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  10. The die is cast: Forlorn vs Katsumoto
  11. IMP]AntiWarmanCake88 vs {BHC} King Jan III Sobieski
  12. CescPistols vs Borissomeone {pic by Brego)
  13. Katsumoto vs mrcrusty
  14. JerichoOnlyFan vs Borissomeone
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  16. Julius Barca the Great vs the Nanny {Beautiful landsscape by THANGDACLAC}
  17. chaplain118 vs ♔The Nanny♔ {Naval warfare care of ♔Luckylewis♔}
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  36. [DUEL] Rex Anglorvm VS. ybbon66 - WINNER
  37. [DUEL] robinzx VS. Scottish King - VOTE!
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  39. [DUEL] robinzx VS. Scottish King - WINNER
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  51. [DUEL] ybbon66 vs. Rex Anglorvm.... again, and again, and again....
  52. [DUEL] ybbon66 vs. Rex Anglorvm - WINNER
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  70. Duel: Shankbot de Bodemloze vs m_1512 - Outcome!
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