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  1. Tyrants and Patriots v1 - sub mod
  2. [SUB MOD] Crackle of Musketry v0.3! 2.1 Final Compatible
  3. [FX Mod]15Oct FX5 lite Release + Smoke and Blood info
  4. [Addon Unit Pack] Additional Units Mod (AUM) 3.2 for Imperial Splendour
  5. Rise of the Black Eagle: A Prussian Military Mod for IS by General Cornwallis
  6. Colonial Troop Sub-Mod
  7. Imperial Splendour 2.1.4 auf Deutsch (Aktualisiert 30.01.2010)(beta)
  8. Imperial Splendour 2.1 en Castellano (Actualizado 17 Octubre)
  9. Next General Cornwallis Release for IS
  10. Caelifer_1991's 4 Turns Per Year Mod
  11. Optional Files for Imperial Splendour 2.1
  12. 20Oct (2.1.1 updated) Imperial Splendor DB remix v3 + Navy update v5
  13. [SUB MOD] Utriusque Siciliae for IS - Preview
  14. [SUB MOD] Improved Native Americans
  15. Grappling Hooks & Sappers ?
  16. New Darthmodlite 4.6 BAI for IS 2.1
  17. [Sub mod] Scarlet Dawn- British Unit pack by General Cornwallis
  18. [Startpos Mod] IS mod and guide to extended gameplay/balance
  19. Ancien Regime - Bourbon unit pack
  20. Alternate startpos file I've created
  21. Europeans in India Startpos
  22. Army of Louis: The next release by General Cornwallis
  23. Optional Files for IS 2.1.3
  24. U.S. playable startpos mod
  25. Imperial Splendour: Dreams of an Empire
  26. Battle AI mod by Luntik
  27. turn db editor
  28. ETW French Cannons sub mod for Flikitos' T2H
  29. IS 2.1.4 All starting Minors playable + FULL AI for all factions.
  30. OFFICIAL: WIP SUBMOD - Imperial Splendour 2.2.1b - State, Regimental and Naval Flags
  31. OFFICIAL: Imperial Splendour 2.2 - Mappack 1.0
  32. [Official] Tricorn To Helmet: Fall of the Imperial Splendours
  33. OFFICIAL: Nec Aspera Terrent - A Hannover Submod
  34. [released] Goutlard's death to reload bonuses !
  35. [RELEASED] Ported Sinking Ships minisubmod
  36. [RELEASED] DLC units removal
  37. [SUB MOD RELEASE] Unit, tech and other Tweaks
  38. French new texture pack
  39. enabling DLC units
  40. More realistic combat
  41. little mod request
  42. Battle Effects Enhancements (RoR battle Effects for regular Beta)
  43. OFFICIAL: Battle Realism Mod {{Version2}}
  45. No Projectile Trails Submod
  46. Economic and Trade Commodites Submod {{{FYI ONLY}}}
  47. Drum and Fife Mod Request
  48. Pike's 3 turns per Year
  49. Singing in the Rain, but not in Battle submod!
  50. AI bonus
  51. Submod Request: Less money
  52. Three Essential Preference Script Changes to Enhance your Gaming Experience
  53. 40 unit Armies[Essential Game Enhancement Suggestion]
  54. Scotland startpos
  55. [!!Request!!] U.S. as a playable faction in grand campaign.
  56. Only 1 song in grand campaing.
  57. IS Battle Overhaul Mod
  58. OFFICIAL: Prussia's early century units
  59. Naval Re-Texture Request.