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  1. If Alexander had managed to move into China
  2. Alexander facing the Roman legions
  3. A better world if Germany and Central Powers won WWI?
  4. Egypt vs Israel who would win? (Limited War)
  5. What if Hitler never went to war?
  6. A World Without Rome?
  7. How would world look if Hitler did won war?
  8. What if Nobunaga Oda hadn't been assasinated by Mitsuhide Akechi at Honnoji
  9. Carthage discoverd america??
  10. Who would win in a War? Lichtenstein or Monaco?
  11. If Alexander never turned back
  12. Nuclear War
  13. What if the American Revolution failed or never happened?
  14. What if the Soviet Union Defeated the Western Powers?
  15. What would happen....
  16. Ogodei Khan does not die
  17. What could be happen if Poland King arrived a day late at the second siege of Vienna?
  18. Who'd win?
  19. Normandy: On the Dacian Origins of the Normans
  20. What if our beloved Fuhrer had not won the War?
  21. Rome VS Mongolia
  22. What if Operation Valkyrie was Successful
  23. If Alexander was never born
  24. If Abraham Lincoln was assassinated before the war ended...
  25. What happens if the Seljuk Turks invade Fatimid Egypt instead of fighting at Manzikert?
  26. Napoleon or Alexander?
  27. What if contact between Rome and China had been more than what it had been?
  28. What if the Nationalists won the Chinese Civil War?
  29. Could the Danes have adopted Hellenic/Middle Eastern warfare?
  30. What would Chen Duxiu have done differently than Mao Zedong?
  31. How would America be if Britain won the American Revolution?
  32. Deadliest warrior, show on bravo [uk tv]; samurai VS Viking!
  33. The Myth That Germany Triggered WW2
  34. What If the Dubya Bush Admin. Had Decided not to Invade Iraq?
  35. What would happen if the USA fell today
  36. Rather Controversial.
  37. What if the July 20 Plot succeeded?
  38. Greeks VS Romans
  39. What if... General Patton did not slap a soldier in Sicily...
  40. What if the romans lost to Carthage
  41. What if Flavius aetius had lived and Killed Valentinian instaed...
  42. What if Dubya invaded North Korea instead of Iraq?
  43. What if the Duke of Wellington Had Commanded the British Forces in the War of 1812?
  44. Battle of Carrhae
  45. What If the Chinese Nationalists had Attempted a Liberation of Mainland China?
  46. Cavalry Phalangite?
  47. Central Powers winning WW1
  48. Charles Lee is picked over George Washington
  49. A Picture of World War 3
  50. How would America be without African-American population?
  51. Lesnaya & Poltava
  52. Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Pakistan against Israel
  53. Teddy Roosevelt wins 1912 Presidential Election
  54. Roman Empire vs Han China
  55. What if: Garibaldi took control of the United States' army in the American Civil War?
  56. Do you think the Mongols could've reached the Atlantic?
  57. If you could retrospectively extend the life of a historical figure..?
  58. Henry VIII vs Napoleon
  59. What if Basilicus fleet had survived
  60. What if Byzantium Survived Until Today?
  61. How would the world be like without the Jews?
  62. EU vs US
  63. Montgomery better than Rommel ?
  64. What would have happened if...
  65. Scandinavia - Consisten Union or Antiunion. What would the result be today?
  66. if nazi germany had won, how would YOUR country's population be treated?
  67. Austria 1852
  68. World War III
  69. Gandhi in Nazi Germany
  70. Second falklands war?
  71. the Gupta Empire vs the Han Dynasty vs Rome: Who would win?
  72. Brazil and it's neighbours
  73. What If Russia Remained an Empire?
  74. Deadliest Warrior - Spartan Vs Samurai
  75. What if Hitler hadn't invaded Russia?
  76. Power worries? Overpopulation issues?
  77. What if the Rebels hadn't won the American Revolution?
  78. Let's see: Ottomans capture Vienna in 1683
  79. Who would win? Rajput VS. Persian Immortal
  80. 18th century British foot brigade vs 21st century USMC rifle platoon
  81. COULD the Nazis even invade the US?
  82. French victorious in the French and Indian wars?
  83. Could Trajan had conquerd the Parthian Empire?
  84. If Von Hindenburg/Schleicher/royalists managed to get the Kaiser back
  85. Why do people think Hitler "almost" won in the East?
  86. 1000 years from now will our time be considered the "Second Dark Ages"?
  87. Experimental & Planned aircraft of Germany
  88. What if Jefferson Davis freed the slaves before attacking Fort Sumter?
  89. The World without Gunpowder.
  90. What if Byzantine empire was never been defeated?
  91. What if Nelson would have spent the day in Alexandria?
  92. The South America-Polynesian Connection
  93. What would have happened if Frederick Barbarossa hadn't drowned in the Göksu River?
  94. What if Athens won the Peloponnesian war
  95. What if the Me 262 was made in 1942 full production scenario
  96. If you could choose any war to fight in then which one would you pick
  97. If Napoleon had conquered Austria and Prussia
  98. What if Japan had won battle of Midway and Guadalcanal?
  99. No Vikings
  100. If america stayed netrual during WW2
  101. If Sparta wasn't a Military State
  102. If Harold had not lost at Hastings
  103. The Victorious Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi and the Ummayad Empire of Europe
  104. If America hadn't entered WWI?
  105. A historical RPG/collaborative story. Anyone interested?
  106. What if the Soviet Union still exists?
  107. Islamic china
  108. What would have happend if the Romans lost the Battle of Thermopylae?
  109. Mini-Timeline on a surviving Carthage winning the 2nd Punic War.
  110. Late Roman expedition against the Vandals takes off
  111. Royalist victory in the ECW
  112. What would have happened if Basil II hadn't been kept busy by the Bulgarian rebellion?
  113. Who would win in a war, Andorra or San Marino?
  114. How long would Burgundy have survived?
  115. Justin the I catches a barbian Arrow
  116. What if Athens won the Peloponnessian War?
  117. Michael Melas victorious at Marengo
  118. Roman empire vs Han dynasty
  119. German Unification
  120. US vs Soviet Union conventional strength
  121. The American War of Independance alternative ending??
  122. East or West?
  123. Arab invasion of Sassanid Empire beaten back
  124. What if the Samnites Defeated the Romans?
  125. What would have happened if the Jews wouldn't make it to the Roman era.
  126. Sertorius doesn't fall to assasination
  127. What would have happend if the Huns didn't migrate to Europe?
  128. if rome fought medevial england who would have won?
  129. Rocketry what if
  130. what if (Incas vs Romans)
  131. What if there was a united India when the British came?
  132. What if the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil didn't fell apart?
  133. First paliament of the Ottoman Empire.
  134. julius ceaser defeated in battle
  135. Julius Ceasar defeated at Alesia
  136. Ottoman Empire captures Malta (1565)
  137. Roman Expansion....South down the Nile
  138. What if Alexander did not die at a young age
  139. Venetian Colonization of the New World
  140. What would Medieval Life be like without Christianity?
  141. Is Hitler really a Jew?
  142. What if Old Iron Tits commanded UN Forces in Korea in the beginning?
  143. If the early Roman Empire(before Christianisation) conquered the entire world
  144. Truman had listened to Marshall on Israel
  145. What if the Empire of Epirus captured Constantinople before the Empire of Nicaea? (contains lot of history)
  146. [What-if Battle] Alexander returns... with the Swiss
  147. What if the New World was not discovered when it was?
  148. Who would've won the cold war if it went hot
  149. Why didnt the Soviets just annex all of Eastern Europe after WW2?
  150. rome vs the northen native americans
  151. What if the Russian Revolution had never happened?
  152. What if China had become a Soviet Republic?
  153. Ceaser vs Alexander in a fist fight
  154. What if Tukhachevsky was not executed?
  155. If Khalid ibn al-Walid and Alexander the Great met on the battlefield?
  156. Khalid ibn Walid is defeated
  157. Had world war 1 been won by the germans
  158. Anthony Wayne vs. Duke of York
  159. Jackson doesn't die at Chancellorsville; American Civil War won for the South?
  160. Prussia defeated in 7YW?
  161. No American Revolution
  162. Native American Victory
  163. Ögedei Khan never dies; Mongols press on
  164. if all the native american of the north were united against the natives of the south who do you think whould have won?
  165. No Japanese Isolation
  166. Likelihood of a Russo-American War.
  167. Georgy Zhukov never gets sent to Mongolia, becomes one of Stalin's purge victims
  168. Operational Plan 3
  169. A JOKE alternate history by me
  170. Amalfitan Republic
  171. Crusades never occurs, what would happen to Europe?
  172. Phocas dies in freak accident
  173. Britain loses at Trafalgar
  174. WW1: Italy joining forces with Central Powers
  175. If Antiochus Epiphanes Reigned/Lived Slightly Differently?
  176. Alexander Invades China?
  177. Nazi Germany VS U.S. In Zweites Buch Predictions
  178. Arius vs Islam
  179. Strange Scenario/ Spartans Explore Africa.
  180. Hulagu Khan Avenges Ain Jalut
  181. 1492, the Ottomans, and Columbus
  182. What if banks with interest rate were never invented?
  183. If your TW game was the real history.
  184. Rome vs Rome
  185. If you could change history, would you?
  186. Alexander vs Charlemagne
  187. Rome beats Persia and Arabs then what?
  188. What if Sudanese Mahnti lived in Napoleonic Era
  189. if Ceaser wast assasinated in 44BC
  190. The Iranian Revolution never happens
  191. What if hannibal didnt attack rome?
  192. Byzantine Empire 475-1204 1227-????
  193. Romano Brits Vs. Vikings
  194. Rome VS. Vikings
  195. Roman colonization of America - plausible?
  196. What if: the Axis won WW2.
  197. Alternative Habsburg inheritance 1556
  198. Aztec Eagle/Jaguar Warrior Vs Germanic Berserker/Ulfhednar
  199. What If: Trajan Presses On to India
  200. What if the Byzantines Fell 700 Years Earlier?
  201. Would Germany have become a Superpower If WW1 Never Took Place?
  202. BEF destroyed in Battle of France
  203. The Emperor Trajan vs Alexander the Great
  204. What if Britain hadn't diverted troops from North Africa in an attempt to save Greece from Axis invasion?
  205. Sweden emerges victorious from the great northern war
  206. Assassination of Hitler succeeds; Nazi civil war?
  207. What if Huey Long wasn't assisstanted?
  208. Could Mongol armies bring down the Roman Empire?
  209. New World Domination
  210. "Operation Unthinkable" Launched- Germany and the Western Allies Attack the USSR - What would happen?
  211. Harald Hardrada wins at Stamford Bridge?
  212. What if: The Umayyads prevail at Tours
  213. the roman testudo vs the spartan panlanx
  214. The "Post a famous battle and what you would have done differently" thread
  215. No European Colonization
  216. King Sebastian doesn't die at Alcaçer Quibir
  217. What if the Russian Revolution was Democratic?
  218. England wins hundred years war
  219. What if Manstein was Guderian's superior, and Guderian was Rommel's superior?
  220. Alternate History - The US forgoes the use of atomic weapons and invades Japan in 1945.
  221. How different would the Cold War progress if the Russians kept Alaska?
  222. Operation Overlord Fails?
  223. Kingdom of Jerusalem in the modern day. Possible?
  224. William the conqueror arrives a few months earlier
  225. What if the Western clans won at Sekigahara?
  226. What if the Nazis suceeded in creating the Atomic bomb...
  227. The best chance to stop Germany. In Poland, or France?
  228. Iron Age America?
  229. What if Byzantines won at Constantinople in 1453?
  230. Afrika Korps vs Gaddafi's Libyan Army... who would win?
  231. Short story of "don't do it , or else..."
  232. What if the Nationalists had defeated the Communists in 1949.
  233. Nicholas II flees to Britain.
  234. The British intervene on the side of the Confederates in the ACW
  235. What if the Athenians fled to Italy during the Persian invasion?
  236. Hanover incorporated into the UK
  237. Persian victory at Salamis (480BC)
  238. Webs of Alliances
  239. What if Britain lost the 1st Indian War of Indepence aka "Sepoy Mutiny"
  240. What if Rome, continued throughout history, as strong as ever
  241. British Empire Retaking The United States circa 1870s onwards
  242. A Failed American Revolution and a victorious Napoleon
  243. What if Athenians have won the Pelopenesian War and the Sicilian campaign?
  244. Colonial Spain invades Sengoku-era Japan
  245. What if titanic never sank
  246. Successful Norse/Danish Occupation and Annexation of Saxon Britain
  247. Uganda Program accepted State of Israel founded in Africa
  248. Babylonian War is won by Antigonus
  249. What if the Romanian Revolution of 1989 failed?
  250. what if the arabs welcomed isreal from the beginning