit Size mod
  144. So, I have Imperial Edition and hope the next DLC will work.
  145. Ideal mod
  146. Factions
  147. Actual co-op or spectating mod for the multiplayer coalition setting.
  148. Proposal: Seven Years War
  149. WHEN
  150. [Request] Invisible firing arcs
  151. Capturing Artillery
  152. British Platoon Fire/rolling volleys
  153. Pikemen for Russia
  154. [REQUEST] Fire ships
  155. World map mod?
  156. Austrian Landwehr and Freikorps
  157. Unlock Pre-order Unit mod proposal
  158. Gazza's Prussian Army to NTW
  159. Money mission mods for multiplayer campaigns????
  160. (Proposal)Tsar-Pushka cannon for russia
  161. French Army Mod.
  162. What is the most historically accurate and best mod?
  163. Mod reccommendation
  164. Militia organisation mod...
  165. Why don't the various realism mods combine?
  166. Redeploy at Napoleons Battles
  167. Line Infantry Realism
  168. Ammo artillery limited
  169. New Napoleonic Mod
  170. Land and Naval Battles Combined?
  171. Australian infantry regiment?
  172. People, Politics & Nations .
  173. A new way to recruit allies
  174. Arming and Dismounting General Staff
  175. Square 4 ranks deep mod
  176. 1798 start?
  177. Officers in front?
  178. Skirmishers/Light Infantry
  179. The Mighty 41st!
  180. Poland Campaign - is there such a thing? / my suggestion
  181. Two rank fire.
  182. American Units.
  183. need help !!!! pls some one !
  184. more than 20 units???
  185. Undead Generals
  186. Reduce the upkeep ?
  187. Polish Units during Napoleonic Campaign and battles n sceniarios
  188. Hope they do this one day
  189. Ideas please
  190. The effectiveness of the first volley...
  191. Fire by rank
  192. New formation
  193. Grand Campaign for Napoleon?
  194. Two ranks fire [Help]
  195. Unit request.
  196. War for the Caribbean mod
  197. Russian Monarchy/ConstitutionalMonarchy
  198. Napoleon Total Factions & Trom2
  199. What mod was it?
  200. [Proposal] U.S.A. faction in campaign.
  201. Hundred Days mod?
  202. Napoleon: Total War Modifications
  203. Please could some one produce additional units for German States
  204. 30 year war
  205. Changing capital city
  206. Il Risorgimento Mod
  207. Italian factions in custom battle.
  208. The most Historically destructive aspect of NTW
  209. [Proposal] French Foot Dragoons
  210. austrian rebels new austrian regular